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  1. I'm just trying to understand Vale's inconsistency as a team and wonder whether it's something to do with playing Amoo and Montano in the same starting 11. Both Amoo and Montano are exciting players who on their day can win a game on their own but on the other side of the coin both can also have off days when it's just not their day. Both tried to get into the game on Saturday but couldn't apart from Amoo's superb run and cross for Vale's goal. IMHO out and out wingers like Amoo/Montano are the most inconsistent type of footballers. So when 20% of the skilled outfield players can't get into the game and one or more of the other players are not playing up to their capability then inconsistency ensues. A solution is to play one of Amoo/Montano on one wing and Worrall on the other If JA is looking to play two wingers) as Worrall is a much more consistent performer IMHO and/or for JA to be more proactive substitutions, swapping Amoo/Montano/Browne earlier in the game when it's not going their way. Any thoughts?
  2. Vale are so inconsistent, from game to game and even from half to half within the same game. If the good side of Vale shows up we could easily get something out of this game, but if not.....
  3. This is what is important; Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump from the day he became President and planning to smear him since July 2016 No election collusion with the Russians No high crimes of high misdemeanors committed during the conversation with the Ukrainian president The USA economy is the strongest it's been for sometime, lowest unemployment rate among ethnic minorities for a long time if not ever. Many countries are benefiting from increased trade due to the strong USA economy Trump is putting America and it's people first. Trump is not a career politician and some of his methods are unorthodox but that's what the American people voted for. There is nowhere to go in this discussion as your extreme left wing views don't allow you to see the wood from the trees. Your maniacal hatred of Trump and his family is beyond rational discussion, the flotsum and jetsum you continually cherry pick and paste is funny as it's tangential and irrelevant at best. Let's resume this discussion when Barr, Durham and Horowitz have published their conclusions but in the mean time take a look at books by Peter Schweizer and one by Gregg Jarrett, they may enlighten you if you don't let you extreme left wing bias get in the way.
  4. Fits what? For the umpteenth time, there is no consensus on anthropogenic climate change, science isn't done by consensus.
  5. There is nothing of substance to say to a cut and paste merchant with a potty mouth although bad on me to retaliate.
  6. Who denies climate change, the climate has and always will change. For solid sound scientific reasons I consider Carbon Dioxide is not driving climate change and there is no evidence in the scientific literature to show it does. You can't even get your accusations correct, give your fantasies a rest.
  7. Hey ************, at least you didn't cut and past that post, that's why it's a load of rubbish and as far off the mark as it's possible to be.
  8. It's the inconsistency that frustrates fans and those two decisions are as inconsistent as it gets.
  9. And that in a nutshell is the problem, if their "event" was a penalty then so was that but 10x more obvious. Their defender isn't even facing the ball, he's just playing the man.
  10. Vale look a little disjointed, there's no one linking the forwards together.Both pens could have gone either way, just Vale's luck. Crookes and Montano don't combine well together, Montano nearly always has his back to goal when he receives the ball. I'm with RW and think this ref could well even things up pen wise.
  11. Doral was muted as a venue last year, it either has been ratified by the Government Ethics Committee or is in the process of being ratified, Trump has been open about it's use as a possible venue. I'm sure all participants will have a great time, particularly on the fabulous golf course although they should bring lots of ProV1's.....lol.
  12. Hey cup cake, I'm just curious why you think cutting and pasting loads of stuff you've never read, know the reasons behind or in most cases don't understand lends itself to some sort of proof, debate or making a point, very odd. People leave for all sorts of reasons, one in particular you name, Sara Sanders eulogizes Trump and can't say enough good things about him as the President of the USA. So you choose to believe Mick Mulvaney who has since back tracked on his comments over the many more people who say exactly the opposite, including the Ukrainian President, cherry picking at its finest.
  13. For the umpteenth time, Biden's crimes are alleged, he is under investigation but the video evidence which I've posted shows irrefutable evidence of bribery in Ukraine, Obama chose to turn a blind eye. None of Trump's family have felt the need to go on tv and try and explain away their grotesque business dealings. Despite no high crimes or high misdemeanors, impeachment the Pelosi way may happen because it's only democrats involved and they have the majority in the House but Trump will not be removed from office and the whole charade will be shown for what it is, political hatred and a total waste of Congresses' time. To impeach a democratically elected president in this way creates a dangerous precedent, just wait 'til the shoe is on the other foot in the future. The founding fathers never intended impeachment to be used a la the Pelosi/Schiff method.
  14. Obviously you don't know but one of Trump's election promises was to end meaningless, costly wars, particularly in the Middle East and bring American soldiers home, the American people are tired of seeing returning body bags. Trump did what he promised to do, why should Americans be involved on the Turkey/Syria border, why should American troops be standing between centuries old enemies in an area 1000's of miles away, I as an American tax payer applaud him for protecting American soldiers. Teaching Turkey a lesson through economic sanctions or if it came to it by pushing buttons in Tampa is far better. I hope Europe's left see Turkey and Erdogan for what they are but somehow I doubt it. You appear to have no regard for American lives or another country footing the bill, typical left wing attitude.
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