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  1. Tremendous performance by Vale and thoroughly deserved to go through to Wembley, hardly gave Swindon a kick and nullified their dangerous flair players. Every player played well but Nathan Smith was absolutely immense, totally cancelled Davison.
  2. Yeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  3. Yep, Worrall and Gibbo have always been an excellent unit when played down the Right hand Side.
  4. Apart from another goal or two can't ask for anything more than that, excellent 1st half performance by Vale.
  5. Cutting my appointment short at the Physio Terrorists so I can be home for 2 30pm (We're 5 hrs behind here), a few clicks and hope ESPN+ works and should be all set!!.
  6. I'm like every other Vale fan I want Vale to score 5 in the first 5 minutes and put this tie to bed early on but it ain't gonna happen. These are a good team but beatable and the game is gonna be nervous, tight and tense and Vale are gonna have to work and scrap for every opening. I just hope the crowd doesn't get too anxious and that anxiety spreads to the team. All Vale can do is make chances and hopefully score a few and keep it tight at the other end. Fingers crossed.
  7. I'd give you some if I could....lol. Why doesn't someone open the taps a bit more!!
  8. Sounds like the same percentage that allegedly voted for him in 2020. Let's go Brandon.....lol.....but it's not funny any more, I paid $5 19c for a gallon of gas yesterday.
  9. John Askey did a great job at Vale, saved Vale from relegation in 2018/19 season and got Vale consistently playing some of the best football I've seen the Vale play during the 2019/20 season, if the season had ended a game before it did then Vale would have been in the play-offs. What happened during November and afterwards of the 2021/22 season heaven only knows. Some of the signings ne made in the summer of 2020 weren't the best but Forest messed him about over Jake Taylor and others had all the hallmarks of 3rd or 4th choices. I only wish JA all the best.
  10. As a "Remainer" based on the simple concept of "Don't take chances with the economy" than surely one indicator that Brexit so far hasn't been a positive is the continued poor performance of the GB Pound vs the US Dollar, the Euro, the Jap. Yen and Chinese Yuan. After almost 6 years the GBP still languishes at almost all time lows against the US Dollar and other major currencies and given the exchange rate of a country's currency is reflective of the state/health of it's economy then it's hard to see the hard positives of Brexit, particular as regards the economy.
  11. I didn't go to the Arnold vs Port Vale game but a few years later I ended up working with a guy who lived in Arnold who went and I always remember him saying there were a lot of Vale fans present. I did go to the return leg on the following Monday and still remember and picture John Ridley's goal at the Bycars End.
  12. What HV may be referring to is that on ESPN+ you get multiple cameras around the ground hence many different camera angles and shots including close up shots of players that fill up the screen some of which were of McKirdy's tongue and bulging eyes....lol. On iFollow there tends to be one camera that zooms in and out. McKirdy is a Maverick type and his persona may well be different on and off the field. When a human is pumped up with adrenaline during a game anything can happen, adrenaline is a funny 'ole molecule. I have no malice towards McKirdy but hope he doesn't turn up on Thursday, wish he was still a vale players.
  13. No one has said Taylor changed the game but Taylor did contribute to the improved Vale performance in the 2nd half by being available /wanting/keeping the ball, not treating it like a hot potato and passing it forwards improving the service to the likes of Proctor and Benning. There were two nice runs by Benning down the left from passes by Taylor.
  14. I don't think many if any disagreed 'cause we hardly saw him play and when he was played for any length of time it was as a left wing back.....against Barrow? When he did come on for a cameo I remember making a comment like "He's trying too hard" as nothing appeared to go right for him. I remember seeing him score a peach of a goal in a JPT game with his left foot from outside the box but then no appearance in the 1st team or perhaps even on the bench for the next league game. What I find baffling is it was two separate managers that didn't give him a run of games, what was going on in training, surely his skill and ability would have shone through on the training pitch. Perhaps the rumor of him being difficult to manage is true and if so all Kudos to the current Swindon manager but I hope he stubs his big toe in the bathroom tonight.
  15. No problem SL, you just have a different view than I. A match fit Jake Taylor is good enough, he has already shown that in a Vale shirt in the 2019/20 season and the times when he's been on the pitch this season. He just needs game time to get match fit. A player doesn't "lose" ability at his age just match fitness and perhaps a tad of confidence. The answer to your question is no I'm not. I didn't know it was not the done thing to admire and back a Vale player but I do admire skill, vision and a range of passing ability in a midfield player much more than running and ratting although a balance is required but the Vale at the moment have far too much of the latter and insufficient of the former.
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