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  1. Are these ‘false’ twitter accounts a homage to the PC game Championship Manager (showing my old age having not played it for 20 odd years) but do remember the option of issuing press releases saying your club had made an offer on an upcoming opposition’s player in attempts to mess with their heads and affect their form (pre the days of transfer windows). Are these Twitter accounts just the 21st century version of that aimed at fans rather than players/teams? They’re certainly succeeding in twisting our melons on here. 🤪
  2. Ask him if his life flashed before him as he slid into the dry moat at Bolton, breaking his leg in the process. I still grimace whenever I think about it.
  3. Cambridge for convenience only - a 20 minute cycle ride. But Wednesday, Derby and Ipswich to experience 20k+ crowds for league games - can’t wait!
  4. Regards loan players (as with potential permanent signings) I would imagine the process has different players identified for Lg1 than those for Lg2 ie horses for courses. So I’d assume/hope these new loan players would have the same character/attitude as we were impressed by from Ryan and Kian but are better players per se. If Ryan is still under contract (which admittedly seems unclear) I’d imagine Leeds would be looking for him to have more game time and that’s now more likely in Lg2 @Carlisle rather than with us ie exactly the same reasoning for Huddersfield moving Kian Harratt on to Bradford.
  5. The lack of news/signings has obviously lowered the bar on what folks accept as sound information. Having said that my sister says she saw Mark Bright in Kidsgrove Tesco at the weekend and she was sure she overheard the words new job, director of football , David Flitcroft at the checkout…………
  6. Bad timing regards his injury status at the start of last season meant perhaps DC didn’t get a really good look at him in the system he wanted to play- so perhaps a what might have been scenario. It was obvious he had the right personality traits the management team are looking for from his reactions post matches when he was on the bench and that post Wembley video. Re the video my daughter seemed to sum it up nicely saying he looked ‘both cute and creepy’ at the same time. No doubt he took loads of stick from his teammates the next day when he woke up, probably lying under his car on the Lorne Street car park.
  7. I think a lot of salary information was posted when the now defunct salary caps were brought in for L1 and 2. This link lists top 100 individual player salaries for 2020. Who is the highest paid footballer in the Sky Bet League One? | Salary Sport SALARYSPORT.COM Surprisingly, to me at least, Fleetwood had 3 players earning ~ £15k/week. Did n’t realise they had the fan base/income to support that kind of expenditure. Puts into context our bonus supplemented ‘cap’/wage structure last season of just under £2k and how difficult it is/will be for Carol et al to prioritise and fund progression on the pitch and off it (stadium improvements etc aren’t cheap) this season and beyond.
  8. “The average weekly salary is estimated to be between £1,700 and £2,500 per week. This comes to between £88,400 and £130,00 per year. In a leaked document by the Daily Mail, it was revealed that the average highest earner on each club was £4,753 per week or £247,188 per year. In 2020, Sunderland’s Aiden McGeady and Lincoln City’s Morgan Rogers were joint top of the League 1 salary table. Both players earn £19,000 per week or about ten grand shy of a million pounds per year.” How Much Do Footballers Get Paid? [LEAGUE-BY-LEAGUE AVERAGE] SQAF.CLUB I’d heard a similar rumour about players being shown round last week but it was half a dozen players from some club in Wiltshire wanting their photo taken by the playoff trophy.
  9. We won just as many league games without Gibbo last season (and lost more with him). I know there’s lies, damned lies and statistics but the stats for results at least show he may not be missed as much as some think ie his replacements had the same impact on the results. However, if I’m being honest even though the stats are there in black and white, they contradict why I always felt we were a better team with Gibbo starting or available from the bench. It might be him being a local lad, coming through the ranks, always giving 100% effort and raising the atmosphere through whipping up the fans during games etc, all things not captured in numbers but are important to me as a fan. So though I’ll be sad if he does decide to leave, I won’t be crestfallen and would be confident the process will have a replacement lined up with equal/better ability all be it without the same level of passion Gibbo obviously has for the game and club.
  10. With the substantial amount of potential evidence available from Sky TV, CCTV, mobile phone coverage and eyewitness accounts from ‘neutral’ stewards and police officers actually on the pitch you’d imagine if there’s enough to support their claims then arrests might perhaps have already been made. Not seen anything from the police regarding arrests yet or mugshots posted as per for the Exeter game, so either what is claimed to have happened didn’t or it’s just over exaggeration of more minor offences - using threatening behaviour rather than assault etc. Swindon should be directing their gripes at the police not the Vale. The club almost immediately after the game and have repeatedly since, said they don’t condone the type of behaviour seen and any Vale ‘supporters’ identified BY THE POLICE will be dealt with. I’ve seen no such official statements from Swindon so we can only assume they do condone the behaviour of their own fans retaliatory or otherwise. Vale could easily claim, with video evidence readily available, that Swindon fans escalated the situation further by ripping out and throwing seats onto the pitch etc. But we have not responded in that way, to our credit, and my view is that our club and associated groups have not, and should not have to, stoop so low as to respond to articles in the Swindon Advertiser in a tit for tat exchange on who did what and when. Let them point fingers, divert attention from their own failings and wallow in their own self-importance then when the investigations are complete and the authorities issue their findings (if any), we can respond with a considered, professional and factually accurate statement accepting and committing to act on any findings …….. as we have done all along.
  11. Any ideas of the profit margins on tickets? If income is based on net gate receipts, though still welcome, it might not be as lucrative as some may think. Is there any prize money for winning the final or is promotion (and the same extra monies all Lg1 teams get) reward itself?
  12. He obviously looked at the human rights records of each clubs owners - so was a no brainer!
  13. Newcastle obviously saw something in him/expected him to improve to offer him another contract . I may be looking to deep into this but the timing of this is quite machiavellian so kudos to the recruitment team - again! The overlap of Cass’ and Gibbons’ skill sets certainly now weakens Gibbo’s agent’s position they might have had in next Tuesday’s negotiations when it comes to laying it on thick about him being the best RCB at the club (even though it might not be his preferred position).
  14. Great summary of the potential impact - perhaps a similar mindset now required as that used in rugby Union? Should we be surprised that it’s in line with DC’s mantra about it not being just about putting out your best 11 on the pitch but the quality of the whole squad, so any subs should be just as good as those they replace either on a like for like basis or good enough if a tactical change is needed. How refreshing it is to have a proactive management and recruitment team that appear to be ahead of the game when it comes to dealing with changes the authorities introduce.
  15. His fitness level overall was impressive when you look at the distance he had to cover and the speed he had to cover it at for his goal, especially after being up and and down that left wing on an almost continual basis for the previous 84 minutes. If he re-signs let’s hope he maintains the levels of form and fitness he showed in his last two games into next season.
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