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  1. England batting... Hopefully will still be batting when we wake up in the morning.
  2. Blimey another red for Bristol. Careful as you go down the tunnel at the end DC
  3. I hope that by this time tomorrow morning this hasn't already got ugly. Weather may save us in this test, and Anderson has wisely been rested. Hopefully we get to bat first, stick around and start to grind down those Aussie quicks. Problem with us batting first is that it could get nasty..
  4. Great listen. Interesting that we beat Tranmere to his signature mainly due to the persistence of our managment and the clubs professionalism. But oh my gosh, you almost need a translator. That is such a strong liverpool Liverpool accent.
  5. The tie reminds me of the time we put Southampton out in the 3rd round back in 1994, only that time we did it the hard way in a replay at Vale Park. Its a premiership tie and if we get something out of it the national press will call it a giant killing... Lets not get too dssapointed that its not one of the bix 6. This is a decent tie with a sniff of a chance of a famous victory. Can someone find us a striker please..
  6. One man team then. Takes the long throw and runs after it to head it in!
  7. Good picture, but I dont read it that way. I think they are appealing for a penatly. Politic could have gone down undfer the clumsy challenge from their keeper, but credit to him he stayed up and tucked it away.
  8. As with almost any series over there we go in wondering just how bad its going to be. And it could be a bad tour. There are many weaknesses on our side.. Positions 1-3 in the batting are weak (although my faith in Hameed hasnt been tested yet) We will miss Moeen who as part of a strong lower middle order have got us out of numerous holes. Haven't really got a number 3 although personally I think we should be agressive and give Malan the nod. That said Australia are not without issues as summarised by Rob. The key for me will rest on which team have the batters that can last long enough to tire out the seamers. Both teams are reliant on seam and pace, which in a hot country can only last for so long. Our problem in previous tours is that we have been blown away by their chief destroyers whilst our bowlers toil in the heat as Smith or Labuschagne hang around. Whilst its tough and it isnt pretty we really do need to do the hard yards as a batting unit and stick around. Its a short intense period with small gaps between tests, if we can grind out a couple of long innings in the early tests we give oursleves a chance.
  9. He was in charge when we got expelled from the league, not the same as being responsible for getting us expelled. Not sure of who did what, but some dodgy payments were made to some young players. Sad part is that the sorry episode led to Stanley mostly leaving football. - not that he would have necessarily made a great manager (Its a peeve of mine that good footballers are assumed to be great managers) , but still it's a unfortunate finish for a footballing legend.
  10. We are making an unfortunate habit of splendid own goals.. Garrity socred a cracker in the top corner earlier this season too... To be fair Martin was only doing what a decent defender should do in injury time, just get in the way of it. Unfortunately his positioning meant he could only rifle it into the back of the net! As for you, it looks like a classic 6 pointer against another relegation threatened team. You have another one coming up next. Who knows perhaps there is life in the old dog yet! Still think you will miss out on a ground filling derby next season even though we had a blip at the weekend.
  11. I wasn't going to say anything as I think most of what has been said is fair. Yesterday was dissapointing but we absolutely bossed the game until they tried the only thing avaiable to them - lump it into the box and hope. For me, if Devante had of put the chance away that he somehow skied, they would not have come back into it. Not that I blame him for the loss, its just that it was the easiest of the chances we had to put the game to bed. My beef is with the ratings on the front page.... Sorry, but that is harsh. 2 marks lower than any of the other starters - really? Jones and Cass as the people either side of the middle man and who are allowed to come forward get 5 and 6's... Where was Cass for the first? Didn't show much strength for the second either. Yet somehow its Martin who is to blame? Come on, stop scapegoating. We let three goals in and unfortunately the third was another bizzarre own goal. He tried to do the right thing and instinctively throw himself at the ball to prevent the scuffed shot going towards the net. Right attitude, unlucky.. I thought he did a decent job for someone coming back into the side. I love our sprit, I love that we are playing football. The worst team got away with it yesterday. Good luck to them. They need it.
  12. Crazy attendences, whilst at the other end of the scale you have the plucky village teams done well like St Martins who do well to get 75 fans (not including pets) Isle of Man entered this league at the beginning of last season, which is most unfortunate timing! Didn't manage to play a single game due to Covid and some problem with their home ground.
  13. Claude Road! Different times, but so close to me! Claude road is the main way into Chorltonville, so if you lived in the terraces, you were not ChorltonVille, but if you lived further down in the lovely big white fronted houses with gardens etc then you are definately in the posh bit. WDAC (west Didsbury and Chorton) are at the end of Claude Road as you drop into the meadows..I'm sure you will have walked past where the ground now is when you used to be here. Lovely ground to watch football with a beer whilst watching the sun go down over the Mersey. The pub on the Chorlton border that you speak of could be one of three which have all now gone, but a mate of mine used to serve in one of them and he has some stories, so your pool story is probably one of many grizzly tales from those places. Hope they recovered.
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