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  1. Not knocking Pope at all, he’s been a great player for the club, but doesn’t a player have to be at a club for 10 years to qualify for a testimonial?
  2. Johnny, Johnny Jeffers, Johnny Jeffers on the wing. RIP JJ.
  3. Very sad to hear this, went on every one of his fun busses over the last 5 seasons, vale to the core. two days younger than me, our mothers probably in hospital together.
  4. Adam Yates has it as well, says it affected him worse than he thought.
  5. I remember the other version that playa wrote.
  6. I went this one, I remember it because I was about to get filled in by this huge stokefan, one of the original N40 but he was stopped by his mate,another notorious stoke fan, who was a work colleague of mine.
  7. Yes it’s a small ground, capacity around 5,000 at a guess.
  8. Lots of people were saying they would take a point before ko. I wouldn’t mind betting that most would have take 4 points from 6 and be unbeaten from Pugh’s first 2 games.
  9. Radio Stoke commentator says Vale playing from left to right, that means nothing, what side of the ground are they on? If they were on the opposite side we’d be playing right to left.
  10. Even better if they were all buried by Kurtis Guthrie.
  11. You got to isolate for 10 days then.
  12. You say he won’t get on immediately, I’m not so sure. striker wise we’re down to the bare bones, Pope out, Robinson doing jack <ovf censored> and now possibly deregistered,Cullen just back after a lengthy lay off and Rodney subbed at ht last week with a knock. i think we could see him starting, he will have been in full training at Bradfud, so no fitness issues.
  13. Starts back in full training tomorrow, probably FGR is too soon.
  14. Some on here have suggested that a deregistered player doesn't count towards the salary cap (though they still get paid of course). Haven't seen any evidence to support that, but it doesn't seem right to me, as would make a complete mockery of the purpose of the cap! Yes, you put it better than I did, but that was a point I was getting at, what’s to stop a club deregistering 3 or 4 out of favour players plus 1 or 2 long term injured players, signing half a dozen more and having a wage bill nearer 2 million instead of the permitted 1.5 million ( for league 2) as you say, makes a
  15. Maybe didn’t say it very clearly, but that’s what I meant. if he was still getting paid surely that would count towards the salary cap. if it meant he wouldn’t be paid that wouldn’t be right considering he got injured whilst playing for the club
  16. Not sure myself, if he was deregistered would that mean he wouldn’t be getting paid? Can’t do that to a player who has suffered an injury whilst playing for the club.
  17. He said he was unable to put his hands up to protect himself, just wondering if the bang on the head rendered him unconscious for a few seconds meaning he didn’t/couldn’t try to break his fall.
  18. Nowadays some are out for six weeks with a messed up hair do.
  19. I posted this on the above link but my comment has disappeared. if Rodney isn’t fit, it must be Cullen to start, but that’s not ideal as he’s just had a lengthy lay off, failing that it’s got to be Robinson, it’s too much to throw Eden Bailey up front on his own.
  20. Because Cullen has been out injured for a couple of months, yesterday was his first game back so Obviously not match fit to start.
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