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  1. Removing any emotion and disappointment from the result and not wanting to ignore the overall progress of the team over the past five years, I am still left wondering if we fully grasped the opportunity that we had last night? Ahead of kick off, everything was in our favour. Home crowd, fully behind the team, high confidence with a team full of pace and dynamism that we've not seen for many a year, against team with players of excellent quality and experience, but with an aging defence. Even the cooler weather was on our side. So apart from the opening five minutes, which produced an amazing goal, what exactly was our game plan that ensured that we take full advantage of these factors in our favour? Excuse my tactical naivety and perhaps ignorance but why were we allowing the Italian centre backs to literally walk the ball to the halfway line under no pressure or engagement? Shouldn't defending start from the front by chasing and closing down? Our energy from such young attacking players should have resulted in a torrid night for the Azzuri back line, yet they could have turned out adorning pipes slippers and smoking jackets for much of the game and that's how it was for more than 70 of the 90 minutes, occasionally with them doing what was cynically necessary, which didn't radically change in extra time. If we had been picked of by even the odd goal or even two, by having a right go at them, then fair enough I'd have said it's a final and they showed their class and experience, but I can't help but feel that it was huge opportunity missed by playing in such a passive way. As for the penalties, I don't even want to go there because we had 120 minutes to run the old blokes at the back in to the ground, yet didn't even try to. Was it fear, lack of ability, or just that the Italians were just so technically brilliant? Ultimately, if we embrace and back our young players attacking ability coupled with a really impressive defence, we'll undoubtedly improve further and just maybe, make that final step to bring home one of the major trophies that have eluded us for so very long. Come on England and The Vale!
  2. Superbly put and reflects my feelings entirely
  3. Don't think that anyones great at L2 level, perhaps more, an accomplished lower league manager.
  4. Sorry RZ. Can you explain where you read that I am sure that we will struggle? We could well waltz the league and still not be the finished article is more the point that I was making, but I trust that you will interpret whatever slant you see fit, which of course is your right, though utterly predictable as it is.
  5. So are you saying what many people believed, in that these same players who had had spiraled us in to the most perilous of situations by not performing for the previous management were now willing to put in performances that would see them winning 8 out of 9 games, before taking their foot of the gas again, when comfortably safe from relegation? Would it have been pragmatic to then say that we go with all the same players again for yet another unpredictable season of proven inconsistency, or do what he is in the process of doing by revamping the majority of the squad in a way that he sees fit? Only then can he be answerable on his man management and capability of the team, which in itself will take a good couple of years to properly shape.
  6. And are obsessed playing predictable 80's music
  7. Potentially excellent signing here. Man Utd have had loads of players who have not made it at OT, and some have struggled since, but have always had better than average ability just waiting to be nurtured at the right club. Nick Powell's career reads like an oscilloscope, having established himself at Lard FC as a star player their fear is that now losing him. If he has half of Powell's ability at L2 level, he could prove a very astute signing. Welcome James.
  8. That's it then. Let's all pack up now and not bother, we're clearly done for, makes perfect sense.
  9. Wasn't it against York City, Christmas time? Absolute cracker of a volley! I think Dennis Smith was York manager at the time too...or am I making that bit up? Not too sure what game it was Mike, but he certainly did score in that match which was played on 3rd January 1983 with Ernie Moss scoring the other one, in a 2-1 win I remember standing in the Bycars just in front of the Tea Bar. The corner was taken from the Lorne Street side. The volley came fizzing in from the edge of the box, never to be forgotten, or repeated
  10. That volley was incredible. Still remember it clearly. Classic body shape and technique, executed to perfection.
  11. These day there's more chance of us acquiring a player from Red Star Belgrade than Stoke. The Coates's have no interest in acknowledging that we even exist either as football club or even in relation to the amazing community work that Carol and Kevin have inspired. Not sure what Rudgies take on it would be, but the lack of any player collaboration between two clubs, minutes away from each other paints a fairly colourless picture
  12. For me it has to be Good Friday (not) 1979 when we were 3 nil up at Wigan with less than 20 minutes to go. Final score, Wigan 5 Port Vale 3 Shocker!
  13. How long will it be before RZ asks, 'Has he gone yet?"
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