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  1. Loved it...Well done Vale and well done to all the ex players
  2. My favourite comes from the brilliant HBO Mini series Band of Brothers. Col.Dick Winters. "Grandpa were you a hero in the war ?"..............." Grandpa said no...............But I served in a company of hero's" Gets me every time.
  3. blackdog


    I have a friend in California who was telling me last night how serious/frightening the situation in the States is/getting. He was saying that cases are doubling every 2 and half days in New York and the country doesn't have enough Covid-19 tester kits,face masks and ventilators and hospital staff, doctors and the police are getting the virus and are missing from the front line Trump has said " Everyone should be back at work a week from today " and he doesn't "Want the cure to be worse than the problem " Also a huge financial rescue package is being held up in the senate. So it's not only us that have problems.
  4. blackdog


    Good advice, but dont forget gloves still carry the virus .........
  5. Tommy Mac was discussing the outcome of the game with Arfon Griffiths (Yeah right ) words were exchanged punches thrown and Brian Horton went berserk, a full out and out fist fight broke out that carried on all the way up the tunnel and half way down towards the away dressing room. Lol Hamlett just raised his eyebrows and carried on ...... I have often wondered what the sanctions would be if that kind of violence happened today, because it was serious disorder, Nobby wanted to finish it off on the car park with Eddie May, I wonder what started this animosity with Wrexham, was it Gordon Lees approach to the game because I know it wasn't popular ...........except with us Vale fans !
  6. You forgot Eddie May, the dozy scotsman,football he could not play and when he scored................ lol Younger posters must wonder what the hell I'm on about. I can recite that team off like you and yet struggle with more recent teams,i guess thats old age and senility !
  7. Just throwing a few names in off memory from that promotion season,Keith Ball in goal,Ron Wilson full back Clinton Boulton John (Jessie) James, Roy Sproson and Johnny King who went on to become a legend at Tranmere as a manager Micky Morris the unforgettable Tommy Mac,Bobby Gough forward, didn't we sign Ian Buxton at Easter and also Ken Wookey to get us over the line, Buxton if my memory serves me right also played cricket for Derbyshire and missed the last couple of games that season. Ive missed some, any idea's ? Did the sublime Johnny Green play in that team,I remember Gordon Lee telling me in an unguarded moment he though Green was too fancy for his style of play !! Micky Morris didn't get on with Lee, he reckoned he was too defensive. We didn't use many players that season, we didn't play much football either !! plenty of blood and snot as they say, but as young lad I loved every minute of that season,the game at Wrexham still lives on in my befuddled memory,Tommy Mac introducing himself to the full back....wallop, Jessie going over to help the Wrexham lad get up and the Ref sending Jessie off approx 10k Vale fans going mental.....Happy days, everything seemed less complicated then lol.
  8. It's being reported that Micky Morris has sadly passed away. A solid hard working winger, Gordon Lee described him as having a good engine,this was proved well after his retirement from football when he competed in the Potteries Marathon and Michelin 10's a lovely bloke who before his illness I had the pleasure of chatting to in the Seabridge Pub reminiscing about that period in the early 70's when we were promoted and the Bycars was noisey One more time..Weve got Micky Micky Morris on the wing on the wing.............................
  9. It was used in a derogatory manner by one or two posters on here especially during the close season and the beginning of the season.
  10. A thoroughly enjoyable game played in awful conditions and showing the squad depth that Askey has built into the side. I smiled at the ball boys on the Railway side who on approx 75 mins.all retreated back to the advertising hoardings thus eating up the time when returning the ball as the game ran down. There is now a feeling on and off the pitch that matters are going our way after years of misery you can tell this club is making progress all thanks to Kevin, Carol Askey and his management team.
  11. It's easy to criticise players for getting booked "In the heat of the battle" and if the referee is seen to be inconsistent then in my mind it's easy to get drawn into making rash decisions. Kettle is renowned as a poor referee amongst a lot of clubs supporters, the problem is the games authorities wont do anything about him because they like to support their staff and all referees work on the premise that they dont make mistakes.
  12. According to Kieran Maguire on the Price of Football blog I am astounded to find out that Port Vale Football Club HAD to pay 50% of £9,250.00 + VAT for the use of VAR in our recent cup game. This also applies to Rochdale, Sheffield Wednesday, Oxford, Tranmere, Shrewsbury, Peterborough, Huddersfield, Luton, Wigan, Forest, Boro, Fylde, Derby and Leeds. The thing thats really makes me angry is the clubs mentioned were not aware of this additional cost. My advice to C&K would be to tell the FA to go and get stuffed.
  13. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/they-real-people-port-vale-3806486?fbclid=IwAR0XTiTtliMLLFVcRVpIkuoTyANT2Rv8OoaXfgo8jq-tGADg2nVXnectY3A I make no apology in posting another Carol comment,the club environment is obviously in a better place than it has ever been,an owner who really does care, just how lucky are we ? With this in mind and with Carols "Hint" that if anyone has a spare 100k to help finish the Lorne Street seating conundrum, I was wondering if some form of fund raising could be instigated to perhaps part fund the project. It would also be a way of thanking the Shanahan family for putting their faith not only in the football club but also the surrounding area. I remember the Darren Beckford fund and that did OK,it's just a thought and I hope I dont have to get my tin hat as fans say we pay enough already as I say it's just a thought.
  14. The outstanding feature about tonight for me was the teams ability to come out in the 2nd half and turn the game on it's head,the cross field ball to switch play from Conlon and find Amoo was sublime,the attitude and professionalism in the 2nd half was spot on,so much for those that say the lads dont track back,don't care, aren't bothered just shows a game of football can turn on the the flip of a sixpence and knee jerk reactions don't help anyone. To turn that game round tonight after the 1st half was magnificent,and proves all is not as bad as some of the doommongers would try and have you believe.
  15. The very fact that Carol felt the need to comment is staggering,absolutely staggering,what goes on in fans minds? Demanding we spend money on new signings,accusing the club of being tight fisted, unbelievable,if the Shanahans are going to be put under pressure because we had a bit of a cup run, then maybe it would be better to get knocked out in the 1st round and then they would have genuine reason to moan.
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