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  1. Ollie Palmer is from Epsom Surrey, so a southern based player, although he did play for Mansfield for a while. Its worth watching the highlights of last weeks game with Bradford where he scored twice with his feet, and hit the bar with a header. Any comparison with Pope will be due to his ability to barge his way through, although he looks a lot quicker. If he plays like that every week, he will be money well spent, however, I doubt he does.
  2. That is so disappointing. Please don't anyone mention the play offs
  3. Pearce linked with Salford
  4. apart from all the usial ones I would nominate Grimsby at home 1975, 0-3 into the second half and won 4-3
  5. If Monty plays as well as he did yesterday regularly, I think I would look for a striker instead of a LB as we aren't exactly big scorers are we?
  6. Excellent win against a team that are likely to finish top
  7. this underlines the need for a proper left back?
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