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  1. Today was up there with the best performances this season, really good game. We should have scored more goals, notably the Atkinson and Wozza ones in the first few minutes, and the Wozza Cullen one I the second half, but could have been 4-4.Smith motm closely followed by Amoo and Brown, nobody was less than a 7.
  2. Agree with the last paragraph, the new monthly payment scheme will be very helpful for those who can’t afford to shell out the cost of a st. In one go. maybe a bigger uptake in season tickets and less 10 gamers is on the cards.
  3. No need to do away with the 10 game ticket,and the prices you suggest for a 15 game ticket ar’nt far off the full season ticket prices so don’t think there would be many takers.
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised, they gave Rotherham all the gate money last season.
  5. Will be a big miss, raised the profile of the club no end.maybe one of his understudy’s will step up to take his place. incidently, my niece has just landed the same job at Man U.
  6. That’s what I thought, let all the vale fans make the journey first eh.
  7. On the bus now, some are saying pitch inspection at 6-30. Anybody heard owt
  8. Agree, if it’s going to cost the same to pay him off as to keep him until his contract runs down, we might as well keep him and hopefully get a few games out of him in between injuries.
  9. It’s a good idea as long as it won’t cost an arm and a leg to set up. I’m assuming it’s a credit card type card, and my idea would be to load the card withX amount of points for a season ticket holder, then each time tickets are bought for away games X amount of points are added, so when tickets for big games go on sale, the fans with maximum amount of points get first dibs.
  10. I think the difference is with Yates and Knopps, both got serious injuries playing for port vale, but were one off injuries. Manny is injured, comes back for a couple of games, then is injured again, over and over again.
  11. Conlon won the penalty, not Worrall
  12. Conrad


    They sing the” in a town where I was bor “ song now, but the kids nowadays don’t know the words. They sing first we have 10 pints of ale, instead of a pint of ale, and we all p in a red and white hat, instead of pot.
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