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  1. I know, it was only a quip (originally). To be honest my continuation of the comments is probably only an attempt to alleviate some of the current lock down boredom (yes we have lock down here too, and, yes I am that bored). Today's game did little to entertain. From this distance it is sometimes difficult to call if the club I love is this much of a circus, or, if everyone else is as bored as me and just making stuff up. I really hope that it is the latter as I'd hoped that new ownership would draw a line under the soap opera of the last 20 years. My apologies to @Conradfor tr
  2. Yes, but you still missed my point which was the misalignment between the title of the article and the content of the article. That is all, nothing more, point final. At no point have I suggested that he should be answering questions on the future of 1st team players. Neither have i hinted that such information should be coming from the tea lady. Perhaps if the article had been titled "Sinclair doesn't answer questions on Leon Legge's future" all of this could have been avoided.
  3. Calm down. I was only commenting on what was said Vs the title of the article being "Port Vale coach Sinclair answers questions on Leon Legge's future". I made no comment re. it being appropriate to comment or not. Not sure why your talking about the tea lady. Not really your place to comment on that.
  4. That's not really answering the question though. It's more like avoiding the question.
  5. Was just thinking the same thing. Much brighter since the goal.
  6. I thought that he looked decent. It will be interesting to see how things go once he has had a little more time with the squad. I've learned to take fans views with a pinch of salt. I remember Constantine being lambasted for being lazy, while he was breaking goal scoring records, at the Vale.
  7. The frustrating thing is that, good as those stats are, I've seen him snatch at a few easy chances or shoot when a lay off might have been a better option. This is in recent games. I guess the upside is that this is something that we can develop, as the key attributes seem to the there. Still all in all a good start to his Vale career.
  8. Have to say I would have taken a point going in so job done. Not a great performance, by any stretch, but we limited a team who were looking to go top today.
  9. I think that is a bit unfair Doha. These are chasing promotion and have had a couple of weeks off. We have a significant chunk of our 1st team out. maybe it shows how far we’ve fallen but these were strong favourites at the start of play.
  10. Agee with this 100%. I don’t know enough about the individuals to pass judgment. sometimes internal appointments work and sometimes they don’t. Page did ok, Brown didn’t. similarly bringing in an experienced manager, like Gannon, from outside is not a guarantee of success. I suspect that it will come down to an individual being a good fit for where we are now and being able to manage within the constraints of the club. not an easy decision.
  11. I've been coming on this site since '97 and this stream of posts has to go down as the strangest that I have witnessed during that time. The tone is so far beyond condescending that it is actually a little bit scary. You might understand that one day when you grow up and develop some social skills.
  12. The only problem with this is that, as we all know, experience outside of the football league counts for nothing when a league club is looking for a manager.
  13. I suggest that you join us in Canada. We have legal cannabis and it can help when the world feels so serious. Although the last couple of games, prior to today, have been awful I think that in some of the previous games performances were better than results, and better finishing would have secured a few more points. Today was nothing amazing, we played a very poor Grimsby team, and we had a bit more luck in front of goal. I'm happy to take the points but don't think that we have gone from relegation fodder to potential champions and I am not convinced that the players have stab
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