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  1. Millions up on millions of people have taken the various vaccines now hence substantial numbers of people having all sorts of medical conditions will have taken the vaccine and data will likely be available whether it's OK or not for a person to take the vaccine. Most sensible thing to do is consult a medical professional preferably someone who specializes in that particular condition or the "Official Organization which represents that medical condition" for information/guidance. Unless there is a proven or very strong medical reason for not taking the vaccine then everyone should get it, we owe it to each other.
  2. You've given "Other" definitions of the word compelling not a "Fuller" definition. As for the other stuff someone else has replied and pointed out the injury issue but you just don't seem to get it. It was reported Scunny were monitoring Popey's contract situation in January 2021 before the extent of his shoulder injury was known. None of us know if DC knew or not about the extent of Popeys' shoulder injury when the decision was made to not offer him a contract although the fact Popey started against Mansfield perhaps suggests DC did know. I doubt others in the pro-game outside of Port Vale knew about the extent of the injury either.
  3. Twas me who first posted, "Vale should re-sign Tom Pope, we could do a lot worse. Still as good a leader of the line in this division as there is......", it was posted before Vale signed Jamie Proctor and way before any information became available alleging Popey is "Retiring due to the injury sustained at Sunderland", (I have only seen he's signed for Congleton). I still stick by my original and subsequent posts but the signing of a target man made it all a mute point. At the time I was surprised at the disrespectful nature of the replies of some posters and even now some of the same posters are doing the same with comments like "He's found his true level". Who knows what the future holds in football for Tom Pope and how much he'll play but shoulder injuries can be a long term problem depending on the extent of the damage, particularly for a footballer and particularly for a target man. Good luck Popey.
  4. I'm no fan of 3 at the back, with 3 at the back the space is behind the wingbacks and in these days of counter attacking football once the ball is turned over in the opposition's half one long ball and the opposition are in on our back 3, if I'm not mistaken both Forests goals came from them exploiting the space behind the wing backs. Also in the expanse of Vale Park there's even more space behind the wing backs. As for Dave Worrall the "Energy bunny" with skill it's a huge ask and a waste having him covering all the space from goal line to goal line. Conlon was wasted stuck out on the right on Saturday, one half of his range of passing was taken away until he came inside. Much prefer 4 at the back with whatever permeation of midfield and forwards a manager can dream up.
  5. You've answered your own question that win % when used alone is not a sensible method with which to compare managers. There are other terms which should be included in that equation to get a fairer picture, if they could be measured, eg quality of squad, quality of opposition, availability of key players etc. Are you saying Southgate is as good or even better than Sir Alf (Win % 61.1), a man who was tactically innovative which contributed to a World Cup win and won the 1st Div with an unfancied Ipswich Town. Southgate better than Bobby Robson (49.5%) or El Tel (47.8). To put England win % in perspective even Steve Mclaren achieved 50% and Roy Hodgson 58.9% although Hodgson had got some tactical nouse.
  6. In the 2018 WC Southgate lined up as a 3-5-2 which can morph into all sorts of combinations, generally England were disjointed, defensive and cautious, there was no pattern of play, too much lateral and backwards passing and it was a commonly held belief that England would lose against a good team which they duly did against Belgium and Croatia. Belgium had far better players, Croatia had at least as good players as England and a coach who was far more tactically astute than Southgate and who made a difference. England got overrun in midfield 'cause the Croatian coach changed their tactics and turned England's 3-5-2 into a 5-3-2 and Southgate didn't respond. The changes allowed Croatia to get their wide players in behind England's wingbacks and supply crosses to Mandzukic. England's wingbacks dropped deeper giving Croatia's widemen even more time and space to cross the ball from in front of England's wingbacks, several chances were created before the inevitable happened. Take a look at the goals. I'm pleased you've realized the improvement from 2018 to 2021 in England has been down to the increased ability in the squad. We will have to agree to disagree on the point that Southgate isn't up to the job at the highest level, he is too defensive, tactically naive and slow to change tactics when he finally realizes he's been out-thought. Out of interest what's his overall track record as a manager in Men's football, the answer is could and should've done a lot better.
  7. promise on the man management or other aspects, and end up in a much worse position overall. Whether you rate him or not, Southgate has got results as England manager, and has the team on an upward trajectory, having picked up the job when we were at our lowest ebb (having lost to Iceland and then having to briefly suffer Big Sam and his pints of wine). The process of being far too defensive/cautious, Southgate employed the same tactics at the 2018 WC as at the 2020 Euros. In the 2020 final vs Italy it was worse by playing only 3 out and out attacking players and leaving it too late to make substitutions to try and change the game. The progress that's been made over the last few years is in the increased ability of the players at England's disposal and the emergence of Harry Kane as a World Class striker. Unfortunately for England a top class manager who's tacticly astute, makes the right decisions at the right time is also required to make the next step but unfortunately Southgate isn't a top class manager as was plain to see for many people over the last month at least. Tournament football in particular is getting the balance right between defense and attack, Southgate is far too defensive in his approach and has had three tournaments to change but hasn't done so.
  8. Vale need at least one additional striker, preferably one with a track record of multiple 10+ goals/season in Lge 2 or above otherwise IMHO there's likely not enough goals in the team for a top 7 finish.
  9. Southgate has to go otherwise the same process will repeat itself again at the next world cup.
  10. Serious question, Who said last night's game was gonna be easy for England? I only heard comments like, Italy are the best team in the tournament, Italy have played some of the best football, England have home advantage which could be a plus or a negative etc. I heard Del Piero say on ESPN "He thought England had the stronger squad" to which Sammy kadeira retorted "But Italy have the better manager" to which Macca chimed in with, "I hope Southgate isn't too negative etc. I can't remember seeing a post or hearing anyone say or intimate anything remotely close to "it would be easy for us".
  11. Very, very poor show by Southgate last night. Picking an overly defensive line-up with only 3 out and out forwards, how many chances were England gonna create? England started well, we did create a chance and scored and got the Italians rattled for awhile then the Italians settled and we sat back and let them take control. Only one side was gonna score after 20 mins and the Italians duly obliged, I was surprised it took 'em so long, testimony to how well Maguire el al played. England couldn't regain any momentum and Southgate left it late with his subs to try and change things, there was no plan B and the inevitable penalty shoot out happened. Please Gareth no more, no mas. Gutted.
  12. No one predicted England would reach the final because most realized that even though England had first rate players we had a third rate manager and everyone had seen what the third rate manager did to England's chances at the 2018 World Cup and afterward at the Nations Cup (or whatever it was called). The 2020 Euros were virtually a carbon copy of the 2018 World Cup, last night's outcome was so predictable, especially once England's team was announced. Will Southgate ever learn, the sad reality is he will most likely take the same ideas and approach to the next World Cup where we may not be so fortunate with the draw.
  13. If Pett is the "Best CM in Lge 2" why is he not in any of the "Teams of the season"?. I do not see "Stevenage" I see Lge 2 and nothing higher to substantiate that he could be the best player for Vale next season. He's a decent/useful signing, experienced at this level and has played in a team which achieved promotion so there's many things to like about his signing.
  14. Who regarded Tom Pett as one of the better players at Stevenage, the fact that Tom Conlon played at Stevenage is irrelevant to how Pett will play for Vale. In the context of my post to V593 if Pett had played in the EPL or Championship is very relevant as i could fully understand someone saying that player could be our best player this season a la Hoolihan at Cambridge last season, he looked different class when he played against the Vale. Garrity didn't play for Blackpool in Lge 1 and he didn't spend much time there. As I've replied to V593, Pett is a useful signing for Vale with a decent pedigree at this level, just how useful we'll soon find out.
  15. It was an honest question 593 as I thought I had missed something like him being players player of the year for a few years or something like. I can't remember him being a standout player for Stevenage when they've played the Vale recently, perhaps he just had a regular game. I remember Guthrie running Nathan Smith ragged when they won at Vale but by the same token can't remember Guthrie from the earlier game at Stevenage. I wonder if anyone commented on Pett being a standout player on the Vale vs Stevenage match threads over the last few years, I'll admit I'm not gonna trawl through them. I wouldn't say he scores a lot of goals/season from midfield but he does score which is a big plus, he does look a useful signing and let's hope he has a stellar season(s).
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