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  1. JA is a different animal to DC the later will undoubtedly progeress further up the football pyramid!!!!
  2. We’ve gone on a g8 run but I’m still gutted. I said all a long JA wasn’t good enough and got a load of abuse for saying so !!! Also Im not happy with how long it took the powers that be to finally realise and agree. Where would we be now if they’d acted sooner !!!!!
  3. Thanks I’ll look it up 👍🏽
  4. Hi all just wondering is the fc cup run of 54 the oldest match footage of the vale ?
  5. Manny is a very decent player on his day at our level, but simply to injury prone. As they say not economically viable !!!! The club can’t afford the risk, can see a lot of other clubs being more diligent when it comes to similar players irrelevant how good they are when that occasionally play.
  6. Making (taking) millions off those who are enlarge addicted to gambling and the consequences it has on peoples lives is a scum bag occupation however you dress it up. Sums up the Coates family period !!!!!!!
  7. If he alone is worth over 400,000,000 a year then surely the Bet 365 family don’t need to bother with parachute payments and can afford to buy their way back into prem !!!!!
  8. Love Peter Coates dead posh goldenhill accent mouth full of Plums and shat !!!!, pizzer true sjokie !!!!!
  9. Ps who is the medial officer!!
  10. Agree no more sick noted or hangers on, if your not up to standards and demands of professional football and come with a history of injuries then Port Vale FC ain’t the place for you !!! Hope every new player is systematically and throughly checked out !!! Listening carol and co 👂
  11. We’ll only be assured of safety when it’s mathematically guaranteed, period !!!!!
  12. The days when anyone dreaming of playing the Wolves or the Baggies in a league game would need medication, never mind beating them. But the wheels of fortune spun, and then spun again, how long to wait for the next spin. 🤞🏼
  13. Ps before anyone scoffs I meant a big west mids derby game for us lower down the midlands footballing pyramid!!!!
  14. Yep I’m one of the older demographics when the Walsall game was considered a big west mids derby game, regularly good crowds for league games, (can remember around 12,000 for an FA cup game). Pure hatred from both sets of fan, reflected by events in and around Burslem and on hamil road. So for me would love to see them relegated into the abyss!!!!
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