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  1. even Stoke aren't bad enough to lose by 8 ................ unfortunately
  2. 3-0 now ....falling apart
  3. He will be remembered as well for his on field fist fight with Franny Lee at the Baseball Ground. Can you imagine that happening today?
  4. Another vote for the Brighton game. I was there on the day, but would love to see it again.
  5. A sensible decision, and Im looking forward to seeing us play in nicer weather in May/June. Ive also just bought a season ticket to offer a little help to the clubs cash flow this month.
  6. FT 0-0 a point gained or 2 lost? only the Col U result went against us
  7. Time for Pope - but will Askey learn to use his subs?
  8. Northampton behind as well and down to 10 men
  9. Bradford behind at Salford - lets hope they dont get back into it
  10. mikey


    We have a school and doctors surgery closed in Buxton this morning due to someone returning from Tenerife with the virus. Its inevitable that people returning from infected areas will spread the virus, but hopefully they can contain it.
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