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  1. 2. PUNISHMENTS – Relating to Friendly Matches (a) CAUTIONS ADMINISTERED ON THE FIELD OF PLAY The Association shall not impose any sanction in respect of cautions administered during Friendly Matches. Where sanctions are imposed in respect of cautions on Participants with their agreement (e.g. as part of tournament rules), any such sanction may only apply to Friendly Matches and shall not apply to FTCM or NFTM. (b) PLAYERS SENT OFF UNDER LAW 12 A player dismissed from the Field of Play will be suspended automatically from Friendly Matches until such time as his Club has completed its next Friendly Match, as decided by The Football Association. (c) RULE E3 OF THE ASSOCIATION A charge of Misconduct pursuant to Rule E3 of the Rules of The Association may be brought against a Player in relation to any incident arising in a Friendly Match notwithstanding that the same incident has been dealt with pursuant to this Memorandum. A Regulatory Commission considering a charge under Rule E3 in such circumstances shall have regard to any punishment imposed under this Memorandum, and shall be free to impose a suspension relating to FTCM, and/or NFTM and/or Friendly Matches, at its absolute discretion.
  2. Everyone bangs on about 10 games but in reality we were flying high in 4th or 5th after 10 games last season. It's a load of tosh. You only have a real idea come Christmas time & even then things can change dramatically.
  3. Just a quick note - Did anybody else notice the "Thanks for your support" banner go up on the scoreboard after they announced the attendance? The eagle eyed may have spotted that there's a lovely image of Carol & Kevin one side & our old friend, John Askey on the other! Bet DC had to double take...
  4. Not sure if it has been confirmed elsewhere but the triallist on the bench tonight looked like Solanke. They were warming up at half time & I'm pretty sure it was him.
  5. Went to the game tonight. I came away impressed. Thought we looked a decent outfit against opposition from the league above. Controlled sections of the game & unfortunate to lose the game. Played some good football & there were some good individual performances. Covolan had a good game with a couple of super saves. One from a header late 2nd half was unbelievable. Pett looks a very tidy player, comfortable on the ball & can turn on a sixpence. Walker looked steady & is a presence infront of the back 3. Conlon worked hard. Rodders & Wilson worked hard but couldn't quite get into the game as they'd have wanted. Martin, Johnson & Jones did well as a back 3. All 3 look like big lads & we're decent & strong on the ball. Overall thought we more than held our own against them. We conceded the 2nd after just making subs & the first was from a corner which DC will not be happy about. Only pre season but was great to be back in Vale Park & I thought we looked a decent outfit at times.
  6. Wouldn't be surprised if Leon Legge is the player who has refused a vaccine. He spouts some absolute garbage on Twitter. The bloke loves a conspiracy theory.
  7. I can see Smith, Martin & Johnson starting as the back 3 as we stand. Then a wing back either side, Gibbo/Jones/Benning if the rumour mill is to be believed...
  8. Both are absolutely brilliant. Superb signings by the club.
  9. I think the keeper is already signed, along with another 4/5 outfield players. I genuinely think the club are hoping/expecting that the new kits turn up next week. I think we've been holding fire on some of the announcements so that they can do a big kit launch. There was a post on Twitter steering towards the kits arriving some time next week, so we shall see!
  10. Wilson is an exciting signing. Announced at a good time too. It's the kind of signing that might turn a few heads & potentially persuade a few to sign on the dotted line with us, rather than holding on for better offers elsewhere. Can you imagine the euphoria had we signed a James Wilson last summer... Hoping we can get him really fit & playing to the best of his ability. Pleased with the first 3 signings. Niggling worry about historic injuries but trust in DC & DF to have done due diligence on all signings. For what it's worth, I'd welcome Hannant back as well if that rumour is true. Hard working, fit, energetic with good technical ability. Would be a good signing.
  11. Sorry for using the word 'great'. I think somebody with a similar profile to him would be good as a number 2, at League 2 level.
  12. Based on him coming through the Utd Academy & having first team experience in the league below. He's also just 22. I'd have thought our number 2 will be a younger goalkeeper but we shall see. Not one for signing players based on highlights reels on YouTube & we certainly won't be doing that this summer, but some good examples of his distribution & shot stopping ability. Couple of worldy saves in there. Like I said only a suggestion anyway... this is the thread to discuss players, right? Calm yourselves.
  13. Maybe they need a new defence... Someone like him would be a good number 2 for me.
  14. Not a rumour, but a goalkeeper by the name of Theo Richardson is leaving Kings Lynn. He's not yet announced where he is going next but seems to be very well thought of. Young & promising goalkeeper, particularly good with his feet. He came through at Man Utd. Someone like him would make a great number 2 & I would think he fits the kind of profile we might be looking at; young for a goalkeeper with the potential to improve & step up when needed.
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