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  1. Brutal fight in Vegas for Tyson Fury, he suffered a bad cut in the 3rd round but battled away and won on points. Got to hand it to Fury, he has a massive heart and massive determination.
  2. Superb team performance by Vale, nullified Plymouth, Legge outstanding. JA has really turned things around at the Vale and got the lads playing together.
  3. Plymouth area good footballing team and Vale,especially given the injuries, have done well to stay with them. Vale defense doing well, Bennet's a decent/OK player at this level but his hold up play and heading is no where near as good as Pope.
  4. Then you should be able to post the link or the screen shot very easily. My issue is porkies being told to make a point.
  5. Looking forward to the match tomorrow, I anticipate it being a good open attacking game, Vale nicking it by the odd goal especially if Danny Mayor has an off day.
  6. Problem is Geo with No Deal taken off the table (as far as I understand it) the UK is not in negotiating mode, it's in persuasion mode because it can't walk away from some form of membership of the EU. The EU has said May's deal is the only deal on the table and her deal was worse than being a full member.
  7. Until a link is posted then the one you've seen/cited is either mythical or wrong!!!!
  8. The EU budget figure you cite is wrong or never existed because the Office of National Statistics (GB) report says that 19bn (equivalent to 365m/week) was never sent to the EU. The ONS report says "In 2016, the UK’s gross contribution to the EU amounted to £19bn. However, this amount of money was never actually transferred to the EU", this is because of the rebates and money the UK gets back from the EU. The net/gross figure isn't garbage at all it's absolutely central to how much the UK pays into the EU. RB, I would have thought rather than put this one to bed that you would want to back up your point with the link to the information that led you on several occasions to claim the 350m figure was correct and cited in a 2015 EU Budge. You also claimed comments were made in the EU 2015 budget report that the ca 350m/week was after rebates and money back to the UK had been deducted and this clearly is not the case according to the ONS. The Red Bus message is/was one of the main reasons why people voted Leave and shouldn't be brushed under the carpet, unless you can reference and substantiate your claim it brings into question the credibility of everything you've posted on this subject.
  9. Considering the Red Bus message was one of the most important policies in the Brexit Referendum and swayed many people into voting Leave it is important to get to the truth, especially when the lie has been denied. The GB Office for National Statistics clearly shows the the 350m/week for the NHS as a result of leaving the EU is absolutely a lie. In 2016 the UK paid 18.9bn pounds to the EU, When Thatcher's rebate is deducted together with the money which comes back to the public and private sectors in the UK it leaves a net contribution to the EU of 9.4bn which equates to approx. 180.8m/week, about half of what johnson claimed. https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/governmentpublicsectorandtaxes/publicsectorfinance/articles/theukcontributiontotheeubudget/2017-10-31 You should reconsider your position.
  10. The EU 2015 budget figure does not take into account the rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in the 80's nor the money the UK gets back from the EU for infrastructure projects which leaves the UK contribution around 160m per week, Johnson knows this hence the 350m figure is a lie.
  11. RR, I remember the Brealey debate well but I was on the side of pick the team then pick the captain, the way the Aussies do. Most of the time England were playing with 10 men when Brearley was in the side but England had players to make up for his deficiencies as a batsmen, Gower, Botham, Gatting (?) and Bob Willis. Who would you appoint captain in place of Root?
  12. At the end of the day Australia had the one class batsman in either team and the Aussie bowling attack was better than England's hence the result of the Ashes series. I'm unsure if taking the captaincy off Root will solve any problems 'cause it won't shore up the technical deficiencies of some of England's batsmen and make the bowlers more threatening although it would allow Root to concentrate on his batting more. Shane Warne during commentary was talking about if one day cricket is responsible for the lack of technically correct, test class batsmen. His view appeared to be that it wasn't anything to do with one day cricket and he put some of it down to how the batsmen practice these days, he said they use more practice aids which don't simulate a bowler bowling. At the end of the day we need the players with the required talent and temperament who are better than what other countries have.
  13. I agree Sage and have said the same myself, there was absolutely no need or reason for any of this. Farage has been the biggest champion of Brexit and together with Johnson have been most responsible for this mess arrived at by lies, lies and more lies. Farage failed to become an MP yet he's managed to create this monster by the backdoor, a testament to how polarizing and dangerous a person he is. What makes me chuckle is when Leavers claim they knew what they were voting for and what the implications were. Did Leavers really vote for people in the UK to become poorer, did they vote to re-instate a hard border in Ireland, did they vote for the pound to lose 20% of it's value in such a short time etc, did they "Heckers like" the majority of Leavers voted for the lies pedaled by Farage and Johnson.
  14. Vale battled well and deserved something from the game. The throw in that led to there goal was ca 10yds further forward than it should have been, ref let them get away with one there.
  15. Love him or hate him Smith is a tremendous batsman, not classical or technically correct but he must have incredible hand, eye, feet co-ordination. To me he appears to get too square on at the crease but manages to get the bat going perfectly through the line of the ball. To come back and score a double hundred after what happened at Headingley is testament to his application and determination. I agree Rob, he's the difference between the Aussies retaining the Ashes and not.
  16. I cannot understand the thinking or logic of anyone thinking Brexit is a good idea after the past 3 plus years. The UK is spiraling out of control economically, politically and socially and for what. Farage is a very dangerous man and together with Johnson will decimate the UK for years to come, people compare these two charlatans with Trump, at least Trump is trying to do his best for the USA (like or hatethe man or/and his policies) whereas the charlatans are doing their best to wreck the Union.
  17. I couldn't understand why TM didn't negotiate something along the lines of a Canada, Norway or Switzerland type deal (with extras). She may have done but it appeared to me her deal meant we still paid all the money but lost the seat at the table so were worse off compared to being a member of the EU.
  18. The Port Vale of the last two seasons would have lost or drawn that game but Vale are playing more enterprising football and in David Amoo we have a potential match winner as he showed yesterday. However Cambs had two great chances, the header from Hannant's cross in the first half should have been buried and how Harvey Knibbs (?) header didn't go in I will never know, it was harder to miss than score, I couldn't believe the ball went over the bar. Is vale's luck beginning to change?
  19. At last, one piece of quality, well done David Amoo.
  20. Again Vale can't convert good play and pressure into a goal, last 25 mins was a big snore. Wake 'em up JA.
  21. Perhaps a compromise cannot be reached with the EU but if the EU toned down their demands for a backstop a consensus could be achieved, ie, the best solution the UK and the EU could find at this moment in time, the money the UK pays into the UK is a powerful driver.
  22. Tough crowd on here today. Shaun Brisley is an experience center back who will hopefully do the business, wouldn't make sense at the moment to bring in a defender who is young and untested at this level. An experienced bull of a midfield player who can play and with similar experience would complement the squad very nicely.
  23. Agree RR, Luke Campbell is going to have to fight the fight of his life if he's gonna beat Loma but he's got an advantage in height and probably reach. Loma is a boxing artist, his footwork incredible, he comes at his opponent from all angles. Hope they show the fight over here.
  24. What Johnson has done is as anti-democratic as democracy gets so your priciples have gone out of the window. Democracy is about Voters and their elected representatives (MP's), Johnson has sidelined and dismissed MP's cause he knows there is no majority in Parliament for a no-deal and perhaps for a Brexit of any type. Johnson is acting like a tin pot dictator. Democracy in the UK should be acting for what is best for the UK, MP's are the quardians of that not the small majority who voted Leave and didn't know what they were voting for and what Leave entailed.
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