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  1. No two ways about it Jordan Peterson is a very smart man. I appreciate the fact that he is open to having a nuanced debate with people that he does not agree with. Nuanced debate is something that has gone out of the window lately and Jordan Peterson has been demonised as being "right wing" even though his views are not right wing. I agree with him that identity politics is extremely divisive. Twitter is a prime example of how bad humanity can get, everyone just screaming at anyone with an opposing view and nobody listening. When we are defined by a group identity it can make it very difficult to make progress as it rapidly becomes a zero sum game.
  2. I just remember Ron pointing at the Bristol player on the ground and laughing at him.
  3. I thought that Smith was unlucky not to get a freekick, once that wasn't given he was lucky not to get a 2nd yellow.
  4. Love Tom Pope, and respect all that he did for the club, but he is in the past now. It's probably not healthy to bring his name up every time we score,or equally when we don't.
  5. I was just about to post about how predictable we were down the the left,with Gibbons cutting back on to his right every time.
  6. Very comfortable, other than a 10 minute spell in the 2nd half. Starting to look a decent side.
  7. Made amends for bottling the early second booking for Diamond there.
  8. Yes, we have all been scared for life by that experience. I expect it may go beyond our lives as we pass this paranoia on to future generations.
  9. Probably Pope against Cheltenham. He seemed to like playing against them. Or could have been Hughes against Burton.
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