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  1. I've got him on ignore, sick of reading his pompous I'm brighter than everyone else attitude, the result is bad enough without his ramblings.
  2. Well we didn't deserve that, a draw would have been a fair result but I guess that would have disappointed Birchall. They showed character and effort, Clarke is obviously hamstrung by Askeys signings gutted tonight.
  3. Taken from wiki.... However his injury saga began not long after signing a new contract under Brian Horton in 2001[6] when Walsh underwent surgery, but by the end of the year he seemed to have recovered.[7] However, by June 2003 another operation was needed to correct a shoulder injury.[8] After this latest procedure he picked up an abdominal strain,[9] though he again slowly began to recover.[10] By November of that year he was injured again, this time because of his back, he required a series of injections and again consulted a surgeon.[11] By February 2004 he was on the road to recover
  4. Hamstrings are not slight knocks you cannot play even if you would dearly love to, the lads future is at stake here and I'm sure given half a chance and a future contract he would play, at Aldershot he was virtually ever present so why would he not want to play ? Michael Walsh suffered from back problems, it finished his career I'm sure he would have loved another 2 or 3 seasons on a pro contract.
  5. I feel sorry for Manny, he's a professional footballer who would far rather be playing and taking part, I don't know when his contract is up, but they are worrying times for a footballer, wondering if you will be offered another deal, same for Amoo I'm certain they don't want to take the money and just spend all their time in the treatment room. He doesn't want to be injured.
  6. The quality on the ball is abysmal, Clarke has got a lot of work to do in the close season and it will be a miracle if we are challenging for anything but mid table next season. This is a big job and whoever took over from Askey would struggle.
  7. Really enjoy The Podcasts, love how you see the game and they especially help to give a different perspective on the goings on both on the pitch and off. Headphones, Coffee and a biscuit great way to spend a lockdown hour.....
  8. Spot on, I just don't understand the anger..........
  9. Just flogged his house for £2.6m, off to the States he's done well for himself.
  10. Smaller compact grounds will get a "Louder" atmosphere ie. The Wham stadium generates an atmosphere but they are standing behind the goal like the old days, same at Crewe, the Vale crowd is as passionate and partisan as anyones, but spread out thinly, back in the day the Bycars would get rowdy especially when the team were attacking that goal but once the seats went in and you couldn't get alcohol and they moved to the paddock, something was lost. Of course if we saw attractive winning football then the atmosphere would improve, but that would take time.
  11. They weren't happy days for me chuffin Alan Buckley and that youth Don Penn, we couldn't beat you at any price.....lol
  12. Come on Darren,......... You know it makes sense
  13. Thats what the Carlisle gaffer said...
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