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  1. The words ‘blatantly’ and all Clarke needs to do is spend a few hrs in a darkened room Watching the dog <ovf censored> performances served up to realise who’s a good enough and who’s a pub team player. Worry is most will fall into the category of pub team !!!!! Worrying times ahead me thinks
  2. Deffo know what you mean was in the lawn street for last seasons encounter, you could clearly here Clarke’s and rest of the Walsall benches opinions on every decision !!!!!
  3. Anyone like to hazard a guess as to how many of the present squad will be at vale in 12 months Time, (barring any on silly contracts!!) ??????
  4. I’ll stand my ground against anyone!!! I’m not a negative poster just a realist, good luck to the bloke, am I excited about the appointment- no but on attending last seasons match at vale park against the yam yams what I did notice was askey standing there arms folded probably wondering what he was having for tea while the whole Walsall bench especially the manager showed passion, lambasted the ref and liner at every opportunity and decision, that I liked !!!!!!!
  5. Welcome, I’ll be right behind you for your first 10 games !!!!!! 😂
  6. Season tickets with this dross, your having a laugh, they say a fool is easily parted from his money. Might as well flush it down the toilet and don’t dare tell the missus you bought one !!!!!
  7. bang on if any of the teams around us put a run together we’ll be starring down the barrel !!!!!
  8. Who’d have thought at the beginning of the season that were know In a position where we’re counting points, games played and looking over our shoulders at teams below us in order to beat the drop. Guessing it was only those muppets who thought port vale had a good squad of players 😂
  9. Couldn’t agree more, it’s been nothing short of a farce, owners appointing a director of football, just another mouth to feed instead of spending on appointing a decent manager to sort out the bunch of losers who will to do their best to get us relegated. In all probably one of the worst vale teams ever put together !!!!!
  10. And things are going so good there’s even a thread on the England test series in India. Sums it up really !!!!!
  11. Sorry fella and no disrespect but what ever the line-up, It’ll still be the same old out come come full time. Even a fluke win won’t paper over the cracks of a dysfunctional football club !!!!
  12. Totally agree fella to many wonna be fifa managers !!!! But guessing the usual lineup will be 11 pussys wearing the vale shirt without any pride, presenting to be footballers who’ll get a good dicking off Newport !!!!!
  13. Spending and obscenely over inflated price of 5 million (correct me if I’m wrong) to buy the Vale off Del Boy fat lad, with absolutely no experience of how to run and football club on or off the pitch. Totally inept at being able to appoint a new manager, instead hoping that Pugh would save the day. (Errr that’s working out well !!!! ) Your dammed right we’re well and truly f@@ked !!!!!
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