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  1. Good. The football side of the club needed a good shake up. The trend line shows (a few ups and downs aside) that we were a club heading south built on a poor platform of football processes. Viva La revolution
  2. He’s back on Twitter and someone asked him about McKirdy. I have zero problem with him answering that question (he said he was a good lad) and I don’t even mind the fact that he said McKirdy needed an arm around him and didn’t get one (that’s football) What I do have a problem with is the sly dig at “the current captain” (see picture of tweet)… there is no need for it, he knows people will blindly follow his opinion and it damaged the complex relationship between fans / players and club. Thankfully he seems to have come to his senses and deleted the tweet. As I said before… he has an opportunity to be a real force for good at the club. Let’s hope he takes that path rather than the one where he comes across as bitter with a vendetta that he will satisfy to sooth his own ego to the detriment of the club.
  3. I notice he has deleted his tweet having a dig at Conlon (image attached) The bloke is making a real go at ruining his reputation. He will pass it off as “I say what I want and I’m my own man”… but a step back and a bit of thought and Tom would realise that he could be a real force for good at the Vale. Oh well.
  4. I wonder what his view on taking the knee is… hmmmmm I bet he prefers to keep politics out of football. Vile human.
  5. Theo released by Bradford. The following players have not been offered new contracts ahead of the 2022/23 season, and will be released: - Callum Cooke - Caolan Lavery - Gareth Evans - Olivier Sukiennicki - Richard O’Donnell - Theo Robinson
  6. Tranmere list in full. The following players will depart the Club following the end of their contract: Callum McManaman, Jay Spearing, Nathaniel Knight-Percival, Joe Maguire, Nicky Maynard, Mani Dieseruvwe. suprised to see Spearing on there… maybe his injury was worse than thought as he is their heartbeat … 33 years old though.
  7. Realistically I would take Christy Pym. Would live Ryan Broom but would need to be in league 1 and even then might be out of our reach.
  8. Burton Albion: Winger Danny Rowe, defenders Luke Redfern and Michael Bostwick and strikers Oumar Niasse and Aaron Amadi-Holloway will all depart the Pirelli Stadium on the expiration of their current deals.
  9. FGR retained list Released Taylor Allen Jack Evans Opi Edwards Jake Young Elliott Whitehouse Vaughn Covil Luke Hallett
  10. Carlisles retained list Players released: Lewis Alessandra, Danny Devine, Mark Howard, Jamie Devitt*, Manasse Mampala, Rod McDonald, Kelvin Mellor and Gime Toure. *Jamie Devitt will be invited back for pre-season training.
  11. Brilliant vale. Stay strong, stick together, believe! On to the playoffs!
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