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  1. You are lucky you only have 20 years of following PV, I have had almost 60 😱
  2. I think John Sheridan is the manager 😱
  3. Robinson or MacKirdy cannot be re-registered once they have been de-registered, they are the rules. It’s not possible I’m afraid.
  4. Robinson cannot be re-registered once de-registered
  5. Derek Adams being linked with vacant Kilmarnock job.
  6. I thought once deregistered Robinson couldn’t be reregistered again. I stand to be corrected.
  7. WANT:- A new manager NEED:- Ditto EXPECT:- Ditto
  8. John McGreal rumour circulating on Twitter. I stress this is a rumour.
  9. Sad news. Great servant for the Vale. RIP John.
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