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  1. Ah well... never mind eh. You can never get 100% of people to like you. Can’t imagine they will lose any sleep given they are loved and respected by all but the pimple on the arse of the minority.
  2. Good point, like with most players he may be exactly what a team out there is looking for, and the left side of a back three would suit his style better. I have faith that he will continue to develop and the coaching team will be working with him on where he needs to develop.
  3. This is probably a little harsh... he is learning his trade at LB, is young and will get better. His performances may not be where they need to be to dislodge Monty... but to write him off with the stroke of a keyboard as "Just not good enough" feels too far.
  4. I suspect that will be Askeys first choice team apart from two changes: 1. Bennett for Cullen, whether people like it or not Askey likes a big mobile forward to press and provide movement up front. And as mentioned, he has getting results with the tactic of bringing on a fresh striker to go at a tired defence. 2. Stuart Tomlinson is now a WWE wrestler, so Jonny Maddison would probably be on the bench
  5. He is a young developing defender who will continue to improve. Monty is playing well and Crookes will hopefully take this as a learning and developing opportunity. He needs the support of the fans and their patience in allowing him to develop. No doubt at all that he will be back in the team at some point as it’s a long season... fortunately Askey has build a squad rather than a team!
  6. I think that’s a cracking answer Howj... as Macc fans say, give Askey time not money. There will be some ups and downs but as long as the long term trend of the club is that if improvement JA needs to be given all the support he deserves!
  7. Great post... Scunny are one of the form teams in our league (along with ourselves) and are very very good at home. I would be very happy with a draw. I can imagine some of our more ‘interesting’ forum members rubbing their hands together at the chance to have a dig if things don’t go well.... Forget the form... they are a team In the bottom 6 they will cry! Fingers crossed they get silenced once again!
  8. And that’s Gibbo who was being slated by the moaners on here a few weeks back... they have now moved onto Bennett. Certain Vale fans always need to have someone to moan at... it’s a disorder!
  9. Legge tweeted last night that the “character within this squad is frightening” which is amazing to see. last year conceding in the first min would have been game over... yesterday I Always thought we could turn it around! UTV!
  10. Say what you want about Monty... we are unbeaten since he took over at left back, having conceded 1 league goal (I think) since he has been in the back 4. Is he a perfect left back, no... but then again he is a league 2 player... people were sl*gging off Gibbo a month ago saying how poor he was. Now he is the best thing since sliced bread. Benno and Amoo seem to be creeping into the firing line because despite running his knackers off Benno doesn’t score every game. And despite having fullbacks on toast Amoo tires on 60mins. These mini vendettas really are a bit silly.
  11. The options we have this year vs last are light years ahead... it’s nice to have an actual squad this year rather than a team! Bennett brings a lot to the team, the goals have dried up a little but he will be back in the goals eventually. Nice to have options up front to rotate through.
  12. Great post and sums up my view on things very well. People Moaned their knackers off about Askey and his squad... and they have been made to look daft. Now it’s about not getting too over excited... this is a huge turnaround compared to lasts years and way above expectations at this stage. ai fear people will now start to call for Askeys head off we don’t get promoted... don’t be short termist people... look at the long term trend, which is looking healthy! UTV
  13. The last “ thoughts on JA” thread had some interesting comments... @Playa Amodores was confused by his decisions @Doha WINCED when C&K gave him a 3 year contract @MelbourneValiant with my favourite comment that he is “Tactically clueless” Oh and @Biddulph Vale how are we compared to last year? “Not seeing the improvement” was I think your comment! 1 loss in 12 2 points off the automatic promotion places Rated top 6 in the country for form BEFORE today’s win Any of you willing to Be the bigger man and admit you were wrong!?!?!?! Well done JA and team... keep up the bad decisions, and the clueless tactics, and the terrible substitutions and keep the improvement going over your three year contract!! UTV!!!!
  14. Cracking win showing great resolve! 2 points (or one last min equaliser not conceded) off the automatic places! There will be a few on here who were looking forward to having a dig who will suddenly have turned off their phones and are now sat there not sure what to do. you can see it in the comments during the game... desperate to start a new vendetta against Bennett who got into some good positions today and just didn’t finish! One loss in 12... Making the couch pundits look stupid again! UTV!!
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