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  1. Bit off topic considering today’s g8 result. I know I shouldn’t have done. But for the first time in 3 seasons and against my better judgement I put Radio stripy on at 5:15 hoping to listen to Dc’s post match interview, by 5:50 ish I was still painfully listening to the <ovf censored> knuckle draggers including Angela smith,(radio lards no 1 pundit) and marvellous Mike pejic et al, celebrating promotion 7 games in !!!!!! Subsequently I had to turn off to preserve my own sanity. Please, please Carol and co is there any way we can get our own match coverage an post match phone in without having to involve BBC radio lard.
  2. Holdcroft obviously a knuckle dragging <ovf censored> troll who probably knocks one out when ever he here’s radio stripes no 1 pundit Angela smith, marvellous Mike Pejic or any other muppet who works for radio lard. Bless !!!
  3. Would be nice if carol and co could set up a match day commentary and and post match phone in without having anything to do with radio stripy!!!!
  4. In who’s eyes are they bigger than the vale knuckle dragger !!!!
  5. Thought we‘d up our game today with a positive/improved performance so expected a closed game with a narrow defeat. So over the moon with the result, we’ll done all, especially the travelling valiants 👍🏽
  6. Thinks it’s time all us vale fans(and there are a lot !!!) woke up smelt the coffee and stopped listening to radio Stojke on a match day. I stopped listening to the dross they served up years ago. They’ll never admit it but it’s blatantly obvious that there’s total media bias towards the stripies down the road. Our supposedly rich neighbours Who since the early 1950’s have been beaten more times by the mighty Vale !!!!!
  7. And about 3 opportunities for worrall and the final score was 🤔!!!!
  8. Totally agree with your comments, we’ll said 👍🏽
  9. Rather win a football match based on ability rather than having to rely on luck !!!!! ☹️
  10. Sounds just like last season so far, same old same old. Loads of pre-season hype pitiful, maybe the team will start to gel around dec/jan !!!! ☹️
  11. Nice one much appreciated 👍🏽
  12. Hi all I’m Any help, I’m after print out of vales new season fixture list.
  13. Thanks enjoyed the snippet, very nostalgic 👍🏽
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