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  1. great win, last gasp winner and our first away win at 2nd place Bradford.
  2. right on half time again, will we ever learn
  3. sounds like we started well, keep a clean sheet for once please
  4. crap draw, but I don't think a replay is out of the question, and we will stand a good chance at VP against a struggling side
  5. I'm half watching it, and seriously think we could beat both of these. If anything, Huddersfield are even worse than Stoke.
  6. better start believing.......... 20,372
  7. Butland dropped unfortunately in the battle of the worst 2 teams in the Championship. Surely they wont have a better chance to bag 3 points? Surely special agent Jones will be gone if they lose? I predict a draw.
  8. No, we should not have signed Durrell as he is injury prone, and we already have a few issues in that department, however, Lloyd isn't the answer either.
  9. hold out now Vale and make my weekend a good one!
  10. 2-2 need to get back in front and quickly
  11. 1-2 half time and sounds like we've deserved to be in front despite the early setback. Can we get a 3rd and put the game to bed?
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