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  1. glad to see youve got your priorities in the right order! as for watneys party 7 it was the drink of the devil. (along with Bents bitter).awful stuff.😇
  2. theyd be off with a smudged tattoo!😝
  3. after last nights match, we definately need a good strong center half, and a full back and a goalscorer! (at least). too many ball watchers. 😒
  4. on the pugh-sinclaire arguement, i noticed during the grimsby match, sinclaire never stopped moaning to the 4th official during the match, pugh mostly stood there arms folded. reminded me of the micheal brown book of management. 😷
  5. careful, they may show dressing room dissent! there must be some reason for not showing them . come back max all is forgiven.😜
  6. the old chinese whispers i guess
  7. stuck in reverse!😷
  8. damned if i do, damned if i dont! the lad showed great potential last season, grab him while we can. surely no conspiracy theories here?😉
  9. sorry im not available until the pandemic is over!😜
  10. i think part of the problem is playing 4 3 3. we dont seem capable of adapting to an opposing team which plays 4 4 2 or a diamond formation leaving us overrun in midfield. also forwards not capable of running at defences and shooting. besides that i think well be ok.
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