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  1. Probably be able do it at the same time I reckon. Allowing fans to do that is surely a good idea!
  2. What time is the ticket office open till today? Is it 5pm or 6pm? Hoping it’s extended to 6 so I can go get my tickets tonight!
  3. Anybody K ow if you can take more than one season ticket to the office? I have access to 2 and want get 4 tickets but it will be only myself queueing.
  4. I think there will still be plenty left after general sale. 8000 is a massive amount of tickets!
  5. https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2019/december/ticket-details-manchester-city/
  6. Announcement soon according to Max McLellan!
  7. We massively missed Joyce and Worrall today. We looked a very poor side who had no ideas.
  8. They’ll need extended highlights when they smash us 9-0.
  9. They’ve picked some crap games for tv. Gillingham v West Ham and Boro v Spurs? Really? Thought we were guaranteed be on tv to be honest.
  10. How is our section of this split now is it just north and south?
  11. When does everybody think the ticket announcement will be? I’m hoping early next week to be honest.
  12. Lloyd did okay last night. Calum Evans looks a total liability as a full back. He often tries a bit too hard to play a long ball rather than keeping it simple. And he should’ve done better for their equaliser. Browne looks a very good player and I think he will soon be really pushing for a first team place. Thought we played quite well but made hard work of it in the end.
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