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  1. The saying goes you get what you pay for. Guessing we just go for the cheap option and hope that we get lucky and it works out (one day !!!).
  2. How the fook do we time after time employ toss managers and like MOST players who leave port vale just end up in non-league or just disappear into the abyss because they were <ovf censored> in the first place !!!!
  3. When you’ve calmed down Carol and co, please could you make a statement to the fans via the press as to what your plans are regarding the on field situation.
  4. That’s right fella, so make sure you don’t give up your day job !!!!!
  5. G8 reading folks keep it coming, all those would be managers amongst you giving their team, player, formation sections. Would love to see how really good you are sat in the dug out on a match day running the gaf !!!!! Ps I’d deffo pay the entrance fee for that one !!!!! 😂
  6. Getting desperate folks when where hoping to at least finish the game with 11 players on the pitch !!! Pisser 😂
  7. Bit harsh fella but don’t worry I’ll be back when there’s something worth watching in the meantime it’s much more entertaining listening to you and all the would be managers/tacticians and it’s free !!!! 😂
  8. No need to feel sorry for me fella. As for last season it didn’t take long to sus out Askey’s style of play, poor management and the lack of quality on the pitch bar a few exceptions= better things to do on a Saturday with my time and money !!!!!
  9. In reply Jacko51 Never wanted Askey as manager In the first place and don’t worry about me being miserable princess I’m sat here in my ivory tower with a big smile, feeling really smug simply because I was right and you were wrong !!!! 😂
  10. Well Carol and co, what know Askey’s lost the plot 🤪!!!!!!
  11. A few wks ago I said Askey was simply not good enough to manage port vale, and that Carol and co should get rid ASAP. Subsequently I was accused of being a troll, stoke fan, told I needed to seek medical help etc etc !!!! Well to those who think they new better, with their clever comments, he who laughs last laughs longest eh Jacko 51 !!!!!😂
  12. Im sure carol and co discussed with JA the goals, aims and expectations for the new season as like any other football club at the end of the day Port vale is a business which is looking to better it’s self not only off but also on the pitch. With people saying that we’ve improved on last years squad which at this point of the season I can’t see any evidence of. Are we on track to realise the clubs goals and aims with a shot at the playoffs (at least) !!!!! or will the owners be happy with what seems like impending mid table mediocrity with maybe a few more points than last season and loosing t
  13. Well jack51 who’s the person behind a username !!!!!! You don’t know me and YOU come across as an a nabobe. (Look it up fella !!!). So please don’t try and be clever. We’re at both opposite ends of the spectrum!!!!!
  14. We'll see who’s rite jacko51 ps if only you new !!!!
  15. No joke and hate stoke with a passion. Another depressing outcome which some of you seem to come up with some g8 excuses (blame the ref etc ) please !!!!! 😂 when in reality we have a totally inept manager !!!!
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