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  1. Not trying to defend his stupid actions, but maybe Covolan saw McKirdy running in at him so stuck his foot out to save himself from getting taken out himself.
  2. Every one saying about the ref, it was the liner that made the decision.
  3. Can’t blame anyone wanting to leave a club run by Gorm.
  4. Or he wanted another signing on fee and more money.
  5. We didn’t let Anthony Grant go, he wanted to leave. We were speaking to his mother at orient.
  6. If everyone turned up half an hour earlier , you would have the same queue only half an hour earlier.
  7. Agree with most of this but they will have been training all through, not just this week.
  8. Always sad when another valiant leaves us, but tbh I don’t ever recall a Thai whites ever posting on here. RIP once a valiant, always a valiant.
  9. I sit behind the goal towards the back of the stand.
  10. I noticed there were a lot more in the Bycars yesterday,don’t know how full it looked from other parts of the ground.
  11. Ah maybe a loan signing if Brentford were paying a good chunk of his wages, but not a permanent move.
  12. I would guess he’d have to take a massive pay cut to drop down to league 2, can’t see it happening personally.
  13. Just been on the Brentford fans forum, most of the posts were very complimentary to us.
  14. Mckirdy,s bound to score, I’ll take a 2-1.
  15. Positives from yesterday, with not playing for a month, it gave our players much needed game time ready to continue our promotion push. teams around us in the league lost so we have an extra game in hand without losing any ground on them. as for the game itself, the difference was just clinical finishing, wasn’t a 1-4 game and we didn’t disgrace ourselves, Brentford would have known they’d been in a game. onwards and upwards.
  16. Things change, it could be worse, our original colours were red and white for God’s sake.
  17. Not just Vale, on the day prices increase at every club. don’t agree with it personally, but it’s the norm nowadays
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