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  1. Poor performance, good point. Sign of a decent team play crap but still take something from the game.
  2. Apart from winning the free kick for the goal.
  3. I wouldn’t have picked Lloyd ahead of Politic, Amoo and Rodney.
  4. Another great win, credit to DC for changing it round second half. in my opinion Benning was the best player on the pitch second half, and I thought that even before his goal, another 3 points Tuesday would be nice.
  5. Two messages were sent, one was indeed a 14 year year old. I was referring to the other one who is an adult.
  6. He’ll have a temporary social media ban, they don’t allow phones in the nick.
  7. According to RS, the other is an 18 year old.probably name him once he’s sentenced in the courts.
  8. It’s been stated several times why Rodney is absent, it’s for personal reasons. we don’t know what they are, maybe he has covid, maybe his mother has died, if everyone knew the reason it wouldn’t be personal.
  9. With the ko being 3 hours earlier, it could stop a few vale fans from travelling also.
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