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  1. Well that was surprisingly poor, but at least its a point. Want to see a better performance against Colchester who had a man sent off tonight.
  2. back down to 4th - need to hold on to what we have, or could we sneak one?
  3. playing poor but its going for us so far - pleased for Cov
  4. Swindon winning so we are down to 4th as it stands
  5. Not the team most of us would have picked but if we bring home the 3 points I wont be complaining. Now we are in the top 3, I would like to stay there. Would love to win here, but im expecting a draw. UTV
  6. The first of 2 winnable games this week, and I hope we can put right our poor efforts against them last season. I would look at bringing in someone like Amoo or Politic if Proctor needs resting for the Colchester game. Hoping for a minimum of 4 points this week, but hopefully 6 to keep the momentum going.
  7. typical game of two halves, with Clarke spotting what needed changing and it worked superbly! Onwards and upwards
  8. Poorest we've been all season so far. No shots on target, passing is poor and if he doesn't change things its a second loss on the bounce.
  9. Good luck to him- hope his move works out for all concerned
  10. A huge disappointment of a result given that we were leading, and has probably re-set my expectations after our good run of results. The important thing is how we deal with it going into the next few games. If I could criticise anything, it would be the subs which meant we were forced back instead of getting a decisive goal.
  11. 6 goals conceded in 2 league games isnt promotion form im afraid
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