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  1. You couldn't make it up, a wobbly disjointed view taken off a phone from the Lorne street near the corner flag, I hope DC ran through the footage with the players when the game was dissected.
  2. What a disappointing ending to Tom's career at the Vale, he would have been welcomed back at Vale Park with open arms I'm sure, but it seems to me he has chosen to leave and drop a few bombs on his way, it's very sad that so many are unhappy at his interview.
  3. I wouldn't swop our current situation for a vanity project like Wrexham.
  4. I agree the best 90 minutes I've seen at Vale Park,I often felt guilty afterwards because as we left the ground I said " It doesn't get any better than that"...............And it didn't..........☹️
  5. The disturbing thing for me is, whoever had missed those penalties they would have suffered abuse the public and press have history in that department and I'm sure that Southgate of all people would have realised that, ( Unless there is a KFC advert in the offering) The pressure on the lad to take the 5th penalty was immense apparently he doesn't normally take them and to think Grealish wanted to have a go makes you wonder about the back room preparation.
  6. I don't see what that's got to do with anything.....On to the ignore list.
  7. I'm hoping the hype surrounding this game doesn't come back and bite us on the ar$e, Denmark are a dangerous side and it's far from a given we will go through.....Everything crossed.
  8. I think this getting injured situation is one of the reasons that the bigger clubs steer clear of playing at small non league outfits, I know Stoke City wouldn't play at Newcastle Town because the pitch wasn't up to standard and they felt the injury risk was too great and also they didn't want the risk of the local lad bragging they had left one on one of their new multi million pound players. That said It's good that the Vale do start their season off by playing and supporting Kidsgrove and Newcastle Town and I'm sure there is an agreement that the game is played in the right spirit, which the game was yesterday with the exception of the one lad who was quite rightly withdrawn.
  9. Hi Rob, The Onevalefan app has appeared again in Play Store I've downloaded it again and all seems to be working Ok, thanks for your help in resolving the situation.
  10. Ronnie has made a very good living out of football.....The lad done well.
  11. I think it's the latter.................................
  12. Thanks Rob, I thought it was just me...........
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