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  1. Just watched Lewis Cass's interview. This club is now light years away from even where it was under bell/rudge. We've managed to keep the good bits and totally turn around all the negative sides and issues there were then and have been over the mold/smurth era. I can't wipe the smile off my face. My club is now a club I am proud to be able to support again.
  2. It just shows how poorly run the club was at the top before carol took over. The groundswell of change and improvement is fantastic. The only way is up!
  3. It looks fantastic but iam confused. I thought it was finished years ago, thought Robbie had paid for it hence the name? Clearly that wasn't the case.
  4. Re Swindon play off 2 game. I parked as normal on high lane and walked down the Hamil and as I reached the entrance to sproston way 2 Swindon fans who had walked out of a side road by the model train shop and were just in front of me asked the youth steward on the car park barrier where the away stand was which unbelievably the youth pointed to the Hamil end, I interupted them and said follow me and walked with them around the Lorne street and once I reached my turnstile directed them to keep walking to the corner with bycars where I was sure there would be police or stewards. I saw no animosity or trouble. Not even any banter. All was as it should be in a public place. The moral is that despite probably bring advised to park on dimensions they had parked by the park to save money so as long as there's a plan to get fans through to bycars safely then I feel we should have the Hamil. I've not experienced an atmosphere in VP in my life like that night.
  5. BBC News - Mal Benning: 'We need more South Asian role models in football' Mal Benning: 'We need more South Asian role models in football' WWW.BBC.CO.UK The club continues to be a part of a positive story
  6. I also think the bycars should be split,. There's 2 entrances and exits so it's logisticly possible to throw the netting down and give away fans the bit from the middle of the stand to the family corner and give home fans the rest. Best of both worlds?
  7. Great day at Wembley! Just got home. Saw the broken down coach on the m40, felt for the fans. Had planned 3 hours in box park before the game but traffic was so bad in Birmingham, M40 and Brent we didn't have time and were tight getting to the stadium. Great game. Mansfield fans made massive noise especially in the 2nd half but the 3rd goal killed them. Fantastic. Thanks carol Dave and Andy.
  8. I have the white polo shirt and the black with gold and white strip training top which will be making the trip.
  9. Every time I've gone down the a40 I've got stuck but think that's after hanger lane heading into central London. I know I'll get stuck on the north circular from the m1 so might try that.
  10. As someone that's intolerant of milk that appeals to me!
  11. Yesterday morning 9.30am I was tasked with buying my own and 3 family members tickets, 2 were concessions (pensioner and young child) because the 4 of us wanted to sit together we had to go to the front of block 125. I would of preffered to be higher up the stand but the system wouldn't let me change seats because none were available at a price that was not even more extortionate than the final total after fees of 125. Really poor.
  12. I booked a space in the port vale multi storey earlier (pink) there is a Mansfield multistory and a mixed car park as well.
  13. I booked 4 tickets in 125. Not happy with the place. Wasn't able to choose. Needed 4 together for family. Wanted to sit further back in the stand. Will go down vale park later.
  14. It was right for me?? Registered and was offered port vale tickets.
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