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  1. Its easy to look at the teams that may be improving, but there are several starting to struggle as well. Walsall have 2 points from the last 4 games as do Colchester, Mansfield 1 point from the last 4 games, so there will be plenty of twists and turns in the next few weeks as teams struggle to put a run together. I still think we will be ok.
  2. Cochester sacked their manager last night and are surely at risk if the right appointment isnt made.
  3. I was thinking Pope and Amoo although lesser so for Amoo
  4. Although its hard to watch, Im liking the approach that DC is taking so far. With key players back, it should improve, and if we can keep it tight at the back and add a goal or two we should see the season out without too many concerns. Its good to see Crookes looking like a decent player also.
  5. If there are any positives from that then we didnt concede, we gained a point, and Colchester lost. But, we didnt look like scoring at all, and the creativity wasnt there without Worrall. We could have done without Barrow and Grimsby winning as well.
  6. we are seriously missing Worrall tonight
  7. not great so far, but Stevenage dont look a bad side tbf
  8. Massive game this is, and a win would be huge for us. I think that Clarke will set up to win, and we might see Monty back in the starting 11. Worrall be big a big miss if injured. Can we accomodate Taylor, who is a goal threat? 2-1 win with a tough game to come against the leaders at the weekend.
  9. Its a point gained given other results, but we need to win somewhere along the line, and I hope its this Tuesday.
  10. Southend have gone behind so keeping a point will be good
  11. clean sheet now please ............. and maybe a second Vale goal
  12. https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/walsall-fc/2021/02/16/darrell-clarke-says-he-is-not-houdini-after-swapping-walsall-for-port-vale/ Darrells explanation to the Walsall press why we are a better option............
  13. I wonder if we could pinch Holden off them as well 🤔
  14. Not massively impressed, but we will see. Walsall forum seem glad hes gone, and saying he wouldnt have got another contract there.
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