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  1. We need go 442. Burgess off for Cullen and Amoo off for Browne. Let’s actually give it a go. I have zero faith in Askey to change this at half time, though.
  2. Morecambe fans reckon it’ll be on http://www.shrimpsvoices.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=25038&sid=64f863a6f88db441d063021f2efb91a8
  3. Nothing much happened so far. Cullen had a decent chance where he went for an overhead kick instead of bringing it down. Don’t think he realises how much time he had.
  4. Not sure what formation we will play with that starting 11. Could be a 442 with Atkinson as a right winger maybe? Or a 433 with either Cullen or Bennett out wide?
  5. Club statement on the matter.. Pope says he wasn’t aware of the link and has apologised for his comments.
  6. Beat Salford then draw the City kids and smash them into oblivion would be perfect. We have a local ref as the ref for this game. Strange.
  7. What a great day! Pope’s goal was by far the best of the game as well. 10 pass build up out from the back, got it wide, great ball in and a stunning record breaking header from a club legend and boyhood fan! Spine tingling stuff! City didn’t get out of first gear with Foden and David Silva running the show but I thought we defended well, kept our shape and stayed compact throughout. The lads never stopped trying and gave everything for 90 mins which is all I wanted.
  8. I think any team that is away at a premier league side has VAR.
  9. Our main striker and club legend Tom Pope would certainly relish playing against two very young and relatively inexperienced centre backs. He’s a proper old fashioned forward and would definitely be winding them up and try to get at them from the start. I’m really looking forward to the game and the atmosphere! Cannot wait to visit your stadium either as it looks fantastic on TV! I reckon anything upwards of 5-0 as a final score. Just hoping you play some of your stars as I would love to watch KDB and Sterling live! Even if they come on as subs and play 15 minutes!
  10. Would think we will be in our away kit as their shirt is very light with white shorts
  11. Not sure why Vale fans keep referring to City as the best team in England because Liverpool are miles ahead of them at the moment. City can bemoan the fact they’ve got injuries but so have Liverpool. I’d be happy for Vale to have more than 30% possession and spend just a few minutes of each half in the City half! If we score that away end will be mental. If, and it’s a huge if, we score first then I genuinely don’t know how I’m going to react. City fans will certainly never have seen anything like they’re going to see Saturday. Our support will be loud as anything they’ve ever heard.
  12. I have a really bad feeling we are in for a real hammering today if every player doesn’t give 100% for the entire 90 minutes.
  13. Askey needs to start making subs. His unwillingness to is starting to really bother me. It was glaringly obvious that we needed fresh legs on a very heavy pitch.
  14. Not when Pope plays he isn’t.. the tannoy guy even introduced Pope as the captain..
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