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  1. 1995 in a 1-0 win against Portsmouth. We were in the family stand. I was only 8 and was told off by a steward for climbing up the gate at the front. I sulked for the rest of the game and said i was never coming back. There have been many times in the last 27 years where i wish I had followed through on that promise but alas i'm still here.
  2. Need to get at least 4 points from next weeks double header for me.
  3. My recommendation for Rice +3 in Manchester: This & That Cafe, Manchester - Home of Rice & Three Curries WWW.THISANDTHATCAFE.CO.UK Awesome stuff for about a fiver.
  4. Gibbons for me. Most consistent performer.
  5. I think if him and Callum Guy had stayed fit that season we probably would have stayed up.
  6. I was in the Railway stand and they weren't using the scanners, just a simple tally counter.
  7. I also do not wish to go too much off topic, but please consider this. Doctors and virologists and medical professionals have trained their whole lives to understand viruses and how they work and the best way of dealing with diseases. I suspect your training is minimal. There are hundreds of times in life that we have to put our faith in people who have dedicated their lives to gaining knowledge and skills that most do not have. To ignore the advice all of these trained and seasoned medical professionals is, in my opinion akin to boarding a plane and telling the pilot that he can sit this one out as you are going to fly this plane. You don't know any of the details about flying a plane, you are not trained, have not spent years learning the craft but for some reason you know better and will fly that plane. That's how stupid anti-vaxers sound to anyone of sound mind.
  8. I would have thought anyone with at least half a brain would agree with him. Unfortunately there seems to be a not insignificant number who do not match that criteria.
  9. Would be difficult to be less mobile than Martin
  10. Which is exactly why I started this thread. If nobody says anything nothing will get done. It is an issue that needs addressing, particularly if we are hoping to progress and move up the leagues.
  11. Like I said, I arrived at the ground 25 minutes before kick off but didn't get in until about 3:15. 25 mins should be ample time to get in, buy a coffee, have a piss and leisurely take my seat. 40 mins to get in for a gate of 8000 is farcical. And as for organisation, well there was simply none.
  12. Not sure of anyone else picked up on this but I think Pett was asked to do a man mark job on Bidstrup second half, the blonde lad in the middle wearing 28. He ran the show first half but Pett never let him out of sight 2nd half and he was far less effective.
  13. Just watched the goals back and Harrett's header was much better than I thought. At the ground I thought it was a simple nod in but how he got round the defender and angled it into the corner was excellent. Real poachers goal. Actually reminded me in terms of technique to Pope's against Man City two years ago. Great play by Deadly Dennis in the build up, really love him as a player. He makes things happen. The cheer he got when he came on tells you he's a real cult hero already.
  14. So many positives at the club these days but this needs addressing and sorting. It should not take me 40 minutes to get into the ground when the attendance is 8000. The situation at the stand and paddock turnstiles today was farcical eventually ending in fans forcing open the exit gates to get in. Long term I think we need a modern automated system and more than 3 turnstiles for each stand. This isn't the first time this season we have seen such scenes. Ever since the scanners were introduced, everytime we get an attendance over 6000 or so its an absolute nightmare getting in. Should not be the case. I've been to matches with 40,000 people and walked straight in because they have turnstiles that are fit for purpose. Would love to hear others thoughts on this?
  15. I'm warming to Garrity. Didn't rate him at first but he's changing me mind. Reminds me a bit of Stewart Talbot.
  16. Think we can safely say that Lloyd is going back. We're not gonna carry 3 loan strikers.
  17. When I was a kid the Railway Stand always used to smell like pipe tobacco. Has obviously gone since the smoking ban but whenever I smell a pipe it always reminds me of 90s Vale Park.
  18. When you think of the circumstances of his arrival- joining on trial after release from Stevenage, its amazing how much he has come on.
  19. Its a good time to reflect on the season so far, so things like: Best player Best signing Biggest disappointment Best moment Worst moment Best opposition team Best opposition player Worst opposition team League 2 surprise package League 2 underachievers Best/worst away fans
  20. Do we need a covid passport? Thought we are operating at reduced capacity
  21. Interesting that a few league 2 games have been called off today but we are not one of them. Not sure what to make of that.
  22. Do you know when they will be in the Bulls Head. Popped in yesterday but they said they haven't got them yet.
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