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  1. With a view to imminent signings; has Michael Tonge signed yet?
  2. I've never been a fan of Norman Smurthwaite but I'll always support the Vale. I'll be down to the Ticket Office to renew my two Railway Stand tickets.
  3. Just a few points. I don't believe that you are my friend. I'm glad that you belong to an exclusive group who love and care for the Vale, I've supported the Valiants since 1953. I have never been a fan of Norman Smurthwaite since the first meeting after he and Paul Wildes bought the Club. I am not impressed by your condescending tone.
  4. Jean, you are obviously better informed than I am. What will be his responsibilities in his newly defined role?
  5. Life President is surely a non-executive role so why all this concern?
  6. If Vale are playing on Tuesday night I'll be there. A protest absence could only hurt the Vale and I am not into empty gestures.
  7. When the new sponsor was announced they said that the new shirt would be available in 2 to 3 weeks. I am not joking.
  8. Why is everyone trying to act as John Rudge's agent?
  9. No, I'm not having a go as I think they are a fantastic breath of fresh air I'm just saying (as I think Tim is) that unless they are 100% sure what they say can be completed then its best not to say it. GOOD ADVICE FOR US ALL, DAVE!!!!
  10. I am "Andy Jones" legendary "my mate" and I suppose I represent 1% of the people who donated to this scheme. When I made the suggestion for the scheme I did not have any desire to gain kudos from being associated with the statue. I simply wished to see the statue erected in honour of both an amazing Vale hero and also those who did so much to keep the project alive when everything seemed against it coming to fruition. I believed that would also be the motivation for those Vale fans able to contribute. I, for one, do not care if my name is displayed on the plinth, on a nearby wall, or forgotten altogether because I am happy that the statue now stands proudly at the entrance to Port Vale.
  11. I find it totally amazing that someone who prefers to donate money to five rival teams is arguing for a loyalty card. Unbelievable!
  12. We should be really grateful that we have someone like Davis to warn us of the perils ahead. It's unlikely that our own management team have any idea about the quality of League 1.
  13. Andy Jones, master of blowing too hot or too cold all within the space of a few minutes. If he can think of a depressing thought he'll share it. But on Saturday at Wycombe he was forecasting 6000 plus
  14. We are no longer "cash-strapped Port Vale".
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