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  1. Only fools and horses, Batman and Robin sketch.
  2. These quizzes have got me thinking, wasn’t there a national quiz league for supporters clubs back in the 70s maybe. seem to remember vale doing quite well.
  3. Understandably it’s stalled a bit at the moment, but I would expect it to kick on again once the football starts again.
  4. Conrad


    Denise Coates gives £10, 000000 to the Royal Stoke hospital.
  5. Conrad


    Donald Trump says he’s ready to help out following Boris going into intensive care. Erm thanks, but no thanks.
  6. The tank commander couldn’t believe I was watching an old game that I already knew the result of. she can’t stand football but used to come with me, my brothers and mates when we were courting, and all turned up on motor bikes, she was left holding 4 or 5 crash hats.
  7. Didnt remember a lot of the game first time round due to a pub crawl round Watford, then leaving my specs on the coach. great pass by Slaven for Kerr’s goal, great last ditch tackle by Swanny first. after watching it again, Kerr motm.
  8. You could be right, I’ve had a sleep since then. it would have put us 5-0 up though.
  9. Yes, according to Carol, they had already bought the seats in readiness for the Robbie concert, even though the concert probably now won’t go ahead.
  10. I think we were 4-0 up and that disallowed goal would have made it 5. can remember not being too bothered about the goal being disallowed as we were 4-0 up, that was before the second half.
  11. I knew I wouldn’t get them all but 9 is rubbish.
  12. I haven’t had one yet, Shanahan out.
  13. I’ve tried to forget him.
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