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  1. I doubt that Rodneys leaving, because..... 1. hes injured 2. we need every player for the run in 3. I cant see Walsall paying a fee
  2. At least we have stopped the bad run, but just don't look like scoring. Eight points off 3rd, and 5 points off 7th with a game in hand on 7th.
  3. playing well here, but just dont look like scoring - a bit like Tuesday
  4. hoping that whatever system/team is chosen that we dont completely lose the midfield battle as we did on saturday, and also at the Walsall game. A win would give us some much needed impetus.
  5. although I'm disappointed with Politic leaving, in truth hes not been 100% fit all the time hes been here and would have been risky to consider splashing the cash on. Will we get someone else in? ......... who know, but lets trust the process.
  6. i'll be getting there a bit early today to avoid issues
  7. and yet managed to get sent back out to high flying Plymouth in the league above - cant be that bad
  8. Swindon have had a second loan player recalled which has weakened them further Romoney Crichlow recalled by Huddersfield Town - News - Swindon Town WWW.SWINDONTOWNFC.CO.UK
  9. Kings Lynn is Norfolk I think, but yes its a decent town.
  10. they include season tickets even if the ticket holder isnt there, so no way are they getting 20k
  11. Kaine Kesler-Hayden recalled by Aston Villa after fantastic FA Cup display WWW.SWINDONADVERTISER.CO.UK this weakens them as well - probably their best player on Friday night?
  12. Swindon have a tricky away game at Mansfield on tuesday, and McKirdy limped off on friday night so we will hopefully in better condition than them after a competitive run out yesterday.
  13. Northampton 0-1 Crawley thats goodfor us if it stays like that
  14. It seems like we are going for it. Hold on tight, we are in for one heck of a ride between now and May!
  15. Kian Harratt joins the Valiants on loan - News - Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK
  16. mikey


    absolute rubbish - the reason kids are being vaccinated is because they are very efficient spreaders, not because they are at risk.
  17. mikey


    Omicron is a bit more than a cold and affects people differently. I'm currently on day 3 of isolation and my wife is 2 days ahead of me, but because shes asthmatic its hit her lungs a bit harder. I am also benefiting from 3 jabs compared to her 2 so that may affect it also. I am thankful that I've got this variant rather than the serious one, but to say its just a cold is not really that truthful.
  18. I cant make this one as self isolating at the moment, but I'd be surprised if there were many more than 7k in attendance. On the pitch, I think that they will have too much for our patched up side, but getting a game into our players will be helpful for our league campaign, which is far more important.
  19. Walsall 3-3 Newport in the 95th does us a bit of a favour
  20. We are in a very good place, which will only improve with new recruits. The process is in full effect!
  21. Telford scores again - scores not going for us today
  22. Telford would be a good signing, but would cost a fair bit.
  23. Bristol Rovers among three clubs interested in signing Portsmouth striker Ellis Harrison - Bristol Live WWW.BRISTOLPOST.CO.UK It looks like several clubs are interested
  24. I'll be there if its on, but im not hopeful
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