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  1. Very comfortable, other than a 10 minute spell in the 2nd half. Starting to look a decent side.
  2. Made amends for bottling the early second booking for Diamond there.
  3. Yes, we have all been scared for life by that experience. I expect it may go beyond our lives as we pass this paranoia on to future generations.
  4. Probably Pope against Cheltenham. He seemed to like playing against them. Or could have been Hughes against Burton.
  5. Clearly not familiar with the phrase “NEVER go out for a run when your team is 4-0 up”. I was there that day and wondered what had happened to bring this terrible fortune upon us. At least now I know.
  6. It's already happened a few times this season. From the commentary opposition teams are aware and are targeting Covolan.
  7. I think we’ve looked decent so far. Rodney hit the bar. Couple of other decent chances. Reasonably balanced game. Decent entertaining stuff.
  8. Agreed, when I read the comment I thought I was a bit strange.
  9. He lost the ball and then tripped the striker. Didn't hack anyone.
  10. Decent enough start, a couple of good chances early on.
  11. He said they'd be giving targets for players to work on over the summer and if they didn't hit them then the players would be hit in the pocket. He also said he didn't think that it would come to that.
  12. Swann and Robinson warming up. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if they replaced Smith and Brisley as we go for all out Keegan-ball.
  13. I don't think that the intent is to play the second 11 in the 1st team at the same time.
  14. I think it's probably a combination of both. I think that Brisley and Smith look so much better with Legge in the team, it's ridiculous. Replacing him with a rookie has a big influence. With the 2 "wingbacks" not really being wingbacks they are going to get pulled out of position more to support.
  15. Agree on the wingback thing. It's difficult to judge players in a team where so many are short of match practice/fitness and being played out of position. Not a great performance so far but must confess I was a bit confused by the starting line up, and not expecting much.
  16. Half the team out there are fringe players who've played very little during our good run. I'm not convinced that the management team see the result as the main objective today, although I'm sure they still want to win.
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