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  1. There always have and will always be, people who seek to moan and bristle by proclaiming ‘It told you so’’ when we do have a setback. They are the ones who think that being rescued from near obliteration, then not running away with the league, is poor showing and that steady progress equates to failure. We can’t do anything about that because that’s the way they are wired and will never change, so can only be ignored by those who air on the side of realism and positivity. If any proof of progress is needed, then, without getting too carried away, look at how many people are now raising their expectations, as a result of the rain check of the past couple of weeks. What were those expectations this time last year, let alone when we were playing our 36th game of the season? Now tell me that we aren’t a better outfit all round. I can hear the sound of lips smacking at any prospect of impending doom already.
  2. May be that’s how many empty seats there were
  3. I’ve never wanted us to play them as much as I do right now. Next season is too long to wait. West Brom looked like they couldn’t be ersed for the most part because they didn’t need to be. Seriously, how many of those players, man for man would we swap, based on current form and commitment? I’d love RS to play the first week of P&G again to remind their deluded callers of their ridiculous spouting, then gleefully ram it down their red and white throats. Vale! Vale! Vale!
  4. Simple enough for me. Joyce is that vital cog in the machinery that you’d notice more if he wasn’t there. Influential, creates stability and keeps the ball rolling. Also noted by several other posters and not by coincidence, that Taylor and Burgess are quickly developing in to potentially the first choice midfielders playing in front of Joyce, meaning that Conlon and Manny will have to up their game and work rate to dislodge them. Right now that’s going to be difficult, providing Taylor and Burgess continue to perform and progress, especially considering that this is a midfield that is still learning how to knit together.
  5. Fed up about listening to the Ray Williams love child Tom Pope love in. First thing Tom did when he came on was to concede a foul and the last thing he did was to concede another oul, but enough said on that matter. Right now we look like we are trying to accommodate a system, rather than helping our players to play to their strengths. Tom is a great talisman, but is not the answer that makes all our problems disappear, so apologies for the unintended direct criticism, as we would be a poorer team without Tom at our disposal. Worral playing too deep most of the time, therefore stifling his ability to hurt teams offensively. Worral is not a like for like replacement for Manny, so don’t use him as such. He should be on the right wing in place of the inconsistent Amoo, where he’s been most effective, particularly when supported by a right back to link with. Amoo, impact sub as an option to add fresh legs if needed Montano, hardly ever has a good game when in the starting eleven, read for Amoo Back four are on the whole steady when it comes to basic defending, but apart from Atkinson, are woefully uncomfortable on the ball which results in the alarming surrender of possession with Crookes looking like a liability coupled with a general theme of poor decision making which runs throughout the team. Midfield unit lack forward drive and are defensively set up which means that apart from the exception rather than the rule, aren’t able to productively support in a creative or offensive capacity, which is why we’re struggling to pose much threat, even when Colon is there, because he’s quickly evolving in to another backwards sideways player. We may seem like we’ve missed him, but before his injury, he’d also started to have some poor performances No problem with Joyce as a sitting midfielder, but we can’t have three of them, which is why Worral needs to be released to the right and young Burgess needs to be reinstated with positive brief, with Taylor linking with him and Joyce. In attack, as mentioned above, midfield needs more incisive contribution to support whoever is the lead striker. Bennett has ability to create for himself and is willing to unleash that left foot but can look average if the midfield link up isn’t happening. Archer has lots of promise, but needs a break to get long enough on the field to show why he should be there, the odd ten minutes won’t prove anything. Left side as a whole is a bit of a conundrum with little depth and needs urgent attention to strengthen and balance the team. One final point on the overall improvement or otherwise, is that we all want to see progress and many on OVF want to see this in significant ways. Perhaps this is because they think we’re better or should be better than we are. Well for me, the unholy mess that the club was in up to May 5th shows progress by the very nature that we have games to actually come and watch. Right now we’re not great and in a poor vein of form and yes areas of the squad needs improvement. Who really thought that this was going to be instant or without issues, or even mistakes being made? Years of rot are not rectified with quick fixes and it may take longer than many are prepared to wait to achieve success on the field. As supporters, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a moan and express opinion and concerns when we’re not top of the league, but we can only make a positive impact by actually supporting the club, so as Vale supporters, let’s have a go at doing just that
  6. The clown who rang RS last night was another head in the sand denyer, who was moaning at Darios’ “unfair treatment”. He wanted to celebrate and recognise Darios’ contribution, while staying well clear of acknowledge the pain that has happened to these young lads and the part played by Darios’ guilty knowledge. I personally found his comments unbelievably disrespectful to the victims and of course BBC Blakeman felt that either he could not, or did not want to comment on the whole sickening scenario. Utterly embarrassing and shameless club, associates and supporters.
  7. Anyone who comes onto P&G and keeps wanting to refer to their previous quotes as some sort of Vale guru is just doing so to gain attention that is probably missing in their day to day life. It’s a bit of a shame really. Also,does anyone cringe when the young woman comes on and spouts about how great we are, the has to get a dig in at Sjoke? Last year, she was the one who tried to mitigate some of our “bright youths” throwing flares back at the unwashed, because they threw them at us.
  8. Careful Guys, as much as we all love this situation, we were doing all this last season, particularly the chances of us meeting them in the league, but look how it ended for us. - Just saying, like
  9. Old fort


    Phil Neville is quoted as saying that the demise of Bury is disgraceful. Maybe it wouldn’t have been if he and his mates would have put their money into a proper club such as Bury instead of entertaining themselves by creating that Frankenstein tin pot Salford gimmick Even FC United had a moral behind it
  10. Joe, I believe that you have established yourself as one of the handful of consistently sensible posters on OVF that demonstrates balanced thoughts and opinions.
  11. Couldn’t agree more, but that’s the point. It’s not about the numbers, just the awareness
  12. I can’t figure out why anyone would think that encouraging a non-racist, non-homophobic, or non-sexists atmosphere, is in anyway sanitising the game. It’s not just about the game, or a tee shirt, it’s a society issue and people who attend any event come from that same society. The Crewe game will have highly charged and emotional punters in attendance, so what’s wrong with an occasional reminder of awareness and responsibility to all, or is it best to say nowt, do nowt and pretend that the whole thing doesn’t exist, because I’m not any of that so I don’t need to hear the message?
  13. Is the issue the price or the instalments?
  14. I’d love to know what part of any of my post suggests anger or any kind of abusive reply to anyone who I don’t personally know from Adam, by using immotive or aggressive vocabulary such as scum or thick? For me, I think I’ll just leave it there.
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