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  1. Iron Curtain


    They do famously say fighting fire with fire is the best way to put out a fire. I think Cummings is already on the list of people you demand extra special levels of evidence against before you will hear a bad world said about them... but I will double check
  2. Iron Curtain


    Great to See Rishi Sunak talking about his £1,000 retention bonus plan... He was honest, admitted it wasn't perfect and "there will be deadweight" So refreshing for him at acknowledge its not perfect and trusting the public to realise this. That's all people want. Compare that to Blustering Boris Trump who seems to think if he just tells people he is perfect in every way they will be stupid enough to believe him. Its an insult to people intelligence to think they will buy his lies, unfortunately there are a lot of people proving him right by lapping them up. The sooner Rishi replaces the disaster zone that is Boris the better.
  3. Iron Curtain


    Absolutely shocking ... Brexiters wanted rid of unelected bureaucrats and now we have one controlling a useless puppet of a Prime Minister whilst running rough-shot over whatever he fancies.
  4. This is true... but I do love a bit of gossip to keep us interested in the close season
  5. Good speech from Mr Holding today At the cricket. Don’t read all the comments ... some of them are unfortunately deplorable.
  6. Walsall are reported to have offered him a contract.
  7. The picture of someone spreading Jam would also point to Hartley... Hartleys Jam!!
  8. Other potentials are: According to their website this fellow is out of contract: Charles Dunne - 27 yrs old - 6'2" - Charles Dunne provides a pacy and assured option for the Steelmen both as a left-sided central defender and, on occasion, at left back. Composed on the ball and an influential figure amongst his team mates, Dunne also has the accolade of being the club’s fastest player. During a game with Edinburgh City in 2017, he was clocked at 22 mph, putting him amongst the speediest in the UK alongside Hector Bellerin, Marcus Rashford, Matt Phillips and Kyle Walker. He has played for Wycombe, Blackpool, Crawley and Oldham in the past And based on their released list Peter Hartley - 32 yrs old - 6'2" former captain (Would also explain why UV on twitter said "Yup" to a picture of an orange heart.
  9. Iron Curtain


    Boris today trying to say that when he said "Care homes were not following the procedures" he didn't mean that care homes were not following the procedures! He also refused to apologise for his awful comment. He is now saying that what he meant was that "no one knew about the potential for asymptomatic transmission" - see timeline below taken from Stefan Simonowitz twitter account that proves that's rubbish. He is now just making stuff up to cover up his failures, and people are eating it up because they don't like the truth, we have really messed this up and people have died. The sooner Rishi takes over from Boris Trump the better. A timeline: On 28th January the Government published a paper on asymptomatic spread and on the same day SAGE said "Asymptomatic transmission cannot be ruled out" Reports on the potential of Asymptomatic transmission were released by Scientific America (31st Jan), New York Times (26th Feb), CDC (12th MArch) and NATURE (20th March) Professor Jeremy Farrar, a member of sage has said that "It was clear that Asymptomatic transmission was a strong possibility in mid Jan and confirmed in February On the 9th April Patrick Vallance said at a daily briefing "30% - 50% of those infected by coronavirus could be asymptomatic carriers" This is the period that people were being transferred to care homes without testing. On the 22 April Matt Hancock said in the commons that "The scientific evidence DOES show that aysmptomatic transmission occurs and that is one of the very significant challenges this virus presents"
  10. UV has since added that he doesn't know who the defender is... so that probably rules out Burgess. Someone has posted a heart and he said "Yep" and someone else posted a gif of someone spreading Jam. Someone else has put 2 and 2 together and said it could be someone from Hearts.... The JAMbos. Defenders they have released include: - Clevid Dikamona - 30 yrs old - French 6'2" - Played 11 games last year - Jay Nwanze - 19 yrs old - Irish / Nigeria - No appearances - Daniel Baur - 21 yr old - Scottish - 6'5" - 6 appearances for Scotland U19 - On loan to lower league Scottish football last year - Alex Petkov - 20 yrs old - Bulgarian - 6'3" - On loan at Brechin city I love football rumours.... I may be over thinking this.... hahahahaha
  11. UV in twitter saying we are in for McCartan and a defender "From the north" has been the the club.
  12. Agreed, they are all either very young and are just winding each other up with stupid comments that they somehow find funny amongst themselves, or Don’t know what they are talking about.
  13. Maybe looking for ways to break down teams that park the bus
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