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  1. Second best tonight but came away with a point. Seemed to be too much tinkering with formations during the game hence the team were not cohesive. I'd like to see Jake Taylor start as he has quality but it looks like DC doesn't rate him. I agree with Adam Yates, Mansfield are in a false position and will push up this league.
  2. Over the last few seasons I've lost count of the number of times Vale have been on top for long periods of time and not scored and the opposition have then scored against the run of play, it's feels so good to see Vale do the same. Quality free kick by Conlon, good pass by Pett and excellent play by Lloyd in the build up.. Good old Lucas, he's the proverbial box of chocolates. Enjoyed that half of football, here's to enjoying the 2nd half.
  3. Full marks to DC for making the right changes in players and tactics at half time.
  4. Interesting game, Vale need more from the 3 midfield players. Barrow are a well organized unit with Banks being the lunch pin. Vale gonna have to play well to get this back. Get Jake Taylor on for me.
  5. I know you didn't Beechy hence why I didn't directly reply to one of your posts. Just my opinion.
  6. For me Nathan Smith has been outstanding this last 5-6 matches if not all season, his reading of the game, fearlessness and tenacity second to none in a Vale shirt. Given the height in their team having a Legge or a Martin alongside him would have been ideal but for various reasons it wasn't possible. Hence more reason to stop the crosses coming in.
  7. I'm with Sprowy on this in that it's best to stop the crosses coming into the box if possible but to me the 3-5-2 system makes it harder to do this. For their 3rd Pett jogged out to their player on the right and was too late to stop the cross, the wing back was no where to be seen, probably too deep. Their 4th goal was a farce. That was never a foul by George Lloyd, if anything their player fouled Lloyd first, it was a 50:50 tussle for the ball which Lloyd won. As for the free kick, there wasn't a Vale player within 15 yards of the ball, the kick was passed to the side and again no Vale player close leaving their player unchallenged and all the time and room in the world to pick his spot. Surely Vale have to press the ball as soon as the free kick is taken. Hopefully we'll live and learn.
  8. Yep, there's no heavyweight around who can beat Fury at the moment. Incredible, brutal fight, Wilder gave everything.
  9. Couldn't understand taking Proctor off, missed having someone like Leon Legge on the bench to bring on and bolster the defense in the air especially when the opposition are so big and the main tactic is to pump balls into the box. Not a fan of the wing back system, when the WB's play in midfield the space is behind, when they get pushed back the space is in front and that's exactly what happen today, their crosses were coming from in front of the WB's with no pressure on the ball. No wonder their players and management team were high fiving the ref at the end 'cause many of the decisions favored Sutton. We're still up there, there will be set backs.
  10. Can't ask for much more than that, played some nice stuff and two goals, unlucky with the deflection for their goal. They look more dangerous going forward than any other team we've played in Lge 2 this season, some of their players seemed as though they were trying to provoke Vale players. Wish the camera man would pan out a bit more, too close at times.
  11. Stand up for Dave here, none of us fans know the physical off the ball stuff that Devante takes week in week out and sometimes a footballer will react. I'm inclined to give him a break on this one.
  12. I thought Johnson had a poor game for the same reasons, also his distribution was not good, Credit to the guy though for the tremendous challenge in the box that thwarted what looked like a clear chance. I'll give the guy a pass though for tonight 'cause they looked awful conditions in which to judge the flight of the ball. Agree on Jake Taylor to, most of the quality play went through him and he produced some lovely passes, one through ball into the box to create a chance was sublime. Always made himself available and motioning to colleagues where to pass the ball, can't tell on iFollow if he's verbal or not.
  13. I can get used to injury time winners! Some quality balls by Jake Taylor. Vale did enough to win but looked a tad dodgy at the back at times.
  14. Difficult to tell if there was any contact but their guy did stick his leg out for Taylor's booking. Vale do look like a team of 11 players that haven't played together much, playing in difficult conditions. Says it all when the only thing to comment on is a booking.
  15. When was the last Vale winning goal in extra time. Over the whole game Vale deserved to win, great comeback and fully deserved. Their antics in the 2nd half stank and they got what they deserved.
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