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  1. Correct,Artell himself said that
  2. It is the direction Carol wants the club to take,younger prospects in the hope to blood them in to the first team
  3. Surely anyone mentioning Lampard is on a wind up 😉
  4. I would guess that if we dont get a striker in then we will set up 4-3-3 again unless he teams Cullen up with Guthrie but thats all we have available now up top apart from the young lad Bailey
  5. Personally I dont think he will play for us again,i think he will be off before the end of the transfer windon
  6. With us being out of the Trophy i cant see him playing a game anyway,well as long as Brown stays fit of course
  7. In those games he was shocking BUT i am sure he hadn't been playing when he came to us and wasn't fit or up to speed because of that
  8. Bradford appointed those who are now running the team as far as i am aware,not sure if its just until the end of the season but they did appoint them after a successful caretaker spell
  9. He has more experience than Pugh, but his every move isn't being ripped to shreds I think a lot has to do with what those at Hednesford said about him(fans)
  10. I cant see Conlon being here at the start of next season
  11. One positive i took from it was Gibbons coming on,he did more in several minutes than the majority had all game
  12. If i was to take a punt i would say he has been de registered and we have someone lined up,he has certainly spoken to another club as somebody else has already stated
  13. Why did he want go Bradford?? and why has he shown interest in the Vale job if he doesn't want to come?
  14. Carol said on the radio when on about who had applied for the job that a manager doing well at a league 2 team club had applied,my guess would be Adams as he had applied for Bradford and has a clause to say he can leave,we can all pick who we want as a manager without knowing what they are like as a person etc BUT if i was Carol i really would be putting that call in tonight and let him bring his backroom team in,yes it will cost(not as much as many others) but it will also cost a lot more if things dont change
  15. Carol has to make decisions soon or risk losing a lot of fans come the summer when renewals are due
  16. Derek Adams wont be on more money than Askey was on and he wont cost compensation,i believe he has a clause in his contract and has shown interest in our job
  17. Yes he was as he thought they should of had a penalty I believe he wouldn't cost any compensation either..... just look at his record and stats its a no brainer for me
  18. Spend the money on Derek Adams 🙂
  19. I keep saying i will still back Pugh until that changes BUT what i will say is that months ago when problems began to surface i mentioned Derek Adams and he has and always will be my first choice,works miracles and takes no <ovf censored> and wont cost much money at all,i believe he has shown interest in the job as he did the Bradford one. Will we go for someone like that,i doubt it
  20. Again i agree with that,i think our whole scouting network needs looking at when you consider some of the dross we have had in over the last few years
  21. I do agree,i would like to see Pugh use his contacts to line up the next incoming players and see what they are like,we cant judge on Taylor and Guthrie because Askey had already lined those two up
  22. Lets hope that come 4.50pm we dont wish that the game had been called off
  23. Scratch that suns gone in snowing heavy again,game will deffo be off
  24. Sunny here in Dresden lets play it at Longton Park
  25. Very true,just as we cant get obsessed with an experienced manager thinking that will work,just shows what a difficult choice it is for the owners as they have got to get it right
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