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  1. Usually, our new managers are written off before they walk through the door, by a certain contingent and are despised until they are sacked, by the "I told you so's'
  2. When Pope came on, I thought it was a positive move, especially with all the balls that were going in to the box, but I couldn't help but noticing his positioning and wondered what is he doing? Absolute passenger again.
  3. Not saying that we are Joe, but that's the point of not letting it happen by questioning Carol and her teams integrity or talking of weakness if she doesn't move Askey on if there's little improvement in the next two or three games BTW That Doha piece was a welcome and timely thing to pull out of the drawer, especially at this moment. It's what we all needed 😌
  4. Last year when our very own Doha had is own thread of the Bloatcake I saw a toxic little thread mocking The Vale concerning our bright new dawn under Carol and Kevin. I thought that only the most bitter and jealous Lard could have produced such a nasty piece of work, prophesying a cycle of how our exuberance would be short lived before we turn on our owners, manager and ourselves. - Why? He said because we always do His spiteful post was bourne out of shear hatred and jealousy of The Vale. Vale fans. Please don't allow this to actually happen, because, looking at some of the posts
  5. OK a few observations, no judgment, no answers At our best towards the end of last season, most of us were lording our midfield. In particular the drive, energy and development of Conlon and Burgess orchestrated in no small way by Joyce. Inexplicably, while expecting them to push on this season, all three and as a unit, seem to have regressed. Enterprising link up play that massively involved Cullen is now non existent Our best side and performances have been with last seasons best eleven. Too often resort to the high ball, even when Pope isn't playing resulting
  6. How did Adams react to losing six on the bounce?
  8. Total lack of personal awareness and emotional intelligence that should be a given in a modern day leader.
  9. If players can go through iffy patches of form, then so can managers. I'll admit that right now it's not going to plan, but Askey is as professional and level headed manager that we've had for years. After the awful games that we've just seen, it's made me question if he's the right man, why has he made x or y decisions, then rationality kicks in and makes me realise that up to now, we still have far more positives than negatives going for us. When people start calling for Askey to go, I've not seen one suggestion as to who should replace him, so do they want us to be a managerless clu
  10. The early performances and goals that we were scoring under Bruno were some of the best for many a year, but a combination of fair weather players, getting sussed out and Brunos tactical inability to react and change meant that the exciting start quickly fizzled out to disaster.
  11. I wish the team would stop embarrassing the club
  12. Loads of early possession and created absolutely nothing. AGAIN
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