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  1. I agree CD, just depends whether we've any funds at the end of the day and if they want to come to Vale on a longer term basis. if it happened then great, if not and Vale tried then we can't do any more.
  2. What are you getting through you. Self defense, I've not laughed as much for a while, you really don't know the meaning of the words you post.
  3. It's up to him and his Physician, nowt to do with anyone else. Chloroquin and Hydroxychloroquin are taken by millions of people around the world and have been for ages. For RA it's being replaced by newer better drugs based on new technologies. Every drug known to man is potentially risky, it depends on the dose. So no comment on the good news on a potential vaccine, fast tracked by the FDA/Trump Administration. Just keep wallowing in your venomous hatred. I must admit I'm no Nigel Farage fan but if I had the same depth of hatred for Farage I'd see a doctor.
  4. Move on it's been done to death.
  5. It's very simple. Better doesn't mean first. The less tests done the less cases will be found. I've given you an example of such, what is there not to understand This deep, venomous hatred is unhealthy.
  6. Paul6754


    Some positive news, progress towards a vaccine. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-52677203
  7. All in retaliation and response to your incessant cutting and pasting from left wing rags and being oblivious to the actual situation. Just the same as this last interaction. I did qualify the "Pot to Pi55 in" but I see you didn't post that, cause it doesn't suit tour agenda?
  8. If you can't understand what's posted than you should give up.
  9. It was a shambles and Mueller's performance, he clearly didn't know much of what was in it when he was questioned in Congress was a shambles.
  10. There are many alternatives not just two. The question was not about number of test or what you guys tried to turn it into which was number of tests/capita. OK again, "Does that mean, number of tests, accuracy, reproducibility, for the virus and/or antibodies, only testing people with symptoms or random testing". It doesn't mean in just number of tests, if it was to mean "Just number of tests" it would have said so. I'm sure you can search, cut and paste all day long and find stuff to suit your agenda.
  11. If you don't look for something you won't find it, pretty simple. For example, in the 1980/90s when the UK had many cases of mad cow disease, the German Government claimed zero cases but UK press reports claimed evidence of cows falling over in Germany. Germans claimed the symptoms were due to something else, they didn't test for mad cow disease so claimed they had zero cases. Subsequent testing for mad cow disease in 2000 confirmed Germany had cases confirming that German confidence that its farming sector was free of the disease had always been misplaced. https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2014/01/germany-finds-first-mad-cow-case-since-2009/
  12. Debating does not include using abuse, use abuse is a sure sign you've lost the debate.. The word "Warped" is a derogatory term or do you not even understand that. And there you go again, no need for it but I won't stoop to your level. Other posters have told you about your eagerness to use abuse when you get things wrong.
  13. All done in retaliation,. Let me know what you're talking about vs Mueller,. Muellers investigation found no Russian collusion, the documents released by the FBI indicate the democrats knew this before any investigation was started, a waste of 2 years and $40million bucks, just great.
  14. IMHO JA's additions will be dependent of who out of the 7 don't accept. Gonna be some very good out of contract players available, hope we can be quick and decisive but always stay within means.
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