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  1. He is also, I imagine, pretty cheap and therefore an excellent squad member when you have a salary cap to contend with.
  2. Welcome Kurtis! Im certainly not got to judge based on his Bradford record, that place has been a graveyard for strikers for years... look at Doyle. Judge him on his performances for us. Doesn’t seem like that difficult a concept!
  3. UV hinting at Guthrie again. He has a touch of the McKirdys about him but Stevenage fans loved him. Hasnt worked out at Bradford and I know we were keen in the past.
  4. Get well soon Popey! Vale legend!
  5. You have a lot of built up anger... try yoga or something. You will burst a blood vessel youth.
  6. Based on the comments on Twitter their fans seem to think their line up is strong, albeit with some youth players included.
  7. 100% this.. I actually liked that some of the players took some responsibility. They didn't need to, they could have just squirmed away from the issue.
  8. I believe the players call Neil Warnock "Colin".... If you are a fan of anagrams then you will see why.
  9. Footballers... happens up and down the country I’m afraid. One man was paid to keep them motivated, interested and willing to follow his instructions. I respect John and thank him for what he did for the vale but on that front he failed. There is no shame in it, it’s bloody hard... but we shouldn’t pay him to keep failing.
  10. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/story-behind-transfer-deal-port-4876048 Late interest from Salford but they wanted to move someone on first. It mentions "The value for Forest in this deal is in a significant sell on clause rather than an up-front fee" but not clear whether that means no fee at all or just a nominal fee. Either way, good bit of business.
  11. They played him as a wingback
  12. I have to say that video did make me laugh!
  13. You might want to read that tweet again... someone has set up a parody account to have a pop at UV and its them that's posted it.
  14. It will be interesting to see how Pughy lines them up against FGR. I would be using 442 against lesser teams at home who we need to go and attack. Jake doesnt really fit into that for me, A fit Manny and Conlon would be the ideal partnership. I liked how he changed to 4231 in the second half to sure things up, and Taylor could absolutely play the number 10 rile that Burgess did. I would be sticking to 433 against the better sides, to pack the middle of the park, and we know Taylor plays well in that formation. I hope he signs.
  15. I'm not happy at this player situation but If I was Carol I'd be absolutely fuming paying wages for people who have blatantly not been working for the last few months I'd honestly be furious that the man she paid to control a bunch of pre-madonna footballers couldn't do it. Everyone knows what football dressing rooms are like, its not like it is a surprise that they are volatile and can turn on someone quickly.
  16. I’m not saying you don’t have a point of you consider it in complete isolation, I’m saying the level of frustration and pent up anger you are portraying whilst dying on this hill points to the fact it no longer seems to be about the topic itself, rather it’s become about the argument. That will eat you alive, case in point, it’s already lead to you calling someone you don’t know a D*c*n*s*e on a forum. Just my opinion. Feel free to ignore and continue the crusade.
  17. If I offered you a magic bean now that would guarantee that all three of our forwards would score 3 less goals than they were going to but create 6 more assists each for other members of the team.... you would snap my hand off. Honestly, I’m king of banging on about one topic over and over again, but this is ridiculous. Yes we would love it if Worral maintained his assist level and scored more goals. But equally to call him out over Amoo, Monty, Pope, Rodney feels like it was a throw away comment that has led you to get into a “discussion” with other posters you hate the idea of back
  18. Some people find it very very hard to back down from a position they have put themselves in. Its funny.
  19. Thanks for letting us know Jacko. Get well soon Martin!
  20. As mentioned in Ale & The vale podcast, what was the deal with Manny and Fitz yesterday. I get that we don’t want to give away players availability during the week. But on a match day surely letting fans know that Manny has a knock, or is isolating, or has Covid, or is being tested won’t hurt. Vale fans are obsessed with the club, well I am anyway... we need info and to feel that connection of what’s going on. Come on Martin... C- for me so far!!
  21. £1.5m I would guess given that’s the cap and we voted not to introduce it as we stated we could afford more.
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