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  1. No because they’re tight in the first half.
  2. Providing communication without a direction if there’s no communication director.
  3. The league this season is going to have 2/3rds of teams battling for the top 7; really tight and a lot of tough fixtures. This season more than ever I reckon I juries are going to play a huge factor. Away at Scunny and similar games need game management to protect players like Wilson, Gibbo, Worrall etc. regardless of how they’re playing.
  4. Problem is football ain't played on paper. It’s played on a ski slope covered with turf at Harrogate
  5. Treat fear and complacency with equal contempt. Go into it with the self-confidence that we have the team to beat anyone if we turn up, but we always have to turn up.
  6. Hey, Walsall have their no.1 target as manager in charge and they weren’t going to renew DC’s contract anyway. Oldham have finally got some real playmaking midfielders to replace Garrity, who really shouldn’t be a footballer. 2 of the top 3 sorted and we get shafted with the scraps again. As long as Richie Bennett doesn’t send us down and make it a trio of huge errors we should survive.
  7. They’re bringing every home fan to an away game? Tall order
  8. Chris Martin said after the game “nobody said it was easy, no-one ever said it would be so hard.”
  9. Woz’ll pass it ya, just stick it in the net.
  10. Tough game which will be very physical and scrappy.
  11. That’s part of the beauty. We don’t understand, we didn’t predict it, but it’s entertaining.
  12. I am sure the idea was Rodney and Wilson to start, then Proctor to come on for Wilson late on. But since Proctor has been playing so well it now looks more apparent when Wilson comes off because it’s not going to be someone else holding the ball up and playing it into space for Rodney.
  13. I’m fairly sure that neither Mal or Wilson have completed a full 90 mins yet. I’m not bothered by that myself, but it does automatically take up some of the sub options if they will need to be taken off whatever the situation is. Particularly Wilson I think is one hard tackle away from injury, so I’m happy to take him off when he tires. No point running them into the ground.
  14. I hope DC is committed to Vale for his whole contract, because I can see us going from strength to strength under him on and off the pitch. People in football who know the old Vale and the new Vale will have seen Darrell’s hand in that and be impressed. He’s the one manager I’ve seen probably in my lifetime that I think if we lose him we cannot replace him and we’ll be undeniably set back from our goals. When Micky left for Sheffield United I thought we’ll just replace him and that’s that. I’d be gutted if we lost DC.
  15. I have always been confident under Clarke that the defence will be really solid and every aspect of the team will get better. My only worry with the team was goals, but I think this squad has always been designed to share them around, then if someone pops off with 20 it’s just a bonus. This squad is good enough for top 3, just keep the injuries under control. Bookmakers haven’t cottoned on yet if anyone wants to make some holiday money for next year.
  16. For me Conlon and Gibbo are starters, but they need sheltering. Without Conlon we lost a real attacking edge and danger, so him going down would really derail the surge in my opinion. Benning, Walker, Johnson, Martin, Legge can easily slot in and pick up the slack. They have more to offer and a higher ceiling than what we have seen, which is great.
  17. Get a few more and finish the game in the top 7
  18. Politic to play! He’s played a full 90 a couple of days ago so he’s good for 30 today surely.
  19. Cov gibbo Cass Smith Jones conlon Garrity Pett Worrall proctor Amoo
  20. At least we have players who don’t get “rolled over and have their bellies tickled” anymore. Can’t stand being bullied so good to have 11 6 foot bad uns giving some back. Just got to be a bit less obvious and OTT.
  21. Got to win to get this season kickstarted nicely as we get into easier fixtures. Good news Walker doesn’t look a long absence but let’s hope he’s not another Manny with persistent injuries.
  22. Unbeaten means very little. If we don’t offer goals on a plate to Rochdale or give ourselves no chance of recovery going down to 10 on the opener, we are unbeaten. It’s all fine margins and the league is going to be very very tight come the end of the season. I seem to remember these started well last year, then when teams got wise to their 20% gradient, conference-conceived pitch they started getting found out. They’ll be swallowed in the clay, and we’ll make them pay.
  23. Two incredible strikes from Garrity, and not to forget the sublime ball out to the wing to set Worrall off for the first. Absolutely brilliant and just goes to show that buying into the manager’s ethos and formation will pay dividends. Onwards and upwards.
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