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  1. Greasby? You live just round the corner from my mental sister. It's nice 'round there.
  2. Amateur. She needs grease, or at least a drop of oil, not water disperser.
  3. Praise the lord. He absolutely kills this forum.
  4. Admin. This is the banned user mole. Check the up. It’ll be Australian. Can we end this please.
  5. Indeed. Tragic to lose someone so young.
  6. He never went - he was in Spain banging Debbie.
  7. Haha, Chris Cornes wasn't it? I was in a box that season and for some reason we befriended Cornes' sister's boyfriend and he was always in our box for the games. It was pretty obvious that the pair of them quite enjoyed playing with their chemistry sets of a weekend. Shame, because he was one hell of a player.
  8. Well when the interview for the role of marketing manager consists solely of flirting with a dirty old man what do you expect?
  9. Regarding the £80M - I'm fairly sure that he claimed to have sold a business for £80M, not that he's worth £80M. I'm pretty sure if that was the case there'd be details to find on it but searching him throws up very little. It seems the Holiday Inn's he claims actually belong to Paul Wildes. His fortune seems privately owned property based. It's all very odd. For instance - where's the evidence of the Engineering company he claims to have inherited then sold off at great profit to begin his portfolio? You don't amass a £130M fortune on the quiet, unless it's of dubious means. So where's his business evidence?
  10. What an absolute balloon knot.
  11. Is this his repeated attempts to buy Alsager Town & the adjacent fields?
  12. I’m taking a curry in my thermocafe flask on Tuesday. My other flask will contain bailey’s coffee. Have that, Smurthwaite, you fat, unwanted shytehouse
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