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  1. Wonder if our “poor” pre-season with the “jolly” to Spain put something in the tank for today’s performance?
  2. Go to shop website click my account:my current tickets:show more then scroll down: Season Ticket Turnstiles T 10-16 Ticket Number: I cannot Attend this Event - Release My Seat
  3. Warren, if not too late, why not ‘release’ your son’s seat for MV to buy? Have done the same with my ST (released it online) for today since I can’t travel.
  4. Let’s get in on Ellis Harrison before the rush!
  5. A friend went down with his and my ST yesterday to get Burton tickets. I was pointless (with regards to loyalty points 😜) at the time (though a few weeks ago I had 150+). He said the ticket office set up his, mine and another ST holding friend’s accounts so as we can buy tickets for each other online, in person etc and the points would be distributed to each member for whom the tickets were for accordingly. I guess we won’t know if it works until we buy our next away game tickets. Checked my account this morning and the points breakdown is pretty comprehensive (have no idea if it’s correct 🥴) but the breakdowns list tickets and actual club shop purchases from both last and this season. As has already been said on earlier posts the club really ought to by now have posted on the website or wherever a more comprehensive set of rules, a FAQs list and other information/example scenarios etc, that explains the basics at least. There’s still a lot of confusion - for me at least!
  6. To be fair the player himself said he’d be OK in a couple of weeks, 3 weeks ago! So not even the person definitely ‘in the know’ can predict what will happen.
  7. Will the two signings be the two players snapped in training the other day?
  8. How short of the home&away total are we Rob?
  9. Apologies if someone has already asked or if this is the wrong thread but the game at the moment only appears to be available on iFollow as an audio stream (from both Vale and Exeter websites)- does anyone know if a video feed will be made available to book at some point before kickoff?
  10. Ian Bogie wasn’t a giant either and Dave Worrall is only an inch taller than Lowery. To paraphrase ‘If you’re good enough you’re big enough’.
  11. Hi Osh, we had a family celebration in the Valiant suite for the Fleetwood game, the only match day package that;s available this season - 3 course meal then seats in the President’s box - food and view were excellent and got to see Smudge get his MoM award afterwards too. Cost is about £70 per head depending on the match category. Everyone enjoyed it (result helped 😀) and some of us are saving up and finding an excuse to hopefully do it again before the end of the season. When I first contacted Sue Potts via the Vale website, to make initial enquiries, she said all other hospitality packages (for league games) involving boxes, the RW suite etc, had been taken up by people (corporate and individuals) who had committed to season-long deals, so what we had may all be that’s on offer.
  12. How to wash football shirts FOOTBALLSHIRTCOLLECTIVE.COM Isn’t the internet wonderful! if only we could find out who our next signing is going to be……
  13. We should ask Vale’s kit man how he washes the first team’s kit/how often they need replacing.
  14. If he fits the budget and player character profile (don’t think his ability is in question) with the 5 subs rule all our midfielders might expect game time, so I wouldn’t say no to the idea.
  15. Just seen the goals on ITV4 too was Smudge’s goal a back heel? Guess if it’s good enough for the Lionesses it’s good enough for the Vale.
  16. Santa a fiction? We’ll that’s only an opinion! - as everyone keeps saying on here. If Fleetwood are a representation of just 20% of teams in this league then we should be more than OK this season. UTV
  17. We could always sponsor Speedy’s green tractor.
  18. Had a double take on this when saw Walsall’s new signing but it was Timmy not Tammy!
  19. BBC sport website says Forrester was a free transfer. 26 July Scottish Premiership Hayden Coulson [Middlesbrough - Aberdeen] Loan English Football League Timmy Abraham [Fulham - Walsall] Free Derek Agyakwa [Watford - Port Vale] Free Jamal Blackman [Huddersfield - Exeter] Free Kegs Chauke [Southampton - Exeter] Loan Alvaro Fernandez [Man Utd - Preston] Loan Will Forrester [Stoke - Port Vale] Free Reda Khadra [Brighton - Sheff Utd] Loan
  20. I was waiting for the Vale to make it 5 at 5. Very disappointing 😉. DC mentioned 6 or 7, so is that 2 to go - 3 if back-up for JW is deemed necessary?
  21. Good question raises the whole issue of IT access and a general assumption by banks, utility companies, government agencies and the retail sector as a whole, that everyone has access to a computer/smartphone/tablet. In this instance other than an article in a paper copy of the Sentinel how would you find out about the scheme in the first place without a gadget ?
  22. Today’s new player reveal: Scene: a cubicle in the home team dressing room at Vale Park, the door closed, two trainered feet visible below the door. DC in the background giving a pep talk “I don’t want any d@£kneads in this dressing room”. The cubicle occupant starts whistling “The Wonder of You”, a toilet roll, emblazoned with the SCFC emblem drops to the floor and rolls out under the door, a sigh, a flush,the door opens…….. and Will Forrester emerges. Would that be enough to endear him to the hate Stoke brigade?
  23. That’ not my understanding - a season ticket holder gets 125 points irrespective of when a 22/23 season ticket is purchased. The query I have is an 1876 member can buy tickets/attend the same number of home league games as a ST holder but will potentially have 145 points at the end of the season (23x5 +30) whereas a ST holder will still only have 125. Does that mean the 1876 member will have priority over the ST holder for the play-off semifinal away leg tickets?
  24. Talking of Kian Harratt’s loan on other chats in this thread didn’t he go straight into the game against Brentford the day after signing - may not have been settled in the team nor fully acquainted with the club culture but can’t argue he didn’t make an almost immediate, though not long-lived, impact.
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