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  1. This is Alisson Vs Ecuador yesterday. Maybe they just have different rules in Brazil, part football, part Mortal Kombat.
  2. From memory Smurthwaite windows were no action until the last day, then we let someone go without any sort of backfill. This feels quite different, at least to me.
  3. I was fully expecting us to regroup at half time as I saw that cross come in. Then a moment of utter madness changes everything.
  4. He wasn’t that close because Cov caught him with an outstretched leg.
  5. Nothing to do with McKirdy though. He’s got every right to follow that cross in.
  6. I don't have any love for Stoke, but I don't wish any club out of existence. It's the 5% of Stoke fans who are decent human beings that I would feel sorry for.
  7. Unlikely now, but we've given a good account in the 2nd half so far. Worrall needs to calm down or we will struggle to hold onto him in the transfer window.
  8. Hopefully, but also sensible. A cup run would be nice but we will need Wilson fit for the league.
  9. Thanks, better than watching on %500 zoom on bet365-o-vision.
  10. Yes, it could easily have been 2-3 for them. Just need to hang in there and wait/hope for an opportunity. The pitch is better than it was against Spurs. Not EPL standard but probably not as much of a leveler as it was back then.
  11. This is the ref blowing the final whistle. The "challenge" was a split second later.
  12. At the moment it looks as though they have the extra man.
  13. Jones was similar against Bradford. I lost count of the number of times he lost/gave the ball away.
  14. It’s a bland question, but that’s not Sproson’s fault. The pundits are invited because they can provide a level of insight into the inner workings at the vale. Sproson’s insight is partially due to his connection to some of the players. I’m not sure why that would be an issue, unless someone is looking for issues.
  15. To be fair, he was asked a direct question re. How Taylor felt about not playing. Maybe Sproson isn’t the one with the agenda here.
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