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  1. Going to be very interesting how Danny Pugh sets the team up against FGR. From something he said post the Grimsby or Sunderland games he's likely to go more defensive away from home, so I suspect he's gonna go with a 4-5-1.
  2. Looks a good signing, if he plays only half as well for Vale as he did for Stevenage at Vale Park a couple of years ago he will be a brilliant signing. I don't know how bad Pope's injury is and hence how long he's likely to be out but I'd consider de-listing Whitehead.
  3. Awful challenge on Pope. The foul on Whitehead was worse than the one Joyce got sent off for vs Tranmere. Dirty b's.
  4. Every signing is a risk but Jake has done well for us in the past so hopefully the odds are more in our favor. He is potentially a superb signing, I've not seen an attacking midfield player as good as him at Vale for many a year, he's the sort of player who gets you on the edge of your seat when he gets the ball. Well done to the Shanahans for making this happen, no doubt they played a role in making this happen outside of the money as has been said above. A quality center back next plz if possible.
  5. Game performance by Luke Campbell, I felt that left hook to the body myself.
  6. I would have thought you'd be able to hazard a guess at the credentials of Danny Pugh and hence why he may be in the running for the Vale job.
  7. Big for Vale that Worrall and Conlon returned today, both important players for Vale. Welcome 3 points. Tom Pope gave a master class in leading the line today just as he did 2nd half at Mansfield and in other games this season and over the years. He should play a role in every match day squad for Vale, whether it be starting or coming on as a sub. Team selection next Saturday will show how Danny Pugh intends to play and FGR will be a much tougher test, a 4-4-2 as he played today may be a little too open. There's no guarantee whoever takes over at Vale will bring success. Danny P
  8. Concentrate Vale, keep it tight, play as a unit.
  9. Just what the doctor ordered. Master class in leading the line by Tom Pope. Gotta be careful our 4 don't get overrun too often by their 5 in midfield.
  10. For me Colin Bell was a great player for Man City and one of their very best English players but for England not so great. Easy to understand why he is so revered by Man City fans. Bell was the archetypal midfield player, "Covered every blade of grass" but didn't really excel at anything particularly at international level. IMHO England's downfall and subsequent poor performances (Until Paul Gascoigne came along) can be traced back to the substitution of Bobby Charlton by Colin Bell in the 1970 WC QF vs West Germany. The subsequent English obsession that a midfield player had to cov
  11. Jake Taylor is by far the best loan forward player Vale have had for yonks and if there is money available Vale should sign him. We have an interim manager in Danny Pugh and if he wants him sign him. If Pugh doesn't end up Vale's manager what new manager wouldn't want a skilful midfield player who can score goals I doubt Vale would be in this current situation if JA would have signed Taylor instead of Whitehead. Add a few Taylor goals during this bad run and Vale would be mid table. In addition to what you post the two qualities that Vale desperately miss from Taylor is his ability to gh
  12. Ben Whitfield has probably found his level with Torquay in the National Lge, we'll see if Torquay come up into Lge 2. When he was at Vale he wasn't particularly quick or didn't have any tricks to beat a man, perhaps he's improved. Always thank him for the goal against Cheltenham a few seasons back that helped keep Vale up.
  13. Tom Pope going to a team below us with Vale in the current situation would be sheer madness. His performance in the 2nd half vs Mansfield is testimony to what he can do and what he brings to the team even though he didn't score. As much as I'd love to see Jake Taylor back at Vale I can't see it happening especially with JA/DK gone.
  14. Says it all, at half time vs Tranmere Vale were 2nd or 3rd in Lge 2, 3 1/2 games later you have sacking the manager in you mind. Sacking the manager every 2 years is not usually the way to build a successful football club.
  15. Agree entirely, JA had done enough at Vale to warrant at least the game against Grimsby in charge. Win that one and the return of the likes of Worrall, Montano, Colon and Pope together with with a few Jan signings and the ship could well have been turned around. I just hope Carol has a new manager ready to sign and the same fickle Vale fans are not calling for the new managers head in February 2021.
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