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  1. melv


    Wonder where he planned for Bury to play their home games at? https://www.burytimes.co.uk/sport/17863435.bury-bidder-fears-club-finished-takeover-collapse/?fbclid=IwAR2pqMiIk3_OOijAFpz9lE1tkkqTRqaHLjQL5yBSYMNMKLGx5ukZ1I5rGd8
  2. melv


    ST holders etc should go to his house and make sure that they get their ST money back (or equivalent)
  3. Any video footage of the 'Supposedly' corner anywhere? Sky sports dont show it. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/league-two/11782400/port-vale-1-1-northampton
  4. I went to go in the RS handed over my ST but it wouldn’t scan.The guy there told me I had 2 options.I could go to the ticket office and get a replacement or they would sort out a replacement card for me.He had my ST card and then put it on top of a pile of cards. Anyone know when a replacement ST can be expected?Will it be sent out in the post or will the replacement need to be collected in person from the ticket office?
  5. Same old Northampton.A horrible side to play a team full of fouls and cheats.A team who had the ref in their pockets.
  6. Where will supporters coaches park (drop off,pick up visiting supporters?)
  7. What a total shambles Signs of a tin pot out club thinking they are big boys.
  8. So all this is because of people like you. (lager louts)
  9. They didn't pay for much at all really.But they were (very unfortunately) ambassadors for the club.
  10. Miller & Deakin wore nice suits
  11. I dont get £50 notes,cant remember how long ago it was since I last saw one or used one.Dont even get them when I use the cash point to get money out.Cashpoint normally pays out in £10s or £20s.But its well known that these 'contactless cards' can easily be used by someone else stood near by you in a queue.Keeping the card in a RFID wallet can help.My card can be used contactless but Ive not registered it to do so.
  12. Cheers bud.Tought I had read something similar somewhere but dont know where.Probably be announced sometime during the week about when tickets go on sale.
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