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  1. I’ve seen a fair bit of him over the years and he’s quick and gets forward well. He reminded me a lot of Ryan Brown. Still not sure you’d thrust him into a relegation battle though. Monty (at the moment) gets picked over him everyday of the week for me
  2. Exactly right this. From the interviews I’ve seen of Clarke, he speaks very well and I’m happy how he comes across as a winner. I know he’s not a miracle worker but we need wins and fast. That table is poor reading and a couple of defeats in these next two games and it’s well and truly a relegation scrap. A win today is very much needed and get him off to the perfect start. I’m really hoping the players turn up and get us the vital points. It’s time for the players to step up now. This league is mostly about if you want it on the day and how you start games. If we can’t do this with a new mana
  3. Billy is currently still involved with the first team and looks like it’ll be permanent. Frank and griff have gone back to the youth team.
  4. That's Warren Campbells job. As hes leaving the club to join Stoke. Shame theyre losing him, he was a good bloke and good at what he does.
  5. Are the youth team allowed to train at the moment? I thought it was elite sport only. Youth team have been in as normal and lost away at Carlisle in the week. There isnt much quality in the youth team currently, sadly.
  6. Franks been told to go back to the youth team. I believe he isnt to happy about this so im not sure what will happen with him. Pugh and Paynter will stay with Clarke.
  7. Well the new man certainly won’t be able make them better players so the hope is he gets them organised and gets to pick his best 11 for the remaining games. Then his real work starts at the end of season when he needs to add 6 quality first eleven players to make a real difference.
  8. I still don’t think you can have those pitches in the English league can you? Didn’t Harrogate have to rip theirs up for this season?
  9. That’s a good post and I’ve always said the same for a long time now. It needs doing if possible. Carol seems to always find a few quid so hopefully this is to happen soon as like you said it will benefit us massively in my opinion. The surface always looks dead to me and there’s never any zip in our play because of the surface. I could be talking a load of rubbish but I’ll always stand by this Opinion that it’s a poor pitch.
  10. The pitch is is poor . I’ve spoken to a few players who have said it’s like a pudding and very hard to play on every other week. When you sit in the stands it looks lovely and green, but it’s a very slow playing surface. Not sure how much the total cost would be to rip it up and get a hard based surface down but it would be so much better for us if we could.
  11. Always rated Antoni Sarcevic. Good strong lad and good a footballer and chips in with a few goals. Would love to see him at Vale with Conlon.
  12. Hopefully he chooses himself then for the managers job.
  13. I like flitcroft a lot. He seems a good football man who knows his stuff. It’s good we’ve got him onboard. I just hope things on the pitch improve and the quality of players we sign are much better for next season. I think Danny Pugh will be the manager, i said a few weeks back it’s a big job for these two but we have to get it right with signings. I feel more better with Flicker here now at least.
  14. It can’t be a director of football surely? A fourth division club with a director of football? No thanks. If she’s got the money to be making appointments like this id hope she would use that to either back a manager with a few quid to improve our awful squad in the summer or just appoint a decent gaffer who wants a few quid more than what Askey was earning. strange timing to come out on a Sunday announcing a press conference also isn’t it? Was it a case of saturdays absolute stinker forced her arm and she got home that night and rung mcgreal saying the jobs yours can you get here Mo
  15. If its expected and David Flitcroft, i wonder if he will bring his assistant who's followed him at his last three jobs - Ben Futcher? And Danny Pugh reverting back to first team coach?
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