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  1. The thing is you only need to be that low for a brief period to take your own life. Anyone who struggles with mental health problems knows that it can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs. It only takes one very severe down to forget that an up can be just around the corner.
  2. Better than Dario Gradi Back Passage. Is that in bad taste?
  3. Oh this is awful. I must admit that this possibility had crossed my mind. I mean there are only 2 reasons a man of 32 just drops down dead, either some kind of undiagnosed heart condition or suicide. As weird as this sounds, I was hoping it was a heart condition. As someone who struggles with their mental health this has really upset me. Not ashamed to admit I just had a little cry when i read this. You kind of idolise footballers, especially ones who were really good at your team and put them on a pedestal, forgetting sometimes that they are only humans like all of us. I'm not a re
  4. I assume there will be a minutes silence tomorrow in memory of Lee. I know it doesn't mean as much without the fans but would be a good gesture.
  5. But did he smash it? 🙄😮🤐
  6. I have a problem with replica shirts in general. They always have a tight clingy fit seemingly regardless of what size you get. Sure, its all well and good on professional footballers but they don't think of me and my big beer gut do they oh no!
  7. I hope she has a terrible game in that i hope she gives us 3 dodgy penalties that we don't deserve!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, all the best to her. Got to be better than some of the <ovf censored> we see down at this level.
  8. In fairness, neither Robinson and Guthrie seem capable of scoring but at least Guthrie actually puts in a bit of effort, but lets face it they are both <ovf censored>. The sooner Pope gets back in the better. Would love to see him play in a two with Rodney. Don't think we've seen that yet.
  9. I can completely understand how you feel. If something like this had involved John Rudge (essentially the closest thing we have to Gradi in terms of legacy) we would feel so let down, disappointed and angry. With Bowler and Gradi going, i hope Crewe can move on with humility and form some kind of future.
  10. Every player bar one worked their socks off tonight. We all know the one exception i am talking about. First half in particular- the quartet of Worrall, Oyeleke, Conlon and Montano made all the difference.
  11. Sounds like they already have someone lined up
  12. Bit harsh on Dany N’Guessan. He was a decent player I thought. He was only here 5 minutes but he scored a few goals
  13. Lol- as if Robinson’s middle name is Ronaldo! That is <ovf censored> priceless.
  14. Only just got into this but enjoying it. Keep up the good work guys.
  15. Well so far it’s been about as attractive as a skunks afterbirth.
  16. Most of these players are getting away with murder. If there was a crowd in every week by now they would be getting dogs abuse which quite frankly they deserve, but as things are they just waltz off the pitch with no repercussions into a nice hot shower, then piss off home. Most of them couldn’t give a <ovf censored> about the club. They’ve got paid at the end of the week so they are happy. I challenge any first team Vale player to suggest otherwise. I can count on one hand how many are fit to wear the shirt. The rest can just do one as far as I’m concerned. So many are robbi
  17. It’s so easy to blame fitness and the previous regime.
  18. No, but i wasnt hoping we would get even worse which we seem to have done. Even our performances under Pugh were better than this muck.
  19. Listening to Radio Stoke- fancy this shower of <ovf censored> causing a man of the cloth to be losing his faith. I'm not a religious man but shame on you all!!!!!
  20. Clarke seems to pick his teams out of a tombola.
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