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  1. I wish she would keep off twitter as well. Thats something Norman would come out with. If she got a problem with him, then keep it behind closed doors. This kind of tweet wont achieve anything.
  2. Ive wondered for a few weeks now if Stoke would take a chance on him. Simply because hes having a good season, hes ever present and hes local and a Stoke fan. He wouldnt cost much in terms of wages for them so why not take a gamble?
  3. so theres still about 4 media staff then? on matchday only. thanks for clearing that one up phil. Maybe one of those will be offered the role then.
  4. from what ive seen there must be about 4 media staff, so you would expect one of those to take the managers role wouldnt you? and continue the good work that they all do along with max who gets all the plaudits.
  5. Anyone heard about how much money we made from this game? Ive heard from a few people that Man City give us all of the gate money.
  6. i know hes had his injuries and will be on good money but Nicky Maynard if injury free would be a perfect signing next season to maybe guarantee goals to get a play off place.
  7. It was the same for Hannant and Whitfield also.
  8. isnt that what were after though for the next few seasons to try and get us in the play offs? i wish we could add another 3/4 decent league 2 players
  9. You’d think so, that’s if it was a bit sharper standard jean. I’m not convinced though, that playing a reserve game once a fortnight against youth team lads is going to get them sharp enough for a first team game. I’ve had a conversation with few coaches at Vale and they’ve basically said the same. Its more a youth league now to give the scholars extra game time. didnt we win the reserve league last season? We had a strong squad it was virtually all senior pros, but when they played first team we didn’t look any better or sharper.
  10. The reserve league is Mainly a youth league and the pace of the game is nowhere near league2 standard so I can’t see a reserve game doing squad players any good . We’ve had a reserve team the last 3 seasons when we’ve used the players and look where we finished In the league those three seasons. It didn’t do them any good.
  11. Two things that was key last night after the day out all the club staff players and fans had Saturday was; 1- could askey somehow manage to get these fringe players up to the job on a Tuesday night in front of 500 fans? 2- could the players manage to get themselves up for it. Probably thinking “I didn’t play Saturday but I’ve got play here instead” answer- none of them managed to do it and turned in an awful performance and we’ve lost the Chance to make a few more quid and much needed to go into the funds for summer when we need 3/4 good key players if we are to think about the top 7. I can’t see carol chucking much in for the manager at all because she hasn’t got it and the cup money will get used somewhere else no doubt. So a missed chance last night. I had a feeling this performance would happen after Saturday and with the resting of 6 first team players. The fringe players aren’t good enough when you throw 6/7 in like that at once. We can all understand that but the lack of effort and the manager and staff not getting them up for it is poor. let’s see if the rest was worth losing money for last night and we go and win the next two league games. Wonder if Askey can get them motivated for these games?
  12. He may have spent two nights in Hospital with a dodgy ticker at the thought of Lorraine catching him.
  13. Used to love the Staffordshire are you listening song. Shame them doesn’t get sung anymore along with all the other classic 90s ones.
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