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  1. Welcome Kurtis! Im certainly not got to judge based on his Bradford record, that place has been a graveyard for strikers for years... look at Doyle. Judge him on his performances for us. Doesn’t seem like that difficult a concept!
  2. UV hinting at Guthrie again. He has a touch of the McKirdys about him but Stevenage fans loved him. Hasnt worked out at Bradford and I know we were keen in the past.
  3. Get well soon Popey! Vale legend!
  4. You have a lot of built up anger... try yoga or something. You will burst a blood vessel youth.
  5. Based on the comments on Twitter their fans seem to think their line up is strong, albeit with some youth players included.
  6. 100% this.. I actually liked that some of the players took some responsibility. They didn't need to, they could have just squirmed away from the issue.
  7. I believe the players call Neil Warnock "Colin".... If you are a fan of anagrams then you will see why.
  8. Footballers... happens up and down the country I’m afraid. One man was paid to keep them motivated, interested and willing to follow his instructions. I respect John and thank him for what he did for the vale but on that front he failed. There is no shame in it, it’s bloody hard... but we shouldn’t pay him to keep failing.
  9. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/story-behind-transfer-deal-port-4876048 Late interest from Salford but they wanted to move someone on first. It mentions "The value for Forest in this deal is in a significant sell on clause rather than an up-front fee" but not clear whether that means no fee at all or just a nominal fee. Either way, good bit of business.
  10. I have to say that video did make me laugh!
  11. You might want to read that tweet again... someone has set up a parody account to have a pop at UV and its them that's posted it.
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