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  1. Completely forgot about Sammy Morgan, I liked him.
  2. Eh, how was it a dull 0-0 if Leon scored the winner?
  3. We could easily pick a second 11 that would wipe the floor with our current 11.
  4. Neville Southall simon Mills peter Swan Dean Glover Niel Aspin Jon Mc Carthy Steve Guppy Robbie Earl Ray Walker Andy Jones Martin Foyle
  5. We could do with some divine help from JC.
  6. Pope back by the end of March, apparently he’s running now which is a bonus, he couldn’t run before his injury.😃
  7. Crooks is doing ok and was probably motm on Tuesday
  8. And a strike force that doesn’t score goals.
  9. That could have something to do with the transfer window being closed.
  10. Guthrie works hard, wins headers, works the channels and brings others into play. If he was knocking in goals every other week he wouldn’t be playing in league 2.
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