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  1. Joker- is that you Rob? And I like Sproey on the commentary. great three points today. Massive to get off to a flyer. Bring on Harrogate.
  2. A few months back yes. I hope he does well but there’s a few keen on him.
  3. This is the lad who I said was coming in few weeks back. He’s had a good trial at a league one club and done well and there’s us and another couple of league clubs interested. He’s very quick and beats players for fun but the only downside is the fact he’s lightweight. So I’m not sure he will make the step up. It’s worth having a look though and who knows what Askey and Dave will think. Good luck.
  4. If you’re only playing one up front like we do, then the forward would have to do more than just be a very good hold up player. The wingers at Vale tend to stay be wide and not come inside so it puts a lot of pressure on the midfield lads to get up and score goals. That’s what Jake Taylor did very well last season. We’ve lost his goals now and energy so we need someone to chip in with goals from there and also Amoo and Worrall to score 10/12 between them. It’ll be interesting to see what Askey goes with in the league but it depends on how fit Cullen is for me. If he’s fit then he starts.
  5. 12 goals is a steady return but Tom got 11 and Cullen 8. I just don’t think Theo will automatically be first choice how you’ve put it. after seeing him in the friendlies if fit Cullen will be first choice for me.
  6. He would be a good signing. Was carlisle best player down here last season. Even if his Steve Claridge style of socks Annoyed me 😆. He was Very tricky. He lives at trentham doesn’t he ?
  7. It’s brilliant they’ve sold out. I wish they had sold 3,500. And I’m knocking the club one bit or owners what they have done. I’m just slightly concerned the initial buzz of the release will mean The fans Who would’ve have one on the next week or two, don’t buy one In another two months. Suppose it could come down to how we start the season. I probably won’t have one in two months now. I had the money waiting but that’ll be spent on things leading up to Xmas now.
  8. That’s very disappointing to read. I just hope the initial buzz of wanting to purchase one won’t put people off by the time another two months pass and they end up saying I’ll wait till next season. Why is it so long or why haven’t we ordered more than this? Not good
  9. Isn’t Norwood on a reported £8,000 a week not a chance league two clubs would be able to pay that. It’s unlikely now that Maynard will be a Vale player so you’d hope we used what we offered him to try and get another forward of the same Calibre.
  10. Isn’t that what all players do? He’s well within his right to do what he pleases. If Askey keeps on giving him time then he’s going to see which club keeps coming back offering him more just like Mansfield have done. Askey obviously wants him or he would’ve called it off last week. I think he’s going to stay at Mansfield now anyway so Askey will have to start looking at another striker. And what we have offered Nicky, you’d think we will get a very good player in for the money.
  11. Knowing our luck all three would be injured for a month at the same time. Big risk
  12. I think if he’s good enough then Askey and Kevan will give him the chance. I’ve spoken to a few and they say he’s not ready at all for league football. We also have a lad on trial next week from Newcastle town so we do scout locally and give the lads trials quite a lot. It’s just that most are not good enough once they have a weeks training against the Pros.
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