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  1. It's a piece of software that blocks unsolicited adverts. iFollow shows adverts from the EFL etc (Not during the game though) so presumably doesn't like adblockers interfering with its streamed content so iFollow doesn't run as well or even run at all when an adblocker is present on a browser. Even the Highlights (Generated by iFollow) posted after the game on the Vale website won't run if an adblocker is running/present at the same time.
  2. On tv here on Showtime PPV at $75, frustrating 'cause I already pay for Showtime monthly (To watch the boxing) and don't consider either of them are good enough or have done enough to be climbing on the PPV wagon just yet. I'll keep a lookout for the josh Taylor fight.
  3. iFollow doesn't like adblockers, turn any adblockers off, not saying this is the problem but it can only help.
  4. Cracker coming up in Vegas on 17th Oct when Teofimo Lopez takes on Lomachenko. All the hallmarks of a great fight, younger big puncher boxer vs an older boxing artist. Lopez has not fought anyone of the quality of Loma but Loma needs to stay away from the big punches.
  5. The ball was desperate for the final whistle for a rest. Difficult to win a game of football unless you at least match your opponents physically and it took all Vale had to do this. If Worrall's chance had gone in it would have been a different game. We could have got steamrollered today but Leon Legge in particular and the rest of the spine of the team were superb.
  6. Physical, competitive battle, Vale have done well to match Harrogate physically. Some cynical challenges put in by Harrogate but then the next second they're rolling around as though poleaxed. Tough to play against this style of play but hopefully they'll tire. Crying for a ball over the top to Rodney or Worrall.
  7. Superb team performance by Vale against a very capable team, don't anticipate many teams will go to St james Park and win this season. Great to see Manny back and playing well, hope he can stay fit. The transformation of Port Vale FC since the arrival of John Askey and The Shanahan's is truly remarkable and long may it continue.
  8. I agree CD, just depends whether we've any funds at the end of the day and if they want to come to Vale on a longer term basis. if it happened then great, if not and Vale tried then we can't do any more.
  9. What are you getting through you. Self defense, I've not laughed as much for a while, you really don't know the meaning of the words you post.
  10. It's up to him and his Physician, nowt to do with anyone else. Chloroquin and Hydroxychloroquin are taken by millions of people around the world and have been for ages. For RA it's being replaced by newer better drugs based on new technologies. Every drug known to man is potentially risky, it depends on the dose. So no comment on the good news on a potential vaccine, fast tracked by the FDA/Trump Administration. Just keep wallowing in your venomous hatred. I must admit I'm no Nigel Farage fan but if I had the same depth of hatred for Farage I'd see a doctor.
  11. Move on it's been done to death.
  12. It's very simple. Better doesn't mean first. The less tests done the less cases will be found. I've given you an example of such, what is there not to understand This deep, venomous hatred is unhealthy.
  13. Paul6754


    Some positive news, progress towards a vaccine. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-52677203
  14. All in retaliation and response to your incessant cutting and pasting from left wing rags and being oblivious to the actual situation. Just the same as this last interaction. I did qualify the "Pot to Pi55 in" but I see you didn't post that, cause it doesn't suit tour agenda?
  15. If you can't understand what's posted than you should give up.
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