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  1. Nothing in the game itself.But they gave away a penalty late on which cost them and Vale got the 3 important points.
  2. Cheers I was thinking / hoping that was the case.Happy days Im 62 in May.
  3. Hope that the 'Phantom' car was repaired well.
  4. A cracking idea to put this offer out now (after the Man City game high) This is the sort of forward thinking,marketing that the club has been missing for years.
  5. What date do you need to be 62 by to qualify as a senior? I'm guessing by start of the season 2nd Aug.
  6. What does do my head in is.When Vale are defending a corner or a free kick we never have a player in or around the centre circle / half way line waiting for the break.Its always the same.Why?
  7. Maybe during the transfer window.He cant get anyone in outside the window.
  8. Listening to P&G on RS (I dont normally bother)I notice nothing has changed as its STILL all Stoke Stoke Stoke.Disgraceful bias tin pot radio station.
  9. Well that must mean that Vale are better than Wolves then.
  10. Anyone got any links for a bet on this game.I had a look but can only find Paddy power with Man City 1/25 - Draw 12/1 Vale - 25/1.Im tempted to just put a bet on a Vale win just for the hell of it (unlikely as it is)Its the FA cup and strange things can happen.It just takes a doddgy decision by the ref in Vales favour (very unlikely).Or a wicked deflection for Vale.
  11. As I have said elsewhere - If there was a competition for moaning then 'Some' Vale fan's would easily win the Champions league.
  12. Or more likely they will get the extra ticket for a family member / friend and then be sitting together.
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