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  1. Yes, decent 1st half. I’m as nervous as anything though. Hope we can carry the good play into the 2nd half.
  2. The replay showed he was on when the ball was played.
  3. 1-0 looked offside but I’ll take it. No he was on.
  4. Having the better of the opening exchanges. Should be 1 up.
  5. Still in this, really glad we got that goal. If not we would have had a mountain to climb.
  6. Poor corner to give away, and then we don't defend it.
  7. This is why they are referred to as swindle The Great Rock & Roll Swindon: The amazing story of when Swindon Town won the play-offs yet were relegated - Football Bloody Hell FOOTBALLBH.NET
  8. Yep, I was more nervous for that game against Chesterfield for league 2 survival.
  9. Yep, not sure I can take another 45 minutes of this.
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