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  1. I think its too simplistic to compare the situation and swap in our old disaster of an owner. Surely as grown ups and adults we would consider the context and reasoning of the decision and whether the owner was doing the right thing for the club. Wouldnt we?
  2. Its a waste of time and effort trying to explain. People don't want to hear that Askey will only sign someone if they are worth the money required. People apparently want us to be sustainable, People definitely dont want us to be the next Bury.... But at the same time they want us to overspend now because and gamble on a chance of promotion.... which is what Bury did! But can you tell them that.... nope. So let them keep being disappointed.
  3. Ahhhhhh well..... you cant please everyone eh!
  4. So overpay, take the gamble and try and get promoted as soon as possible?
  5. Ahhhhh well, you cant please everyone eh! If we do sign him, you will have to be a bit disappointed by yourself... or log onto facebook, there will be someone on there who isn't happy either no doubt.
  6. @RayWalkers40yarder should be made to write this out 100 times. It would be a better use of his time than moaning about the team and calling them bang average because we are not top, signing loads of players and winning by loads of goals each week. Stick your improvement Vale... I want us to be amazing IMMEDIATELY !! I want it now now now!! Long term my @rse, 8 months is enough to have turned this around and be perfect! Why aren’t we promoted already!
  7. Unofficial vale hinting that Mitch Clark could be heading back to Vale Park.
  8. That’s another argument I think you may not have fully thought through Like the one you just made about us being no good because we have won one less that the team top of the league and made them look average a few weeks back!
  9. Yes, we made top of the league look very average and we have lost only one less than them. That’s my point... what’s yours? Your default position is to suggest they are “nothing special” rather than we played well. Different people have different opinions in things I guess. Either you realise how much of a state we were in and think we have made an improvement as demonstrated by our league position and hope that improvement continues. Or even 17 wins out of 29 and being top of the league is considered “nothing special” and your expectations are unrealistic, short termist and not thought through. I’m REALLY not sure how “we beat top of the league and have only lost one less than them” is an argument to say we are no good... but you have made it... so I guess you are the second type of person!
  10. This proves how daft some people are... if 17 wins out of 29 and sitting top of the league is “nothing special” to you then I suggest you go follow Man City, Liverpool or follow a different sport. What is special? unbeaten all season? Never lose a game? Looks like we will never live up to your massive expectations?
  11. I wouldn’t worry yourself about it too much I’m struggling to think of a player that Askey wanted to keep last year that he failed to do so? I just can’t imagine a scenario where every one of our out of contract players don’t renew. Some will, some won’t... Askeys job is to deal with that, like every other manager in league 2, which is a league rife with high turnover.
  12. Birchall said on the radio that we were stubbing over "a few hundred quid". If that's right we are mad to haggle with a player of his quality When did he say that? I heard him say that “negotiations” weren’t going well and that Birmingham were monitoring the situation. But missed the “few hundred quid” comment. As an aside it stunk of Birchall trying to help his mate get a better deal via some unprofessional comments.
  13. What if "What he deserves" is £5,000 - £6,000 a week which he could reasonably get at Birmingham?
  14. I doubt any young footballer who has aspirations of playing higher in the league would have signed a 5 year deal with us a few years ago.
  15. Great game of football Great goal Great result
  16. Birchall also saying negotiations not going well between the club and Smith... and he knows Birmingham are monitoring him. Is he just trying to get his mate a better deal through the media?
  17. Stupidest comment of the decade competition is hotting right up!!
  18. This is the misconception just because he is tall... he plays nothing like Tom Pope. He is fast, mobile and tricky with his feet. Watch his highlights... not a headed goal in sight.
  19. He is a northern lad I think... these rumours are because he wants a move back up north.
  20. Twitter rumours is they also want Ollie Palmer!! Fee of £100k being mentioned!
  21. Oldham have signed Danny Rowe from Fylde. It will be very interesting to see how he does. Cant imagine what he would be on... certainly won’t be cheap!!!
  22. Can’t see that... whether people rate him or not he is a 1 in 3 striker. Would cost too much
  23. Excellently put... some people are just happier when they are moaning and just naturally see the negative in things. I understand the frustration of being within touching distance of the playoffs and not getting over the line... but people need to look more long term than short term!
  24. The bigger test of the owners is whether they will gamble the security of the club By “throwing money at” a problem, or choose to continue to invest wisely and with the continuation of Port Vale in mind.
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