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  1. The person buying for other people gets all the points. If true that's outrageous and people need to resign immediately.
  2. They've probably gone to Charlton.
  3. We'll have played 8 competitive games by then.
  4. Ridiculous. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't have a striker on the pitch at any point on Wednesday. Finding and waiting to get the right players in looks like an idea that will have to be shelved for this year if it's not doable now.
  5. I wondered that. I thought he'd have said something if he did as he'd have enough left over for a decent holiday after paying his fine.
  6. If they both go on strike we really are in bother.
  7. Nobody is doing anything to the strikers, they're not scared.
  8. What do we want? A keeper and a striker or two. When do we want them? NOW!
  9. Still desperate for a keeper and someone up top. Time's getting on.
  10. We're going to be able to fill the bench at this rate.
  11. Yeah, you won't get points deducted for not going to Plymouth away on a Friday night.
  12. Still no kit reveal along with half a squad of players. This club is clearly in CRISIS. It is time for supporters to act and ensure that anybody in a position of power is REMOVED from the club and locked up inside one of the disused buildings in Burslem.
  13. I can't imagine it will be an end of the super fans.
  14. We'll have saved a load of money by only paying half a squad for July so I think everyone should be let in for free against Fleetwood. PACK THE PARK.
  15. I don't think he wants to go in the ground yet, just buy a ticket.
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