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  1. We already played Nottingham Forest, it’s Sheffield Wednesday tonight.
  2. And to think the company that owns us specialises in IT.
  3. I’m not going as I don’t want to sit on a coach with 55 others, but wouldn’t have been able to get to the ticket office today as I’ve been at a wedding all day.
  4. Who’s took over the coaches from Charlie? i assumed it would be Dicko.
  5. Good news IMO, 5 subs was too many, changing half the team.
  6. Last years were in the loyalty bags handed out at the open day, as you say for those that like to save their season tickets. i was told tickets for the 21/22 season will be available at the end of July.
  7. The season ticket was last years, the one we never used. the social distance card shouldn’t be needed as all restrictions are lifted tomorrow. new season tickets are available for collection end of this month, probably on the away kit launch open days.
  8. Not sure how it works, but can he be sent out on loan when he still has a year left on his youth contract?
  9. Attacking talent like Sancho, Foden, Grealish and Rashford, trouble is they were all getting splinters in their backsides.
  10. As someone else said, I think Bailey will play in the first team at some point this coming season.
  11. No,s 8 and 10 for Newcastle, Tommy and Jack Van der Laan.
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