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  1. Please can we stop all this silliness all round. None of it contributes positively to an entertaining or engaging forum. It's constant in almost every thread and has nothing to do with having an opinion.
  2. Love our overwhelming reaction against these scum, that truly represents our fantastic club. I just despair that we are forced to do it after such a wonderful finish by the lads and magnificent crowd.
  3. Mine doesn't, should know better. Have to admit, did cross my mind for a moment, but you just don't do it do you?
  4. Please accept my apologies Sir if that is the reason for you not being able to recognise the newer Vale players
  5. Seemingly you don't either when it comes to ex players and managers. Also I don't make light of anyone with any life affecting condition
  6. You'd quickly recognise the players if you attended the games, even I've managed to do it, though I still miss seeing Andy Jones banging them in.
  7. The point is why worry over who sings what. Consider that.
  8. Penny Arcade by Roy Orbison. If you You tube Rangers Fc doing it before their games, it's fantastic. Would love it if we could engage with it in a similar way. Would be great on promotion day 😀
  9. So pleased we've comfortably seen off one of the most horrible teams I've witnessed for a long time. I can only think that they were top because other teams struggled with their miserable game approach, but we are finally a tough bunch who can handle outfits like them. Well done lads.
  10. So where do we currently sit in the balance of whole game set up and tactics versus team/player ability?
  11. Ever the optimist, especially with only only three games in stuff, but we listen to all the detail and analysis from DF / DC and end up still playing mainly hoofball, so I'm not sure how the plan of opening the opposition up fits in to the thinking. Two decent away performances except we're at home. Our forward play is devoid of creative movement, making final third link up play almost non existent. I know that we've hit the woodwork a few times, but in 180 minutes of home football, surely you would expect to create something to be worthy of note anyway Generally seem to be playing 10-15 yards too deep, with little urgency to close down from the front, allowing opposition too much time and midfield possession. Must admit, I expected better than this, even in these early days, but just a bit concerned that this style of play will be difficult to change from, the more we play it. Still hoping there is more to come from our new players who have arrived with glowing promise but have yet to show their potential. Overall, no panic from me, but improvement required in order establish a positive identity factor.
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