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  1. Papa Bouba Diop passes away aged 42.RIP.
  2. Eva Cassidy is a good shout, also the girl from the B52’s, don’t know her name, Heather Small, a great voice.
  3. I don’t disagree on that point. Then again, we have Carlisle’s top scorer from last season who doesn’t even make the squad.
  4. I missed most of the first half so can’t comment on that, but we did dominate the second half without a doubt.
  5. I could, at least I’d have got a Vale legend ‘s name right.
  6. I even had someone at work say to me” I hope we all get the virus, have the sheites for a couple of days then sorted” i couldn’t be arsed to tell him it’s not a stomach bug.
  7. Kick em out of the ground then.
  8. Not sure I understand your point. you start off by saying same old crap from Askey, then admit we’re not getting the run of the ball, then go on to say the players are putting the effort in. Finally, not sure how many managers say to their players before they start the game, don’t get sent off. Not sure what more he can do.
  9. Not if Brisley does a job on Tuesday. Not got a problem with Brisley, never lets us down and had a great game today.
  10. Conlon was a half time sub, so the game wasn’t stopped for his substitution.
  11. Only a 1 game ban, he’ll be back next Saturday.
  12. What’s with Worrall wearing a number 33 shirt
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