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  1. I would imagine Popes gutted, he was probably planning on another 12 months to finish his career off here.
  2. Season ticket holders get an electronic programme for each home game. or they have this past season.
  3. So if you don’t have Facebook you wouldn’t find out.
  4. He left for Bury because Scumwaite slashed something like 60% off his wages in a deliberate attempt to get him off the wage bill. incidently we’re still waiting for him to be replaced by someone better for half the money.
  5. I know it’s going back to the Macc link, but what about Ironside.
  6. We kept a few clean sheets that season playing one keeper behind another.😐🙃
  7. Bloody hell thats at least 15 players with too many faults.
  8. Must have, still a big shock him being released, great keeper for this league.
  9. Not to mention both of them getting sent off.
  10. For me releasing Brown was a big shock, can’t really see anybody any better coming to a league 2 club. Monty is a good player for this level, The job Joyce did is underrated, Pope will score goals at his next club, sad to see him go but can see why he’s gone. all the others correct decision.
  11. According to Flicker there wasn’t any players data stats under previous regimes.
  12. In Scrimmies, yes. ps, this was intended as a joke, again, not knocking a Vale legend.
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