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  1. I dont think there are any budget constraints and players will be coming in thats for certain
  2. As i said before i am sure he is injured or certainly carrying some form of injury,so not so sure on the Rodders rumour me sen
  3. I am probably wrong but i dont think they will rush into replacing Gibbons,as they have Hussey and Benning on the left and Cass and wozza on the right,also i think Hurst can play either side as well,so that wont be a priority but i agree a conlon replacement will come in and another attacking player plus 2 more maybe
  4. I think its Hearts who have been watching him plus we wouldn't be able to match the wage he is on at the moment
  5. So decided to have a gander at the walsall forum...wow they are a depressed bunch on there,it seems the main Rodders rumour came at their game when someone was told by someone that they signed him yesterday so must be true i guess 🙂 On a side note though from reading that forum 2 names were mentioned by them who they would like to see them go for,one was Danny Johnson at Mansfield who now seems to have a battle on to get his place back now they have signed Akins and are winning and scoring. Also Charlie Kirk(ex crewe) not getting games at Charlton..... would either of those 2 do a job for us do we reckon?
  6. Where has this rumour about Rodney actually come from?
  7. It could be that they want him back to compete or they have had a bid for him or are sending him out to a team higher than league 2
  8. I never realised that Simpson(the unit at Swindon) was only 19 😮 looks a good solid player on loan from ipswich
  9. Just to add though,i will wait and see what the rest of the window has in store for us before i moan.....so far for me Hall and Hussey and for a young lad Harratt all look very decent signings
  10. Although one of those loanees scored 2 in his first 2 games and both good goals What i do agree with is we should of got one experienced striker in to try and get us over the line
  11. People wont agree but for me the club had banked on Gibbo being sold this month,now that wont happen,i really feel sorry for Gibbo(whats this the 3rd time in a year or so he has done hamstrings?) because i doubt now bigger clubs will take a gamble on his hamstrings,also will vale take the gamble as well....got to feel for the lad
  12. How much do you think those 2 players are on? all guess work of course
  13. Doubt that very much unless they want to sign an injured player
  14. Hemmings,Loft,Smith and Akins are all good forwards and they will all be on a decent wage,those of us expecting strikers like that to come in(Telford etc) are not going to get what we want,there is a wage structure and DC has said he wont break that I would love us to go out and get a top striker but i know that isn't going to happen plus we could go and pay 4k a week for a striker and they are pap so then what
  15. We were riding high in the table either 2nd or 3rd right on the tails of Forest Green,then injuries struck to our 2 experienced strikers and then the rest went,we seem to have been cursed ever since. I read yesterday that Matt and Stevens had scored 30 out of 50 league goals for FG(or something like that) now take those 2 out of their team and imo they wouldn't be top and the same with others at the top,take a few of their best players out and they would struggle like we have. So as you say we have been depleted,now lets try and get players in and stock up and then see where we go over the next couple of months
  16. Its not always a case of being in for these players,it depends what wage demands these players want,the club at this moment in time wont break a wage structure whether we want them to or not
  17. What i didn't get was Harratt had scored 2 in 3 and was dropped in favour of Amoo,who clearly isn't a striker and is a player who has lost a bit of his pace as well it seems,so for me i hope we play Wilson(who seems to be getting fitter now) and the livewire Harratt on Saturday Hall was clearly motm today,he looks a great replacement for Legge and it might just be me but i thought Hussey had a decent game and is getting better,puts some good crosses in and in the right areas. Pett also had a better game
  18. It is a concern when you have to play Amoo as a striker
  19. There will still be money to spend but i wouldn't expect any so called big name signing I think at least one attacking player will come in along with a midfielder,then who knows
  20. I am surprised he has gone with both Amoo and Wilson and left Harratt on the bench 5 subs shows how limited we must be at the moment
  21. Is this where people will be saying he is on his way 🙂
  22. The only one lately to be out there is the Matty Lund one but i think that surfaced on FB after he was mentioned on here for not coming on the other night. I doubt there is anything in that one but a decent experienced player at this level who i think has won promotion out of this league so i wouldn't mind him.
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