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  1. Wait till they find out the extra 98 tickets are for the big wall.
  2. If it doesn’t sell out beforehand I imagine you could do, but not sure.
  3. That work could easily be carried out in a close season timescale, no need to shut it or shift any fans around.
  4. It will be a completely different game Thursday, today we had 1600 fans in an away end with no roof so crap acoustics, also they were soaked to the skin so not very enthusiastic, Thursday there will be around 11/12000 so a 12th man for sure. just a question, do bookings from today carry over to Thursday? Is it classed as the same game?
  5. Agree, although if we don’t go up we would all be disappointed, Carol is on record as saying the objective at the start of the season was to finish in the top 7. Given that we finished 5th it must be classed as a successful season.
  6. If the roof and steel stantions were unsafe they wouldn’t allow anyone in.
  7. Ha ha, noticed that, you must be sitting by me.
  8. Don’t know why it’s suddenly started quoting 2 people.
  9. Swindon sold out so locals could buy them and cause trouble in away end. They’d have to be very brave, there was only “a handful” of tickets left first thing this morning. so a handful of Swindle fans V close on 2200 vale.
  10. I was referring to purchasing away tickets in general every week throughout the season not just this week which is a complete one off. I noticed Swindon's ticket office opening hours are 10-6 which at least gives your average Joe one hour after work to call or visit. Fair enough, a lot of the problem for this match has been down to the short notice, no one knew this time last week that this match was taking place. Ive not been an away game this season because of concerns of travelling on a coach full of people, but pre covid I did 5 consecutive seasons every game and could always get my away ticket 2 weeks in advance, usually on a Saturday when I was at vp for a home game.
  11. I would disagree. I would say the systems in place for away tickets are at the very least an inconvienience for the majority of fans. Even if they were to open 11-7 one day a week it would be a massive improvement. They’ve been open 9-7 two days this week.
  12. TBF given the short notice, and the delay while sorting the Hamil Bycars switch, they probably had no other option but to sell the home leg tickets at the same time.
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