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  1. Don't know what's happening. Our terrible defence was down to JA not the players....
  2. Pope looks so disinterested to the point where I'm wondering if he's been told he won't be getting a new contract already
  3. That all started from Pope failing to control a simple ball. Awful error too from Brisley.
  4. I didn't ask what the reasons were. I simply asked what in your view would be valid reasons, since you were clearly seeking to denounce anybody who dared to refuse to applaud the players for this seasons efforts by claiming that there may have been valid reasons for what has happened. Again I'm not asking what they actually were but what would constitute valid reasons for you.
  5. Go on then, I'll bite. What for you would be 'valid reasons' for what happened for over half of the season?
  6. Never said I was. But I don't gloss over the truth, nor do I dish out false platitudes. If you booked a plumber who turned up 5 hours late, would you thank him for finally turning up, or express your displeasure?
  7. As opposed to the people who seem perfectly happy with the players efforts this season and want to thank them for yet another failure? If that makes me bitter and miserable, so be it!
  8. He's out of contract in a month so very much doubt we're playing him to attract a buyer. Abs no need to
  9. You thank them if you wish. I'm certainly not. Another atrocious season up until the final 10 games.
  10. It is difficult to judge YT players when you view them in such isolation though (solely in the context of how the youth team perform). Look at how crap Stoke u23s looked against us, yet that team had Tyrese Campbell and others who are now earning good reviews playing in the Championship with older players.
  11. If he does mean the latter then he needs sectioning [emoji38]
  12. Despite all that, I'll give TylerB 5 games of next season before he starts questioning the manager, and then a further 5 before he starts his usual campaign to get him sacked
  13. Easier said than done with squad limits, unfortunately, which is why I think we should try to move away from it if possible. Yes they can be sidelined, but then you have the potential unrest issue, as well as a waste of a wage in the budget.
  14. Phil Sproson would have a stroke just looking at that name
  15. That's not true though is it? Brown has been bad for a lot of this season but wasn't dropped. Same goes for Smith, Joyce and even Conlon for a spell. I wouldn't have the clause at all. If we miss out on a player because of that, then there's plenty more out there at this level.
  16. It's not really based on performance though is it? It's purely number of appearances. All I'm saying is that, if at all possible, we should try to get away from this as standard in ageing players contracts. It's done us few favours
  17. But isn't it the player who chooses to exercise it? So even if the Club doesn't want the player, he can choose to stay on the payroll?
  18. One thing I most definitely want - no appearance based extension clause in the contract of any player over 30. We seem to have handed these out like sweets over the past few years, such that we were lumbered with Joyce again for this season, and seemingly Legge for next. Pretty sure Pugh and Tonge exercised similar clauses, though I could be wrong? Can't see the benefit of these to the club. If they were quality players, fair enough, but at this level I wouldn't be arsed as a manager if I lost a player because we wouldn't agree to this type of clause
  19. That's all well and good if he's got the defenders to pass it to. I wouldn't want any of our current crop to be given the ball deep, as we all know what will happen. Brisley, Legge, Crookes, Mills and Fitzpatrick are woeful in their distribution! We may as well switch discipline to rugby if that's the plan [emoji38]
  20. Yes indeed. But he's been down south for a while so his family may be settled. We'll see I suppose, if we're even interested in him. If we were, I can't see him coming as a no 2, so that would be it for Brown, unless he'd be happy to play second fiddle for a season
  21. No brainer on paper. Big questions are 1. whether we could afford him and 2. whether he'd move this far north
  22. So, simply because I don't rate Pope and feel compelled to respond to the repeated hysteria, untruths and downright bizarre comments (like the one that claimed he'd be scoring 15+ in the Bundesliga even now) regarding him, I hate him and am jealous? If it pleases you to think that, you crack on bud.
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