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  1. Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog Joe, keep up the good, interesting and sometimes illuminating work.
  2. So the next 4 fixtures are Bolton (A) Colchester (H) Forest Green (H) Walsall (A) That should keep us busy.
  3. What can one player do to derail a season ? There should be big enough characters Brown ,Legge, Joyce, Pope to stamp on an individual, and if one player has caused so much trouble, make it known he wont play for the first team again that he trains with the kids and hes available in January.
  4. I'm struggling with the fact that just over a month ago we were doing ok, Brown won us some points that maybe we didn't deserve but on the whole we were doing alright, Pope missed the penalty against Carlisle and from then on we have been on a downward spiral. Something's not right, this group of players did well last season, what has happened to facilitate this run ? The second half showed they are capable of being on the front foot and they can play with pace so why the apparent malaise V Scunthorpe and Stevenage and Kings Lynn ? It can't be the owners, they don't talk crap li
  5. Unfortunately football is a results business, I feel sorry for the Shanahans, they have done nothing wrong, unlike Smurthwaite and they are now finding out about the harsh realities of running a football club.
  6. Discussing this yesterday and the feeling is that Askey plays 433 always did at Macclesfield and has here, last season coming out of the bottom of the league he got away with it and did well, this season the opposition have gone to school on us and know exactly how to stop us. Plus with the benefit of hindsight the close season signings have not worked out for one reason or another. Tomorrow is a big game, Orient are more than useful and will give us a real test, the prayer mat will be out in the morning........
  7. The frustration for me is during the close season I thought the signings we brought in were by and large an improvement on last season, two leading scorers from clubs in our division and better cover in goal, I thought we had covered all basis and by small but incremental changes we were improving on the pitch, as well as off it, especially when I think how we finished last campaign. The reality is, our strongest side seems to be the same side that finished the last campaign. They say it's the expectation that kills you..............................................That's certainly t
  8. Who would have thought when we were 2 up against Tranmere we would be in this awful run.
  9. I doubt he would walk, no manager does these days.
  10. Why is he under pressure ? It's not his fault he's not been chosen and it's not his fault he's now under consideration because of injuries.
  11. And with that put down from his old boss ringing in his ears, if he wants to carve out a career without all the travelling to Carlisle then Vale Park would be the ideal place to start. Apparently Carol likes to meet all new signings to get a feel of their personality, what went wrong ?
  12. Added to the fact that he was leading scorer at Carlisle last season, Askey must have his reasons so it will be interesting to see if he can get a game tomorrow night.
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