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  1. Bennett is miles ahead of Pope for me so far this season. Hope Popey makes me eat my words, though. Just feel we need Bennett’s mobility and pace.
  2. Looks like we are going 442 or maybe 4231 with Cullen in behind Pope?
  3. The striking difference is that Montano is a bit lazy but he doesn’t score 20 goals a season or get 10+ assists a season. He always looks like he isn’t giving 100%. I’m not sure whether that’s because he’s scared of getting injured again, though. He won’t be dropped because we don’t have the luxury of a decent enough replacement.
  4. The one where he had one reasonably good half of football out of the 3 games I mentioned. I did also use the phrase “most of”... Don’t get me wrong I think he is a reasonably talented player, I just think he’s a bit guilty of being lazy and not always giving it his all.
  5. In the first half he was anonymous as he often is. He appeared in brief spells in the second half and missed an absolute sitter.
  6. Pope has done nothing wrong he’s just slightly behind a more mobile, quicker striker that has scored a few goals so far this season. I’m pretty sure Pope will get a chance sooner or later and I hope he takes it. I’d quite like to see him and Bennett play together as it would really give teams something to think about. I can’t see us switching to 442, though. Hopefully we have Gibbons, Manny and Amoo back for Saturday! I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Montano dropped as he was a total passenger for most of the Newport, Plymouth and Exeter games.
  7. I thought we did okay considering it was a patched up team. We defended well until the 10 minute spell before the first goal. Feel like if we’d hung on for another few minutes before the goal then we’d have ground out a point. Though We didn’t create enough/anything half decent and we massively missed Amoo’s presence. Kennedy did okay at right back. Put a few good balls into the box as well considering he’s a centre back normally. Their winger Williams came on and changed the game in their favour. Crookes just couldn’t deal with him well enough.
  8. What an absolute pisser. Stoke are going down this season. There’s something deeply wrong at their club.
  9. Been saying for the last few games that Crookes looks better and better everytime I see him. He was solid today as were Legge, Smith and Gibbons.
  10. First half was a bit flaccid but we stepped up a gear or two in the second. We look like a side capable of grinding out 1-0 wins especially at home. If we can get Manny back fit then there’s no reason we can’t finish in the top half/top 10.
  11. Great goal that one. Clever play between Gibbons and Bennett and a great header home!
  12. Anybody else think the kits are a clash in the brightness of the sun? Their kit has a lot of white on the front they should surely be in their away colours. I’m watching on iFollow and struggling see who is who at times!
  13. You just know Montano is next to be injured and we will be stuck playing with a man short.
  14. Think we will get beat today. Thought Askey might have made a change or two after last weeks relatively poor performance.
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