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  1. Watch this...................................................................
  2. I have a friend who lives in SoCal and runs a business in Los Angeles, he was telling me in an email " The politicians are using an expression “defund the police”. Though listening to some good politicians over here, (we have a few), its the wrong use of the word “defund” but they believe the police force should be made up of different departments. For example; 1. Domestic Violence 2. Suicide 3. Drug Overdose 4. Homeless violation (there are 44,000 homeless in Los Angeles alone)" Another point he brought up about life over there that I found interesting was -
  3. It's promising that we are keeping so many of last seasons squad, for far too long we have had wholesale changes in close season, Crewe finished last season strongly and have put this seasons success down to the fact they kept so many of their squad and so there is no reason why we cant take that extra step next season and push on. On the Smith front, if he goes I wish him all the best and thank him for what he has done, however his position is one of the easier ones to fill, in my opinion, better a centre half going than your star striker, or goal scoring midfielder.
  4. blackdog


    You can't put golfer and Trump in the same sentence.
  5. blackdog


    Members of a golf club would adhere to social distancing rules where applied, golf is a rule based game, so a 2 ball or 4 ball come to that that is within 2m of each other would be peculiar in normal circumstances, and if people can keep apart in the town then you would have to go out of your way to be within 2m on a golf course. WV said where he worked it was a shambles if thats the case he should speak to the PGA, if he works at a driving range then thats a different proposition.
  6. blackdog


    I can just imagine an 18month old and a 4 year old accepting that.
  7. blackdog


    I'm not defending Cummings in any way shape or form, in fact he should fall on his sword and should have done when this story broke. My query is purely a practical one, if you live hundreds of miles from family, you either have to go to them or they come to you. No home help or carer is going to come to your home and look after a child whose parents could/might have Covid, no child would accept a stranger into their home if both parents are in bed ill, and where would you source such a service ? Purely a practical question no hidden political agenda.
  8. blackdog


    Would somebody just answer a simple question I've wondered about. If both parents have or could have covid 19 and are unable to look after their children, what do they do ? No child minder in their right mind would enter that environment. If you put them into care , which no parent in their right mind would consider , you might be signing their death certificate given that carers are highly likely to come into contact with covid 19 on a daily basis .
  9. McKirdy is the Crewe player who pushed Whitfield over the wall into the crowd at Crewe only been on the pitch 5 minutes must be a reason that Carlisle are getting shut a) Attitude or b) Money.
  10. Sitting here thinking of the big fella and I suddenly remembered the sponsored walk to Shrewsbury in the early 70's. The club was short of money (Again) and the supporters club arranged a sponsored walk to Gay Meadow from Vale Park to raise funds for the club, there was approx. 30 hardy souls who made the trip and Old Sage was one of them, the idea was to get there before the 7-30pm KO which they succeeded in doing...... So for Old Sage fighting for his club was not a recent thing............ He was doing it years ago. P.S. Yes we won the game !
  11. Mike was as big a character as you could wish to meet, a committed Port Vale fan, he wore his passion on his sleeve, this sad news puts football into perspective, the Vale have lost a big personality. My thoughts are with his family tonight.
  12. UPDATE .......Old Sage. He's still in ICU and still battling away (As only he would) just a very very slight improvement, so baby steps it is, so hopefully he can carry on in the same vein going forward, his family have read the lovely comments on here and want everyone to know how appreciative they are for your thoughts Thank You.
  13. A fascinating read, I said at the time that he should not have played in that game.
  14. The daughter in law of the late Les Sealy the ex Man Utd keeper and participant in the awful Cheshire Housewives programme Nicole Sealy is reportedly interested in taking over.........That'll end in tears.
  15. There is no one I would rather have in charge.
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