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  1. Time will tell for DC, but I wish that he wouldn't keep stating the obvious to us regarding Askeys poor signings and set up. We know all about it. If he turns us in to what he says we're going to be everyone will be delighted, but until then, he should concentrate on the job in hand and show a bit of class by choosing his post match comments with a little more decorum.
  2. Not defending Askey here, but during the short time we looked decent under him, we were playing some good stuff. Many, me included, were raving about the work rate and energy of our midfield of Joyce, Conlon and the ever improving Burgess. Our high tempo pressing game was even being compared, on a relative scale, to the way that Liverpool were playing. Quality with the majority of these players didn't seem the issue, nor was it with Askey. Then lock down came, coupled with injuries to Gibbo and Monty and the team and Askey never recovered. The summer signings were unbelievably poor and all
  3. How many times did we try to get behind the Stevenage defence tonight? Apart from not conceding, what was the attacking plan? Hope the tactics are explained in the interview and what if any change we can expect for the next few games, because we're running out of superlatives to describe what we have just witnessed.
  4. Do we just need better hoofball type players? Hope Clarke is in the process of eliminating what works and what doesn't, but our pitch works great for teams who know how to use the space so I hope he doesn't resort to that crap as a way to play, even if it is early days.
  5. Can't stand this hoofing it. Can't keep playing like this. Pub football yet again
  6. Sorry to hear that Ray. On a personal note, you were a class striker and the best nous to identify a player that we've ever had at the Vale. Keep well ☺️
  7. Zac Jules, bombed out of VP cos he was crap, now gone to MK Don's for an undisclosed. Amazing!
  8. Sorry! I know its probably been mentioned 50 times before, but Angus Dior to Wrexham on a free.
  9. Probably not if Jake Taylor wasn't either.
  10. Most considered pundit over the last 10 years has been Mick Cullerton. Hope he's doing OK. Be interesting to have both Cullerton and Ray Williams on together to gauge how similar or otherwise their respective views are. In fact, it was good to hear Brian Horton on P&G last week, let's get the three of them on together. - I know, I'm getting carried away now.
  11. Would love to see Rodders reacting to a crowd encouraging him. Extra 20% effort and inspiration maybe? Though definitely not suggesting he lacks either, but he's just not heard us at volume turned up to 11. Come to think of it, it's been a while since I have.
  12. Taylors midfield positioning, particularly first half, was different class, in terms of linking forward moves. Amazing the difference it made when Gibbo and Monty went off. Sprosons lambasting of Rodney was a joke. Yes the lad made an error, but never heard anyone get dug out so much. Five minutes later, he started on about it again. A rare good day for the lads. Well done Pugh.
  13. I wonder what yesterday's troll protesters are doing this afternoon?
  14. Never thought of Flitcroft, but he's very relevant and an excellent shout. I like the thought of Paul Cook, but would be delighted with either.
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