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  1. Just got back home. That was absolutely amazing tonight. The players had a gameplan and performed to it perfectly. Frankly Swindon were rather fortunate to even make it to penalties. Tom Pett was excellent in midfield and I don’t think I actually have any more superlatives for Connor Hall. What a player. Just on the crowd I thought that atmosphere tonight was brilliant, probably the best I can remember at VP apart from some of the games with the <ovf censored>. The Hamil was really rocking but so was the Railway and the Lorne Street too. It’s a real shame a few people have had to ruin it at the end. No doubt some lifetime bans and possibly worse for them will be handed out in the coming days.
  2. Count me in on making it the permanent home end. As someone who goes in the Bycars usually I will be more than happy if they do. That atmosphere in there tonight was incredible as indeed it was among those in the Railway and Lorne Street.
  3. Be setting off a similar time from Milton Keynes. No way am I risking getting caught out on the M1. Will give the Ale and the Vale preview a listen on the way up. Not sure it’s a case of nerves at this point for me. Just want the game to start and to get stuck into them.
  4. After the way Swindles delusional fans have acted in the last week nothing will give me more pleasure than seeing them lot cry on the telly after we give them a right good hiding on Thursday evening.
  5. No reserved STs Yeah and they keep the flex 10’s greyed out as well until all 10 are used.
  6. Yeah was at that one in Bycars though I think as remember Ollie Heald scored a lob whether he meant it or not. Nothing quite like Bells crowd counter though… We also had Genoa in the Anglo Italian cup group stage as well, finished 0-0.
  7. Count me in on that too. Only been in there the once for an Anglo-Italian group game with Genoa so looking forward to it. The noise from there is great when there’s a 500 strong away following in it so all set up to be a great night.
  8. All the best to him and glad to see he’s doing well at York.
  9. Get to Wembley, we haven’t done the new one yet so tick it off regardless. The loss to WBA was tough to take but in a way it worked out alright for us as we got to experience Brighton a year later.
  10. Good on him, hopefully it will help any others to feel comfortable in doing the same if they wish.
  11. Completely agree with every single word of this. Tom Conlon is a hundred times the person Pope is in terms of leadership and professionalism as well as being a very talented player. We are extremely lucky to have him.
  12. Be a very unfortunate event if the scanners in the Bycars “went down” on Thursday…
  13. It’s going to be a tense evening on Thursday but the clues on winning this tie were there for us in the last half an hour today. When we put it on them a bit they didn’t look comfortable so everyone fans, players, management from the first whistle need to be getting stuck into them, make it as hostile as possible. Don’t get drawn into the McKirdy sideshow. Best way to get one over on him is to end his season on Thursday. It’s there for us to do it.
  14. He was referring to Smallsall who base their whole season around beating us.
  15. I don’t think we were bad at all. Some bad errors at times certainly such as their first goal but I’ve seen enough to tell me so long as we are all at it from the first minute at VP we can beat this lot.
  16. Went to collect mine today as live in Milton Keynes so thankfully someone in the ticket office called me back yesterday evening and took payment over the phone. Well up for it now. Seemed a fair few people when I got there were getting tickets for the home leg and the fanzone tomorrow.
  17. Have to say seeing DC in the presser he seemed extremely composed and in good spirit. Just seeing that has raised my confidence levels in our chances. Hopefully that filters down to the players too. If it was up to me I’d be tempted to go for the same lineup as Exeter again. Edmundsons energy up front could be useful in pressing higher up alongside Wilson and Proctor.
  18. I think it’d be a good idea for the club to announce how many are remaining going into general sale tomorrow. Particularly if any from out of the area were planning on going to try and get one save some wasted journeys if its just a handful.
  19. Harrogates retained list done. Main thing that interested me was they’ve transfer listed Leon Legge. Nothing but respect for him but I think it’s safe to say we won that one hands down between him and Connor Hall. /HarrogateTownAFC/media/HTAFC/News/52057085779_bdfccc60bb_k.jpg?ext=.jpg Harrogate Town AFC - End of Season Retained List Announced WWW.HARROGATETOWNAFC.COM
  20. I reckon after Sunday more will be freed up in those stands though as some of those will be ST’s being held on reserve and they get released then. Some of those STH’s might have decided try the Hamil instead for instance.
  21. A very interesting appointment this. Little bit outside the box as assumed it was Gary Kirsten’s if he wanted it but I quite like it. If he does half as good a job as he did as NZ captain I reckon England are on to a winner. Think him and Stokes will work quite nicely with each other too.
  22. Yeah same, got there in the end albeit with some industrial language aimed at the screen while waiting. I've always found the online system to be pretty decent most the time albeit probably hasn't had the sort of demand it will have experienced before.
  23. Walsall now issued their retained list. Suppose Zak Mills agent gets to prove how good he is again by finding another L2 club to take him on. Can’t say as there is anything there that would particularly interest me other than a flyer on Rory Holden depending on his fitness. Retained and Released list confirmed - News - Walsall FC WWW.SADDLERS.CO.UK
  24. Reading between the lines it seems the club may be looking at options for home fans in the Hamil or something like that.
  25. Just my personal opinion but I think going away from home Hussey is the better option as he is more solid defensively. At home then Benning is probably the better choice due to his ability to get up and down and be more of an attacking threat. My guess (and that is all it is) is we don’t see Woz now until the home leg of the playoffs.
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