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  1. I should have said "Another experience striker", my bad.
  2. Couldn't agree more, hope the rumors regarding Devante are totally unfounded as there's a ton of talent in there. A combination of niggly injuries and the 3-5-2 system doesn't appear to suit him hence he is where he is, he just needs to play a run of games.
  3. Jake Taylor must be even more frustrated to be out injured as with Conlon out this is the time for him to show what he can do. It's bad luck to have so many key players out injured at the same time but the striker situation should have been planned for in the summer. Vale always looked undermanned starting the season with two experienced strikers and a 21 year old in George Lloyd, Rodney and Amoo for all their ability are not out and out strikers, especially in a 3-5-2. I was surprised we didn't sign an experience striker in the summer and hope we're after one right now. Nothing against the 2 new lads but it's a hell of an ask for them to some into an injury hit team pushing for promotion and score the requisite goals.
  4. Vale battled well for a point. Hall and Hussey look good signings, Stone looked assured. Still got a good shot at the play-offs and if we can get the key players back asap who knows.
  5. Any ones game. Connor Hall looks a good signing. More frustration for Gibbo.
  6. Perhaps you're now seeing the recruitment policy has some flaws in it and age is just a number. The objective should be to get Vale promoted not to have a squad of age 30 or under.
  7. At least some one else sees it with Garrity. He's scored in 5 games with Vale winning 4 of those so it's a matter of where to play him at the moment rather than any thought of dropping him hence I went for a similar team vs Salford although Conlon wasn't injured then.
  8. Close between Conlon, Gibbo and Worrall for me, I'll go with Worrall.
  9. Said the same before, Gibbo and Wozza are two of vale's best players and have always formed a very strong unit down the right hand side but when Vale play 3-5-2 that unit/partnership is broken and they play on different flanks. The football cognoscenti always say choose your best and most effective players in their best positions and find a system that suits whereas DC seems to choose the system (3-5-2) and shoe horn players into that system. DC's way has worked for the first half of the season just hope it works for the rest of it.
  10. The situation Vale find themselves in is down to injuries, Conlon was a massive miss last night. Having said that signing a third experienced striker with some goal scoring track record would have been massive, George Lloyd didn't fit that bill. Salford have signed Matt Smith from Millwall today, he looks ideal for Vale but likely out of Vale's price range.
  11. No quality passing players in midfield with Conlon and Taylor both out injured just results in no pattern of play, no one orchestrating the play, no one comfortable on the ball to take responsibility and no quality through balls and it results in the mess seen tonight. Passing the ball 5-10 yards backwards and side ways in midfield ends up with the ball at the feet of a defender who lumps it forward usually with possession lost, simply running around ratting just doesn't do it. Vale's current predicament is a result of the injuries, particularly to the players who bring quality to the midfield IMO, the young lads up front would also do better with quality passing from midfield. Salford were there for the taking tonight.
  12. Vale had the better chances but missing Conlon's quality in midfield, Worrall superb, him and Gibbons are a top unit down the right. Garrity unlucky not to score. Salford are there for the taking, they sound and look like they're missing as many key players as Vale.
  13. Looks like you're as much in the dark as me as to what data is used in recruitment at Vale. That's a tad unkind to JA, with or without data he still got Vale from 20th place in 2018/19 to 8th in 2019/20 and probable play-offs if Covid hadn't got in the way, poor recruitment in the summer of 20/21 most probably cost him his job.
  14. The CDC doesn't say cloth masks offer no protection it says they protect less effectively compared to other masks and factors like fit etc are important. N95 masks offer the best protection from the virus followed by procedure masks (Those that are handed out in docs offices) followed by cloth masks. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/types-of-masks.html
  15. England were 2nd best in all aspects of the game in this seriies, Rob's "Trepidation" in the opening post was well founded. England have to improve the batting but I don't buy the blame on the short forms of the game 'cause other nations play the short forms and appear to produce test quality batsmen or have I missed something. England got the worst of the conditions on the final day in Hobart but there's no excuse for 10 wickets lost in 90 mins. Mark Wood's bowling on the final day and throughout the series has been a plus point, it was a different game when the Aussies faced him, jumping around the crease, playing rash shots etc, he made them look like the English batsmen but he didn't appear to have another strike bowler in Aussie conditions to back him up. If England are to win in Australia at least 2 or more genuinely quick bowlers are needed and ideally a test class spinner. The batting needs attention but the bowling is key.
  16. Flitters said........ well there ya go. What data are being used in recruitment, how do you know data wasn't used before.....Robinson and Whitehead excepted although the former did score 11 times for Colchester the season before. There's an article describing Flitcroft saying work ethic & fitness levels of current players and future signings were being used to assess players. Wonder how work ethic is numerated. Must admit I would like to know how some of the data is collected that's given on some webpages (Not suggesting Flitcroft is using data off the internet). I believe GPS monitors/chips are used on players these days but how is data like tackles made, interception made, % passes completed etc etc compiled, I honestly don't know.
  17. I've never trusted "The process or "The matrix", hence have never been "Full of beans about our recruitment", on the contrary realism with a touch of hope would best describe my view. How can anyone trust or get "Full of beans" about a "Process or a Matrix" that they know nothing about. Honest question, do you know anything about the process or the matrix? Must admit I'd like to know but understand that it's info only privvy to a few at the club.
  18. Not a must win but a very much like to win. Wilson doesn't look physically fit to me never mind match fit. I see every reason to play Gibboo unless he's not our player or it's an injury issue. Walker at DM and one of Walker or Pett be under orders to be behind the ball at all times to cover against the counter attack. Garrity to play just behind Harratt and in front of the midfield. Try and get Wilson and Rodney on for match fitness. I'd prefer a system with 4 at the back but Vale need a bit of "consistency" at the moment. Stone Cass Smith Hall Worrall Pett Walker Conlon Gibbo Garrity Harratt Subs: Rodney, Wilson, Hussey, Edmonson, Martin, Benning, Bailey. If it was a 4 at the back: Stone Gibbo Smith Hall Hussey Pett Walker Conlon Worrall Harratt Garrity Subs: Rodney, Wilson, Cass, Edmonson, Martin, Benning, Bailey.
  19. Good player and a game changer but doesn't fit the wing back system and probably didn't see his future as an impact sub at Vale, can't blame him. I'm more concerned about the rumors regarding Gibbo.
  20. When I saw it live I thought, and I think McKirdy did also, that it was Mckirdy who was in trouble with the ref for a late challenge on Covolan and that's why he went across to the ref and Liner so show the stud marks (I presume their were some) on his chest. Most goalkeepers jump for a cross and raise and bend one leg at the knee, it seems to be part of the "jumping mechanics" to take a high ball for a goalie but as you say Covolan saw McKirdy coming and decided to straighten out his leg which appeared/looked like a kick to Mckirdy's chest. It was only on the replay that I saw the straightening of the leg.
  21. Carlisle may not have wanted him but they got something out of him, I bet people at Carlisle are asking a few questions now. You still have to have the skill and talent to do it whether it's bairns or the old f@rts team.
  22. Not shooting you down just offering a different view. If you drop Conlon where is the creativity gonna come from. Of the central midfield players, Pett keeps things ticking over but he rarely plays an incisive pass, Garrity isn't a creative passing player whereas Conlon is and is/was always looking to create/play the killer pass forwards. He played some good through balls today, one to Worrall which was sublime but nothing came of it. Conlon was also busy in midfield today, hussling and tackling. If there is one thing you could say about Conlon today it is that he didn't play at his best but he was still made a greater contribution than Pett and Garrity IMO. Hopefully Hussey will do the business for the Vale but I don't understand his signing having both Gibbo and Benning, never mind, Jones who can play that position. Better the money spent on a Kane Hemmings or someone of his ilk as it looks like it's gonna be a while before Wilson and Proctor will be fully match fit.
  23. He did do more in 90 mins than he did for us but I don't agree that he couldn't be bothered for the Vale. When ever he played/came on for Vale he seemed to be trying too hard and it was obvious he had skill, could create and do the unexpected. However, under JA and DC he didn't get much of a chance, 259 lge mins under DC and I can't find any Lge mins for his time under JA. If my memory serves me right he played well in a JPT game and scored a superb goal. For me it was a case of both managers being unable to work out the best place to play him or they didn't "trust" him or like his style of play. The Swindon manager seems to have worked him out as did Carlisle the season before.
  24. Reality check for Vale today, very much second best even before Covolan was sent off. All their players looked comfortable on the ball. Again nothing from from Garrity with the ball at his feet, just "Ratting" is not enough in the midfield in a promo chasing team. Still plenty of games left, no need to panic just yet. Odds on that Harry McKirdy was gonna feature, he's in form and has skill, pity two Vale managers could work out how to get the best out of him.
  25. Vale have been second best, uphill battle now. Impressed with Hall so far, great goal from Harrat.
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