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  1. Away from gone I would expect DC to stick with the 352 Then maybe switching to the more attacking 4231 / 433 at home
  2. DC makes the point over and over that you can’t judge a player after only 10 games. So I doubt he would do it after a 25 min sun appearance.
  3. Bennings strike looks even better from this angle. Bit of quality that.
  4. This. 100% Its the psyche of the football fan in general, but I do think the vale are particularly bad at it. We revel in targeting one of our own players.
  5. I think this is part of the problem… judging him as “likeable” or not based on the 3 mins he gives to the press every few days, rather than how he treats people (players, reporters, supporters, staff behind the scenes all day every day) seems like a particularly poor way of judging someone’s character.
  6. I find this really interesting… I genuinely don’t see any difference in his interviews this year vs last. I think a lot of people over reacted last year and now they are realising it was a bit over the top? Not having a go at you personally as I think a few will be in the same boat… but honestly, he hasn’t changed his interview style at all.
  7. It’s only one from what I can tell. Let’s all not make this out like loads of vale fans don’t rate him. One bloke has given his opinion which is quite incorrect based on the vast majority of responses Pett is brill. UTV
  8. Wouldnt read that pile of garbage if someone paid me. The fact you can’t tell if they are on a wind up or serious demonstrates the level of thought that goes into most of the bile that gets posted on there.
  9. Will Mansfield sack Clough before Tuesday night?
  10. Lovely Jubbly. Big difference this year is a willingness to make changes to impact the game (albeit that some will always moan their sacks off if it doesn’t work) And an ability to beat sides sitting in. 3rd in the league! UTV
  11. Anyone watching on iFollow got a view on the foul for the free kick? Looked like Gordon went down far far to easily from here?
  12. I don’t know is the honest answer, I know they wear the vest during the games but not sure if they get any immediate / live feedback
  13. Aren't all of the stats and in game numbers are being tracked these days? My guess is they saw his output fall through the floor and coupled with the injury didn't want to risk him. Hindsight and emotion makes it easy to say "That was the wrong thing to do" Cold hard assessment is what's needed... it wont work every time, but its the better approach.
  14. One reflection having been there is the oven that was the metal shed behind the goal... A huge advantage was gained at the coin toss.... Originally I thought the Vale had won the toss and turned them around. But on reflection, did they know just how hard it would be to pick out a high ball with the sun low in the sky in the 2nd half? I lost count of how many times they hoofed it up into the glare of the sun and it must have been a nightmare for the defence and Cov to pick it out of the sky. Small pitch, low sun, hoofball, up and under..... nightmare.
  15. Is this is true though? Aside from Cheltenham’s long throw being a factor, we’re the teams who went up last year “big, long ball merchants” Bolton, Cambridge and Cheltenham I would say no. Even Morcambe we’re more boringly organised than long ball brutes.
  16. Silly Quick look back at previous posts… Ignore list UTV
  17. Absolute sickener! ref was awful and handed them the game! Football is a cruel mistress. At least we will hear from some long lost friends tonight 🙄
  18. Add up the wealth of the owners of the ten next richest clubs and it still doesn’t get anywhere near to the same level as Newcastle.
  19. That's a defeat for us tomorrow then I’m hoping that our recent run of hoodoo breaking can continue! Swindon away - no problem Scunthorpe away - no problem MoM wins next game - 🤞🤞🤞
  20. I’m off to this one to see a new ground… expecting a tough test … I would take a draw away from home
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