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  1. Quote, from the article "They hate Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. They no longer trust the BBC. They love civil servants, legal experts and James O’Brien. And now, consumed by the battle against Brexit, hardcore remainers are no longer the moderates" although Remainers do argue and debate with reason based on facts and/or words/views from specialists, professionals and accomplished people in their respective fields whereas all Leavers base their views on is hope, belief and a p*ss and a p*ke.
  2. "Last month, Smurthwaite told Nottinghamshire Live how he still had a substantial investment in Port Vale for the next 36 months after selling the club to Kevin and Carol Shanahan which prevented him from owning another EFL club." The equation is quite simple then if Smurthwaite really wants to buy Bury for the proper reasons, walk away from and forgive his supposed substantial investment at Port Vale and purchase Bury but there's not a cat in hell's chance that will happen 'cause he wants to burn the fag at both ends.
  3. Got to give credit to John Askey and his coaching staff (and the players) but with just the addition of a couple of players the team is unrecognizable from the past three seasons. When was the last time Vale had a player like Amoo who gets you out of your seat when he's starts to run at players. Can't wait for Satdee. Great result for and performance by Vale.
  4. Very entertaining game, Vale playing really well. Amoo is en exciting player. When is the ball gonna run for Vale, Vale need another goal and a few more would be just reward.
  5. Regal, the article also says, "In percentage terms, it’s not the biggest mandate in history. Of those who voted, 52% of people voted to leave the EU in 2016, compared to 67% of people who voted to stay in the European Community in 1975, the 68% who voted against changing the electoral system in 2011, or the 55% who voted for the Conservative party at the 1931 general election", hope we've put that one to bed finally.
  6. Archer should be the first name on the team sheet if he's fit, a bowler with genuine pace will usually extract more life from a pitch than a seamer who bowls slower, we've seen it around the world countless times. Have to take 20 wickets to win a Test match, no better way than having a strike bowler with genuine pace in the team.
  7. To correct you again Regal, the Referendum in June 2016 wasn't the largest ever political mandate in uk history. Continuing to post incorrect information to try to support and beef up your weak and tenuous arguments and point of view is really the only tactic you have. https://fullfact.org/europe/eu-referendum-not-largest-democratic-exercise/
  8. If it had been properly debated and explained to the people of the UK that Brexit would mean they would most likely be left poorer I doubt a majority would have voted to leave. Who in their right mind would vote to become poorer.
  9. Highly likely but my understanding of the meaning of the word "Kak" (Or is it spelt Cac or Cack) is different from that.......but then again perhaps not......lol
  10. For me Tom Pope is not only a goal threat and good in the air but his ability to lead the line, link up play, ability to hold the ball and lay it off are second to none in this league, not to mention his defensive work at set pieces. He also provides a combative, physical presence which contributes to Vale being able to compete physically in this league.
  11. Well you know the Aussies, anything to get a 4 or 6.....sorry AR. Tremendous effort and character by Labuschangne. The Aussies rode their luck but Archer will have a big influence on this series and future games if he can stay fit and the selectors don't get in the way. Engand have a strike bowler at last to fight fire with fire.
  12. Amazing cricket at the moment, Archer nigh on unplayable, the ball to the sub was a brute, thank heaven for helmets.
  13. Interesting to note Fosse that if Cameron is right and the UK faces 10 years of uncertainty, given the average age of a human in the UK is ca 80 years that's 10/80 = 12.5% of a person's life who is living today in the UK will be lived in uncertain times and uncertainty doesn't usually equate to economic prosperity. And all this because a small majority were swayed mainly by two lies.
  14. Has the equation now changed as far as Steve Smith is concerned, great to see the Aussies getting some of their own medicine. Pity Archer wasn't fit for the first test. Bowl Archer for 4-6 overs at the start of an innings, take him off and then as soon as Steve Smith comes into bat give him the ball. Nothing better than seeing Aussie batsmen, irrespective at what number they come in at, jumping around at the crease, apologies AR. Very interesting day tomorrow.
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