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    Ryder Cup

    Whistling Straits is an incredible course with magnificent vistas of Lake Michigan, I don't think there is enough golf balls in all the world for me to complete 18 there. The USA have a strong team and it's strong not because of star power but because there's a number of players that do everything well in particularly putt well which is so important in match play. In a two horse race any team can win but I tend to favor the USA this time around. Gonna be fantastic viewing as always.
  2. John Challis who played "Boycie" in "Only Fools and Horses" passed away at the weekend. Funny guy, the Youtube video although entitled "The best of Marlene" contains some of Boycie's best moments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv4w-Gu6Aiw
  3. His goal scoring record stands for itself but never saw much of him 'cause there was only two games of footie on the box a week in his day and one of those had to feature a team from the Northwest. Always enjoyed "On the Ball" with Saint and Greavesie, he was much revered by most English football fans. Sad.
  4. Really enjoy videos like that whatever the sport. He comes across as a real likeable person who's worked hard to get where he is so best of luck to the guy. His handling/shot stopping look good and Vale have obviously been working with him on his decision making when the ball is at his feet and it looks like it's improving already. My sense tells me he's gonna make a mistake trying to be Gerson that's gonna cost Vale a goal but by then the team will owe him quite a few and hopefully it won't matter.
  5. Perfect start to the 2nd half virtually ended Harrogate's chances. Pleased for Wilson hope it's the first of many, looks to have loads of time on the ball which is a hallmark of a good player. Not impressed with Harrogate, didn't seem to have any quality or much of anything, if that's a top 7/top half team then it bodes well for the Vale.
  6. Dave Worrall shows yet again he's a quality player at this level, superb strike for the goal. Harrogate didn't appear to have much of anything, they've got even less now!
  7. It's on OVF, all 3 hrs of it. I missed it myself until I saw it being referred to on OVF. The bits about JA and DC/DF are towards the end, in the last hour.
  8. No I don't, from my recollection he was complimentary to most people and players at Vale. Only people who have an anti-Pope agenda would think this way. For me, Pope did a lot for Vale and is a major reason why we are still a Football League Club. Perhaps they haven't been given the same opportunity to speak out or prefer to go quietly. None of those three guys have anywhere near as strong an affiliation the with Vale as Pope. As said above, from my recollection he was complimentary to most people and players at Vale and gave some interesting insights over the last 2-3 years. Pope says he likes Managers to be open and honest with him and to be told to his face, his gripe with the last two managerial regimes at Vale Park is, in his opinion, that was not the case. If you wish to resume this theme go on the Tom Pope thread.
  9. A football message board isn't for you. Typical fickle fan who doesn't like to hear the other side of a story.
  10. Livingstone are in a higher league than Vale and someone within the club considered Monty good enough to feature for the team whether the leaque or league cup or whatever, what doesn't stand up? They've played 5 league games, what's happened to the "It's early days, give the guy a chance" cry. Thinking about the longer term future at this time in their careers is what most people would do. Popey is obviously feeling aggrieved not only at DF/DC but also John Askey and I can see why although it's only his side of the story. I don't consider his comments aggressive but just unpalatable to some. He's given answers to questions many people were thinking at the time, eg why is Bennet starting not Pope, why did Mitch Clarke leave mid season? etc. I heard the comment about Monty but it didn't come over to me as you're insinuating, you're taking it too literally. "Plenty of negative things have been said about Pope" means just that, for years he's been given some flack on this site by certain posters but no one is beyond criticism. However some posters have kicked the guy after he's been released and when he's down and he's probably read the posts whether on OVF or Twitter. All Vale fans want to be and are optimistic about the Vale but some carry a realism gene. And that's my point, have vale signed players as good or better than Smith, Legge, Worrall, Conlon and Rodney etc, if we have than we should be around/in the top 7 come April/May.
  11. Popey also compared the new signings with players that are still at the club and some that left during the season like Mitch Clarke and Manny Oyeleke. I thought the comments about Mitch Clarke were sad and revealed why he left, Mitch was an excellent player in his time at Vale and it's a real pity what happened, happened.
  12. Montano was recruited by a club playing in a higher league than lge2 and he has played although not in a lge game. It was Brown and Joyce's decision to suit them and their families. The information on the podcast viz Montano is very interesting. Popey is giving his opinion, you obviously don't like what he's says. I haven't listened to all the podcast yet but in the piece I've listened to he doesn't lambast Monty's mental stability. Plenty of negative things have been said about Popey but this is the first "no holds barred" response I've heard from him. Look on the thread if it's still available. Yep that positivity served Vale well, if Ribeiro had recruited a 3-4 overseas players then the majority of fans would have applauded him for trying something "Out side of the box". Vale are unlikely to get promoted signing players who are as good or just an improvement on the likes of Whitehead or Fitzpatrick. Vale will get promoted when players as good or better than Worrall or Legge are recruited, it's not rocket science. Some positives so far are Proctors composed finishing and Garrity's energy but It's early days and time will tell.
  13. It was the right decision to let many of the players go over the summer that were let go but IMO Montano, Brown, Burgess and Joyce should have stayed. IMO If Tom Pope's shoulder wasn't injured as badly he also should have stayed and quite frankly I'm disgusted at the repeated sarcasm and below the belt comments about Tom's time at Vale by the same posters on OVF. Why are the same posters repeatedly comparing the new signings with the players that were let go, why aren't they being compared with the better players that were at the club that DC kept. At the end of the day the goal is to get out of this league and into Lge 1 so Vale need to recruit players at least as good and preferable better than the likes of Smith, Legge, Gibbo, Conlon, Worrall, Taylor and Rodney. It is early days although it does look like some decent/good players have been recruited during the summer but time will tell where the new signings "rank" against the better players DC kept and whether this "New squad" are good enough to get Vale into the play-offs or auto promo spots. One thing that makes me chuckle is some of the posters giving RZ a hard time now are the very same posters who were so giddy, in love and over the moon with Bruno Ribeiro's/Smurf's clear out and recruitment of ca 12 lower league players from overseas pre 2016/17 season. When it was pointed out on OVF that none of these players had any experience of the EFL and generally had only played in lower leagues in Europe and that not only should Vale fans be concerned for the upcoming season but also the season after if these players remained. Thankfully the players eventually left but the abuse occurred. A little realism was in order then as it is now. For the record I am not comparing the strategy or players Ribeiro recruited with those recruited by DC/DF.
  14. Good 3 points for Vale against a dangerous team, had luck when we needed it.
  15. Well worked goal by Vale, excellent finish by Garrity. Thought Worrall has been excellent, some superb passes/crosses. I can't remember an opposition team defense giving the ball away as much as Swindon, hope they continue in the 2nd half cause we'll capitalize on one mistake surely. Their No 5 (Crichlow?) is a right drama queen. Rodney looked as though he went over on his ankle/lost his balance at an unfortunate time when he went round the goalkeeper.
  16. He's got more hair now than back in the day. Good, solid, reliable player for the Vale.
  17. But Beechy, you've watched him for over a season now so you know a player like Devante is not gonna be brilliant every week, he has his good days and not so good days but he always gives 100%. Hence I would always have him start or at least be on the bench, we've all seen how he can be anonymous and then produce a piece of magic which changes the game and as long as he's doing the covering/tracking back then he should be at the fore front of DC's thoughts.
  18. Booing individual Vale players is a no no at Vale Park or anywhere for that matter but I can understand at times some fans booing the Vale team at the end of a game out of frustration. I don't subscribe to the notion that a player or a team doesn't try and hence "Deserves" to be booed, Vale lose a game usually cause the other team play better on the day or have a bit more luck at crucial times, it's never for the want of trying. Screaming abuse/obscenities at an individual Vale player anywhere is beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior IMHO.
  19. Posted the above on the Rochdale thread. Vale fans have seen Devante for a whole season and should have a fair idea of what he's about on the pitch, what he's capable of and what he needs to work on. He's still young and can improve and now is the time to encourage him as it can't be easy being a starter one week and not the next.
  20. I am not saying Aaron Martin is a poor player by any means just that he doesn't appear to be the dominant in the air, ball attacking center back in the mold of Leon Legge who's been outstanding for the Vale since he's been at the club apart from a blip in form last Nov/Dec....ish.
  21. Rodney is Dave, he can be brilliant one moment but not so good the next, I'd rather him be in the match day squad than not. Trying to work out his best position/role is key.
  22. Not a moan just an observation. No matter how you try to spin it Martin is not the dominant center back that Leon Legge is and won't be in the near or distant future unless there is significant improvement. But you do agree with the other two facts that were quoted?
  23. So was Bob Delgado at Chester, wasn't the "Matrix" supposed to guard against this sort of thing happening. 24/38 Lge games for the Accies hardly counts as a "Virtual ever present", a team that finished bottom of the league by 6 points.
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