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  1. I would have really liked to attend that but the day of the funeral was my first day back at work after 8 months of furlough.
  2. Penny arcade by Roy Orbison, in memory of Charlie Holland as it was his favourite song.
  3. I pointed this out to 2 old guys in the Bycars who thought we had 3 away games.
  4. We’ve made 4 now, thought we are only allowed 3
  5. Just jotting down your ticket number on a sheet of paper, technology eh.
  6. I used to have a season ticket for the presidents seats, and yes I was searched a few times.
  7. Not really bothered which players are picked. for the first time in years, whoever is picked is a big improvement on recent years.
  8. Was tongue in cheekyour post appeared twice but one has disappeared now.
  9. It’s actually illegal for them to search kids.
  10. Really naffs me off, I could understand searching yobbish looking lads but when it’s pensioners ( I’ve only got just over 2 years to go) makes no sense whatsoever, or is it us oldies are seen as the easy option.
  11. That’s a fair point , especially as you say in the current climate.
  12. I would think to suit us as cover for Legge, though obviously he’ll be busting a gut to try and get a permanent deal.
  13. I can fully understand mr Burslem ‘s concerns, however as others have said there’s loads of space in the Bycars whereby you could sit with no one within several metres of you. my self, I’ve not been to any away games as I think sitting on a coach for 5 or 6 hours with 50 others is a big risk, also I don’t go the pub before the home games like I would normally do.
  14. A nice gesture, just hope they fix the PA system in the Bycars so we can actually hear the service and the names of the lost supporters.
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