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  1. I'd resign the majority of players who've played in the 1st team or been involved in the 1st team squad this season, there's a great nucleus of players there to build upon next season. Vale don't want to be looking to sign 10+ players in the summer, we need consistency.
  2. Given his performances for Vale, a loan 'til the end of the season is about as good as we could have got, Forest are hedging their bets by extending his deal with them for another year
  3. It's the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight.
  4. Yeh there was some tongue in cheek in the comment I posted but if memory serves me right the whole iFollow conversation started with something like "Nathan Smith wants to stay at Port Vale, so why hasn't his contract already been sorted", If this comment is true then I would expect he would stay if offered a contract he considers reasonable or unless another club came in with an offer he couldn't refuse..
  5. Birchall said on Saturday Nathan Smith didn't want to move from Madeley, if true then if Vale offer him something he considers reasonable he''l take it, I hope he does.
  6. Hope Vale are not looking for 10+ players in the summer, does nothing for consistency and team work on the pitch and squad moral. I'd like to see most of the players who've played regularly in the first team and match day squad this season signed up, they form the basis of a very good Lge 2 squad.
  7. For 2018, the last full year figures are available, The EU, taken as a whole is the UK’s largest trading partner. In 2018, UK exports to the EU were £291 billion (45% of all UK exports). UK imports from the EU were £357 billion (53% of all UK imports). This 357GBP is from total EU exports of 6.45 trilion Euros (I'm assuming it is Euros). I can't see a situation where the EU or UK would walk away from each other in terms of trade but to me these figures show much more negotiating power lies with the EU than the UK at the moment.
  8. It could be Dave but again that would be reckless 'cause the UK can't just walk away from it's largest trading partner, if you can't walk away it's not negotiation. Once the UK is out of the EU I can't see how the EU can give the UK favorable trading terms compared to other non-EU partners 'cause they'll all want the same unless it can be done under some trade agreement.
  9. I agree and have said many times that Amoo is not lazy he's inconsistent as is Browne as is Montano when he plays as a winger, as are all wingers, it's much more difficult to create than destroy. The less inconsistent and the more skill they have the higher level they play. The inconsistency with wingers issue is why Alf Ramsey chose to play without wingers in 1966 despite having good ones in his squad. I also agree Amoo is a very good player when he's "On", there's no finer sight in football then a winger in full flight, I lost count of the number of times I was out of my seat today when Amoo was running with the ball. I don't think Worrall is "an out and out winger" but someone who can play out wide effectively and consistently, he can beat a man and put a cross in, he's also shown us this season he can play in the middle, wouldn't surprise me he could do a good job at full back but it wouldn't be his best position. I thought Worrall was great today, his energy levels are just fantastic. The cry of lazy was often aimed at Montano but paradoxically when he plays at full back he's all over the left side and tries his heart out and again his skill levels are superb. IMHO we have to accept he has a mistake in him but it ain't half fun to watch him play. He wasn't best pleased when he got clattered today.
  10. This rhetoric from Savid javed seems a tad reckless to me, would have thought the UK would do all it could to maintain business with the EU, it's biggest customer. Is this a hint/warning of what's to come. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-51161808
  11. Great game to watch but could've gone either way but thankfully it was Amoo's superb strike that won it. They were dangerous on the attack as they showed at their place, if we had gone to 4-4-2 we could have lost the midfield and got over run in midfield, the result showed JA got it right Vale miss Jake Taylor, he provides that little bit of quality. Need to do the business off the field asap and sign the out of contract players who've been plying regularly, consistency in the playing staff is key, Vale don't want to be looking for 10+ players in the summer.
  12. It's what I said Osprey, not suggesting Pope comes on for Cullen, it's like the 14 club rule in golf, the one you need you've left in your car boot.
  13. Great game, how it's still goal less I'll never know. Cullen's movement and distribution has been superb just a pity Pope isn't on the pitch as well, conundrum for JA at HT Vale have just been excellent as a team but just not scored a goal. They've got some dangerous players, the No 9 Connor Wilkinson looks like he could create something.
  14. Vale's defeat last night was again down to inconsistency, too many players gave below par performances whereas Morecambe had a few players who had above par performances, Mendes-Gomes, Diagouraga and Phillips in the 1st half. Add to this Popey looked to me as though he got pushed for their first goal, not by the goal scorer but by the guy in front of the goal scorer although Popey didn't appeal/protest. Time to give Browne a run of games instead of Amoo to see if he can develop some consistency. Not blaming Amoo for last night's defeat, no doubt he can be a watch winner but Vale as a tteam need to develop some consistency some how.
  15. Frustrating result but it's the bigger picture that is important, I'm much more comfortable where Vale are this season compared to the last two. Sometimes gotta hand it to the opposition, Morecambe played some decent stuff especially 1st half and their new manager has recently signed a couple of good players in Phillips and Diagouraga, Mendes Gomes also looked useful to, typical Vale to play them when all 3 shine.
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