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  1. You do understand how Crewe have brought through young players ? They have struggled for the last 2 seasons but last Christmas time it began to click and they finished strongly,they have continued with virtually the same squad,they kept faith with Artell and now they are reaping the rewards. Ng, Kirk,Ainley Wintle and Lowery are capable of playing at a far higher level thats why they are doing well.
  2. Plus everyone bar Askey could see this. The fact he waited until they scored to make a change speaks volumes. The sub was waiting to come on when they scored,so he was in the process of making a change.
  3. Watch their centre halves tackle on Archer to win the ball and set up the move for the winning goal,that was was utter determination and fight something we lacked yesterday, they had a point to prove. Having said all that I hope they dont get next month either..........Only joking.
  4. Having slept on yesterdays inept performance I feel yesterday was Macc's cup final, they had a backs to wall, we'll show 'em attitude, you can imagine their manager before the game telling his players go out and show them what you can do and shut that away crowd up.This was proved to me by the way they celebrated their goal in front of the Vale crowd and the behaviour of Vassell at the end,they were pumped up like a cup tie minnow in the FA Cup and we didn't respond. Those calling for Askeys head need to give their own heads a big wobble,yes he got it wrong yesterday,but on the whole he's got it right, you cannot take a snap shot of a few games and compare it to last season,you have to wait until the season is over before making judgements.
  5. Deliberately being controversial, ignoring facts, criticising his output as a striker, you couldn't make it up....... On to the ignore list for you........
  6. I know that monkey dust is a big problem in S-o-T but those knocking The Pontif have proved to me that it's tentacles have reached even as far as some on here.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49926802?fbclid=IwAR1TuwTvNLXgx3piJ0O0tPtyRANShpEKZ1XqM2utsPs0WnhO-DGbM-LcEhE Didn't they have a peer to peer loan at the beginning of the season ? It's early days in the season to start struggling if they have only managed to pay Augusts wages.
  8. Looks like they had Hughton in their sights and he has turned them down according to the Mirror,once they have a replacement agreeing to go there, Jones ,cruelly, will be given the chop. Look..... He seems a good bloke and the ideal manager to take stoke into the future and I just hope the Coates family see it the same way.
  9. When our noisy cousins down the road were threatened with relegation from the Premiership, a university based economic "Expert" predicted that the City of Stoke on Trent would suffer economically to the tune of a few hundred millions. This has got me thinking,can anyone point out who or what has suffered from their deserved (In my opinion) demise ? because as sure as hell I can't. Radio Stoke that bastion of equality where football is concerned made a big play on this saying many times what a tragedy it would be for the local economy if Denis Smiths side were relegated, obviously that came to pass and now they are marooned at the foot of the Championship, does this mean the end of Stoke on Trent as we know it or do you think it will survive ?
  10. " Judge me after 10 games " Agent Jones.
  11. Plucky defeat could keep him in situ. Fingers crossed.
  12. Can't be more than 15k there tonight.
  13. I disagree, we could do with them getting a draw at least to keep him there, lose and theres a chance he will get the chop.
  14. blackdog


    That decision is very tough on genuine Bury supporters,but it is the correct one.
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