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  1. That video is is brilliant and a credit to the club, I despair at the current situation with Covid, just as we get owners that get our club on an even keel, and lets face it probably the envy of a lot of clubs, restrictions happen and stop us from really enjoying turning up to Vale Park and watching a match. One day.
  2. I would argue that Shearer is not as dumb as he seems, £390k for what he does seems quite a well paid gig to me.
  3. I wonder how many people tune in to MOTD to watch Lineker ? I fail to see that he is a presenter with brilliant ability, I'm sure there are other presenters who could the job equally if not better.
  4. I don't want a happy clapper, but as you say Morse and the same at Stoke with Lawrence and Conroy talk their team up giving an air of positivity especially if you can't make the game, too many of the Vales summarisers seem to have an agenda.
  5. Pleased with the McKirdy signing,I remember watching him against was it Dulwich Hamlet in a televised cup match and thinking he was the kind of player we needed, it's up to him now at 23 to carve a career out for himself, if he hits the ground running the Vale crowd will love him. I also thought as the week dragged on that the club maybe looking at the finances with Covid not doing the decent thing and going away, and would try and save a salary, so once again more thanks to Carol, it seems to me she is just as competitive as any owner in the football league without being unrealistic and
  6. I'd have thought that you'd said enough with that statement.
  7. I'm think they did, thats why the game was televised, think it was around Easter time, I have a confession about that game, after I was filling up at the petrol station in Newcastle and a car full of Mansfield supporters pulled up and asked me the directions to Mansfield, not best pleased with the result I directed them towards Shrewsbury, telling them to ignore the signs as it was the quickest way, keep going towards Market Drayton and then you will pick up the signs for Mansfield......... Oh well...... !
  8. Yes they did, they set the scaffolding up against the wall on the half way line in the Railway Paddock, I remember a game against Mansfield being televised.
  9. A small point and one thats not important in the scheme of things, but the PVFC signage in the Railway Paddock seats is not centered and it drives my OCD up the wall 🥴 I have to say though, the ground is looking better than I have ever seen it in my 58 years of supporting the club, to me now it actually looks like a stadium and one that the fans can be proud of, all thanks to Carol and Co.
  10. I wouldn't have thought he would have been involved that much especially with a game tomorrow, no point involving him in set plays and formations if he isn't our player.
  11. After long deliberation and thought............And looking in an old programme ! Your quite right Smith was a left winger, funny how your memory plays tricks.
  12. There are two occasions watching the Vale that have "Broken " my heart, Liverpool in '64 what a game, what an atmosphere, bloody Peter Thomson !!! and Brian Horton leaving, swore it would never get to me again........
  13. I remember that, didn't we sign Billy Bingham at the same time ? Also Ron Smith a full back from Crewe, it was around the time that Stoke were having success with Stan Matthews and they tried to replicate the formula of a big name coming in and kick starting a club
  14. I agree, a Tommy Mac type of player and he scores a few as well, if he's good enough for Askey then he's good enough for me..
  15. Surprised by the news that Browne has left the club, I thought he was beginning to show some promise after his injury hit season last time out. One door closes and another will open, it always does in football, Askey will have an idea how he wants to proceed, so It will be interesting to see how he proceeds.
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