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  1. The point about trying their best was in relation the the claim before about players not playing for Askey.I should have made that more clear. But even so a lot of the time the whole team give the impression that they simply are just not interested or bothered in the slightest.Often when a Vale player gets fouled the other Vale players dont even appeal for a foul.Other teams have players (rightly or wrongly) screaming for the foul,surrounding the ref trying to get the foul.ALL players should always give their best what ever level they play at what ever their ability level is.They should d
  2. But being as these are 'supposedly' professional footballer in league 2.You would think that they would be doing their very best on the pitch at all times.To put themselves in the shop window so that they may be offered a contract at a bigger club and also earn more money.That would be be professional and ambitious.They have shown before that they can individually and as a team be better than this.As a team we are weak all over there are NO leaders on the pitch,there is no communication,no team work.no understanding of what themselves and other players should be doing.The lack of concentration
  3. That may well be the case.A decent newspaper would have made that point clear.Unfortunately this is the tin pot Sentinel report.
  4. Good thinking,You may well be right.Im not sure it would work in normal circumstance's when ever that may be.
  5. So we would have someone walking about with a tray in between rows of seats delivering the food / drink.Would this be only during half time or would it start before half time? What about if starting before half time and Vale score and everyone jumps up.The food and drink could go everywhere? When the person delivering food to the customer / fan at their seat they would struggle to get along the rows of seat's.Fans would have to stand up so they could get through.Blocking the view of the person behind them who then has to stand up and so on it goes.How many pies,bags of crisps would be nicked f
  6. It’s a real pity that we as fans are not allowed in the stadium to watch these poor excuses as professional footballers.They are getting away with their poor football poor attitude lack of team work.If fans were allowed in the players would feel the full force of the anger and frustration of the paying fans. There would be many fans just simply walking out of the stadium to go home or go the pub IF this were in normal time’s.There was an idea that they were not playing for Askey.But I honestly can’t believe players would actually do that.If they don’t like the club or the manager or what ever
  7. This defence is like diarrhoea they are not even strong enough to gel together into a decent turd.
  8. I can only assume that during the week that the defence spend many hours practicing social distancing.They have almost got it to perfection.
  9. Just been on Gillette soccer Saturday 1-0. Sounded like the defence is back to normal sleeping mode
  10. A very very sad day.What a great guy he will be missed very much by many people.RIP Charlie you pain and suffering is over.
  11. With Legge now gone and Vale on 10 men.There is a ready made excuse for Askey in his post match interview.Even though it was 2-0 at the time.
  12. Seems Leopards do change their spots.When V2001 were running the club and B&G were about.He was at the forefront demanding answers from the club.Now he is directly involved it’s like the secret service
  13. Has Askey done his post match interview yet? What excuses did he have? Are the players back in tomorrow for basic defending training? What happened at half time.Did they down a bottle of Vodka?
  14. A few days old but Ive only just seen it.Not seen it anywhere else Only the Sun news(?) paper. Why the ban? Clubs could have set aside money for transfers earlier in the season to buy in January? Are they determined to kill off lower league football? There is already the FFP to stop clubs overspending. League One and Two sides BANNED from paying transfer fees in January under terms of Prem’s £250m bailout (thesun.co.uk)
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