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  1. Someone posted it about 3 weeks ago.
  2. I thought the same untill I read it again and he said “ nearly nil nils.”
  3. 1700 odd I think That’s a lot more than some of the attendances we’ve had in this competition.
  4. I wondered this myself, the score board doesn’t seem as good as in the past, they used to put the goal scorers names up, and the substitutions as you say, you can’t tell a word that comes over the tannoy in the Bycars, you can’t even hear the glad all over goal music, I just clap when those in the Railway clap.
  5. Apparently there’s been a second case, but this time the tweeter showed his true mentality by using his real name. wonder how the cops are ever going to find him.
  6. There’s little doubt the players in arguably every department are better than recent years, we can even bring players off the bench now who are likely to make some difference.
  7. Am a little confused rob, is that 20 games now then?
  8. Not having much luck with the modern technology, when all else fails revert back to the good old fashioned cash, it’s been around for thousands of years.
  9. Think you could be mistaken darren, that was the Arsenal game when a crowd of 14,000 was announced there was at least 20,000 in the ground.
  10. And me, I’d seen people mention Amos before but assumed it was a typo or an auto correct for Amoo.
  11. Smudge needed 10 stitches in his head after the game, tough as owd boots that man.
  12. In a lot of cases, not providing any communication at all and that’s with a communications director.
  13. Every port vale fan should get down on their knees and thank the Lord for John Rudge. i think I’ve quoted that correctly.
  14. What time do they train? Might pop down mesen next wick.
  15. We need a director of communication to tell us stuff like this.
  16. It’s only against the law to smoke in covered or largely covered areas, so by the tea bars in the Railway, be hind the stands etc are not illegal. start banning it and you will get people sneaking into the bogs etc for a fag, like they do at some away grounds.
  17. That’s just wrong, they’ve let fans into the ground, the players are warming up on the pitch, are the kids supposed to close their eyes and look the other way.
  18. Agree re Cass, for me it was a toss up between him and Wozza for motm today.
  19. weve Beaten the top and second placed teams so no need to fear anyone.
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