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  1. Wonder if we've got a chance of getting Politic in perm... I thought it was virtually impossible before the window opened but seeing how active & no nonsense we have been is making me reconsider. Really would be one of the best signings in our recent history if we can get him signed up somehow. 21, hungry, absolute class. Being very greedy but come on Vale, make it happen somehow. Never have a better chance of bagging an absolute class act at such a young age. He could play Championship easily for me. Nows our chance, be too late in summer I fear.
  2. I agree with this. Fee paid for Hussey & sounds like a fee agreed with Harrogate for Connor Hall. We spent 15K on Steve Brooker about 20 years ago but can't remember a time when we've paid an actual fee to sign somebody since... other than DC. So 2 in a week would point towards money coming in somewhere. But who knows!
  3. I'd be disappointed to see Johnson go, I think given a run of games he could be a good player for us. He had a really poor start, lost his place very quickly & then was just knocking on the door of the starting 11 again before the games were called off. He's got all the attributes to be very decent at this level. I wouldn't be too sad to see Rodney leave but I'd be very surprised if we're letting a striker leave under current circumstances (even though I think he's better out wide) If somebody came in with decent money it would be foolish not to sell based on this seasons form. He looked a real asset last year. I'm not close to the detail but I know he's recently become a parent & he's obviously been hampered with some niggling injuries, but he just hasn't quite been at it so far this season. There was times last season when he was unplayable & we just haven't seen that this year from him.
  4. Like this signing, let's back the lad & build up his confidence. He's 20 years old, has played for his country at Youth level & has been loaned out at League 1 level, so could be seen as something of a coup for us to get him. Good luck Ryan, we will back you all the way lad👍🏼
  5. Was always going to be tough on Saturday, but having not played since December 11th I really think we're up against it. It's very very difficult to replicate match time through training & although I think we'll be as prepped as possible with DC at the helm, I don't think we'll be able to match Brentford even if they make some changes. Seen lots of teams who've had breaks looking very sluggish, them lot down the road spring to mind & Northampton got tonked at the weekend. Will still be great to get back in Vale Park & with the amount of home games we have coming up it would be good to put in a good performance.
  6. Is the Dom Telford thing an actual rumour or are people just picking the most in form striker in the league & praying he ends up at Vale? I would fall off my actual chair if he signed for us in Jan. I just cannot see it at all & any Newport supporter reading this would probably be laughing their heads off. I'd say there's about a 1% chance of us bagging him... if that.
  7. The guy played a part in Cheltenham's title winning season last season... way more experienced than Eden Bailey so don't agree with the like for like assessment.
  8. I still think we're the best side in this league when everybody is fit. The points we've dropped from winning positions... Newport, Oldham, Rochdale, Sutton. I'd have taken a point today but always really disappointing when taken the lead. We need to make sure this period doesn't derail our season. Pick up scabby points, shithouse our way through. Every point is vital.
  9. I liked Lloyd. Think he got some undeserved stick at times. I think he will turn out to be a good player in a few years time. He had a good first touch & awareness & his biggest asset was his work rate, he hunted balls down which is what this team is all about. He also notched a few goals for us despite limited game time. Good luck to him in his recovery & wish him all the best.
  10. Will be fuming if we throw this away. Rarely make it easy do we.
  11. I wouldn't agree with this. Yes we're missing our 2 first choice strikers but rest of the team looks strong. If we were missing Wozza, Conlon, Pett, Gibbo etc I'd call it bare bones.
  12. Brentford currently 12th best team in the country, above the likes of Everton & Newcastle. Will be a great game & something to look forward to in January, a big test for our lads that's for sure. Bring it on!
  13. I reckon we'll get a Blackburn or Cardiff away from home. Not particularly appealing & slim chance of progression. Dreaming of Anfield, Old Trafford or Tottenham Hotspur stadium though & that's what yesterday's win has done. It's allowed us to dream for 48 hours!
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