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  1. We are very much still in this. Defend a bit better, and put pressure on them and we could be celebrating on Thursday night. If we don't do it, then we improve the problem areas for a top 3 finish next season UTV
  2. Nope, will be heading back Sunday morning, but I've a ticket for Thursday
  3. Just arrived in Swindon (for a wedding, not the game). Its sunny, warm and very breezy.
  4. Cadden at FGR is out of contract. Given their current situation I think he might be considering his options.
  5. Former Aston Villa & Man Utd player Colin Gibson reveals he has dementia - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK He played on loan for us for a short while, and I'm sure I remember him scoring at HIllsborough to gain us a point back then.
  6. Thats a shabby way to do business by Watford.
  7. If theyre only giving us 1,200 then i'll be disappointed if we offer them more. I cant see them bringing more than 2k on a Thursday for a game that is live on Sky so the away end will be half empty.
  8. if I was a Northampton fan i'd be fuming at the weak team Scunny put out
  9. What a great win and I suspect FGR will be loving us a bit tonight,great that we did it, but im at a wedding in Swindon next saturday and have already been warned
  10. handball outside the area - ironic really after the first game of the season
  11. this is insane ive never seen a final day like this
  12. I think they would be level on points and GD also
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