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  1. They have the lad on loan form Scunthorpe who has scored something like 8 in 12 who is one to watch out for. We seem to struggle more against teams that sit back and deny us any space. It’s no coincidence that we seem to perform better against teams that come as us. Will they get the new manager bounce? Will sacking their manager mean they play less defensively? Will that suit us better? One thing is for certain, if we don’t win, despite us only losing 1 in 11 before the game, some of the moaners will have a field day on here and some genius couch pundit will question Askey position! Equally as certain, is if they do win.... those same couch pundits will be no where to be seen. UTV
  2. Another manager goes just before playing us... it would be fascinating to see the stats on this! Also a strange one as it looked like they had started a mini revival. Ignoring the checkatrade reserve competition they have won 2 and drawn 1 of their last 3 games. Theor recent league losses have been against Northampton, Plymouth, Crewe and Newport which is a tough run.
  3. The Ern vs Lloyd debate has moved from being annoying to a bit pathetic and even a little worrying. I boarderline feel sorry for Ern as that’s all he seems to be able to focus on during this rather enjoyable season of turnaround. Im starting to worry about his mental heath As he clearly either doesn’t understand a sensible post like yours, chooses to ignore it for attention or has some problem when he can’t get past his fixation on the bloke. Shame really... Lloyd is doing exactly what he was brought in for. Steady performance as a backup to give the first team a break.
  4. Geoff Horsfield Is the latest guest on the Undr the Cosh podcast and they talk about how the modern game means lots of young talent sits in academies and just never develops enough to play the game. The Premier league academy system is set up to create a few superstars and discard a huge number of lads without blinking an eye! Geiff benefitted from years of playing none league football whilst being a brickie. I always thought he only started playing at 24 but actually signed his first contract at 16 and did both jobs. interestingly he also opens the podcast talking about busgate... a cracking listen about how Gannon had lost the squad completely (they used to talk about nights out over his team talks) and when Geoff lost is an thumped him on the bus!
  5. He certainly has the attributes to be an excellent modern day full back! Apparently he is very highly rated by the club and we offered a 2 year deal to fend off Brentford who offered him a 1 year deal in the summer.
  6. Dont waste your breath. Ern has proven time and time again that he doesn’t have the intelligence to have this debate properly. He thinks we all love Lloyd and expect him to be a key player in a promotion push. If you use a sensible concept such as the fact that he is a cheap squad player that people wanted to be a backup... he just shuts it down, because he isn’t clever enough to understand it. He thinks a manager has to get every signing perfect or should lose their job... because he isn’t very clever. Best thing I ever did was put him on ignore... Its interesting that based on the little notification I get that says “you have chosen to ignore posts by erniemossrules” that he posted 1 message after the MK Dons win which made us to 6th best team in the country based on form with 1 loss in 10 and 3 clean sheets and 3 away wins... Compare that with tonight after Lloyd played and he has posted 5 or 6 times. It shows that he is a sad bloke, sat at home who wants a vendetta to make him feel important. #blockern and enjoy OVF, trust me, it makes a huge difference... You will unfortunately still see his rubbish if he is quoted, but people are doing that less and less.
  7. It was a lovely ball indeed... I was also pleased Maddison put in a good performance, some of those saves were very good!
  8. I know it’s daft... some people just love a moan during the game. Someone on this thread even said: ”He can take Tricket-Smith, Browne, Kennedy, Conlon, Evans with him. This is dire” And “True, but he's not very good. Not been one of our worst players to be fair. But that is a low bar.“
  9. Yep, it’s an itch they haven’t been able to scratch recently. The reserves in a cup competition no one cares about when we are already top of the group has given them something to moan about! Yay for them... dip your bread lads!
  10. The D3D4 podcast has a segment on the vale this week and how much they have improved. They comment on how the new owners have made a massive difference, how JA has built a strong squad and is getting the best out of his players. They also say how sensible the fans are in accepting this is a season of transition as high over expectant expectations are not helpful... they obviously don’t come on here after a result hasn’t gone our way
  11. Also just noticed there is already a thread on this... admin, my apologies, please feel free to merge
  12. If Carlsberg is 2nd round draws it would be at home against the lowest ranked side with a chance to be on TV! Weren't the lowest ranked team the ones awarded the Bury bye?
  13. Just realised I totally misinterpreted your comment @Yukon Thats what’s a few celebration drinks will do! Haha Yes I agree he isn’t worth the time of day. I think yesterday’s result brought back up some bad memories given the way the prize money would have been treated had jabba the hut still been around! Thank Goodness for Carol and Kevin!!
  14. Also 1 loss in 10 games Expect the armchair pundits to to be up in arms as soon as it’s 2 losses in 11, 12, 13 ... or whatever it may be!! Short termism at its best!
  15. But.... but... but... one of his cheapest, low risk signings hasn’t been what he hoped ... it’s just not good enough! JA... making people look stupid. And keeping them quiet most Saturdays! Don’t worry moaners... There will be a result soon that not perfect... you can have your moment again then!
  16. Exactly right... certain folk hammered him for getting one signing wrong. The bench and squad a far far stronger than last year and JA should be applauded... and more Importantly given the time to continue the slow and steady improvement to rebuild the vale!
  17. Exactly... still makes my p*ss boil that there were fans on here saying that Scumthwaite should be left alone and not harassed! How stupid they look now! Rest assured it will not be forgotten! Carol and Kevin are the saviours of our club, and what’s magic is they recognise is as OUR club. They truly want to make it a better place for the fans and the community!
  18. Great result! Fingers crosses for a nice draw to get us through to the third round and a potential big pay day! JA working wonders! SVA!
  19. Unbeaten in 5 3rd clean sheet in a row 3rd away win in a row JA making armchair pundits look more and more stupid!
  20. I also think his role at Macc where he basically ran the place from top to bottom is invaluable for us now as Carol and Kevin settle in.
  21. Good article on Askey from ‘The sack race’ Before the moaners get accepted by their title, they are praising him and saying what a good job he is doing. https://www.thesackrace.com/news/4th-november-2019/three-ways-port-vale-have-found-an-identity-under-john-askey The three things they point out are: 1. Clear tactical style playing 433 2. Excellent depth and balance in the squad 3. Fan backing
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