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  1. lets suggest some songs for the two new djs from vale park (any connection to pvfc is purely coincidental)! of course 1. the wonder of you 2.long and winding road 3. get away (smurf).4 keep on running. (smurf) 5 well meet again.6 come together. thers a start.
  2. carol and kevin, ay up me ducks, theet kape uup thee ard wok in boslem! a year has gone by in the blink of an eye, lets hope all the problems settle down soon and we are able to return to the best lower league club in England. lets hope the people of the potteries come back and support the club and your good selves, and bring back the good times to boslem. all think positive and look forward to our club rising stronger and more ambitious than ever before. thanks again.
  3. stan mathews (he did get us kicked out of the league) but jim gannon must be favourite.
  4. check out eric idles / neil innes rutland weekend tv album for the football song very funny!
  5. my memory of Mathews at this game was him running off the pitch as fast has he could not shaking players hands and refusing to sign an autograph! yeh respect, (see photo)
  6. I don't know about him being the best player, but for best performance I remember seeing willie carr aged 16 playing for Coventry youth team against the vale infront of 11000 crowd at vale park.he was superb in midfield and ran the game, very mature for his age.
  7. nina simone/ella fitzgerald/Dinah Washington/billie holiday/joan baez/sandy denny/ diana krall just to mention a few!
  8. it used to amaze me years ago when the supporters changed ends at half time to be behind the goal vale were kicking towards.hundreds of fans on the red ash track, very little trouble.
  9. oh that's that bloke that slaughtered times they are a changing the Dylan classic , on tv the other night.
  10. really serious musicians including john Williams and kevin peek (interestingly though , the bassist,a reat session musician named herbie flowers, also wrote Grandad for clive dunn!) weird.
  11. im sure we will sell more than 4000. of course its right to compare there were a lot more problems last season after the one who shall not be named had just left.keep the faith!
  12. 800 sold to date how does this compare to last year?
  13. geoff1


    just checking the facts, swedes actually pay 56.6pc taxes. the difference would be more hospitals, better equipped, and better research and equipment. besides that nothing!
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