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  1. Don't care if does as long as we score more
  2. Over the years, Tom Pope has been the one player that has always given us a chance, whoever we have played, but for the last two and a half years it's been clear that successful teams need more than a largely static target man who is frozen out of any game where service isn't delivered on a plate. The point being, how many of Tom's goals have solely been created by himself? Compare that to the usual stocky, quick forwards that have caused us misery and we can see how the game, even at our level, has changed and why, though not even being close to the finished article, Devante is alway
  3. Good point, Philip just sneaked in on that score
  4. Home Service or Light Program, solemn music both stations. BBC TV only for the few. A bit like Sky then.
  5. The assassination of the world's most powerful man is a bit different to the natural passing of a bloke who was a couple of months short of 100th birthday. Having said that, Harry Worth wasn't the best choice, should have been Arthur Haynes.
  6. Don't know, tell me, I wasn't there.
  7. Glad I'm not the only fed up with it already. Respect due, but this is OTT for a bloke nearly 100. It's like they've been waiting for this to happen for ages to run all the programs a d coverage. Maybe I'm not too emotionally sensitive.
  8. Good point, but that seems the cycle of nearly all L2 clubs. Let's hope that we can be an exception.
  9. The way we are setting up and organising the back room function, must be more akin to that of a Championship club than a League 2 outfit, which is great and gives us a glimpse of The Vale 's aspirations, but if a Cheltenham or Morecambe type club are hitting the heights again next season and we're not, we could be forgiven in thinking that it's all a load of <ovf censored> If it blooms like it should, then nobody will touch us, only I don't know how long it will take.
  10. Flittcroft and DC thought it was. 😀
  11. Said all along that these football misfit owners should have backed a proper club like Bury or even Stockport and done some proper good instead of launching themselves into this fantasy ego trip that is just screwing around with everybody. Would love them to replaced by Wrexham.
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