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  1. What we're now seeing under JA is the culmination of three managers work (Brown/Apso/JA) in rebuilding the playing fabric of PVFC after it's destruction by Bruno/Smurthwaite in 2016. Michael Brown re-signed Tom Pope arguably the club's most influential player since Bruno, David Worrall and Monty as well as Antony Kay who played a valuable role while he was at Vale. Aspo and JA have also signed good players and at the moment I have the sense that JA has that something special/different about his managerial skills/style, only time will tell. What Bruno/Smurthwaite did to PVFC in the summer of 2016 doesn't bear thinking about, the sheer pig headedness and absolute stupidity of their actions were unfathomable, Vale really dodged one there and it's a relief Vale fans are having conversations like this on OVF in 2019.
  2. Any journal which publishes an article listing Mickey Mouse as a scientist cannot have any peer review process or any claim to be a quality journal, It's incredulous you don't comprehend this simple fact but I'm not surprised. Tell me why you're mind is made up that man made CO2 is the control Knob of Climate Change. Is it based on knowledge of the science or because Al Gore says it is and Mickey Mouse says there's a consensus.
  3. Hard to assess where England stand in the football hierarchy at the moment, we can beat anyone but also still lose to almost anyone. Center of defense is a concern as is the lack of a top quality creative midfield player although Madison and/or Foden have time to come into the picture before the Euros. Harry Kane has developed into the complete center forward, great finisher, superb awareness and vision, excellent touch and weight of pass and superb temperament.
  4. Crookes is a decent defender and is very much a confidence player, he's young and has time to improve particularly when going forward. Crookes and Worrall on the same flank may be a decent option Monty is a tad too unpredictable at left back for me but he can there when needed. Conlon at Left Back might be another option.
  5. I also believe JA may have had something to do with getting new owners on board......even more kudos if so.
  6. You should continue to follow Al Gore and Mickey Mouse, it's about your level.
  7. Dog <ovf censored> Doha, always getting pushed around. Bad on me for retaliation.
  8. It certainly is, straight from the horses mouth, untouched by left wing nut jobs.
  9. Eminently better than getting information from "The Workers Press" The info from the Youtube video I posted is from the participant's mouth and untouched by left wing propaganda but that doesn't fit within in your poiitical narrative. Yovanovitch was irrelevant to the hearings and crap at her job, even the Pres. of the Ukraine wanted her out. Schiff again manipulating information.
  10. Hey D*g Sh*t, I've got more hair than that. Very good transposition, just about sums you up, can't think for yourself.
  11. Jake Taylor and Scott Burgess have been excellent since they both regularly got to start, they were both superb particularly for the first ca 35 mins today. Taylor's shot that hit the post had me out of my seat and the two pieces of skill in the 2nd half around Carlisle's box were excellent. Because of the form of these two guys we haven't missed Oyeleke at all. I believe Taylor's loan period ends in Jan, I hope we can keep him 'til the end of the season, he's destined to play most of his career in the top two leagues IMHO.
  12. Good win for the Vale, my overall MOM is Nathan Smith. Really pleased for Mark Cullen, how does JA regularly get Cullen in the team given his favored formation, nice problem to have. If you play with your socks round your ankles and wear gloves you'd better be able to carry the look off, sadly McCurdy looked like a real pansy today.
  13. Monty was still in the dressing room when they scored their first goal,. Agree with the above, Popey should be bought on now and Cullen later if we still need a goal. Apart from their goal, the first 30 mins Vale played some good stuff and should have scored.
  14. Listen to Jordan's questioning of Taylor and and perhaps you might just get why Hearsay evidence is laughable in these circumstances. Another huge reason why direct evidence is important is that in the Senate the Republicans will likely adopt The Federal Rules of Evidence in any Impeachment Hearings which state that Hearsay evidence is not admissible hence the Dems will have no witnesses to call and the case may well get thrown out. Wrong again, Sondland spoke to Trump and he will testify next week and perhaps if Schiff ran fair and open hearings others would step forward. The best first hand "witness" who spoke to Trump is The Ukraine President, no pressure, no nothing.......get it? Kent testified yesterday hence any memo's he may have written are now irrelevant, he showed he knew absolutely nothing of any relevance apart when he made a boo boo comment about Burisma Holdings being a corrupt company etc which could well come back to hert the Dems. The look on Schiff's face and his often interjection on Republican's questioning of Taylor and Kent tells that this hearing didn't go well for the Dems. Friday could well turn into a nightmare for Yovanovitch.
  15. The Dems case for impeachment was shown to be absolutely laughable by Jim Jordan's questioning of Amb. Taylor yesterday. Taylor had 3 meetings with the Pres of the Ukraine between Trump's call and the aid being released, each time no linkage was confirmed linking the release of aid and an investigation into the Biden's/Burisma. Also the Pres of Ukraine took no actions at any time to initiate any investigations of any type into the Bidens. Like a scene from a Monty Python sketch Jordan made a mockery of Taylor's claim that he (Taylor) had a clear understanding that aid was being with held 'til The Pres. of Ukraine initiated an investigation into the Bidens. This was clearly wrong as no investigation was initiated but the aid money was released. If you won't take it from me then watch JimJordan questioning Taylor first hand, face to face in the hearing, untouched by left wing propaganda, you won't see this on the left wing media.
  16. FUA, IMHO The uncertainty was created the day the 1st referendum was announced and will continue 'til the UK somehow has free trade market access with the EU.
  17. Fair comment that Germany would be most manufacturers' choice but being an electric car could have been a tad less of a cert. My concern is this type of thing will be the norm with all types of manufacturing industries. Yeh I did. I bet currency traders are making a mint from the pound/$ at the moment.
  18. Berlin will be the site of Tesla's first major European factory. Musk cited "Risks surrounding the UK's exit from the EU.....". Sign of things to come for UK manufacturing in general? https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50400068
  19. Mark Cullen done his chances no harm at all, both goals really well taken.
  20. Either will be tough but we're a match for anyone at the moment if the good Vale turns up. Would be superb to win and draw Liverpool or Man U away in the 3rd round if only to reward the players, JA et al and the Shannahans for how much has been achieved this year.
  21. Well the Tullp from Amsterdam resurfaces. The self proclaimed academic who refers to 100% correlations but can't/won't produce/post the data to which he's referred to, 'cause he knows there is no correlation whatsoever never mind a 100% correlation. A major mindset of an academic is to have an open mind, always question, participate in open debate rather than your style of being closed minded, making claims which the data doesn't back up and worst of all being abusive when challenged and needing to band together with complete, clueless jerks. in your worlds Al Gore and Mickey Mouse have all the answers whereas I will maintain my position and continue to question AGW 'til valid and consistent data indicates otherwise. As said before, better to agree to disagree 'cause this dialogue is going down hill even faster and I won't be bullied or intimidated by a self proclaimed third rate academic or a pair of clueless cut and paste merchants.
  22. When you get to this level of stupidity you have well and truly lost it. Go follow Mickey Mouse.......lol.
  23. Said the same myself, why shouldn't there be a 2nd referendum after all the 1st one was won on lies which isn't how the democratic process should work. Farage is a dangerous man and will employ any tactic to get his way, he has no evidence the UK will be better off out of Europe, in fact the evidence strongly suggests the opposite. Farage has come to a position of prominence and influence in UK politics by the back door, he couldn't get elected as an MP. His scheming and manipulative ways know no limits.
  24. It's been removed, take a look at the other hundred or so articles which say the same. I'm done, your way past cuckoo.
  25. You cut and pasted a link to an article which you clearly hadn't read or hadn't understood, it's the only method of debate you have. The article couldn't even have been peer reviewed by the looks of it as it contains Prof. Mickey Mouse as one of the "11,000" scientists together with others of similar ilk. How do you know the journal is respected. There is absolutely no point in this discussion, period, it's laughable that you or anyone would stand behind this article you quoted/posted.
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