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    If football matches here had to be played behind closed doors, Sjoke would still count 23000 attendance.
  2. Old fort

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    Thanks for the advice
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    Run In

    Current stats show that, with the odd exception (e.g Sheff Utd, Lincoln), promoted teams are tending to struggle to survive in the higher league. It shows how difficult it's become unless you're an established team in your current league. If we do make it this season, it would be an amazing achievement to consolidate in L1, and that applies to any of the promoted teams. Could be exciting times ahead, but patience may be called for, a quality that all us Vale fans must have PhD 's in.
  4. Another decent opposition assessment by Cheltenham defender Boyle https://www.ctfc.com/news/2020/march/reaction-boyle-on-port-vale/
  5. If Monty is fit, I'd play him on the left and put Worrall on the right to re-establish the dovetailing with Gibbo. This then gives the option of introducing Amoo and Brown in the latter stages, if required. Wished we knew how sharp Taylor is, but right now, any of the midfield three would need to have an absolute mare to be dropped and bar suspension or injury, shouldn't be tinkered with at this crucial time Cullen to continue his run, he's proving invaluable In helping to implement the teams pressing and high energy approach, while showing some great touches and intelligent link play with other forward players. Pope still able to provide the option to change things in the last 15-20 minutes if needed, so all in all, six points from the next two games should be more than a possibility, providing that we perform to potential and stay focused.
  6. Not saying he's not, but how do you know Taylor is?
  7. I thought their No.14 stood out in midfield. Big lad who had a great touch and was able to turn on a sixpence and drive at our defence on numerous occasions.
  8. People around me today calling for Pope. He came on and SMITH scored immediately. Popes lasting contribution was to commit a unnecessary foul which served to heap pressure on a panicky defence. Why? I'd defend Askey every day of the week, but Popes talismanic reputation is clouding game logic which too many people default to , often at the expense a wiser game plan. Having said that, we were poor creatively today and would have preferred to see Taylor introduced instead of Manny. Still prefer to see Worrall play on the right and that could happen next week, with Clark back, allowing Monty to play on the left and Worrall on the right, in place of Mr Marmite Amoo. Hope Worrall buys some decent studs for Cheltenham. We could really do with stuffing them again so that even more fans can be totally dumbfounded by our unpredictability, as we March, or crawl, to an unlikely crack at the play offs, or even better.
  9. Yes, he did unfortunately pass away a few years ago and he did appear on Stars in their eyes. Bizarrely didn't win it though. Was fortunate to have seen him a number of times, the first time being when I was only a lad, where he played a gig at my sister's wedding. I believe he also met Orbison at least on one occasion, maybe more, during one of his many UK visits. I think that you can YouTube the Stars in their eyes performance, but the quality isn't great, the sound's OK.
  10. Gerry Grant was the greatest ever Roy Orbison tribute who made the likes of Barry Steele sound second rate.
  11. Lovely sunny Friday evening. I remember a police lady standing a little too close to some if the lads behind the goal. Anyway, it was a great night, but it took ages to get back to Kidsgrove on the train, as there were so many fans at Stockport station.
  12. If you have got the Tune in radio app you can search and listen to loads of country stations from the US, many of which are live. You then get to know the latest artists and music. Also on Sunday afternoons from 2 till 4, Signal2 broadcast Chris Country which is one of the National country stations that broadcast on DAB
  13. Me and my wife are both well in to our 50's and love the new country stuff, not to be confused with the old country and western. Can't understand why this stuff isn't played on regular radio, as it's very contemporary and wouldn't sound out of place. The last four years we been to see quite a number of the current big American stars and the one thing that they all have in common is that they are, or are backed, by amazing musicians. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, but if you're fed up of listening to 80's stuff it want to listen to new music, then check out some new country and you might just find something you like. BTW, it usually goes well on a nice summers day with an ice cold beer, as most song do tend to include alcohol.
  14. Said something similar on here a few months ago, when Neville was reflecting about the demise of Bury and the family connection that he has with them. I said that it's a pity that he and his rich chums couldn't have put their money in to a proper club like Bury, instead of a pointless egotistical, play thing that has zero potential and serves only to entertain a bunch of rich boys.
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