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  1. The only thing keeping Scunthorpe off the bottom is the absolute mess of a club that Oldham have become. They've conceded 13 goals so far compared to 6 for us. A professional performance from us should see a decent win.
  2. What a player. He famously said that Spurs hardest task against us was finding the ground. He was hugely likeable both on the pitch and in front of the camera with Ian St.John.
  3. I thought it was a good all round performance, not perfect, but well worthy of the points. The main highlights were the home win finally, Wilson's first league goal for us, and Worrall's goal of the season contender. Harrogate didn't look like a top 3 side, although that was probably more down to us. If I could criticise anything, then I would have liked us to go for a 3rd against 10 men, but once Wilson went off we lost a bit of cutting edge. I'd like to think that we can build on this at Scunthorpe and consolidate a place near the top. UTV
  4. Servers down at the turnstiles again. I just got waved through.
  5. A possible 12 point deduction could see them in league 1 next season. Even more reason to get promoted. Derby County: Championship club file notice to appoint administrators - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  6. There was contact, but does it look more like a push? it certainly wasn't a forearm smash. I think the lesson is don't raise your hands in those situations.
  7. massive 3 points and sets us up for another tough game next saturday onwards and upwards!
  8. back down to 18th - we need to win this
  9. strange selection, especially Rodney for Wilson as Wilson links up well with Proctor. Hope Rodney can sort himself out and get a goal or 2 ........... we will see
  10. There is no reason that we can't get something from this if we are on top of our game. I don't subscribe to the bogey team theory. I just hope that DC gets his tactics and subs right this week. UTV
  11. That is an almost Smurf-like reaction by their owner. We are so fortunate to have decent owners.
  12. At this point of the season I'd rather get results than be entertained, although the entertainment for the first 20 minutes was decent. After that I just became frustrated. Entertain us when we are top please!
  13. Its hard to know what to make of that display after last week. We started like a train and could have been 2 or 3 up with better finishing, but as soon as they scored with pretty much their first chance we just lost all our momentum. I'm liking Proctor and Wilson up front, and although only one is scoring, I'm sure that will change. The defence was terrible today, but I dont think its just Legge's absence. I dont think that the half time subs worked at all. Rodney needs to learn to stay on his feet as he's going backwards. Why won't he play Politic? Just hope its a one off.
  14. another potentially good signing to add to our already quality squad 👍
  15. It would be hard to change the team that won at FGR, but with Conlon back (and scoring) Amoo looking like he might get a few goals this season and Gibbons returning, the temptation might be there. Politic must also be due some game time. We suddenly seem to have more options than I can remember for a long time. I think that Conlon has to start, but at who's expense? Wilson and Proctor to start up front too, leaving Rodney to terrorise their defence for the last quarter of the game. I'm looking forward to this one.
  16. looks like its happening - they even quoted me on their forum, and no, they aren't impressed. A good finish to our transfer window I think 🤣
  17. bit underwhelming that is - hoping im proved wrong
  18. Doesn't make much sense to do it after the deadline? Isn't it the case that you need to be out of contract before the deadline closes to be able to register for another club after the deadline? Clubs can still sign "free agents" I believe
  19. Play the kids for this one, with a few senior players needing game time. Concentrate on getting out of this division, and avoid injuries to key players. FGR paid a price for their attempts at Brentford by playing a largely full strength team in mid-week.
  20. excellent win to give our season some momentum - looks like DC got it spot on tactically today SVA
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