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  1. If only BBC had the rights to the footage, they might use it... Still they might not considering we were hunbled by the Italians that day.
  2. That all sounds very much like the stuff we heard during Askey's reign when he was bringing in utter <ovf censored> like Whitehead while other teams picked up gems. Yes, they could turn out to be tosh, there are no guarantees. But they will be young tosh, not experienced campaigners, hard to shift, on big wages.
  3. We are not the only gig in town. Yes, to us, Vale are now a far more attractive proposition. But to the average player and agent what do they see? A club stuck in L2 who have been hanging around the lower reaches of the league not looking likely to get promoted. We are against other clubs who are probably taking chances by offering far higher wages. I hope and trust that we are keeping it within budget, which means that we will probably lose out on some players that we would like to bring in. So we aren't in a position to lord it over the other clubs and pick and choose who we sign, its a really fine job to the get some of the players we have. Look at the average age of the players we have signed. These are young, hungry, and in many cases physically impressive footballers. Its now down to DC to get them to gel into a decent outfit. Even at this stage with a few places in the squad still to be filled, I find it hard to see how we are not in better shape than in other close seasons. Let's get behind the team. We have got a team, manager, chairwoman hungry for success, lets see if the supporters can back them.
  4. Hopefully not but no guarantees. They might be like George O'Callaghan who would struggle in anything above a steady breeze.
  5. 3-400 wow... My mind boggles, although a lot of them will be repeats I suppose to prevent users cheating the system. the child in me would still snigger at entering a few of them...
  6. @robf, message appreciated. This is a forum to be enjoyed by all lovers of the vale... But as a person who has worked designing and programming computers for, my gosh, decades, the child in me (the one that still loves profanisaurus) is still looking forward to the day when I get to fill out a swear filter as part of my job. The joy at being paid to enter in all those rude words... So just out of interest, just how many entries does the onevalefan swear filter have?
  7. Yawn, where is todays signing? Doha needs to open another day on his sgning calendar... Maybe next week will be busy, or then again perhaps it will not and we will have a flurry later. Perhaps DF is on a scouting mission to the Euro's 😆
  8. Dont understimate it! I remember Peter Swann who would kick it out of play further than the keeper could kick it up the park.
  9. That is a good side (although Vigouroux isnt even a rumour) ... Its going to be interesting to see what the remainder of the signings are. Will they be the squad players that are added after the key signings are initially secured? Probably, but by getting the deals sorted early we are getting far better players rather than scouring around for whats left over as we have done for many years. Interesting too that the new signings are on 2 year deals... IF we did go up it means we retain decent talent for a L1 campaign, and if we dont we can have another stab in 2022/23. I'm so excited for next season, lets hope Vale park can open up for us to get behind them.
  10. It must be hard to top that.. And he can also say it was against Anderson and Broad who together have amassed over 1,000 test wickets. Who was the last England batsman to score 200 at Lords?
  11. Love playing NZ. Tests usually played in the right spirit and can be a pretty close series. They also bring my favourite test summariser, Jeremy Coney along to TMS.
  12. Someones awake and with a clear head this morning. Sadly its true, just because we have operated in a higher league previously and came down to this league gives us no right to lord it over others. Especially when we have been stuck in the lower reaches of this leage for the past few seasons. Hopefully we can start looking upwards with a decent brand of football next season whilst Morecambe cling on with their falling and rolling routines. Snobbery is part of the game and only served to make those couple of seasons in the 90's all the more sweeter.
  13. Excellent news, thats a key player committed to the club. He also must like the plan the management are putting in place. The signings will come in good time... I don't see other clubs talking of signings yet either. I presume this is becuase players are under contract until the end of June?
  14. Its a gamble. But I agree with others on here. Its probably the mandate DC wanted in order to come here, and so far I'm very glad he did. Given that (bar a few exceptions such as Brown) the best platers have been kept. Which of the retained players could become a vale legend? In my mind there is a narrow window to becoming a legend, you have to be not quite good enough to be pinched by another club, and also a bit older... So perhaps instead of legends we should just be looking for that brilliant squad that gets us promotion. Ainsworth would have been a legend but he only stayed for a year. Ian Taylor, similarly small amount of time. Rather than hoping for legends lets get some fresh young talent in here that we can polish whilst they fire us up the league. Hopefully we can sell on the odd gem here and there like we used to do when we were good.
  15. It was indeed against Sunderland. An absolute bit of genius from Naylor. If I remember rightly, received the ball, backheel nutmeg spin away from the lumbering defender, run towards the box, curled it in the top corner... Love that goal.
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