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  1. Looks like from JoeBs post that he did play DM for Lincoln. I like him in the role, less blunt force brute and more intelligent breakup play and quarterback.
  2. I thought he played that position for Lincoln when they got promoted?
  3. Feels like we robbed a point there. Mansfield looked decent and will start to climb the league now their players are returning. Results went with us with everyone in the top 7 drawing apart from swindon beating Sutton. Onwards and upwards UTV
  4. Hate to say it but I'm nervous about tonight... I always remember as a kid the Vale would be struggling near the bottom of the league and then go and turn over a top team to boost our season. Its lovely that we are now the top team in that scenario, but they have the players to hurt us. 2-2 draw.
  5. Away from gone I would expect DC to stick with the 352 Then maybe switching to the more attacking 4231 / 433 at home
  6. DC makes the point over and over that you can’t judge a player after only 10 games. So I doubt he would do it after a 25 min sun appearance.
  7. Bennings strike looks even better from this angle. Bit of quality that.
  8. This. 100% Its the psyche of the football fan in general, but I do think the vale are particularly bad at it. We revel in targeting one of our own players.
  9. I think this is part of the problem… judging him as “likeable” or not based on the 3 mins he gives to the press every few days, rather than how he treats people (players, reporters, supporters, staff behind the scenes all day every day) seems like a particularly poor way of judging someone’s character.
  10. I find this really interesting… I genuinely don’t see any difference in his interviews this year vs last. I think a lot of people over reacted last year and now they are realising it was a bit over the top? Not having a go at you personally as I think a few will be in the same boat… but honestly, he hasn’t changed his interview style at all.
  11. It’s only one from what I can tell. Let’s all not make this out like loads of vale fans don’t rate him. One bloke has given his opinion which is quite incorrect based on the vast majority of responses Pett is brill. UTV
  12. Wouldnt read that pile of garbage if someone paid me. The fact you can’t tell if they are on a wind up or serious demonstrates the level of thought that goes into most of the bile that gets posted on there.
  13. Will Mansfield sack Clough before Tuesday night?
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