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  1. It is a Superheroes outfit.Its Super VALE’s outfit.Your daughter is spot on.
  2. I’ve just been informed that sadly Old Sage has lost his battle with C-19 RIP Old Sage it was a pleasure to know you.
  3. Just had a msg telling me the same.RIP OS.
  4. Ive just had a message telling me this bad news.Really hope he pulls through this. A very passionate,loyal supporter and a clever man.Hoping that he can pull through this battle against this evil disease.
  5. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vales-ticket-allocation-priorities-3941067 Looks like this game is now at home
  6. They will want to close the underground next.That would bring London to a standstill. 😉
  7. Besides the great 3-0 result yesterday against Colchester.Anyone else think the pitch held out very well.After all the rain we have recently had I would have expected the pitch to be really cut up and like a quagmire.But at the end of the game the pitch looked very well.Must be down to the great work Speedy has done.
  8. Be interesting to see what action is taken with this assuming the story is true. https://www.caughtoffside.com/2020/02/09/dele-alli-racist-video-mocking-asian-man-over-coronavirus/?utm_source=rsn&utm_medium=rsn&utm_campaign=gac0032&fbclid=IwAR2ytdsyWwurfFTW9G4Ug6Gimb27JACJVeS1rTYRsPASViH8GUjqOFLOq8o
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