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  1. Good team performance yet again and good win over a craggy Morecombe team. Vale are safe, now to watch Rosey win the Masters for icing on the cake..
  2. In 60/70's Vale played Chester in the FA Cup at VP, 1-2" of snow on pitch, lines painted blue.....Vale lost 2-1 if I remember right.
  3. I feel much more relaxed watching the game today than previous weeks. Looks like it's overcast/snowing so no problem with the sun today.....lol
  4. I posted this on the "Who should we sign for next season" thread (or words to that effect). I fully agree with Danish Valiant when he says, "I don't understand how this is even legal under employment law?", too much "big brother" in a EFL Squad cap.
  5. Open a bottle of Barolo tonight DC, you deserve it.
  6. Tremendous all round team performance by Vale, defense brilliant, midfield superb and strikers excellent, onwards and upwards. Really pleased for Guthrie, through the legs of the defender unsighting the keeper, a good strikers goal. Worrall is class at this level, great strike for his goal.
  7. Bet the ball was desperate for half time to get a rest. Devante chose the wrong option when he went for goal rather than pull it back for Robinson or Worrall. Good saves by Brown to keep it at 0-0. Vale battled well, can't do much better in these conditions. Shoot on sight in the 2nd half.
  8. If my memory serves me right these are a big dour, physical side, 1-0 Vale.
  9. I don't agree with the EFL Squad Cap, if a club wants to only have 20 players registered that's up to them, similarly if a club wants 30 registered. What is the problem, why the restriction. I'm surprised the PFA haven't got involved as the cap potentially restricts opportunities for it's members, perhaps the PFA have done but I'm not aware of it.
  10. DC appears a tad sensitive to the words "tinker and tinkerman", hence he had a friendly rib at Bowers, nowt in it for me.
  11. Ugly win but a W is a W, it'll do very nicely. If Devante could only improve his decision making by 50% he would be unplayable at this level and worth a fortune. Pleased for Robinson just need Guthrie to do the same. Excellent team performance, just have to admire David Worrall's consistent high level of performance.
  12. If McKirdy and his talent can be harnessed for the mutual benefit of him and Vale then I'll all for him being given the opportunity. Perhaps DC sees him as similar to the Scrimshaw guy he had at Walsall.
  13. Puts everything into perspective, so sad.
  14. Puccini's magnificent aria from Manon Lescaut, "Donna non Vidi Mai" (I've never seen a Woman like that) sung by the big guy himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJgrHQGjvzc
  15. Justice restored, how are/were Crawley pushing for the play-offs, we were far better than them in every department, they were powder puff.
  16. Travesty, just stood off the guy and gave him all the time in the world to put the ball in our box, any touch on the ball and it's a goal.. Dominated that half yet we go in 1-1. We're miles better than these.
  17. While we're on about bogey teams, the ones for me were Walsall and Notts County, the former had Alan Buckley who in his 1st spell at Walsall scored a goal every two games and one every three games in his 2nd spell and he always seemed to do something against Vale. Notts had Les Bradd who was a pain in the butt, he averaged a goal every 3 games for them.
  18. Making wholesale changes to the playing staff every year is not good for any football club and as Vale have found out the chances of signing new payers who will do well/wonders is not much better than flipping a coin. I've read somewhere that Flitcroft and Clarke plan on using "metrics" to aid selection of players and I'm all for that if relevant but IMHO if a player has been the fan's player of the year or players player of the year then there can't be many better recommendation than that.
  19. Tremendous performance by Vergil Ortiz tonight, took out Hooker in the 7th round with some brutal body shots. Ortiz confirmed he's a real prospect with potential huge fights in the future against the likes of Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford.
  20. Devante Rodney has huge potential and could be the first million pound plus Vale player in some time if he continues to develop. His shot in the 2nd half that hit the post had power yet was delivered with minimal back lift, tremendous effort as was the shot he put in the net.
  21. Virgil Ortiz Jr (16-0-0) fights former World Champion Maurice Hooker (27-1-3) at 147ibs, mouthwatering contest as Ortiz has real power and so does Hooker. Ortiz is considered a future super star, we'll see whether he's a real prospect or suspect.
  22. Players gave their all, showed grit and balls, well done Vale. Conlon and Rodney pick of the bunch for me but their insistence on playing the high ball forward was ably met by Smith, Legge and Brisley. Crucial win at a crucial time of the season. Relieved to say the least, one more win and we should be OK.
  23. Manage the game now Vale, don't give them a sniff of success.
  24. Couldn't do much more than that other than Theo putting the ball in the net. What the f has has this ref got against Manny, the ref is the biggest worry for Vale at the mo.
  25. I'll take a point today, get on the bus and come home now. My Colchester supporting mate is bricking it as well.
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