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  1. Just incredibly frustrating how they never seem to learn from their mistakes or improve. Hameed has got to come into this side for the next test. Seen enough of both Burns and Sibley now. These problems have gone on a long time but the ECB by prioritising white ball cricket so much have contributed in a major way. Ahead of a major five test series to have our players competing in the hundred I find it ridiculous when surely they'd have been better trying to get time at the crease and build a proper innings in the County Championship as unglamorous as it sounds.
  2. Agreed on all that. For what it’s worth when the lady in the ticket office called me back earlier she did mention the club are looking at going to an online system for away tickets later this season though had some technicalities they needed to sort before rolling it out.
  3. Appears Colchester have just sold one of their players (Kwame Poku) to Peterborough. Should be a nice windfall for them there. Now if they would just kindly divert some of that this way I know just the forward we can send in return.
  4. Don’t know if you’re still struggling to get through but the club on Twitter did say to email ticketoffice@port-vale.co.uk and to be fair to them they called me back in about ten minutes to sort a ticket and that wasn’t long ago.
  5. DC did also say in that same interview that there would be a few tears shed for one or two genuine boys to quote him. In the case of Adam Crookes for example Paul Hurst said DC put a good word in for him which encouraged him to bring him to Grimsby so he’s hardly the evil tyrant he’s been made out to be here.
  6. Yep it's finished down to 16 now. Now doing south of there through to Milton Keynes.
  7. So does anyone know the rule on this if this will equal a suspension or not?
  8. Easy for me to say I guess but I think the club should take a chance now and request the extra tickets down the side prior to general sale. Appears we’ve sold just over 700 before start of business today so reckon the remainder of the initial allocation will be close to all gone today.
  9. Is Tshimanga actually out of contract though? Appears he played in a friendly for Borehamwood yesterday and scored. Would be worth a look but seems like a lot of clubs have been mentioned but none pulled the trigger and does make me wonder what they are seeing when looking at the video on him or if the asking price is just too much.
  10. I think he’s aiming it mostly at Askey as he was only available for a few games under DC if I remember rightly as he said similar in an interview on Radio Stoke at one point last season. Rather self-serving from him to be honest. Fact is he hasn’t produced consistently for a long time and his availability has been patchy (the suspension at least was completely his own fault too). He was a great player for the club and good luck to him but based on the last couple of years he has not been hard done to at all.
  11. I thought overall it was a very good learning experience for the team. It’s true they looked knackered at the end but they will take a lot out of that in terms of work without the ball. The good news is there won’t be any teams anywhere close to Forests ability we come up against in our league. As mentioned above Pett looks a fantastic addition. Just seems always in control. Really liked Garritys enthusiasm too at RWB. Needs to develop the technical side but it was his hard work and endeavour that set up Wilson’s chance in the first half so well done him too.
  12. Been encouraged by what I’ve seen from Pett. Couple of nice turns to get away from his man and passed it round nicely. Combination of errors on their second goal which won’t please DC but still some good things to take from the half.
  13. Sounds like it’s been a very worthwhile workout. Only downside is I guess Taylor must be carrying a knock at the moment. Hopefully nothing too serious for him.
  14. Hopefully the likes of Jake Taylor and James Wilson can get some playing time in this one after missing the last couple of games.
  15. Brisley gone to Wrexham and Crookes to Grimsby. Wish them both well anyway, don’t think either are players to get you promoted to L1 but should do alright in that league.
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