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  1. https://bantamtalk.com/index.php?threads/adams-16.5480/ Things continue to look a bit tricky for Adams at Bradford. Stated that some of his players are not good enough… and the power of deduction indicates Theo is one of them. The Venn diagram of people who desperately wanted Adams and don’t like the way DC spoke about some of his players has a very strange bunch sat in the bit that crosses over. Nowt as queer as folk.
  2. Someone that willing to throw that much negative energy and go so far out of his way to bring negativity to everything the manager has done isn’t going to change his mind. Its nothing to do with not recognising players. Its about stubbornly backing his mate Askey and now not being able to back down. Add on top the enjoyment received from winding people up on here and it’s just become a very dull, silly looking parody which for some reason get way too much airtime and attention. Same bucket as Carl on Praise and Grumble for me… Ignore where possible, shake head and laugh at if unavoidable, then quickly move on to watching the highlights again! UTV and up the Pruhcess!!
  3. I see Theo didn’t make the Bradford bench today.
  4. I also notice Manny didn’t play or make the bench again… must be injured
  5. What I love is that the same people who wrote Garrity off will be back on here happily writing off someone we sign next summer.
  6. Another quiet night on here tonight. Building nicely! 4th in the league! Tell you one thing… that Matrix and the pruhcess haven’t half found a Gem in Garrity. Well done DC and Flickers. UTV
  7. Jesus wept… I get there is supposed “banter” in football…. But that’s just genuinely embarrassing.
  8. Here the updated XG league table. Good at creating chances… amazing at restricting the opposition.
  9. I love the adaptability of the squad and the way DC adapts to situations as needed. Interestingly Bradford fans are starting to turn on Derek Adams… boring football, same team every week no matter what, too defensive. https://twitter.com/officialbantams/status/1439255858995675142?s=21 Who would have thought 🤔
  10. Great result. Professional throughout… controlled the game. It will be another quiet night on here tonight. Well done DC.
  11. Harry Panayiotou plays for them… after his unsuccessful loan spell with us he went on to have spells at Nuneaton, Aittitos Spata and Aldershot. I love Monty but have to agree he 100% has not taken a step up front the vale.
  12. Yes people, for the love of god, please only criticise players BEFORE they have kicked a ball for us!! That way it has the maximum chance of damaging their confidence, their feelings towards the club and potentially their performance. I’m not a fan of waiting until the player has left and then used his platform and status to undermine the club and divide the fan base. Get your timings right people. 😐
  13. Just watched the highlights back again… great to see Gibbo back and his effort that hit the post was beautifully struck! Thankfully the Longport Lampard banged it home anyway!
  14. Watching back the highlights this morning it was nice to see the tactics play out. They desperately wanted us to press them high all the time so they could play through us. DCs tactics of not over committing past the initial press from Rodney or proctor worked really well. We sat back and held a good shape until they approached the half way line and then the press was deactivated and we hunted in packs to snaffle a poor ball or individuals cutting out poor passes. Then play through the middle until space appears out wide for Woz or Rodney to attack space. Lovely Jubbly.
  15. Exactly this. Vale fans need a scapegoat… unfortunately some aren’t smart enough to realise the negative impact that has on the club they are fans of.
  16. No new rule… but I’m sure the FA may be considering it given how serious and important it seems to be to some on here. 😉
  17. Mansfield in double trouble tonight… a loss to Walsall and Clough in danger of getting them docked 3 points because of the FAs controversial new “don’t be mean to players” rule. Although he didn’t start speaking until the interviewer had finished every time. So apparently the FA are considering reducing the penalty to 2 points for being nice and polite… so that’s nice. DC needs to be careful after his “deadwood” comment… rumours that some of our old players were really really really upset means our punishment could be raised to 6 points.
  18. Love this… the lad is so genuine. Turning into a proper fans favourite. A poke in the eye for the couch scouts that wrote him off. won’t stop them doing it again to someone else though!
  19. Interesting comments from Dc in his post match. Asking fans not to make scapegoats of new players who will need time to settle in… good luck with that DC Cale fans need a boo boy and will eat one out even if we are playing well. I also liked his comment about Garrity doing everything he can to be a pro. He even has tests to make sure his nutrition is right and he is eating as good as he can… makes a change from a certain ex players “couple of pints on Saturday and Tuesday night but try dead hard on a Saturday”
  20. Great result… it will be quiet on here tonight 😂
  21. And some nice sh*thousery from Covolan… their forward steps across him as he is about to kick out of his hands. Cov hits the deck and gets him a booking (I think) but definitely wastes some time
  22. Well played by Covolan… ball over the top and he has come out and sniffed out the danger
  23. Rodney just rounded the keeper and couldnt keep his feet! Should be 2 He is playing well, they can’t handle his pace and power
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