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  1. Here's an ultra optimistic scenario. As unlikely as it is, it could be all but done and dusted on Saturday, considering the remaining games, where the bottom teams have to play one another, Sjokes remaining games and even the Wigan factor. Stranger things have happened than Hull beating WBA (no chance), Boro beat QPR, Huddersfield beat Preston, improving Charlton beat a fading Milwall and of course Barnsley beat Them, leaving them 4 points adrift with 5 to play. That's my coupon for Saturday anyway
  2. Thank you Jean, I didn't know that.
  3. Makes my heart pump with pride. While success is measured ultimately on the field, thereby filling the coffers, national recognition like this draws the attention of a wider spectrum of people who may have their eyes opened to the crucial importance and stature that a football club has within the community, with this fantastic club, in particular being one of the brightest beacons. 70000+ meals is truly ridiculous in a wonderful way, because let's not forget that we're not talking about a money bags Premiership, or even Championship club here, who can solve problems by just chucking money around, Port Vale are tackling social issues that should not be acceptable in 2020, irrespective of what teams the families and their children support. I believe that what The Vale are achieving, especially in the current Covid crisis, should be noted at PM's question time and hope that when we can all return to a semblance of normality, that Carol and Kevin can start to reap the rewards of some financial support and input to enable the club to grow both on and off the field, now that people have had a glimpse of the bigger picture of the good that a truly community focused football club can bring to the lives of many. We Love you Vale, we do!
  4. Seems he must have thought social distancing didn't apply to him.
  5. I didn't know Mike at all and only knew the name old sage on OVF, but it's clear by the overwhelming reaction that we've lost a diamond. Deepest condolences and thoughts to his family and friends.
  6. Old fort


    Gove, horrible, stereotypical public school boy, with no concept of working class, with the word class, cooperatively being missing from his squirming demeanor. Prepared to stab his own colleagues in the back if he believes it will further his career. Fair to say, it's a long time since I've disliked a politician so much.
  7. Old fort


    Member Members 58 456 posts Report post Posted March 11 Its not flu. It is a deadly disease. When your mum is vulnerable you would worry. Your comment or mine will look stupid in a few months time. Lets hope its mine. Thought I'd look back on some earlier posts to gauge some of the opinions between then an now. Here was a response from W to ey up nah. No offence to you nah as many of us were of similar thinking before we fully understood the gravity of what was to be and even now no one can accurately predict the final outcome either in the UK or worldwide.
  8. Old fort


    If football matches here had to be played behind closed doors, Sjoke would still count 23000 attendance.
  9. Old fort

    Run In

    Thanks for the advice
  10. Old fort

    Run In

    Current stats show that, with the odd exception (e.g Sheff Utd, Lincoln), promoted teams are tending to struggle to survive in the higher league. It shows how difficult it's become unless you're an established team in your current league. If we do make it this season, it would be an amazing achievement to consolidate in L1, and that applies to any of the promoted teams. Could be exciting times ahead, but patience may be called for, a quality that all us Vale fans must have PhD 's in.
  11. Another decent opposition assessment by Cheltenham defender Boyle https://www.ctfc.com/news/2020/march/reaction-boyle-on-port-vale/
  12. If Monty is fit, I'd play him on the left and put Worrall on the right to re-establish the dovetailing with Gibbo. This then gives the option of introducing Amoo and Brown in the latter stages, if required. Wished we knew how sharp Taylor is, but right now, any of the midfield three would need to have an absolute mare to be dropped and bar suspension or injury, shouldn't be tinkered with at this crucial time Cullen to continue his run, he's proving invaluable In helping to implement the teams pressing and high energy approach, while showing some great touches and intelligent link play with other forward players. Pope still able to provide the option to change things in the last 15-20 minutes if needed, so all in all, six points from the next two games should be more than a possibility, providing that we perform to potential and stay focused.
  13. Not saying he's not, but how do you know Taylor is?
  14. I thought their No.14 stood out in midfield. Big lad who had a great touch and was able to turn on a sixpence and drive at our defence on numerous occasions.
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