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  1. I think it's probably a combination of both. I think that Brisley and Smith look so much better with Legge in the team, it's ridiculous. Replacing him with a rookie has a big influence. With the 2 "wingbacks" not really being wingbacks they are going to get pulled out of position more to support.
  2. Agree on the wingback thing. It's difficult to judge players in a team where so many are short of match practice/fitness and being played out of position. Not a great performance so far but must confess I was a bit confused by the starting line up, and not expecting much.
  3. Half the team out there are fringe players who've played very little during our good run. I'm not convinced that the management team see the result as the main objective today, although I'm sure they still want to win.
  4. I think he looks like he's trying too hard at times. I also think that a couple of times he's gone to ground he's actually slipped.
  5. Not sure there is a need to put him in the shop window. Probably more of a last chance salon.
  6. I remember the (occasional) excitement in the good old days (when we were only allowed 2 subs) when a keeper got injured or red carded, and had to be replaced with an outfield player.
  7. People are always quick to offer plaudits to Rudgie but I still haven't forgiven him for unleashing the "La Cucaracha" curse upon Vale Park.
  8. Taking that into consideration I'm surprised that they were not invited into the ESL, although perhaps they were and rejected the notion.
  9. I see the Gas and Swindon are both relegated from league 1. I always disliked away days at Swindon. It feels like we've had a few too many spankings at their place over the years.
  10. The mood around here is much better these days. Not so long ago, if you jinxed someone's prediction, it would have been pistols at dawn.
  11. Sentiment at the back end of last season, under JA, was very similar to how it is now. That there was much to look forward to for the following season. it's difficult to understand what went so badly wrong as the same group of players had no issue playing well under JA at the back end of last season, and into early this season. Hopefully we can sustain this improvement into the whole of next season this time.
  12. There just isn't the same feeling of panic and drama that we used to have in injury time these days. I don't miss it and the game management is a big part of the improvement.
  13. Apparently this one, have to say, I'd have given it.
  14. Decent save from Brown there, especially as he's not had that much to do so far.
  15. It's important to remember that this is driven by the owners of the clubs involved. Booting them out of the league will have an impact on the "legacy" fans more than anyone, and they haven't asked for this. This is the problem, it is always the fans that get penalised because of the actions of the ar$eholes running the clubs, be it Bury or Liverpool.
  16. Can't really agree with this. I have been a Vale fan man and boy traveling as far North as Newcastle and as far south as Southampton (and a good few places in between) to watch the team play. I plan my trips back to the UK to try and maximise the number of games that I can attend. I also have an affinity with Leicester, on the basis that I lived there for 10 years (I could see Filbert Street from my bedroom window). They do not stir the same passion as the Vale but I enjoy watching their games, more than other Premier games, because I have a connection with the city. I also support teams in Montreal, where I have lived for the last 20 years. The fact that I like to watch Leicester and Montreal in no way interferes with the love that I carry in my heart for the mighty, might Vale.
  17. I can see the 3rd choice center back getting a lot of minutes if we play 3 at the back or due to the fact that Leon's game time will probably need to managed a little. This needs to be managed based on balance for the team overall but if we have other players capable of playing a number of positions then retaining Brisley might not be an issue even if we play with a back 4.
  18. I assume it's this guy. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1778931/
  19. Also true, especially as he has not played that much for us.
  20. So don't give them a reaction. Yes, I think that the majority agree on Manny. what I don't know is if the reasons for his injury record have been identified and dealt with. If the answer to that is that the medical staff believe it has, and that's the reason he's approaching 10 consecutive games, then I would have offered him a contract too. If he ends up being ever present for Chesterfield then I think that they have the better of the deal, by a long way.
  21. Maybe, but if we were not going to offer him a contract, or a lesser contract than Chesterfield, then it was only fair to let him go now that we have nothing to play for. No doubt that a fit Manny is a big asset but I don't know what DC's view was, especially seeing as we don't know what the allowable squad size is next year.
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