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  1. Why don't you ask your railway friends to check the attendance for their final with Cheltenham a fews years back... 24K total I believe... not that I personally give a dam about the attendance. 20K would be around 4 x our standard home support which would be some going. So excited to watch the Vale at Wembley. Didn't think I'd ever see the day 😂 To share that experience with my kids & my Grandad, it will be one of the most special days of my life whatever the outcome. One off the bucket list before time runs out. I've booked on at Wealdstone. Spoke with the bloke arranging it earlier, had a chat about Tom Pett & he told me they've got over 100 Vale already booked in for free parking. Includes a BBQ, & bar open from 11am. Ruislip station a 10 minute stroll away & straight on the Metropolitan Line to Wembley Park (20 min journey costing £1.80 ew) They had 600 Sunderland last weekend & hosted Wrexham yesterday as well. Should be a great start to the day! UTV 😁
  2. I might get dogs abuse for this but... I know this is just a bit of a laugh & I understand why people are going on about it but... is there any chance we could just leave it be & enjoy our day out at Wembley, win or lose. Seeing loads of people buying various pig related items for the final, why let him even play a part in our day at Wembley? It's not for me at all, he means nothing, we've dealt with him, karma has already been served. Why drag it out any further & give him the satisfaction that he's still even on our minds... Come on Vale fans, let's have an amazing day at Wembley & forget about him for goodness sake. It's done. We move on... to our first ever final at the new Wembley. Great Times! I hope we fill our end with black & white flags, hats, scarves, banners, tikker tape, the works... but sod this pig thing, it's weird. UTV
  3. Anybody who is driving down, there is an option to park at Watford Junction for £6 per day & get the tube to Wembley Park Station. Potentially a slightly less expensive way of doing things & makes the journey home much quicker as you are up & out of London.
  4. Little side note... Popey public enemy number 1, John Askey... Celebrating another promotion today, this time with York City through the playoffs. Maybe his man management isn't so shocking after all, York fans singing Askey's at the wheel today! Talk about egg on your face. Everybody entitled to an opinion though.
  5. Absolute class act. The one & only voice from the Swindon side of things speaking truth & sense. The lack of humility & grace from your club in general (no well wishes in the final etc) is so so poor. There was clearly bad blood between the two sets of players, which is understandable I think based on the comments from the Swindon management & players... professionals you'd expect to know better. I'm all for confidence & backing your own teammates, but some of the stuff in the build up to both games & in the aftermath of the 1st leg was really cringey from Swindon. I've never encountered anything quite like it before from any club. Almost like the majority of your fan base has been sucked into the arrogant & cocky culture which seems to flow down right from the top. Fair play to you for your comments. You're a credit to your club. Good luck to you.
  6. I'd be surprised if alot of Forest fans attend to support Mansfield. They've got to fork out for their own playoff final!
  7. Was going to post about this. Cracking little player. Would be a real coup.
  8. You're going to be sat behind a pillar unfortunately mate.
  9. Absolutely spot on. Would love us to turn the Hamil into a proper home end. Get a big flag in there to pass around before kick off & turn it into our own version of the Kop. Flags, scarves, banners, streamers. Would be amazing!
  10. I genuinely believe this should happen if it gets to that point. He has a history of penalty saves in shootouts & saved the one at Mansfield earlier this season. I would 100% be subbing him on last few mins of extra time & telling him to win us the tie. I'd also be telling whoever is in goal for penos, stand still for McKirdy's penalty. There is massive chances he trys the Panenka down the middle, he won't be able to help himself. Just stand there & catch it.
  11. He arrogantly walked through our summer signings during the podcast last summer & I vividly remember him calling out the players who had left as better players than the ones who had come in to replace them. Well Tom... we've finished 5th & would've walked the top 3 had we not had such an unfortunate season off the pitch. Your lot scraped us to mid table last season after flirting with relegation for the majority. So stick that in your pipe. We might not go up this season but you've already been proven wrong. This is a squad & staff that will get us up eventually. His tweets are a joke, calling out Conlon's ability as a captain. It's not all about being one of the lads Tom & being able to have a laugh & a joke. It's about leading by example & living the right way, respecting the club who have given you the armband. Genuinely hope his testimonial goes well. I won't be there.
  12. I also think Williams got a knock. He came off & they stuck ice straight on him. I'm sure he will start but I'm not sure he will last the duration on Thursday, another boost.
  13. I feel similar to this. There's always a big turning point in these 2 legged affairs & when their lad put that chance for the 3rd over the bar it felt like a big moment. The tide changed. We went from being virtually dead & buried & out of the tie at 3-0 down, to clawing a goal back & being a solitary goal behind. Felt like a big moment that miss. I didn't see anything other than McKirdy to be afraid of. Whether they will get their passing game going on our big pitch remains to be seen but I think we have a great chance. If somebody had said at the start of the season, you'll need to win your final home game by a 2 goal margin/penalties to get to Wembley... you'd have snapped their hand off. I've a sneaky suspicion we will see penalties on Thursday. & I'd honestly sub Cov on with 30 seconds remaining for the shootout. If it does go that far, whoever is in nets... stay put for the McKirdy pen. He is absolutely nailed on to try a panenka, he won't be able to help himself.
  14. Whilst I'll be disappointed if we don't sell out it wouldn't surprise me. I think there's a few factors to take into account. Evening game so there will be people who work away midweek/evenings. Kids of a certain age probably tucked up in bed ready for next day at school. Lots of fair weather fans already shown up v Bristol & Newport & probably thought they won't bother again. It's also on Sky... Holiday season, I know of atleast 4 people who are away this week on stags/hols. Money... lots of ppl with season tickets might not be able fork out £20 for an extra game in current climate. Having said all that I still think we'll see over 10K inside Vale Park on Thursday eve. I'd expect around 8K Vale & Swindon have sold out their allocation. Should be a great atmosphere.
  15. He had a really poor game. I won't hear any different. But we go again Thursday.
  16. Suicide passes, running the ball out of play, giving the ball away, lost McKirdy from the corner... he even lined up a long throw & let it slip out of his hands. He was pants. Had a good first 10 minutes then nothing.
  17. I agree Martin looks so sluggish when on the ball, nearly got caught out at Exeter last week & same happened again today. He can't handle strikers closing him down & dallys on the ball, accident waiting to happen. Special shout out to Gibbo for playing the same suicide ball back inside to his centre half knowing what happened last weekend... I like Gibbo but thought he was shocking today bar 1 x tackle he made. We have to stop them out wide. We looked a different side when Benning came on.
  18. He's injured. He would be starting if he was 100% fit. He's been playing through injury for weeks.
  19. Really didn't enjoy the Sky coverage. So so biased towards Swindon, an ex player on the side lines alongside Taylor, the Exeter manager, who most definitely has something against us... probably not surprising after we stopped him winning a championship. Belittling of Vale's football throughout the show. Seemed to be a general theme of Vale being the rough & ugly bully boys & Swindon the Man City of League 2. That's the theme they rolled with. Even after the game in the player interviews you've got Williams saying if they can avoid the nasty challenges on Thursday they should be okay! When we got it down & played we did well. Thought couple of players had shockers, Smith was terrible & Gibbo was appalling. Hopefully they can put it right Thursday. 1 goal, still anyones game. Wasn't impressed with Swindon but they might look a different side away from home. Without McKirdy they would be nowhere. & I agree, he is a <ovf censored>, but he thrives off it. His whole game is about being on the wind up, that's what motivates him. His interview after the game... "wouldn't call Vale my ex club as I never played." There's a reason for that you <ovf censored> stirrer. Never wanted to be here in the first place. Come on Vale, they think they've got this won the way they were going on at full time & after the game. They look <ovf censored> at the back, just attack! I'd like see Harratt play a part Thursday, they like to fanny about at the back & he's very good at closing down the ball. You don't get that with a half fit Proctor unfortunately. Let's make a great atmosphere Thursday night guys, I'm more confident than I was before kick off today.
  20. A last day from their worst nightmares for Northampton but football has a funny way of evening itself out eventually from a good fortune perspective, even if it takes a while. They got extremely lucky when the season got cut short & we missed out on the playoffs based on PPG. They squirmed in & went on to win at Wembley. I really hope it's our year. I hope we get the rub of the green that's sometimes required in the playoffs. A decision, a penalty, a 98th minute winner... anything. We're long overdue aren't we on all fronts. No playoffs since 93, one of the few EFL teams to never have played at the new Wembley. You could put it down to us being crap for the majority of the last 25 years but I think there's also been a few unfortunate occasions along the way. Ironically Swindon shafting us v Hartlepool on the last day all those years back in league 1. It's time. Come on Vale. Bring it home for us.
  21. This is what worries me. I don't feel like we've got the legs in midfield to deal with them. This isn't a dig at all, just an observation, but I still feel we look like we're lacking legs massively in midfield. Even yesterday, we never really had any control of the middle of the park. Garrity has had a long hard season, Walker is sidelined, Pett just back from injury, Charsley has picked up a knock. Some might question it but I'd be tempted with Taylor, just to have fresh legs & energy in there to try & combat their movement. Maybe the 2 week rest for Wozza will have re-energised him. I do feel it's vital to try & inject some energy & not just choose players based on the fact they got a result yesterday. I think young Harratt still has a part to play as well. PS. I hope Proc spends the next 7 days in the ice baths & getting daily massage! Wilson alluded to the fact that Proc has been struggling for couple of weeks in his after match interview & I think you've been able to tell he's not been full throttle. Prime Proc would make a massive difference but he looked dead on his feet for the final 20 yesterday. I was surprised they didn't bring Kian on after 70 mins.
  22. Swindon are the 1 x side I would have preferred to steer clear of just because I think Vale Park suits their style of play. They are a good footballing team & the best side I witnessed at Vale Park all season. They were playing us off the pitch even when we had 11 men. Having said that, we won at their place & you'd like to think DC & our coaching staff have learned lessons from the 2 x league games, specifically the home match. McKirdy & Williams are the two who need particular focus. I can see McKirdy causing us problems, I'm not sure we have a way to stop him especially with Walker sidelined. Great to be in the playoffs, some exciting games to come & more TV money in the coffers! Great to have the 2nd leg at home in the evening as well, Vale Park can be a special place in the evening & I'm sure it'll be full to the brim. Let's hope we can find our way to Wembley in what would be a fitting way to end the season after so many trials & tribulations. DC to win it on penos at Wembley again... he couldn't... could he.
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