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    This has just reminded me of a fb conversation whereby this stupid woman was desperate to get her hair and make up done. Another woman replied that she’s been doing hair and makeup all day, every day throughout the crisis,” o great, where do you live, can I have your address,” i’m a mortuary assistant, keep going out and I’ll be doing yours.
  2. Clutching at straws a bit there.
  3. Conrad


    That’s correct Howjy, there are a few teachers on ovf.
  4. Conrad


    My daughter and son in law aren’t sending her kids back, and she and her husband are both teachers. they’ll go back when there’s a House of Parliament full of MP’s.
  5. And me, didn’t go to this one but wished I had.
  6. Don’t know where to start writing about a man such as Mike Lakin, the fact that so many old posters have returned to this site to post a tribute speaks volumes. i had the pleasure of knowing Mike quite well and was one of the few standing outside vale park with him during the Crawley game getting dogs abuse off other so called fans, in fact one of Mikes sons got assaulted. Port Vale has lost a true legend and as others have wrote, there might not even still be a Port Vale were it not for him. RIP Mike Lakin, Valliant to the end.
  7. Just been told old sage sadly lost his fight with C19
  8. I’m gutted by this decision, but put it into perspective, it’s the least of oldsage’s worries.
  9. Quite right, how can they be expected to turn out without having a nice hair do first.
  10. Conrad

    Joke thread

    Had to think about that one.
  11. I could understand releasing the players in your first paragraph, and wouldn’t be against letting them go to reduce costs at this difficult time, but surely we have to retain the good first team players otherwise when we do start again we are at a big disadvantage, unless every other team does the same.
  12. But those 3 are all good players. i get we’ve probably got to reduce costs but a football team without players?
  13. Thanks for the reply Fosse, I am a late comer to the vale my first game wasn’t until the 70/71 season.
  14. No mention of the Vale in that story though, bit before my time but was he in the iron curtain team?
  15. Maybe we ought to switch to playing Monday nights when the season starts again, we always win on a monday
  16. Conrad


    Couldn’t agree more geo, given we are an island if every entry point had been closed from day one, there was no reason for us to get it in this country.
  17. Conrad


    The quarantine only applies to those arriving by air, do we assume those arriving by boat or euro star are immune from carrying the virus?
  18. Conrad


    I’m a construction worker but work at a hospital, part of the reason me being furloughed was because they stop allowing people onto the wards, so pointless being there.i am potentially off till the end of June, but only if they reopen the wards by then.
  19. Conrad


    just listened to the PM,s update, as from Wednesday we can now do unlimited exercise, Christ it was killing me doing 1 hour a day.
  20. More likely a lack of brain cells.
  21. If it’s for not paying staff again, I can’t see any way out for them now with no matchday money coming in.
  22. Is that “ many more anniversaries “ or glasses of plonk?
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