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  1. I've been told on pretty good authority it costs £1m plus per annum to run Crewe's academy, they are not recouping that amount or anywhere near it now, I often wonder what we would think of the business model that gave you short term success followed by relegation as will surely happen as the production line fails, their supporters seem to accept the inevitable.
  2. Crewe supporters don't seem that bothered by relegation, they have 9 posts on their forum on the subject, I should imagine OVF would be in meltdown if the Vale were 6 points adrift at this stage of the season.
  3. An all round professional performance in my book, I thought on another day Colchester could have scored a couple, but overall we dominated, Conlon MOM in my opinion.
  4. A draw away from home when you haven't played well, in my opinion, is good, they had players returning and were going to turn their poor form around, so a draw, when you haven't played well is a bonus as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Highest daily death numbers since March according to latest figures..........☹️
  6. Won't be as easy as we might think tonight, they will end their poor run eventually, Clough is not a bad manager, so a draw for me I think.
  7. The players and staff seem to think he's OK................
  8. That's blindingly obvious ..........
  9. Another one who can't take a debate... No intention of debating with a melt like you, show some respect for those of us who are suffering at the moment with covid and for those who have lost someone........Like I said give it a rest.
  10. Do I really need to talk you through the cases misnomer again? No don't, just shut up and give it a rest.........
  11. Whilst I agree that the vaccine is likely to reduce symptoms, even without a vaccine most people will suffer a mild to moderate illness (Chris Whitty 2020). After 2 jabs and feeling like I do tonight I wouldn't want to fight this virus without the benefit of the vaccination, I suggest you show a bit of humility and stop with your arrogant assumptions, I can't take my wife to hospital on Wednesday for a long awaited appointment, and we have no idea when we can re book, it might be mild but I can tell you if you get it you wont think so.
  12. Well from nowhere and double jabbed I've tested positive for Covid, I feel as though I've been run over by a steam roller, what it must be like if you haven't had any jabs I dread to think, I wear my mask and sanitise almost to the point of distraction. What concerns me is the number of people of all age groups who are double jabbed and yet this virus is still causing problems, so thats 10 days of self isolation and missed hospital appointments for the missus oh and I'll miss the the tricky whites tomorrow.
  13. Just noticed McKirdy didn't make the bench for Swindon ..Is he injured ?
  14. Agreed these are the games that you have to get a result if you have ambitions to get out of this awful division, still very early days but the signs are that there and momentum is building.
  15. Good result, a hard working performance against a team we would have struggled against in the past, love the game management as well, not to everybody's taste but personally I love it, it's about time we dished it out a bit. Long way to go and the signs are there, but lets not get carried away, remember that lot down the road were crowned champions last week. I thought we did what we had to do in the 2nd half, no need to go gung ho when you go 2 up so well done DC and the boys more of the same please.
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