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  1. Conrad


    IF the budget is lower than last season, it shouldn’t be a problem as we’ll have about 10 fewer players.
  2. I’ll get mine tomorrow , booked on the fun bus the day after the fixtures came out.
  3. He also lived on the penkridge road going towards Cannock.
  4. The one opposite the museum was the ABC cinebowl, the other one you mention was the Gaumont, now theRegent theatre, Then there was the Odeon on the opposite corner to the old sentinel office
  5. Does anyone know if the Colchester tickets are on sale yet?
  6. That’s a very kind gesture VFIA. welldone.
  7. Not sure if it’s the same person but it’s quite an unusual name so possible, sad if so.
  8. Used to go the ABC minors club every Saturday morning in Hanley, collecting all the badges, one for each letter of the alphabet.
  9. I’m pretty sure the supporters club got them installed.
  10. That’s how I read it as well.
  11. I think we’ll be well over 4K, according to Debbie, the presidents seats are sold out.
  12. Maybe we’ll get a grand total tomorrow, inc boxes etc, I’m always amazed at how many purchase a st after the early Bird
  13. That total doesn’t include the boxes or the president areas, so in total we could be around 4000 already.
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