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  1. Looks like agent O'Neil is turning out to be a dirty double crosser. Could be good Cockney Rhyming Slang in there. The guy clearly has no morals which was inexplicably missed when we appointed him as agent Jones's replacement. Do we have anyone on the inside there that can take care of the job in hand?
  2. Who do you think we should/ should have signed to get us in to the play offs, because we clearly need more than one player? Personally I'm not that well up with the current list of available or out of contract players, so I'd appreciate a little education.
  3. Carol and Kevin are the most accessible owners that we've ever had, so why don't these insipid cowards who post these stupid comments, ask to go and see them directly, to raise their concerns in a civilised way, instead of using their gutless, faceless methods to do nothing but to cause upset and stir unrest. MUPPETS MUPPETS, MUPPETS Same pathetic specimens who moan on RS. What a predictable load of no mark's they are. If I was Sandoz or Blakeman, I'd ask the likes of Carl before he even opens his mouth,"have you got anything different to say from the usual predictable drivel, that sounds like a broken record?" If not, theres very little point in hearing it yet again. Sorry about the rant folks, but some people really wndi me up, especially when its aimed at people who are such easy targets, despite what they've achieved. It's just the lack of gratitude and decency that gets me.
  4. The same prats, no doubt, who we're against change when Scumthwaite was in charge, proclaiming "be careful what you wish for " These idiots revel in other people's shortcomings just so that they can smurkingly tell everyone who takes any notice of them "I told you so" not that Carol and Kevin have produced any shortcomings at all ofcourse.
  5. Can understand that not too many Fulham fans would want to be out of the house at 7:30 on a Sunday morning for a future that is not exactly unique for them, is on TV and knowing full well the outcome, followed by a four hour trek back. Having said that, the world indoor bowls was on BBC2 afterwards, which produced at lot more noise and atmosphere.
  6. No ambition? Missed opportunity? You'd think that we're only a player or two away from being real challengers and a very good team. What utter tripe! How many players do these people think that we really need to sign to make us genuinely promotion contenders and where are they (in January of all times) are they going to come from? I'd expect better in the summer, but even then I'm not thinking that we have a divine right to have the best team in the league, given the scale of the overhaul that is required and has seemingly escaped too many people's radar This too is my long term observation, not based on a couple of wins or defeats God help the club if we're only bang average for another season, because too many folk on OVF will go in to complete meltdown
  7. Too many clowns thinking that there are swathes of top players out there just waiting to be singed by Port Vale.
  8. What I'd have given for a bang average side last year.
  9. If everyone took your final point on board, we'd have less miserable moaners and a lot more positive supporters who would get behind the club and support it rather than trying to pull it, the manager and the owners apart at every opportunity
  10. Shouldn't need to be banned if you've got the nous to know what is or isn't appropriate, or anticipating the consequences.
  11. Couldn't care less about strengthening in this window because the reality is that if we're not strong enough to get in to the play offs with the squad we've got now, then I can't see there would be enough of the right type or quality of player available now that would sufficiently strengthen us in the long term, or especially in L1. I would expect us though, to be looking to improve the squad in readiness for a serious push next season given what has been achieved this season, where expectations and progress has been exceeded.
  12. Absolutely correct Jean and that is the whole point, perfectly demonstrated.
  13. Not said one thing or another about his character, ust the variance. Then again, does not the Twitter activity somewhat paint a coloured picture that could lead to the path of forming certain assertions and opinions, whether they are accurate or not?
  14. Just listened to Scot Brown interview on RS tonight. The bloke has hardly been with us five minutes and has set bounds of respect, decency and how to professionally represent himself, his family and Port Vale way beyond Tom Popes comprehension. Chalk and cheese examples of character, just a bit embarrassing that on of them is a native of these parts.
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