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  1. Done a little digging and found that Carsley was at Blackburn at the same time as David Flitcroft’s brother, Gary. That could be the link? Carsley would be a different but exciting appointment. Highly regarded as a coach and must have loads of contacts in the game with a fantastic knowledge of young players.
  2. We are getting a new manager/head coach as well. What don’t you understand? Read the article on the site and watch the video of his interview. It’s very clear.
  3. Has nobody read the article? Carol says this is EXTRA investment so it sounds like she’s putting more of HER money in. A director of football with a decent head coach is a system that can work well and does for lots of the biggest clubs in Europe as well as clubs in our own league. Plenty of clubs have this system in place. He’s experienced in football and business so to me it looks like a good appointment. It also takes the pressure off Carol in regards to the football side of things.
  4. Says in the article on site that he will be responsible for appointing the new manager. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Adam Murray as the head coach.
  5. Flitcroft is director of football!
  6. I bet any new players are Sproson’s lads. We can’t seem to scout young lads outside of his players; it’s like we aren’t allowed.
  7. Clearly the system isn’t working so why not use that first sub to change it. Get pointless Joyce off and get Cullen on to partner Guthrie up top. We are losing the game, ffs!! Let’s have a go!
  8. Think I’m the only Vale fan that thinks Taylor is massively overrated and we’ve only signed him because his agent Sproson said so.
  9. We look awful. This is exactly how Askey would’ve set up and played. Pugh needs to show some mettle and change this at half time if we’ve got any hope of getting anything from this game.
  10. Didn’t Micky Adams nearly sign him the season we went up? Instead he went to Swindon and has carved out a decent career in the Championship.
  11. Very bold move by Pugh to change the formation. Hopefully they go out and get a result for him.
  12. Danny Pugh flying in to 6/4 favourite at the moment. I wouldn’t mind Pugh if we were to appoint a more experienced assistant with him. I’d defo prefer Pugh over Sinclair who failed two steps below us.
  13. I’d take Murray over a lot of other candidates! I genuinely think Carol will go for a younger manager who will buy in to her ethos for the club!
  14. A win Saturday would be a massive boost. Especially if other results go our way. It would make the table look a little less uneasy!
  15. Askey would have taken us down. Carol has made the correct decision. I’m convinced she will get the next appointment right.
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