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  1. From strength to strength . Quite siimply, what a club! Even through our success in the nineties, I've never felt prouder of what Port Vale now represent and the lives we are touching. Daren't even dream of the rolling impact if the results on the field follow.
  2. After one win, they're at it again! Yes folks, it appears to be promotion time again and Michael O'connor is a gifted genius. Admittedly the Wolves win is commendable, but just hearing the general OTT cringeworthy reaction on Radio Sjoke is a classic example of what we've become accustomed to. I know that we've got one or two ourselves, but most of us try to temper our dreams with a measure of reality so that they don't become ridiculous expectations. I'm not saying that they won't do well, but to listen to them you'd think that they're already on the verge of promotion. The bot
  3. I created a new registration using my wife's details, copied and pasted the email code and still said invalid code. I continued with the card details, it took a tenner from the card and low and behold, managed to get 35 minutes of the second half. BTW, I too, like many people who tried in vain today, am more than tech competent and tried different devices and browsers before payment sorted the issue.
  4. I'm getting exactly the same as Biddulph- missed first half and still not on.
  5. Let's also not forget that Conlon and Burgess, though still young, have just got another year of experience under their.belts so you''d hope that they'd be stronger and better for it this season. If that proves to pan out, then we could have two very exciting players in the ranks, though I'm not suggesting that they are anywhere near to being finished articles, I for one, am prepared to back them until form suggests otherwise.
  6. Nothing wrong with getting just a little carried away at the moment, as long as we all remember that it's The Vale we're talking about. But then again this is the New Vale and it feels amazing, even though a ball hasn't been kicked yet. We've got a totally different feel, backed up with great PR hype. Be honest when have we ever had video with that production quality, let alone for the launch of a shirt - an away one at that? That S.O.B Smurthwaite turned us in to a failing pub team/club, now in comparison, Carol and Co. have made us feel like Vale Madrid WNE is amazing and I can't i
  7. Just seen i. Not just gutted for Macc, but equally that Stevenage are back in
  8. Jack was a master of the one line responses. My personal favourite was after the 66 quarter final against Argentina, when Rattin refused to leave the field after being sent off. Apparently, the incensed Argies were banging on the English dressing room door after the match. I cant recall which player said, in a concerned tone of voice, that they were trying to get in to fight, Jack said "Let em' in"
  9. Here's an ultra optimistic scenario. As unlikely as it is, it could be all but done and dusted on Saturday, considering the remaining games, where the bottom teams have to play one another, Sjokes remaining games and even the Wigan factor. Stranger things have happened than Hull beating WBA (no chance), Boro beat QPR, Huddersfield beat Preston, improving Charlton beat a fading Milwall and of course Barnsley beat Them, leaving them 4 points adrift with 5 to play. That's my coupon for Saturday anyway
  10. Thank you Jean, I didn't know that.
  11. Makes my heart pump with pride. While success is measured ultimately on the field, thereby filling the coffers, national recognition like this draws the attention of a wider spectrum of people who may have their eyes opened to the crucial importance and stature that a football club has within the community, with this fantastic club, in particular being one of the brightest beacons. 70000+ meals is truly ridiculous in a wonderful way, because let's not forget that we're not talking about a money bags Premiership, or even Championship club here, who can solve problems by just chucking
  12. Seems he must have thought social distancing didn't apply to him.
  13. I didn't know Mike at all and only knew the name old sage on OVF, but it's clear by the overwhelming reaction that we've lost a diamond. Deepest condolences and thoughts to his family and friends.
  14. Old fort


    Gove, horrible, stereotypical public school boy, with no concept of working class, with the word class, cooperatively being missing from his squirming demeanor. Prepared to stab his own colleagues in the back if he believes it will further his career. Fair to say, it's a long time since I've disliked a politician so much.
  15. Old fort


    Member Members 58 456 posts Report post Posted March 11 Its not flu. It is a deadly disease. When your mum is vulnerable you would worry. Your comment or mine will look stupid in a few months time. Lets hope its mine. Thought I'd look back on some earlier posts to gauge some of the opinions between then an now. Here was a response from W to ey up nah.
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