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  1. They have settled for 1 channel 1 club.It's FM for Stoke every game be it home or away.Vale & Crewe are juggled about between DAB & Freeview.Not everyone has DAB o0 Freeview.So a very simple,easy & logical way would be for FM be used for an away match.That way the fans of which ever team are playing away and cant get to the game for whatever reason.Have a decent chance of listening to the game.
  2. What is our 'Director of communications officer' (Martin Tideswell) doing about the bias Radio Stoke coverage? He should be on the case.Asking them questions.asking them to justify themselves and explain why P&G is 70%+ about Stoke City.
  3. Even the ratio in which RS do the calls is a massive imbalance.They give Stoke much more air time on P&G after the match.They have done so for years.Last Saturday P&G was about 1/2 hour in before any significant mention about Vale.The show is a 1 hour show (but 1/2 an hour before Vale mentioned.That first half hour of Stoke coverage didnt even include the post match interview with their manager Tuesday night Stoke v Swansea on FM. Oxford v Crewe on DAB Vale v Carlisle on Freeview. OK I know Vale were the only home team of the 3 teams.I can see a reasoning why this match was put on Freeview.So by that logic next time all 3 play and Stoke are the only home team.Vale & Crewe are playing away.Then it stands to reason that the Stoke game will be moved to Freeview Will that happen?? I doubt it lets wait and see.Was it Bryn last season the Stoke fan that was on week after week.He himself has probably had more air time himself on Radio Stoke that all Vale the fans who managed to get a call through then be lucky enough to get the return call from Radio Stoke
  4. RS are and have been a joke for a while.P & G is the epitome of RS bias. Tonight Vale v Carlisle (freeview) Swansea v Stoke (FM) Oxford v Crewe (DAB) Amazing how RS ALWAYS manage to fit their beloved Stoke on FM. Tonight Vale are the only home team of the 3 teams.OK I can see a reason for the Vale match (home) being put to freeview.I wonder if next time all 3 teams play and the only home team of the 3 is Stoke.Will Stoke be put on freeview while Vale and Crewe are on FM/DAB? To do it that way would be fair.But let's wait and see,i doubt it will be the case.Surley IF RS were to NOT move the Stoke game to freeview that that would be evidence to show that RS are bias and not impartial as they should be. Time will tell.Let's wait and see IF they move a Stoke home game to freeview.
  5. I take it that he is NOT on your Christmas card list then?
  6. Well done Brentford 2-0 Arsenal.New stadium looks good.Won the opening game there.Great atmosphere.Only 1 game into the season but a great start. Would be nice if we could get a cup game there and even better if we win
  7. I would like to see the ref explain why they gave such a decision.Could be done in a post match interview.Yes the decision has already been made so it will not change the outcome.But it would help Managers Players Fans understand.It would also help the league to see if the ref needs to improve re read the rules. As it is the ref makes the decision and that’s it.Sometimes many are confused by it.It could then help management players fans understand the rules of the game more.It could also improve the standards
  8. If it's anything like Tesco Club card, you'll need to purchase a season ticket for the next 40 years to get a free can of own brand baked beans I was hoping for at least 1 sock or a car air freshner
  9. What’s this loyalty points.How does that work.How do you Lowe how many points you have?
  10. Wonder if the guy will be playing? 'Wow', 'Sensational', 'Scary' - Many Sunderland fans blown away as 'incredible' footage emerges (msn.com)
  11. Yea I went earlier to collect mine.Seemed to be a steady queue.
  12. He 'might' just catch him 'slightly' on his right foot which takes him down.Very slight touch though and that's the way player play now.They wait for the slightest touch then drop. I also notice that although Cov came out for the ball (rightly or wrongly) that non of the defenders got back to the goal to cover for him.
  13. Apparently DC and his staff have all done their homework on the players signed.
  14. I'm half expecting DC to defend him during his post match interview.With something like ...He is new to this level,he is still learning.He is gutted that he was sent off and knows what he did was wrong.He is sorry that he let his team mates and the Vale supporters down.
  15. ..... But he does look smart in his trendy blue matching leggings Seem to remember someone mentioning this when we first signed him.Have the scouts etc failed and not known about him being like this?This now puts more pressure on the rest of the team.He really needs to get his act together,think about what he is doing when he returns back to the squad.Be interesting what DC has to say post match.(Might not say much about it as he seems to be more professional)'IF' other teams get to know about him being like this then they will play on it and more red cards will be given.We just need to trust DC and let him deal with it in house.
  16. Lee Collins: Yeovil Town captain's death was suicide, records coroner - BBC News Terrible news.Thoughts go out to his family ,friends.
  17. Didn’t we get an extra allocation down the side of the pitch a couple of years ago?
  18. The point about trying their best was in relation the the claim before about players not playing for Askey.I should have made that more clear. But even so a lot of the time the whole team give the impression that they simply are just not interested or bothered in the slightest.Often when a Vale player gets fouled the other Vale players dont even appeal for a foul.Other teams have players (rightly or wrongly) screaming for the foul,surrounding the ref trying to get the foul.ALL players should always give their best what ever level they play at what ever their ability level is.They should do so as professional footballers and to try and further their chances of playing at higher levels.
  19. But being as these are 'supposedly' professional footballer in league 2.You would think that they would be doing their very best on the pitch at all times.To put themselves in the shop window so that they may be offered a contract at a bigger club and also earn more money.That would be be professional and ambitious.They have shown before that they can individually and as a team be better than this.As a team we are weak all over there are NO leaders on the pitch,there is no communication,no team work.no understanding of what themselves and other players should be doing.The lack of concentration continues to cost us goals.All this happens time after time.So what are the management team and the players doing during the week to sort out the same recurring issues?Do the management team and players live in a little bubble within the club and have no communication with the rest of the club?I know and understand that the pandemic is causing huge problems financially for the club as a whole.But this is no excuse for players not performing on the pitch.As 'professional' footballers they really are an embarrassment to themselves and to professional football.They cant even say that fan's are getting on their backs,putting undue pressure on them.Which is making them make mistakes.There are no fans in the stadium to do so.If you were a potential manager watching these useless incompetent clueless cretins would you be willing to take on the task of getting this team up the league?
  20. That may well be the case.A decent newspaper would have made that point clear.Unfortunately this is the tin pot Sentinel report.
  21. Good thinking,You may well be right.Im not sure it would work in normal circumstance's when ever that may be.
  22. So we would have someone walking about with a tray in between rows of seats delivering the food / drink.Would this be only during half time or would it start before half time? What about if starting before half time and Vale score and everyone jumps up.The food and drink could go everywhere? When the person delivering food to the customer / fan at their seat they would struggle to get along the rows of seat's.Fans would have to stand up so they could get through.Blocking the view of the person behind them who then has to stand up and so on it goes.How many pies,bags of crisps would be nicked from the tray while the delivery person is trying to get through?
  23. It’s a real pity that we as fans are not allowed in the stadium to watch these poor excuses as professional footballers.They are getting away with their poor football poor attitude lack of team work.If fans were allowed in the players would feel the full force of the anger and frustration of the paying fans. There would be many fans just simply walking out of the stadium to go home or go the pub IF this were in normal time’s.There was an idea that they were not playing for Askey.But I honestly can’t believe players would actually do that.If they don’t like the club or the manager or what ever the best thing to do would play out of your skin and hope someone from a higher level comes in to buy you.But the way these players are they would be lucky if someone for a pub team came in for them.They should also be doing the same to try to impress any potential new manager.They are crap have a bad attitude zero self pride zero enthusiasm and no way should they carry the job title Professional Footballer.They are a disgrace to professional football.Frauds who are stealing a professional footballers wage and keeping another professional players out of work.
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