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  1. Apart from the goal after 20 seconds, they did nothing first half. second half they forced Browny into 1 decent save. we hit the post, had 2 cleared off the line, I knew we wouldn’t lose. Cullen as the in form striker has to start, top scorer now after playing hardly any games, that’s not a dig at Bennett, just Cullen atm, is on form.
  2. In answer to question 1. Probably because we still have the same players to choose from.
  3. Totally agree, is he top scorer now? Given the amount of time he’s had on the pitch, that’s a great return. Also Bennett is on a bit of a barren spell so I would swap Bennett for Cullen.
  4. When’s the Cheltenham-Swindle replay? personally I hope it’s Cheltenham, hate going to Swindle.
  5. They can only “pass us off the park” if they’ve got the ball. they could be in for a shock methinks.
  6. Agree to a point about resting players as we’ve already qualified, but there’s still the small matter of ten thousand pounds to play for. can we afford to risk that sort of money?
  7. Failing to fulfill the fixture without a satisfactory reason, could result in the club being barred from the competition, also next years competition. the players would argue not being paid is a satisfactory reason.
  8. When the draw was made I was thinking what a crap draw, now, with our current away form, it’s a game we can win. the money for Carol and Kevin would be nice, and not going into someone’s back pocket.
  9. Surprised someone didn’t fill him in.
  10. Not certain, but I thought the suspension counted in cup games as well, maybe someone can clarify.
  11. But Kiaran Agard was sent off yesterday so he won’t be playing.
  12. May un mar ladee were in the Boothen end for that Blyth Spartans game, priceless.
  13. Not sure Askey brought Popey on earlier on your recommendation.
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