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  1. Birchall also saying negotiations not going well between the club and Smith... and he knows Birmingham are monitoring him. Is he just trying to get his mate a better deal through the media?
  2. Stupidest comment of the decade competition is hotting right up!!
  3. This is the misconception just because he is tall... he plays nothing like Tom Pope. He is fast, mobile and tricky with his feet. Watch his highlights... not a headed goal in sight.
  4. He is a northern lad I think... these rumours are because he wants a move back up north.
  5. Twitter rumours is they also want Ollie Palmer!! Fee of £100k being mentioned!
  6. Oldham have signed Danny Rowe from Fylde. It will be very interesting to see how he does. Cant imagine what he would be on... certainly won’t be cheap!!!
  7. Can’t see that... whether people rate him or not he is a 1 in 3 striker. Would cost too much
  8. Excellently put... some people are just happier when they are moaning and just naturally see the negative in things. I understand the frustration of being within touching distance of the playoffs and not getting over the line... but people need to look more long term than short term!
  9. The bigger test of the owners is whether they will gamble the security of the club By “throwing money at” a problem, or choose to continue to invest wisely and with the continuation of Port Vale in mind.
  10. Crewe play 433 when playing away from home against teams at the bottom of the league
  11. Seems like a wise decision... I shall join you in that one!
  12. Terrible game... the team look tired after a long hard Christmas period. One positive is it screws over that despicable Graham Westley. Queue a huge over reaction from a number of our fans
  13. The obsession with it is baffling!
  14. I think Archibald is designed for higher leagues, there were some rumours that posh were looking at him. Albeit from one of those useless transfer rumour twitter feeds.
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