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  1. Remember last time we played City in the FA cup when Clive Allen came off the bench for them and scored the winner with his first touch. That was a cracking game. Still got it on video somewhere. This will be a fantastic occasion roared on by over 7,000 valiants.,
  2. So far we’ve had two awful draws away at teams you wouldn’t have thought we could’ve won. It’s about time we had some luck now as we’ve earned it. Man Utd or Liverpool please away. And make some money for a decent transfer pot and reward the new owners and long suffering fans with a great day out.
  3. I saw the list of scouts sheet at the game saturday and it was quite a lot. I know most were looking at Carlisle's Jarrad Branthwaite but Gibbo will be keeping them keen not to mention Jake Taylor is who the most box to box player we have had some some time. Hes fantastic.
  4. I remember that. They had a winger that day called Ashley Sestanovich and he absolutely destroyed us down the left. just looked and it was 2003. We beat Ford utd in the first round.
  5. Cant beat a last minute winner especially at the mighty Bradford. Where is that Queenybantam tonight? Get in Vale.
  6. Theyre more thank likely to make changes for this one as the higher sides normally do, but youd think we would still lose given our away record. So for that reason its an awful draw.
  7. We will judge if we are much better as you put it come the end of the season. We’re the same now as were last season aren’t we? And we now have Bradford and Crewe where we will quite possibly get a tonking in both games. Oldham is a big game or we will be slipping down that table rapidly. you look at performances like Macclesfield and today and there’s not a chance we’ve improved sadly.
  8. Great picture and some good memories. Got all of the incidents as well.
  9. Its important we patch them up and get a win saturday now again. A win saturday and that will see us back into the top half hopefully.
  10. He had words with the manager and I never saw him shake hands. He then sat in the dugout continuing to throw his arms about. It was a typical Luke Hannant performance wasn’t it. Had a few good runs and got a couple of decent crosses over but did nothing at all for the other 80 minutes. But saying that , hes a mile better then most of the signings we made who can’t get a game or a seat on the bench.
  11. I’d probably prefer it if he hadn’t signed the likes of Kennedy burgess and the other full back who won’t ever see 90 minutes to be fair. And signed perhaps one quality player out the three who could play and make a difference. There’s no danger carol overspending.
  12. That’s what happens when you haven’t got much money to play with budget wise so you have to get players who can slot into a few positions. Which generally means they aren’t that good or comfortable in one role. specialist left back is what is needed along with another good midfield man. ill take 16th now. Suppose that would be progress.
  13. Gibbons is already being watched by a few league one teams so I’m told.
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