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  1. 9159 minutes by Monty over 4 seasons. Worrall 10982 minutes over the same period. So roughly 20 games difference.
  2. Excuse me for being thick, but what do you mean by that? Are you saying that decisions on retentions will be above his pay grade?
  3. I think that's what is irritating me so much, particularly the closer we get to the play offs. This squad is clearly capable of doing it and, but for the complete meltdown midseason, we would probably have done it. For reasons none of us will ever know, the players decided that they wanted a change and downed tools to facilitate that, at the cost of the play offs. Blame JAs tactics all you want, but tactics, at least to me, don't excuse any players for not making challenges, not running, making idiotic tackles (primarily Joyce and Legge), and failing to give 100% (as they're clearly now doing
  4. So in your world the players bear no or are absolved of all responsibility for their own performances for the majority of this season? So by the same token you will lay the good season we had last year solely at the feet of JA?
  5. I'm not saying that he won't use it at times, but I can't see it being his default approach as it is now
  6. I personally don't think that we'll play with a back 3 next season. DC has done what he needed to do with a very reactive formation and approach. Once he gets his own players in over the summer, I can see a much more proactive setup and approach with a back 4
  7. If only the players had given a t0ss for the rest of the season
  8. Surely if he wants to get rid of DW he wouldn't play him! I'd remove all clips of him on the Internet too!
  9. Weren't you starting your crusade against JA early doors this season by moaning when we were winning but not playing particularly well?
  10. Is there really anybody else in the running?! Maybe Gibbons given how good he's looked when mills deputised [emoji6]
  11. What have you based that on?! It's certainly not his performances in a Vale shirt! [emoji23]
  12. So did JA last season. He ended the season on an 8 match unbeaten run too. That was soon forgotten by the majority on here after a couple of bad results. Funny how people with the non majority view are labelled WUMs most of the time. DC has clearly done a good job over the last 2 months, I'm just responding to the hysteria over his man management skills. Taylor and Burgess were the best attacking midfielders in this league last season, so why aren't they performing, if DC has such a midas touch
  13. Pity he can't seem do the same for Jake Taylor and Scott Burgess, much better players than whitehead, like JA could. Some people are going way over the top re DC at this early stage
  14. It was defo paid, for me at least, as I too lost my job so needed the money. Responded to the Club's announcement on refunds, and got a cheque within a fortnight
  15. Are you on about last season? If so, I know for a fact that refunds were paid if you contacted the Club
  16. Absolutely no need for a magic money tree. Simply a driven professional recruitment system that doesn't settle for largely average players. If we just accept that we can't do better in each position and just seek backup players then what's the point? Are you naive enough to think that there's not better than Smith, Gibbons, Conlon etc out there and available each summer? If that's the case, why do we struggle nearly every season, and why are we still stuck in L2, when plenty of other sides haven't (including those on smaller budgets)? Other teams in this division have performed much better tha
  17. But this vehicle has failed to start more often than not for 3 of 4 seasons. Can't wait to see what DF and DC decide to do
  18. Why would you expect to be offered a full refund? You've had access to the games on ifollow, and presumably taken advantage of that. So, this being the case, you essentially expect Carol to give you a full refund as well as paying for your ifollow access all season. Get a grip man
  19. If your car started 2 times from 10 attempts , would you keep the same car or look to buy a new one? I know what I'd do, particularly the older the car is
  20. That's the point though isn't it. I've said before that we can't approach it like we have done before (that certain players who have been involved in 2 or 3 relegation battles are our 'first choice'). We need to seek to better each and every position, not just look to sign back up players that are on a par with what we have. With the new drive on proper recruitment, I really hope that we'll have a completely different approach. You say that we can't compare this team under JA with DC, but JA had us virtually in the play offs last season, which led to many (including myself) to trust that they
  21. 5 are in their 4th season, and an additional 5 in their 3rd. Whichever way you look at it, nearly an entire starting 11 (most of whom start every week and most would say is our best 10) have flirted with relegation at least twice. Not good enough for me, I'm afraid
  22. Little too much deja vu with the end of last season for my liking....[emoji29]
  23. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-players-contract-status-5312483
  24. I don't know what he will do but I really don't want DC to trust in this group again for a fifth year, largely. That trust placed in them by JA and NA was misplaced. At the end of the day, we've had one good season in four. They've had their chance
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