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  1. Frustrating loss yesterday but Vale had their chances and didn't convert, the ball ran kindly for Walsall. From the highlights it was a blatant two handed push on Pope, which the referee had clear sight of, which led to Walsall gaining possession and scoring, their No 5 made no attempt whatsoever to play the ball, win some you lose some. 3 Points off the play-offs after 20 games, I'll take that.
  2. Admin, Please delete, posted on wrong thread.
  3. Scary to see these guys who we've seen do incredible things on a sports field passing away. Never forget Headingly 1981 and big Bob's part in it, Really distinctive chest on action.
  4. Can't understand the Michael O'Neill appointment, his managerial resume is weak at best.
  5. Disciplined performance by AJ, stuck to his plan perfectly and boxed the rear end off Ruiz. There are rumors of a Fury/Wilder rematch early/mid 2020 and if it happened that would put the chance of an AJ vs the winner sometime in late 2020, time for AJ to fit in a title defense if he wants to. Hope they do fight each other next year, would be good for boxing. Would also like to see a 3rd fight between Canelo and GGG next year, GGG been robbed twice IMHO but Canelo waiting for GGG to get older.
  6. One to forget, typical Walsall game. Free ball always seemed to go to a Walsall player. Vale on the wrong end of most of the refereeing decisions, not clear why Conlon was sent off, why wasn't their center back booked for trying to kick Pope's head off, different game if he had have been. Walsall always seem to have a number on Vale, the ghost of Alan Buckley lives on. Vale played like a team who'd made a few changes.
  7. We're playing like a team that's made a few changes, just got to keep plugging away, Cullen on for Conlon for me at sometime.
  8. It's about time Vale had a forward on loan who is a quality player and has clearly demonstrated he's worth his position in the team, I would love to think he would sign permanently for Vale but only time will tell, fingers crossed but he's gonna play most of his career in the EPL/Championship.. Much of his outfield play has been class, he appears to pick the right option the vast majority of times, get's himself into great positions and his finishing apart from one blip I can remember has been phenomenal. I cannot wait to watch Jake Taylor play football for Vale, It's like watching Ray Walker all over again there's no bigger compliment than that. Jake Taylor is good, really good.
  9. Horowitz Report isn't out 'til 9th December and the more substantial report by Durham later than that.
  10. Very clear answer above, They were all asked and none of the witnesses had any direct evidence or could implicate anyone", watch the words coming out of the various witnesses mouths on Youtube if you didn't see it happen on tv, irrefuteable even for you.
  11. Yet another irrational, incorrect comment clouded by your poiitical views and hatred of Trump.. You can easily find out some of the people who advised Trump on Climate Change and also go on Youtube and see them giving lectures on Climate Change at prestigious conferences. These people are distinguished, respected scientists not Mickey Mouse or Al Gore whom you follow for information on this subject. Since you appear so bombastic and knowlegable on this subject write a few paragraphs in your own words on why you consider man made CO2 is the control knob for the Earth's Climate. If you can't/don't then shut the F U.
  12. There have been reports of some major progress in the technology to enable Nuclear Fusion, it is the holy grail for energy production and yep it's a real challenge but two hydrogen atoms combining to produce helium and energy is as clean as its gets. Not being argumentative but I'd rather see money invested in improving/generating new energy producing technology than it be spent on funding idiotic policies such as the Green New Deal from AOC. We can agree to disagree..
  13. Good win over an awkward team with some good players. Southgate should be bringing his squad down the Vale for some penalty taking training. Let's hope no more Sterling's terrorize Vale in the next month, thank heaven he didn't come on 'til the end.
  14. Enjoyable, entertaining 1st half of football, just missing a Vale goal. The difference to last season is unbelieveable. Reese-Brown had some nice touches. Anyone got commentary on iFollow, I have crowd noise but nothing else.
  15. They could well have an Angelino on the pitch as well.
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