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  1. You say that but over the past 2 seasons Robinson has averaged a goal every 210 minutes of game time, whereas Pope is at 214. I judge strikers on first and foremost on their goal output, then assists, then general all round play. Whichever way you look at it, Pope is no better than Robinson in those respects, and he's much worse than Rodney. Add into the mix that he clearly hasn't looked after himself whilst he's been out, to the extent where he makes Akinfenwa look slim, despite needing a new contract, and I personally don't think there should be any question as to whether he'll get an extens
  2. Enlighten me. Which part of my post do I need help on? Am I factually incorrect? Or is your response that of someone in denial that Pope is no longer the player that he was, of which appear to be many?
  3. If it was literally any other player but Pope it wouldn't even be in question. His goal and assist output over the past 2 years since he got his fat new contract has been pathetic (particularly if you take out the penalties). At 36, he's not going to get any better. We've played much better and got better results since he has been out of the team over the past 2 seasons. His impact on games when coming on as a sub has been negligible (certainly from a pure change of result perspective). So many people unable to let go. The sooner he's gone the better for me. Mark my words, once he has, we'll
  4. Give it 2 games and we'll all be sticking to the floor again [emoji38]
  5. I suppose for some the destination is all that matters, not the journey. I get your point but having spent half the journey stranded at Sandbach services, I've arrived very weary and annoyed.
  6. There will be more risk of catching a nasty summat from the Paddock bogs than catching Covid. Fear for my health every time I go in there
  7. What an odd statement. That 'run' was part of the whole season so to say on the one hand that how well we have done over the whole season is relevant but that 3 in 25 run is now irrelevant just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I'm just thick.
  8. This lot also went on a run of 3 wins in 25 or so. Some Vale fans have very short term memories, or are very forgiving when it comes to players, that's all I can say. Agree with you regarding gibbons though. If his injury problems continue, I can see him being released at the end of his current contract
  9. I thought all of our hamstring injuries were down to JA? [emoji38]
  10. I've maintained throughout this recent run that most if not all of the ooc players and all of the fringe players should go regardless, if possible. Like many on here, I've remembered more the dismal performances for much of the season, as well as the 3 relegation fights in 4 years. Players suddenly realising their livelihoods are on the line didn't change my view. Interested to see what DC does a week or so from now
  11. Spot on. Not surprised Doha hasn't provided a replay of that one. Seems JAs concerns over his lifestyle were bob on. To put that much weight on in 3 months is ridiculous for a professional footballer
  12. I think your post is wrong, as it implies that this team has performed for 2/3 of the season. They've been crap for well over half of it. As for today, very disappointed with the first 65 mins. The triple sub and change in formation gave us some attacking impetus, but too little too late. Joyce was very poor today, as were robinson and rodney (though that's more a criticism of the service yet again). Conlon unlucky with his shot, Pope should have scored with his free header 8 yards out, and mckirdy showed some very good touches. Poor overall. Both teams playing for pride only, and we were f
  13. Their no 16 is exactly the type of player we need in our attacking play IMHO.
  14. Pope looks twice the player he was earlier in the season
  15. Apparently a part of both feet need to be on or behind the touchline
  16. We're going through the motions it seems today.
  17. Really? I need to brush up on my rules if that's the case!
  18. They've just thrown 2 of the clearest foul throws you'll ever see. His foot was wholly over the touchline both times. Wake up liner!
  19. Joyce has done those lazy back passes about 6 times this season. No awareness whatsoever
  20. I think that's only if the player is based in a foreign league?
  21. That's what Jake Taylor thought.....
  22. Took me 1 minute to go to a website. Not like I've spent hours on it [emoji849]
  23. To be fair, Worrall was playing pretty dog at the time, though to jettison him altogether like he did was a little ott
  24. Depends how you look at it. 55% of minutes for monty, and 66% for Worrall. Neither figure is superb, but taking into account the ditching from the squad by NA in 18/19, Worrall would have been closer to 75-80% but for that, whereas montys absences have all been through injury
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