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  1. If there were no away supporters we could easily accommodate our normal home crowd,8/900 in the Hamil, same for Bycars , Railway stand and Railway paddock, then possibly a few less in the Lorne st. the problem in any ground will be the toilets and snack bars.
  2. Conrad


    Read in the sentinel, the Leopard isn’t opening just yet, they’re seeing how the land lies first.
  3. Good effort, well done. wore mine for the first time today.
  4. Alan Ball, was he in the 66 squad? Managed some tin pot club.
  5. Jack Charlton dies at the age of 85 RIP
  6. There’s still this season rob, how about an article on stokes great escape.
  7. Great stuff, win for Brum on Sunday and it’s been a great week.
  8. All this positive press can only benefit Port Vale, some where, maybe in the months or years to come there will be lots of people who will have soft spots for the vale, maybe some of the recipients of the 100,000 free meals will become vale fans if and when their personal situations improve for the better.
  9. Agree, not good enough, that decision against Villa could cost them millions.
  10. Crikey, some of the lads get the steino song wrong, they’ll never remember that one.
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