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  1. Back to transfers, 2 or 3 more in so should be a busy couple of weeks!
  2. There is no issue with anyone having a different opinion… I never agree with my vale supporting mates on everything and that’s absolutely fine. But there is a clear difference between having a different view and running a campaigned systematic vendetta by spamming every thread and attempting to twist every single piece of news about the club into an attack to support that view. The “stick” is aimed at their approach, not their view. The poster in question has made their bed in this case… I’m guessing it became a bit of a game for them and a bit of fun to be the contrary voice. Maybe if they hadn’t been so over the top about it their voice wouldnt be so disregarded and considered so pointless. As people are saying, this is a forum, and everyone’s opinion should be heard… including those that ridicule someone for ridiculous behaviour. You can’t choose open forum and then not like the outcome it provides.
  3. Brilliant listen that. Some interesting snippets. Askey had frozen Legge out and he was training on his own. DC and Flickers brought him back into the fold. His move to Harrogate was because they offered him a deal that was 18 months which we wouldn’t have offered him so he went with their blessing. We we’re close to getting Politic but the lure of playing in Italy (and the wages) were something Dennis couldn’t turn down. Johnson deal to Stockport has a sell on clause. The level of research and analysis we are now doing sounds very impressive… the ad hoc recruitment of the past is hopefully over forever. Will we get everything right? No. Does it give us a better chance of being successful. Yes. Garlic has found some flats that the loan lads are living in to give them a space that’s comfortable, connected to the club but also theirs.
  4. Smash and grab from them which hurts more because of our recent run. We need to dig ourselves out of this slump and push on. There will be some delighted “fans” tonight. Enjoy. UTV
  5. Conlon having a scan to see if he needs surgery on an Achilles injury he has been carrying for a few weeks
  6. Really good point... Its very very very rare for a team not to have a sticky patch. LWLLDLL - 4 points from 21 (1 point from 15 at the end of the run) = Port Vale last promotion season DLLDDDD - 5 points from 21 = Last year champions Cheltenham LLWLDLDDL - 6 points from 27 = Promoted Bolton and that's AFTER they started winning DDLLLWL - 5 points from 21 = Promoted Cambridge LDLLWDDDL - 7 points from 27 = Promoted Morcambe
  7. wonder whether there will be any movement in the Dean Campbell rumour. It was Peter O’Rourke on Twitter who is usually spot on who said we were in for him along with FGR and Bolton.
  8. Think it’s called a transfer window.
  9. Poor poor performance… you could tell that we have played once in what seems like forever and they have had 3 or 4 games to get back up to speed. Season is a long way from over but if performances don turn around quickly it won’t be long before it is!
  10. Looks like Taylor has a long term injury then... cant see him being offloaded now.
  11. Couldn't disagree with this more.... This opinion is everything that's wrong with football. Come into the club, clear out the deadwood, completely revolutionise the football department., set it up for long term sustainable success for the first time in years..... and call it a failure if you don't get promotion at the very first time of asking. If it was that easy, everyone would do it because the payoff would make it worth the money. A very very bad take on the situation.
  12. The Magic now is that we have so many options 3-5-2 Cov Cass Smith Hall Gibbo Hussey Pett Garrity Conlon Wilson Proctor 3-4-3 Cov Cass Smith Hall Gibbo Pett Conlon Hussey Worrall Wildon Politic 4-4-2 Cov Gibbo Smith Hall Hussey Worrall Pett Conlon Poilitic Wilson Proctor 4-3-3 Cov Gibbo Smith Hall Hussey Garrity Pett Conlon Worrall Wilson Politic 4-2-3-1 Cov Gibbo Smith Hall Hussey Pett Conlon Worrall Garrity Politic Wilson And even more exciting, dependent on the formation is we have a genuine bench which would include a combination of: Stone, Martin, Jones, Benning, Walker, Taylor, Proctor, Harrat, Edmonson, Rodney, Amoo, Politic, Lovely Jubbly
  13. Exactly this… shows how far our mentality has shifted since DC has come in. From praying we don’t get relegated out of the football league to potential immediate promotion. Losing in the playoffs would be a HUGE disappointment… but it would have to go down as a great start to the long term process the club is building.
  14. Totally agree! Get behind the new lads and give them the confidence that we are with them! Whats unfortunately more likely to happen is Hall’s first header will go out of touch and he will be scapegoated and written off immediately by a bunch of armchair vale fans desperate for someone to bray at for the next 6 months! Prove me wrong please!
  15. Hussey on indirect free kicks Conlon on direct free kick drool
  16. That’s a signing that shows real intent. UTV
  17. Dembele isnt being released... he's on the transfer list because they want to get some cash for him before his contract runs out in the Summer. A number of £4m was mentioned a few weeks back when Celtic and Rangers asked about him
  18. Depends really… if we receive a bid that we can’t turn down and reinvest the cash to further improve the team… isn’t that the exact message we want to give?
  19. Some interesting thing on the pod this morning. @stupers let me know if I have miss-interpreted any of this: Legge wasn’t fit / well which only happened in the week. They thought he would be available to play hence why they let Johnson go before the game. The Rumours about Rodney may have some legs… he hasn’t left already but there is chance he may be going. Someone at the club is miffed off about sprosons comments about Taylor
  20. Elliot Harrison signed for Fleetwood this morning and scored in his debut
  21. Certainly haven’t embarrassed ourselves there… good work out and match fitness into the legs. Brilliant for Harratt, should give him some confidence! League results have mainly gone out way too! UTV
  22. Their fans on their forum all saying he should be given a chance in their first team. Get behind the lad… his first game may well be against premier league defenders… it would be very “port vale” to get on his back on social media or on here if he doesn’t score. Welcome Kian! UTV
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