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  1. Thought Gibbo injured his back in the warm up so would have been in Exeter. hopefully will be back for Saturday also maybe Conlon, manny was in training last week so maybe, just maybe.
  2. Spare a thought for the guy sitting next to me who rode down to Exeter on a scooter, avoiding motorways, and is expecting to get back around 2pm this afternoon.
  3. Maybe I was watching a different game, yes it was a patched up team but I thought it was backs to the wall stuff for virtually 90 mins. Never looked like scoring although Cullen had a half chance right at the death. Kennedy looked ok in place of Gibbo but without the attacking threat of Gibbo.Monty tried, but that’s about it.
  4. Admittedly he’s past his sell by date now, but he’s still high up the list of all time record goal scorers for Port Vale. some people need to remember that.
  5. I would have thought the same side that finished Saturday, I know Worrall had a knock, but he was able to carry on, so should be fit for Tuesday..
  6. Yes it’s correct, due to Bury going to the wall.
  7. Should stand a chance with that team, as long as the ref doesn’t notice we have 12 players on the pitch.
  8. Bennett never looked like scoring yesterday, needs to be given a rest next game problem now is we’ve lost one of the likely replacements ( Archer) cant understand people saying drop Smith, always one of our better performers. Worrall my motm yesterday closely followed by Gibbo.
  9. Whatever it is, it will be going back into the club.
  10. Gibbo would have been my motm, however it’s usually someone who scores a goal. incidently, Amoo wasn’t around to receive the award as he had to dash off to catch a train, Worrall collected the award.
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