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  1. Just a left back needed in my opinion. I wonder if Mitch Clarke is available on loan?
  2. BBC has us having 10 shots with zero on target
  3. worst performance of the season at home, and underlines our lack of depth. Zero creativity with no shots on target isn't good enough even with a few players missing. Pope up front on his own at home doesn't work either as hes not mobile enough. Our unbeaten home record was never going to last, but just a shame to lose it like that.
  4. you've put me down as 5705, but it was 5105 thanks
  5. Salford away - its winnable
  6. 0-1 just 5 minutes into the second half
  7. Cambridge fans said pretty much the same when he left them for us.
  8. Yes! where would we be without this guy?.....sign him for the season
  9. Swindon 0-1 Cheltenham early in the second half I would prefer Cheltenham if im honest
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