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  1. Isn't it amazing that people will still support someone who shows these qualities... cough cough... you... cough cough... Norman Smurthwaite.... cough cough. Jeez, I'm coughing so much I might just need a covid-19 test. No one likes Hypocrisy RB
  2. I would say given the work they do, the push towards data being shared via online platforms as more and more people work from home, and the need for additional security..... that Synectics will do just fine.
  3. Hope all is ok Rob... Not an issue with the new adverts, you need to do what you can. Stay safe. IC
  4. Iron Curtain

    Run In

    Agreed... Its a bit of a myth that we are a low scoring team. We are scoring about as many as you would expect for someone in our position in the league. Obviously scoring more would improve our chances of scoring... but that's a bit of a captain obvious statement. People seem to think we are under indexing in goals and are scraping into the playoffs by not conceding many... in reality we score in the vast vast majority in games and are sharing the goals around the team.
  5. Andy Holt's latest twitter feed is fascinating reading... he goes on about all the investment he needs to do at Accrington (on facilities and infrastructure) but demonstrates that it could be that spending that puts the club out of business.
  6. So the bloke who spend the first 3 - 4 months of the season comparing us to last season to prove we were not very good now says we can’t compare ourselves to last season because it makes us look good?!?!?!
  7. Embarrassing... and I bet they were kids? There are a bunch on twitter who seem to think they are funny and clever despite being neither.
  8. Alex Gillead, we were linked with him in the summer.
  9. Very frustrating!! The positives are we are back in the playoffs... it’s a 4 club race for 2 spaces between Us, Northampton, colchester and Bradford. Get more points than two of those (or the same) in the next 10 games and we are in the playoffs! Simple as that! Oh, and how much more fun is this than worrying about morcambes results and our football league status! Keep the faith... UTV!!
  10. Yeah I bet you are right... just goes to show how hard it is if you recruit incorrectly based on paying more for better players... Look at Notts County too. Just goes to show what an awesome job Askey is doing!
  11. Shame we couldn’t cling on to the win, but good point away from home... keeps the unbeaten run going. Goal diff from the playoffs and a gap to Bradford. Unlucky lads! UTV!!
  12. I think the point here is that the money is actually coming from Peter Lim, a billionaire from Singapore who also owns Valencia. I dont think the class of 92 have put in much at all i comparison. They do however mean we have to watch Sky Sports Fawn over them and the club. Financial FAir play was meant to keep things level.... Salford are not doing that. I don't like them.
  13. Unfortunately this is the key comment.
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