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  1. German doner kebab is worth a try if you havent had it before. Highly recommended.
  2. Spot on. Like you said they will be on sale in two weeks so whack whatever they have left now on sale for tenner and they will sell out im sure. Id have one. Thursday late night opening as well they would shift a ton. Come on Vale make it happen. Theres 6 more people coming with us who have all asked how much tops are for the big day who would all purchase one if were that bit cheaper.
  3. Going go for the 98 lee mills against stoke Tunstall Assurance home shirt. Wife promotion season shirt and daughter this seasons home. Come on Vale. Sort my Dad out with a top now and were ready.
  4. Im not sure about this, maybe tomorrow? I wanted to say it would look brilliant if we could all wear a vale top for saturday. The ten who are coming with me will all be wearing a vale top of some sort. Will anyone else be wearing a vale top?
  5. Wembley have held back 40,000 tickets for swindon fans. They go on sale Friday dinner to swindon and they expect to sell all their allocation by 3pm. 😄
  6. Crystals is directly opposite Wembley right across the road and it’s a decent pub but only serve cans from behind the bar but it’s relatively cheap for a Wembley pub. Green man seems the best option. Why is box park only vale fans? Have they had to toss a coin for that? 🤣 but it’s great in there two floors with music and numerous food bars and play areas for the kids (pool table and arcades and hockey tables) it’ll be rocking with vale fans in there when the music kicks in.
  7. Spot on about benning. He came under a lot of fire early on and I was one who thought he wasn’t what we hoped he would be after the glowing reports from Mansfield fans. But he’s come into the team and he’s looked a real player in the attacking role. Gives us that outlet with a bit of pace and drives forward. He couldn’t get the winner saturday could he?
  8. That’s correct Jean, although what I’ve always found strange is you can see the pitch from the railway whilst you’re having a beer can’t you. The doors are always open.
  9. I was at the top tier for the England games but surprisingly I thought the view was still very good despite looking down into the pitch. It’s amazing how different you view the game sitting at the top. It’s not for everyone though because it is very very high and steep. Thank god for the escalator that takes you up.
  10. I think we will do well sell 7,000 home tickets by the looks of it. Pretty poor effort if this is the case for a huge huge game.
  11. We were poor today no doubt about that. Second half in spells we were better in possession and got a few crosses in particular when benning came on (a left footer) first half was slow and we lost the balls countless times and the mistake for the goal was Sunday league stuff. But somehow despite that the ties very much alive. Every game is different and Thursday it can easily be our night and everything goes for us and we win 2-0. For that to happen the team needs a few changes though. Proctor obviously if he’s fit enough. Benning has to come back in on the left. Garrity had another game where apart from his first half shot I never saw him once and we need him to drive forward and get us a goal. All in all a bad day but one more chance to put it right.
  12. I think we looked well off the pace again today when trying to attack. Very sluggish. Tired legs everywhere. We’ve got to be happy somehow we’re still very much in the tie after the late goal. Goals change games and this one could very much do the same. We certainly miss some legs and pace in the middle of the park for me. We don’t seem to have any midfield men who can break with speed and cause problems. Awful mistake from smith for the goal and I’m never confident when Aaron Martin plays. He looks like he’s going to make a huge mistake every time he’s near the ball. Slightly better second half once a few changes were made but it’ll be a tough night Thursday but I suppose it’s all to play for. We’re due a good performance at home aren’t we.
  13. Its going to be a bit nervy for me, not sure i will be able to sit in the railway second leg without having no fingernails left. Ive not seen many boring play offs games and i doubt this will be any different. There will be some mad ending in this tie for the cameras im certain. lets hope we can get the job done and get ourselves to wembley.
  14. Conlon will do well be back for pre season. I saw him last week and he was still walking with a limp and believe is a fair bit off coming back
  15. Decent number one firstly. I’d keep smith but only if playing in a flat back 4 and proctor. Gibbo - he’s another one how long will he be out for during a season? For a young lad he doesn’t half get some injuries. The others can go for me. We need better in what will be a tough league again. The trouble is if Wilson and proctor miss large chunks again which is very likely the same thing will happen again where we may go a few months not winning. That’s a gamble. I also like the Oldham player kelior dunne. We need some energy and legs in midfield who can go past players. We lack a bit of pace for me in all areas.
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