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  1. The UK has the USA to thank for the policies of Affirmative/Positive Action, they first appeared in the JFK administration of the early 1960's. The situation has become absurd over here in terms of University Entrance particularly into Ivy League Uni's, eg Harvard admits African American & Latino Students with lower SAT scores than White students who get in with lower scores than Asian students. Effectively Asian students, an ethnic minority, are the most discriminated against when it comes to studying at Harvard, Asian Students have recently lost a lawsuit against Harvard Uni. on this issue. David Lammy has recently been trying to orchestrate a similar situation at Oxbridge and it would be of no surprise that he was a recipient of positive discrimination himself from Harvard. Universities and businesses in the USA are awash with departments implementing policies on Gender Studies, Equal Opportunity, Diversity etc. Problem is the major economic competitors of the west, China, India, Russia etc don't give a fig about Affirmative Action.
  2. Bob Delgado, immense for Chester, Vale got his brother.
  3. Makes eminent sense to have business collaborations/relationships in all sectors. Good to know the club is actively involved in this type of adventure, never know where it may lead.
  4. Paul6754


    Not only for his sake but the sake of his pregnant fiancee.
  5. Paul6754


    The first cases of someone suffering from COVID-19 can be traced back to 17 Nov 2019. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/13/first-covid-19-case-happened-in-november-china-government-records-show-report Suggestions are that if Chinese authorities had acted three weeks earlier than they did, the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95% and its geographic spread limited. https://www.axios.com/timeline-the-early-days-of-chinas-coronavirus-outbreak-and-cover-up-ee65211a-afb6-4641-97b8-353718a5faab.html China has much explaining to do and claims are being made China is legally responsible for COVID-19 damage but I'm not holding my breath or expecting a cheque anytime soon. https://warontherocks.com/2020/03/china-is-legally-responsible-for-covid-19-damage-and-claims-could-be-in-the-trillions/
  6. Ha, ha. Into stalking on the internet are you poopey, who else have you been stalking. What an absolute and total sado you are. You come across as the exact image of your avatar. PS Many watch enthusiasts own a rep watch for various reasons (eg Daily wear round the house) as well as owning genuine brands. And by the way, it wasn't the genuine manufacturer so get your facts right.
  7. Didn't Fox say on Granada News on the Monday after something like he went down the ground the next day and kicked 10/10 in his stocking feet. Much prefer League to Union, it's much more flowing. Often heard talk of the Australian Rugby League team of the 80's/90's being the greatest sporting team in any sport of that era. Eddie Waring was an icon.
  8. Paul6754

    Joke thread

    Guy goes down the canteen, opens his butty box and takes a bite out of his butty, WTF, yuck, yuck he shouted. He calls his wife and asks, "What's on the sandwiches dearest", "Crab paste" comes the reply, "Where did you get it from", "The chemist" came the answer.
  9. Make a noise, you make an ass of yourself when you do that.
  10. H, I paid for my subscription in one payment at the beginning of the season so have paid for the whole season. I'm waiting to see what the EFL decide to do with the season and then I'll decide how/if to approach iFollow. In your case why not just cancel the Direct Debit or however you're paying the subscription.
  11. Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes......and the haunting melody by Nina Rota.
  12. Always so much looking forward to The Masters Golf Tourney at this time of the year, would have tee'd off a week from today. Now a different "Amen Corner" in the news.
  13. There's a thread on the BBC website with the same title, some interesting responses. For me it's the excitement, the despair the not knowing the result 'til it's over.
  14. Paul6754


    Because I've posted information recently, see page 33 of this thread. Anyhow, what have credentials/qualifications got to do with posting on OVF, shouldn't you take people "As you find them" and reply appropriately. When you've posted on History I haven't asked you what your credentials are to post on the subject? The science I've posted on this corona virus thread is extremely basic stuff and I'm qualified to post such comments. I don't usually comment on other peoples' "Scientific posts" but when attacked I'll defend myself, particularly when the attacker is wrong and their post narcissistic. FYI, in my working life I've published in peer reviewed scientific journals on immunosuppressive compounds, hold granted patents on such compounds etc and was joint project leader which discovered a new anti-inflammatory drug with a novel mechanism of action which went into development but didn't make it to market, such a person has to have knowledge of immunology/biology. .
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