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  1. Yes agree with that. Conlon will need to be at his best again along with Pett and hopefully the goals will come again in Wilson and Rodney. Tricky start on paper so important if we have a bad start to keep their heads up.
  2. That’s all very well saying that but where we end up in the table will decide that. If we’re pushing for promotion then you’d be correct. Also where do you think Worrall fits in with this formation and the players he’s signed to fill these roles? At the moment i prob have us finishing around 10th.
  3. The key penalty miss for me was the rashford one. If that had gone In it was pressure back on the Italians. What I was surprised by is that Rashfords no stranger to important last minute spot kicks. The one stands out for me is the one he took against PSG in injury time in the champions league. He smashed it high and with lots of power. Not sure why he did that awful fancy stutter and tried to roll it in last night. I suppose it’s easy to say that now I know. But he missed a key penalty. We weren’t very good last night and the early goal was incredible but sadly we didn’t look like scoring again. Massive chance gone in lifting a major tournament with all bar one game at Wembley. I’m not bothered about next World Cup or the Euros after, this was the chance not then. We had a relatively easy passage to the trophy and we couldn’t do it. All other top nations will come again next tournament And Brazil and Argentina. ive had a good time watching these England games though and the country and younger kids all got on board and supported the team.
  4. Cat 2 academy status would be fantastic. If and when we do apply for this, then the coaching staff would have to increase a fair bit like youve rightly said. Also the facilities are not good enough yet in just having a couple of pitches behind the Bycars which are shared with first team players. We would also be required to have an indoor dome built for training purposes. Not sure where that would be built? But when you get better status and better coaches at academy level and the facilities, then the better players who are out there playing local sunday lads n dads would possibly come to us rather than choosing the likes of stoke Shrewsbury Burton etc…
  5. Probably really wants to play at an higher level and had offers but he’s decided to give us a year to see if he can achieve that here if not he will try his luck elsewhere. Another good signing. A forward now please. And a decent one and the squad is taking shape rather nicely.
  6. Sorry I thought you were on about the number 3. Apologies
  7. Yes that’s Dan Jones. You’d imagine Clarke would want all the new signings arriving this week so I’d expect a couple more tomorrow. Andrade and Benning would be brilliant. Tom Pett is a very good signing.
  8. Anyone think those black and white nets would look good up Vale? Daft question I know, but always loved the different style of netting and goalposts that were used by teams back in the day.
  9. I think he will go with three centre half’s this season. Smith Martin and Johnson. Legge will be the back up cover. Two decent wing backs and another quality wide man and forward and we will be in decent shape hopefully.
  10. We’ve certainly lacked some height and physicality in the side for a few seasons now. Signings don’t seem to be too bad upto now. Although I’m really hoping there’s 3/4 good quality players still to come in and this will make us stronger than last season if we can do that. Keeping Wilson fit and him scoring goals could be crucial this season. It’s about time he settled at a club and started to show his ability.
  11. Even more better he didn’t pick an injury up in the play offs games then. Wouldn’t have been much good if he torn an hamstring and was out for two months. Risky business when signing players who are still playing in competitive games for their club. Probably be announced this week then. Be decent back up he will.
  12. Have we definitely agreed a deal for him then? Luckily he didn’t get injured in this game. Announced tomorrow ?
  13. Why’s he a bad signing? They’ve signed three good solid players for this level in the last few days.
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