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  1. I'm going for a Vale win, based only on the fact we never seem to turn up for the cameras so now's the opportunity, you watch other teams turn big games round and have brilliant nights and success, so based on that and the fact that it's our turn and good things happen to good people, Carol will get her reward.
  2. Called in to collect Swindon home game roughly mid day, queue of 10 people in front of me in and out within 10 minutes, I asked if there were any Swindon away tickets left and they said yes "How many do you want" Looks like Covid and the toilet roll scenario has played out.
  3. He got himself a contract at the Vale and I thought that not having the travelling back and forth to Carlisle he would have been grateful considering the manager at Carlisle was glad to see the back of him. For what ever reason it didn't work out and he got a years salary off Carol for very little return.
  4. Interesting one this.....Take the money off Swindon, don't know what the revenue would be from a full Hamil but it would be a nice little pay day.....or give them what they give us 1200......Stuff 'em give them 1200......Sorry Kevin needs must !
  5. I think the pendulum has swung slightly back in our favour, scrapped a brilliant confidence building win and DC is back at the helm, should fear no one now.
  6. Personally I don't think you have a scooby doo, you reference McKirdy, DC said he had spent quite a bit of time talking to him, he liked the Lad and wished him well.
  7. I struggle with that stand at Crewe, how that passes I have no idea, I can only think it's different licensing authorities, perhaps a question for the Supporters Club ?
  8. Trying to calm down, and I'm coming to the sad conclusion that we have just run out of steam, the season was just 4 games too long, long term key players injured, too many carrying injuries and playing and DC's situation have stymied us and regrettably tactics and the use of subs. was not good enough. Very very frustrated tonight, what is it with the Vale and getting a crowd in and then performing like that, how many times has this happened ?
  9. Theres an element of truth in that and also and I know it's like shooting Bambi, but Crosby strikes me as a good coach but I think he falls short as a manager especially when it comes to tactics and substitutions.
  10. I feel sorry for Smith, he can't play that position, he's more than fine in the middle he struggles to find a pass, not his fault just the circumstances that find him there.
  11. I've never forgotten Blakemans comment during the demonstrations to a caller " You should be grateful you have a club what more do you want" ?
  12. Boris forgets he went to a party so does Starmer, Parish watches porn in the chamber, Foy picks a drunken fight on the terrace and thats just one week, too many career politicians on all sides.
  13. Surely there are three entry/ exits for the Paddock, one by the Police box, one by Synectics car park and one onto Bycars lane. There needs to be some consistency .....There is no way on this earth that the Ice Cream stand when full is safe at Crewe, there is only one entry/exit there.
  14. I hate to say this and I don't want to criticise, but it's all down to mental strength now and I fear we have a soft underbelly, I could be wrong but it seems we come unstuck in all the "Big games" Prove me wrong and win the next 2.
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