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  1. The outstanding feature about tonight for me was the teams ability to come out in the 2nd half and turn the game on it's head,the cross field ball to switch play from Conlon and find Amoo was sublime,the attitude and professionalism in the 2nd half was spot on,so much for those that say the lads dont track back,don't care, aren't bothered just shows a game of football can turn on the the flip of a sixpence and knee jerk reactions don't help anyone. To turn that game round tonight after the 1st half was magnificent,and proves all is not as bad as some of the doommongers would try and have you believe.
  2. The very fact that Carol felt the need to comment is staggering,absolutely staggering,what goes on in fans minds? Demanding we spend money on new signings,accusing the club of being tight fisted, unbelievable,if the Shanahans are going to be put under pressure because we had a bit of a cup run, then maybe it would be better to get knocked out in the 1st round and then they would have genuine reason to moan.
  3. I sincerely hope that the Shanahans keep a steady hand on the tiller and use common sense when handing out contracts, the stability of the club on and off the pitch is more important than handing out deals we might not be able to afford. Slow steady progress is the order of the day, we all know what happens when you run out of funds at a football club, we are very lucky to have Carol and Kevin, I sense a little unrest on some social media platforms because of the lack of action in this transfer window, it is important to trust our owners, it's not a cheap hobby running a football club
  4. Smith can't pay his bills with loyalty,Smith can't set himself up for the future with loyalty,if he's offered more money and a say a 3 year contract with all the add ons , plus a lump sum, signing on fee, appearance bonus's etc.that go with modern transfer deal he will go, of course he will,unless the Vale want to match the other clubs offer he's on his bike,it's common sense,very frustrating for us but thats the nature of the beast and modern football.
  5. Naively, I didn't realise that Manchester City keep all the hospitality money although it's something I have never thought about, so if City have given us the gate receipts (Which I doubt) then thats a sporting gesture that should be embraced and shows that at least one of the big club understands the struggle in the lower reaches of the football pyramid and we should accept graciously.
  6. So O'Connor has joined Salford, this would be the same O'Connor who left the Vale so he could be closer to his family in the East Midlands. Money talks, nothing to do with loyalty it's all about the money and put yourself in their position you would do the same.
  7. I often wondered why players would move from one end of country to the other sometimes in the same division sometimes lower. Then I read Ben Smiths autobiography "Journeyman" One mans odyssey through lower league football,a fascinating insight into football at the lower end,it opened my eyes to the life of a young player who started at the Arsenal, but played most of his career with the likes of Yeovil Hereford and Crawley. Well worth a look.
  8. Mellis has a "Reputation" one that we have spent a close season sorting out.
  9. I couldn't care less how we played today......The papers will say we won 1 nil tomorrow and thats good enough for me,remember the last few seasons where we couldn't buy a win,how many teams turned us over in that period when we thought we deserved a point,Askey is doing a good job in fact I'd say he is doing a bloody good job,those who say he doesn't use his substitutes correctly are barking up the wrong tree,when the subs have appeared they have hardly covered themselves in glory and made it difficult to be left out just look at the performances at Salford. We will lose games before the end of the season and when we do just think back to Aspins and Browns teams that should clear your head.
  10. The audio interview I cant find confirms your observation.
  11. Wellens Swindons manager is a bit sour, says both goals were deflected, Legges tackle was shocking,Vale players sliding in and breaking play up, Ref gave them no protection, reckons it took Pope over a minute to walk off,moaning about how many games they have to play at this time of the year.
  12. The offer we have made will have been worked out by C&K along with Askeys advice, I would offer slightly more and that would be that, Sproson has smelt the Cup run money and will do what he can to get as much of it as possible for his client and his company,me on the other hand want whats best for the Vale and that means not throwing money about just because I've got it in my pocket. Fortunately C&K have said the cup money wont go on just purchasing players,I applaud that,let the word get around we wont be held to ransom. We have got the out of contract players to sort out as well as well as the day to day running costs of the club so I'm sure we will cut our cloth accordingly.
  13. I hope this is Ok...... Ive pinched this from Facebook........Just how lucky are we ? Carol Shanahan — feeling thoughtful at Port Vale FC. 9 hrs · Stoke-on-Trent · As it so often does Facebook reminded me the other day what an enormous difference a year (and especially this one) can make in your life. Last year I was corralling all the family to watch a Vale game as a start to Christmas, defining a draw as a win, having to begin to except that, as things were going, Port Vale were probably about to drop out of the EFL. Frankly life as a Vale fan was really tough and we kept our spirits up by supporting each other and trying to always think positively. If you had told me then that, just one year later, I would be having sleepless nights over the allocation of 8,000 match tickets for Port Vale’s FA Cup visit to Man City. That this, along with the development of rest of the club would be partially my own personal responsibility I would have laughed in their face. Don’t even begin to talk about having 6 months to stage a concert for Robbie Williams’s home coming to Port Vale and Vale Park. At this point I would have woken up and pinched myself to find it was all a dream. But here we are! From the start of our journey as custodians of Port Vale FC I have felt strongly that we are a Championship club that, through a number of years of neglect and under investment, happen to be in League 2 at the moment. In each area of the club it has been important to create the vision of “what does this need to look like to be Championship ‘fit for purpose’?” and let’s create plans, running parallel on and off the pitch, to get there in whatever time it takes. The ticketing system was one of the initial areas for major concern. We can not move sufficiently forward with hand written receipts for season tickets (quaint as they are) or not knowing our fan base (our customers) well. Dreams of membership schemes that reflect loyalty and commitment to the club are just that, Dreams, until we define our future requirements and source the system that will take us there. Work has been underway with this and a decision will be taken in the new year. We totally underestimated the urgency of getting this installed. It saddens me greatly to see Vale fans upset and not able to give a positive answer to their requests for Man City tickets but I do then have to balance it out with the fact that I wouldn’t swap this year’s problems with last! Colin said in the press yesterday that we will learn a lot from this experience and he was absolutely right. Whether it’s how we make strategic decisions, the urgency we give to upgrading our systems, how we coordinate our messages to the press, or the many other questions we need to consider we will attack them with renewed energy and insight in the new year. But first we have 4 other games and 12 important points to play for over Christmas before our “carrot at the end of the tunnel” (as Scott Brown called it on Radio Stoke!) match at the Etihad. We will try our very best to help our loyal fans who haven’t got tickets. Please return any you don’t need so we can redistribute. Have a great Christmas everyone and a brilliant new year. Can’t tell you how much we, as a Shanahan and Port Vale family are looking forward to it. We couldn’t be more grateful for your support and commitment to the club’s journey. Up the Vale Carol xxx
  14. Has anybody actually bought tickets via the Man City website,thought you had to be a member ? Surely it's not that easy to buy a ticket in a segregated area.
  15. Special mention for the Ticket office staff, what a difference in customer service from years gone by,friendly helpful and efficient must be the Shannahan effect.
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