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  1. It’s actually illegal for them to search kids.
  2. Really naffs me off, I could understand searching yobbish looking lads but when it’s pensioners ( I’ve only got just over 2 years to go) makes no sense whatsoever, or is it us oldies are seen as the easy option.
  3. That’s a fair point , especially as you say in the current climate.
  4. I would think to suit us as cover for Legge, though obviously he’ll be busting a gut to try and get a permanent deal.
  5. I can fully understand mr Burslem ‘s concerns, however as others have said there’s loads of space in the Bycars whereby you could sit with no one within several metres of you. my self, I’ve not been to any away games as I think sitting on a coach for 5 or 6 hours with 50 others is a big risk, also I don’t go the pub before the home games like I would normally do.
  6. A nice gesture, just hope they fix the PA system in the Bycars so we can actually hear the service and the names of the lost supporters.
  7. Know it well, her in doors was from Repington rd.
  8. So we pushed a strong league 1 Bolton all the way, played some great football, scored 2 good away goals, sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and accept it. If we play like that every week against league 2 sides we’ll win more than we lose.
  9. With him being only 21 ,am I right in thinking he won’t count in our maximum squad total.
  10. Got his own song already, George Lloyd knew my father. for those oldies on here.
  11. This always gets my goat, it’s supposed to be 10 yards away not 10 steps, to pace a yard with each step would resemble something from the ministry of funny walks. I would guess 10 steps is no more than 7 yards.
  12. The only good thing about this competition in its current format, is the prize money and that was a sweetener for allowing PL B teams to enter.
  13. There’s lots of different criteria to be allowed to play,one is a player must have played more than about 20 (I think) league games in their career, which would mean most of our squad would qualify.
  14. Well he has conceded 2 goals in 5 league games
  15. 2000 home fans for a top of the league club, pathetic.
  16. Just waiting for his medical at Real Madrid to replace Ronaldo.
  17. Glad it’s not just me. problem occurred so page was reloaded.
  18. Some good pics there, pity there were no captions attached saying who the players were, I could identify most of them but not all. hope there was a good turnout and a few Bob was raised for his widow and kids. Noticed Pope playing without the cast on his wrist.
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