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  1. Thanks for the reply, I don’t get any drop down only the option to watch highlights of previous games, this is on my iPad. i have however found the drop down and buy a match pass ,as you said, on my iPhone. the account was setup on my phone, am I able to set up another account on the iPad, or will I have to watch the game on my phone, the iPad and IPhone are linked.
  2. I need some help here, I’ve logged into my iFollow account to enter the code for the Harrogate game and can’t see anywhere to enter a code. It just takes me to a page which says welcome to the official Port Vale app where I can watch latest videos and of previous games and see club news. Any help please in idiot proof terms, I’m not very I T savvy.
  3. I like the Bale week thing, great idea and puts things into perspective.Macc going to the wall for the sake of 2 Bale weeks, although Mac’s owner was a shady character allegedly.
  4. Thing is we’re not talking millions for league 2 clubs, the wage spurs are paying Bale per week would be enough to tide a L2 club over for most of the season.
  5. Conrad


    Agree, just a couple of examples of shoppers going through my daughters checkout at a local supermarket, one wearing a g string as a mask, and another wearing a mask with a hole cut out for the mouth. its morons like this that are responsible.
  6. Already beaten them this season so nothing to be afraid of.
  7. Do we need to set up an account beforehand or do you wait till you tune in for the match( season ticket holder pass)
  8. The grammar is shocking, who the hell writes this rubbish.
  9. Weather fans are allowed in the stadiums or not, the games are still going ahead so we still need players.
  10. I retract my last post, Robbie And the Shanahans have nothing to worry about, and those shorts are horrendous.
  11. Askey doesn’t seem to play any striker for the whole 90 mins, so a half for Pope then either Cullen or Theo. for the other half.
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