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  1. I’m hoping that Campbell-Gordon can break into the first team and be adequate cover at left back.
  2. Why have they got a Vale style home kit as their away kit?
  3. Luton played well today. I can’t see them going down if they keep playing like that whereas Stoke were awful against Leeds.
  4. We bring him in as well and have 4 quality centre backs!
  5. A centre back group of Legge, Smith, Hartley and Brisley provides us decent cover and should be as good as any in the division.
  6. How the bloody hell have we pulled that one out the bag?
  7. I think they’ll go down. None of their centre backs (apart from Shawcross) are good enough for that league. Leeds absolutely battered them today.
  8. I doubt Monty following him is, though? Unless they’ve played together but I haven’t checked. People are saying he’s already signed and was at the club earlier this week.
  9. Montano and Cullen have both started following Hartley on Twitter.
  10. Dior Angus will almost certainly score against us.
  11. davehartshill


    The advice is so basic I don’t understand why people don’t get it.
  12. Over £6k already is a smashing start. I’m sure the supporters club are putting words in the ears of local businesses and hopefully that will see some larger donations to really get us heading toward that goal. Crewe raised £250k fairly quickly recently so I’m sure we can smash £100k.
  13. Frustrating to throw points away against a very poor looking side who were clearly there for the taking. Askey needs to shoulder some of the blame as it was obvious around 60 minutes that we needed to make some changes.
  14. I wonder if Fat Norman will be donating..
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