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  1. I wouldn’t even try to tempt fate with injuries in this. From memory would say Stone, Legge, Burgess and maybe Lloyd if he’s back available would give them some minutes but other than that give everyone else the night off and name some academy lads.
  2. Well done to all the team today. Won’t be making anyone’s list of classic Vale performances but on a day like today grinding out the result is everything and we did it. Given the injured players we have now rest everyone for midweek in pizza trophy. Nothing good can come from risking anyone in that.
  3. Just get through today whatever way possible. Bringing Burgess back into the squad is looking an increasingly better decision. I’m saying a scrappy 1-0 for us, think Rodney is due a goal today.
  4. I think it’s just a case of do the basics better nothing more than that. I think people can talk about this formation or that formation etc but it’s just about better decision making on the ball and winning our individual battles more often when off the ball particularly those second balls on set pieces which we have been losing a little more frequently. Do that and we should have too much for Hartlepool.
  5. No way of sugar-coating it that was just dreadful from us especially first half. I like Jones but if he keeps his place for Saturday he will be rather fortunate. Not scapegoating him as there were plenty others who were almost as bad but did he know we were playing in white last night? We did seem a little better after the changes in the second half. I thought Rodney applied himself well when he came on if never really coming close to threatening their goal. I think Walker to come into the team for Saturday at least. We could have done with him last night in retrospect.
  6. Just looking at Walsall from afar I think that owner of theirs has definite Smurthwaite type tendencies. They are still at the stage where some of them are still buying whatever comes out of his mouth though. So good luck with that. DC was actually pretty good there overall in any case so it’s just bitterness from some of them. He had them in playoff contention before leaving and even going back to the season before that was cut short when we played them at the Bescot they were on a good run then and looked a very decent team against us.
  7. I’m pretty hopeful we’ll bounce back tonight. Nothing have seen of us under DC tells me we will retreat into our shells after a minor setback like Saturday. Would also note that we are just better than Walsall player for player. Someone needs to get a grip on Labadie though. Seen enough of what he’s like down the years to know what he will be up to all game. Hopefully someone can feign getting elbowed in the face off him or something like that and get him sent off. I’ve seen it mentioned about Garrity or Taylor, for me I’d be looking at Brad Walker instead to add some size just with tonight in mind.
  8. I like the idea of a big screen in the Family Stand corner. Longer term assuming the government do go through with relaxing the rules on having a beer in the stands wouldn’t mind seeing at least part of the Bycars converted to safe standing to get a proper atmosphere down there again.
  9. Not our greatest performance overall but it’s one more point than we had at the start of the day so can’t complain really. Just hope Wilson is ok, if it was him with that chance at the end rather than Lloyd I’m confident in saying we’d have won. Think sometimes have to credit the opposition too, they were decent. On to Oldham, good opportunity of three points before we get to put Walsall firmly in their place.
  10. Think the program on Sky Sports Football starts at 11:30 so should capture at least some of it would have thought.
  11. They’re three strange suggestions. Wes McDonald did alright against us at the Bescot last season but then I keep going back to the fact it was Zak Mills he was lined up against. My guess is the club will do little other than see if there is a way to agree permanent transfers for the on loan players. In the case of Politic I suspect it’s dependent on what will happen with that contract offer from Bolton, if he says he isn’t signing maybe if we offered them sort of deal with a generous sell-on attached that could tempt them.
  12. Maybe in retrospect he probably should have stayed with us rather than go to Bradford as things had just clicked here with how we were using him. Whether he’d have sustained it we’ll never know. Always seemed a decent enough lad though so all the best to him.
  13. This is a great test for us against a solid L1 team. Go in full strength for this one I reckon and any squad players in need of minutes we have Liverpool U23’s the following Tuesday for that. Above all else I think DC should just have one focus and win or lose this tie doesn’t go to a replay. Don’t need anything like that being added to our schedule.
  14. Having a quick glance on there it seems the main complaints they have are poor game management, inability to use subs bench or react to the opposition/game situation and average recruitment. Looks like they wished they had DC and ended up with Askey.
  15. It’s just incredible the way we can change things up if things are not going our way with the squad we now have. Just great credit as always to the manager and the players themselves. Does feel that give this squad almost any situation and they will find a way.
  16. Be a shame if he did go back just as he seems like he’s hitting his stride but he is their player ultimately and it’s their right to do it. Suppose it might depend how much say Politic has in the matter and where exactly he fits into Evatts plans.
  17. Shocking performance really from us but we hung in there in spite of that. Point gained for sure and that will look even better if can we can deal with Colchester on Saturday.
  18. Today is a brilliant testament to the depth we’ve built up and adaptability. Great credit to DC and the squad. Won’t always be the case it’ll work every time but we are piling up the kind of wins you just know we’d never have got a year ago. Dennis Politic getting himself a cracking scoring ratio so far for us.
  19. I think based on previous games against Mark Cooper sides they tend to like doing a lot of passing across their back line and we have exploited them with a high press in the past. Regardless of formation or lineup I expect that is something DC is going to target tomorrow. Even though the end of the last game wasn’t how we’d have wanted it we looked a really good side for large parts of that game and indeed have done for most of the season. Maintain those standards am certain we’ll get the three points tomorrow.
  20. Fantastic result. These are the kind of wins that teams who make the top 7 will get. Really feels like things are coming together so once again great credit to DC and the team for all their hard work. Orient next week will be a really good game. Part of me wishes it was Walsall next up. Would love to see the look on their fans faces as we give them a right good smacking and send them into the bottom two while DC has us move to the top three. That can wait though.
  21. Thoroughly enjoyed that today. Thought that was a controlled performance from us and to swat aside a previously undefeated opponent and look like we haven’t really scratched the surface of what this team can achieve yet has to be encouraging. Think that was why DC was reluctant to bask in it too much after the game. Worralls goal is probably the best have seen live since Conlons against Yeovil a few years back. Thrilled for Wilson also, he has done almost everything else right in the last few games apart from put one in the net so glad to see his hard work pay off. Great to see Jake get a few minutes as well, he seemed quite sharp I thought and Lloyd for someone who isn’t the biggest lad he doesn’t get pushed off the ball easily.
  22. I think draw is probably joint favourite along with India but England have a live chance. This should not be a pitch where a bowling lineup can rip out a batting order in a session. There’s nothing for the pace bowlers and only minimal assistance for spin. I want to see England go out and bat positively, I don’t mean treating it like a power play but keep rotating the strike and running two’s as well. Worst thing they can do is get stuck in a rut. At least that’ll mean Kohli has to worry about stopping runs as well as getting wickets.
  23. Fascinatingly poised test match now. 291 to win with all wickets remaining. On a final day pitch you'd normally favour the fielding side but I just think if there is a pitch to knock these runs off it's this one at the Oval. That pitch is a road basically. Really well done to Burns and Haseeb though for getting England through that session after a long time fielding. Laying that platform has given us a half decent shout.
  24. Heard that loud and clear from the Bycars. Really un-necessary as the “<ovf censored> phone” to quote him actually never heard that ring but definitely heard his voice. He should feel a bit embarrassed with himself to be honest.
  25. I think that’s a fair assessment. Everything he does is tidy and looks good but he never really seems to be the one to put his hand up and grab the game by the scruff of the neck. Just feels like a missed opportunity today in general though to be fair I think Rochdale did everything they set out to do well. Rodney has played himself off the bench completely as far as I’m concerned, think bringing on Amoo would have been the better call in retrospect.
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