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  1. The players and staff seem to think he's OK................
  2. Just noticed McKirdy didn't make the bench for Swindon ..Is he injured ?
  3. Agreed these are the games that you have to get a result if you have ambitions to get out of this awful division, still very early days but the signs are that there and momentum is building.
  4. Good result, a hard working performance against a team we would have struggled against in the past, love the game management as well, not to everybody's taste but personally I love it, it's about time we dished it out a bit. Long way to go and the signs are there, but lets not get carried away, remember that lot down the road were crowned champions last week. I thought we did what we had to do in the 2nd half, no need to go gung ho when you go 2 up so well done DC and the boys more of the same please.
  5. Could I add Ken & Arthur Longbottom, one of the brothers changed his name to Langley because he didn't like his surname used to get called Shortar$e !
  6. I loved his attitude when he was interviewed, obviously understands what's required of a modern pro footballer.
  7. Carl was on in the first 10 minutes. Mainly still moaning but at least he acknowledged the win today Oops my mistake still doesn't alter the terrible coverage, I'll stick to Ale and Vale.
  8. The coverage on RS has now become farcical, I cut them slack due to that lot down the road having a bigger fanbase, in my mind it would be ridiculous to have the same amount of coverage as them BUT the coverage tonight has been non existent and dare I say almost deliberate, Smith Johnson and Pejic all going on and on and on , I got the feeling that anything or anyone but don't mention Port Vale, I also know Carl only gets in touch when we lose but on my reckoning 50 minutes in before a mention is pushing the boundaries of fairness, come on Vale get promoted and embarrass them.
  9. I can remember on numerous occasions a slow handclap breaking out in the 60's/ 70's gathering momentum, but can any one remember someone playing the last post on a trumpet in the Bycars during one game or am I dreaming ?
  10. Good summing up Sage,69-70 season is my favourite period obviously if you could watch a game from that period it would be dire compared to todays offerings but I have to say that team ran through a brick wall for the club. and it's very boisterous supporters.
  11. He doesn't look that much different to me...........
  12. My 7 year old Grandson commented that he shouldn't use language like that.....Very embarrassing having to explain that those kinds of words are unacceptable. but you will hear them at football.
  13. Everyone has different opinions don't they ? My two pennoth worth, for what it's worth, is midfield is not getting hold of the ball and dictating play, basically once they settled down after 20 minutes Rochdale's No 7 and 18 had the run of Vale Park, they had acres of space and they used it to their advantage and that puts us on the back foot and chasing the game.
  14. I find it more embarrassing that ex players have to put the boot in, at least Yates and Birchall give considered opinion not clouded by prejudice.
  15. What is it with the Vale and letting expectation weigh them down ? I'm getting sick and tired of being let down when there's expectation in the air. The service and naming all those we have lost was done brilliantly, the first 15 minutes we played as well as I have seen for a number seasons and then pop the bubble bursts and we let everyone down, same against Tranmere a bigger gate than normal and pop the balloon deflates, why can't we ever capitalise on the feel good factor. Perhaps there's a curse when there's a crowd present we seemed to win games when the ground was empty.
  16. They are equal to us..........In fact they get bigger gates than us.
  17. Whilst he is free to air his opinions, I hope they don't have a negative on the club this season going forward, I hope his views aren't used as a stick to beat Carol and the management team if there is a bad run of results
  18. If the Vale are on Freeview this weekend it's going to be a bugger tuning my 65in tele in on the back seat of the car.
  19. I fell foul of the car park situation as well, the young girls were overwhelmed with the numbers, I've paid for a pass and had to turn round and find a place in Burslem, I hope these are just teething problems, I cannot fault Carol but there is a situation that needs sorting out and I'm sure she will address it for the future.
  20. I've just watched the replay of Wilsons disallowed goal, why the referee thought it was a foul is a mystery, I thought so at the time but having seen it from a different angle, the referee got the decision hopelessly wrong, the keeper committed and failed to collect, no body impeded him in fact there was foul on Smith .................So frustrating. #stillfuming
  21. I hope young Eden is given a chance, he could have been instructed to get about their back four and make himself a nuisance, he's just turned 17 and could hopefully/possibly be someone who goes on and earns us a bob a two, but supporters will have to be prepared to allow for mistakes.
  22. I've got used to losing matches I've been going long enough, but I'm getting sick to the back teeth of losing games to obvious poor refereeing decisions, over the 90 minutes Stone had very little to do other than the goal so a draw over the 90 minutes would have been fair, It's the feeling of being cheated that's frustrating.
  23. You couldn't make it up, a wobbly disjointed view taken off a phone from the Lorne street near the corner flag, I hope DC ran through the footage with the players when the game was dissected.
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