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  1. Swindon fans should not be allowed inside Vale Park again.
  2. England fined and docked WTC points for slow over rate. They should hang their heads in shame.
  3. I think you're just miffed because I won't have sex with you.
  4. I will fight you until one of us dies. I will not have sex with you.
  5. I can't understand that. I suppose it could explain why the roads are so busy in the middle of the working day though.
  6. What's £31,400? Average household income? That can't be right?
  7. I don't like either of those things.
  8. Rory


    I wonder if we'll need another lockdown soon.
  9. I'm getting really stressed about this now, it's not on.
  10. Seems a top bloke. He's welcome to play for Port Vale for me. Up the Port Vale.
  11. It wouldn't take many people to chain themselves to the Bycars turnstiles and entrance gates on the first day of the season to protest this. There's got to be some way of forcing this through. I don't advocate beating up Bycars season ticket holders but there must be something we can do. We need to get a bit of a working group going maybe?
  12. Yeah, it must be great, that's why it's always packed. If this is true it's absolutely criminal and a bit sick.
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