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  1. Got to say Manny motm for me all day lon... oh hang on a minute Cracking away performance for me that one
  2. Not really had a good look but are they doing any incentive like this season of the family ticket? I think my 13yr old had his for 50 or 70 quid with my full paying one
  3. I know a lot are but i have never really been a big fan of Cullen or Amoo if i am being honest,i can see both leaving in the summer,i know Amoo has 12mths left but i think a couple of under contract players will go
  4. We know Smith and Legge will still be here,so lets say he has seen enough from Brisley and he gets a deal(should he accept) then that would leave space for maybe another experienced defender and an u21 or is 5 too many? Just realised we still have Crookes on the books a player who actually played his best games for us imo in a back 3
  5. I think Montano will be let go and it might be that Brisley is playing himself into getting an offer
  6. If i didn't think you were on a wind up then i would have to say you are a tad fruit loop
  7. For me Brisley was motm today,getting back to his best now imo I know we want rid of the majority BUT is he playing his way to another 12mths?
  8. I noticed that DC said Hurst had been in negotiations for a while with the club so i wonder if that would of started before DC came in
  9. Personally i think those who had them for this season will be offered some incentive to buy a new one,either a discount or something else,with our owners it really wouldn't surprise me. I will be having my 2 again either way,really excited by the future of our club
  10. Not sure why but not really confident with this one as i do sadly think our run will come to an end with a 1-0 defeat but i then think it will allow DC to try out the likes of McKirdy,Bailey,RCG etc
  11. Why do you find it so hard to give DC credit??
  12. I do think Hurst could play through the middle more so than out wide
  13. More than likely be age and potential maybe as he is still only 21 than money imo
  14. You can argue with Eddie all day,he will never have it.... the two home games one was oldham cant remember the other i think we had over 20 shots with 10 or 11 on target they were the stats but he still wouldn't have it,sometimes i just think he likes a wind up 😉
  15. Have you changed your mind on Clarke i meant? as you didn't want him and slated him during the early games
  16. 9 conceded is excellent when you think 3 of those came in one game
  17. Those wages published are not correct I can say that with confidence
  18. Not really had a look tbf but have we really only conceded 7 in 13 games??
  19. Has DC changed your mind about him yet?
  20. Really?? .... How many games did he play last season?
  21. Joyceball I take it he is another you dont like along with Pope?
  22. I dont think you will find any Vale fan who will argue with that..Manny is as you say one of the best if not the best midfielder in league 2 when fully fit BUT can we carry a player who will do 15 games or less a season or do we try find a decent player who will play 40 games? For me its a good deal for Vale 10k for a player who came for free and is out of contract in a few months(someone at the club is good at deals,like with the Bennett one). Maybe the club have investigated his injuries and dont think he will fully get over them,lastly i think we all know if he was fully fit Manny stil
  23. DC and DF want to scour Europe,Scotland etc for talent and not just those close to
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