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  1. Where is the feature in Burgess LT? Any chance of a link?
  2. ahhhh yes, he would have helped with recruitment whilst DC gets credit for the rest! Great team! Are you not a fan of DC?
  3. No sorry that’s not what I’m saying. I was responding to why I feel more confident in DC handling any issues than JA. All examples and hypothesis are hyperbole and considered as a singular variable in isolation to make the point.
  4. Credit goes to DC for finding him, finding ways to utilise him, assigning him a role that works within the construct of his team and running the ‘Management department’ in a way that gets the best out of everyone. Well done DC.
  5. I thought Amoo was out of contract but he is contracted to the summer of 2022 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53247529
  6. It comes down to how people see the game I guess... If Oldham had hit the inside of the post like Conlon had then no doubt the interpretation would have been "we were Lucky to not lose". Their forum at the time was full of people saying they were lucky to get a draw. But if you have openly slated the manager and made it clear he isnt who you wanted, then consciously or not you will have a natural bias leading to different interpretations. We were unlucky in that game... that's for sure!
  7. My thinking is this.... One of two things is true, either 1. All football squads are a bunch of ego driven, self absorbed, money hungry blokes who push and challenge managers when they are not getting what they want and have the ability to unsettle things. or 2. The Port Vale squad over the period mentioned was a bunch of ego driven, self absorbed, money hungry blokes who push and challenge managers but was a standout and was way worse than any other team in the league. If #1 is true, then all managers have to handle them, they will have good periods where they are s
  8. They have 5 games to do it in that case... because I cant see many of them being here next year. NA and JA couldn't handle the dressing room.. Its a huge part of management. I would back the new football department of Flickers and DC to do a better job.
  9. Love a few stats I do.,.. great post. It had completely gone over my head that we are now above Stevenage! Brilliant work from DC.
  10. 2 decent shouts there... They would suit the 352 / 532 wing back positions nicely if that's what he is going to recruit for. Would we need someone who is a good old fashionediond left back for when / if we switch to 4 at the back maybe?
  11. You can use whatever definition of chances you like. I was agreeing with a poster who said we were unlucky not to win... we dominated them and hit the inside of the post. 3cm to the left and that goes in. We were unlucky.
  12. Watched it at the time... and the highlights many a time and again just just to refresh the memory. We were the better side and should have won. Conlon came within a lick of paint from scoring when he hit the post and it bounced back across the line. Very unlucky.
  13. He said we were unlucky not to win games against Oldham and Salford. Joking aside I agree with the Oldham game, we were the better side... We had 23 shots to their 8. We had 6 on target vs their 2. play that game 10 times and we win 7 or 8 times.
  14. An alternative to the past or present is looking to the future... I would prefer to try and find someone next season who has the winning mentality AND is available for all of our games. Manny will be replaced... we dont have to stick with what we have. Keep the faith.
  15. Or more consistent, or more available, or suits the system better, or have a better winning mentality.... lots of factors. Manny and Monty cant influence a game from the injury room.
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