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  1. This game is making me nervous for some reason as we always seem to struggle against teams lower down the table but we live in hope Anyway lets be confident and go 3-1 Vale....feel free to return to this post.... you can thank me later 🙂
  2. I got married in June 99 and my mother in law/father in law surprised me by inviting Rudgie and his wife Del to the reception as they knew he was a hero/legend to me and even though they had a family event on the same day they both well and truly turned up,have to be honest there was a tear in my eye when he walked in and i dropped to my knees(no nowt rude) and bowed down in front of him in my hired suit 🙂 he was so nice,bought drinks,chatted to guests and myself(telling me how he wanted to nurture Earle to take over from him if he hadn't been sacked),when it was time for him to go he couldn't apologise enough and he wanted to stay but Del was dragging him away..... RUDGIE is and always will be a LEGEND and Vale...he signed my guest by putting,keep supporting OUR team,forever black and white John and Del Rudge Its a memory that will live with me forever and probably even more than the wedding itself 😉
  3. I only saw them being moved on before the game,when the players were warming up
  4. I agree that is how it should be and thats how it always has been,i was replying to a post about stewards in the paddock and the one particular steward was moving kids away from the side as the players were warming up.Just seen what Rob has put and it could be a new rule As for the conversation,did i actually say what they were talking about?? i just said after he went over to the kids one of the coaches spoke to him.
  5. First time i have seen them do it in all the years i have been going,kids have always stood at the front for pics and autos,not sure why but Rochdale game Amoo broke from the warm up for a pic and when he went back one of the coaches had a word with Amoo
  6. Kids were moved away from watching the players warm up before the game by a steward with a pony tail who was walking up and down the paddock pre game
  7. He turned down the Leeds United job when at Bristol Rovers. So if he's somewhere where he's happy he's committed alright. He seems to really like our owners as well,so as long as we back him then i think we will be ok
  8. Had us to top the league at the start 20/1 and had 100ew on it so here is hoping
  9. So stuff new players in the January window lets get Wozza tied down and try to sign Cass on a permanent deal 🙂
  10. Lets also add that he loves playing here so for me it is majorly important we get him signed up again as he is out of contract at the end of the season
  11. Just want to say for what Worrall has given us over the last few years he deserves League One football Onwards and Upwards
  12. Taylor when he came on looked like the Taylor we had the first time around,busy and looking to move forward and getting, involved,not the one who came back in January who looked sluggish and off the pace,so what a bonus this could be for us especially with the likes of Politic still to come
  13. Love to see us sort something out with Newcastle and sign him on a permanent deal,still only young as well
  14. I really do think he is going do very well for us now and for the long term,the whole new set up has been a breath of fresh air for the club and long may it continue
  15. DC said that he works really hard in training and really impresses the other players and also the fact that he works hard for the team during a game,so that could be the reason
  16. Is RZ back off holiday now 😉 as i am waiting for him to praise all these new signings now they are bedding in,as well of course the management team for some really good results so far this season Onwards and Upwards and i for one am very pleased with how its going and certainly with the manager and the majority of the new signings....keep it up boys
  17. I thought it was a very good game tbh with 2 quality goals and whoever said we didnt work the keeper...really? i recall in the last 5 minutes alone he made 2 saves,oh and we couldn't work him for the goals as he got nowhere near them 🙂
  18. Yes Gibbo was number 2 and Taylor the number 8
  19. I was about to post about this but you beat me to it,it seems whoever was centre forward got the first(Amoo?Wilson?) it seems like a decent run out against opposition better than the last one including a couple of decent pro's. Be interesting to see what system we played and if Politic fitted into that,will have to wait for some sort of report from our end i guess
  20. I would agree with that,Gibbons has got to replace Benning There is a friendly on Tuesday away at Burnley so he might get more minutes there,you would also think the likes of Amos,Taylor,Politic and Amoo will get run outs as well
  21. Yes i have a bit tbh(kisses) I look forward to you posting about the actual game when we next lose
  22. If we can bang in a run of 3 or 4 wins then the top 3 could be a possibility,then once you get in there we have to aim to stay there
  23. I know we are talking different leagues they were playing in but think of the type of player i mean but does anybody else think that Garrity has the potential to be our lower league Micky Cummins? he reminds me of him in a way
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