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  1. good luck with that. you need an anti fraud company to help you, let me think! oh theres one in boslem.😉
  2. After 2 games I think it inherently more likely that the season would be declared null and void! it wont!
  3. we noticed that sign to, we brought it to the attention of a steward who was wearing a balaclava covering his face! 😷
  4. youll be lucky me duck😪
  5. boris will put the kibosh on this lot tonight, looks like no crowds for the foreseeable future. just laughed at the picture of brighton fans proposed seating on the news, all spaced one seat away from each other, trouble is if the person directly behind you coughs, sneezes, theyt in trouble matey. looks like disaster for lower league clubs!😒
  6. this means two team photos, 22 (or so)players and 22 coaches and assistants+directors. up the vale good forward thinking. i think. 😇👩‍🦳
  7. sometme during the 90mins (or so) that shoulsd cover it!😷
  8. and dont buy their records!😄😄😄😄
  9. wigan oh wigan youve been warned! norman scumtwhaite is as toxic as you can get. keep him out of football.😒😒😒
  10. agree, come on you mighty greens!!!!!!!!!!!🤑
  11. come and join us macc fans, after all , you know most of the staff! lets hope you get a good samaritan to help you get your club back on track. 😷😀👍
  12. why bother! sensible percentage of capacity required, no away fans, st holders have preference. people who attend reg. paying weekly allowed say 500 seats. failing that, sit on thee sofa and for a tenner watch the match in comfort with a nice pint and some oatcakes! cheers.
  13. did you use caps on the letters of the code? just thought.
  14. Stream doesn't start until 30 mins before kick off one hour according to my screen, just enough time foe half a dozen oatcakes, and a couple of pints of titanic! feet up on the sofa, no mouthy git behind me (as on the paddock), and best of all no manic steward eyeballing us from start to finish, careful vale we could get used to this. (not bloody likely) COME ON YOU MIGHTY WHITES
  15. it is to his credit being a valiant.
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