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  1. I'd be amazed if we don't have a replacement lined up for Rodney.
  2. I feared at some point Carol would be accused of not "Splashing the cash" personally I think it's grossly unfair, I notice that the WUM's are starting to dig Carol out, she does not under any circumstances deserve that. She is building a club from the bottom up after years of neglect and don't forget liquidations, for goodness sake we don't need that scenario again. I realise it wont be popular but patience is the key.
  3. Rumoured Ollie Palmer from AFC Wimbledon to Wrexham for 300k on a 3-and-half year deal
  4. It's frustrating that Jamal Matt slipped through our fingers while we were waiting on Maynard to make his mind up, still every cloud has a silver lining, we got Theo Robinson instead.
  5. Going for it doesn't guarantee success.
  6. Thats the most sensible post you have ever done.
  7. I think DC was rereferring to hamstring injuries, no club or manager can legislate against an Achilles, a freak stomach injury or nearly demolishing the goal in Halls case. The best clubs in the world with the finest medical facilities still get players injured.
  8. That sums it up in a nutshell, at the beginning of the game I complained about the lack of creativity and unfortunately it showed, nobody to unlock what I thought was an average defence also it was a tough ask for the two young lads up top to make any headway. Still two consolations, Carl, RS's go to pundit is happy and Rampant Zebra will sleep well tonight.
  9. The last goalkeeper I can remember getting sent off was Keith Ball at Shrewsbury in the early 70's there must have been one since, can anyone think of anyone else ?
  10. The more I think about Covlan the more I get annoyed, DC seems to try and keep it tight in the first half and then throw the kitchen sink at it second half, obviously those plans were scuppered, very frustrating. That's not to say we would have beaten Swindon, there were other problems to contend with but we would have had a better shot at it with 11 on the pitch.
  11. You can have a reaction from me......Conlon is a shadow of the player he was in September and October he's certainly lacking oomph.
  12. Let down badly today by Covlan, and not for the first time, if we had gone in at half time all square we could have regrouped but going down to 10 men altered all that, pleased to hear DC say he will be punished because he has become a liability, that saying we were 2nd best all over the pitch showing little or no aggression and desire.
  13. We lacked fibre on Saturday...........Seriously ?
  14. They aren't ..........
  15. Even RS the propaganda arm of stoke city mentioned at the last home game they couldn't believe there was 20k in the ground friends of mine who go say the place is half empty they reckon the gates are closer to 12 k.
  16. The Shanahans are becoming victims of their own success, yes I agree ticketing and access to the ground was a problem today and has been for some previous games, but lets remember the times, not that long ago if you turned up early you'd get a game never mind a seat to watch. Carol, I am sure is aware of the problems and will sort them out, just like she has with the rest of the club that she inherited from whatsit and the previous incumbents who spent zilch on the infrastructure. If todays game had been a relegation battle against Stevenage a few years back we would have been lucky to get 3.5k and you could have strolled up at 2.55pm and breezed in, I know it's frustrating but lets give Carol the chance to get it right.
  17. What a lovely interview, to say he's buzzing is an understatement, obviously he's been well researched can't help thinking in years gone by we would have signed his dad !
  18. I wish you lot would stop quoting him, I've got him on ignore and yet I can see what the twerp says, he's on a wind up IGNORE.
  19. Thats good business for all parties concerned just need a commanding centre half now to run the back line and deal with the crosses that have cost us dearly this season.
  20. He will go where the money is, period, the league he is in is immaterial.
  21. Funnily enough I've just looked at the Alexmad forum and it's gone into meltdown after the Morecambe win, 5 posters discussing the game !
  22. Once again thanks for that EV, you've put my mind at rest I'm not going mad.........................I hope.
  23. Thanks for that EV I thought my memory was playing tricks although I suppose it was because I thought it was his 2nd debut ! Not withstanding it was a cracker of a goal, next question, did Roy Cross rifle one in against Aston Villa early 70's or am I dreaming again ?
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