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  1. Walsall game at VP going to be a banger. A warm up for Crewe the following year, unless that turncoat clown takes them down.
  2. Nah, lost their only good defender and they are were <ovf censored> with him. I’d take Walker over Labadie. Holding your own in L1 is better than hovering around L2 in a really poor season. Wilkinson or Wilson, not giving up the upside of Wilson. And that’s only some of our signings, like Martin I’d take over Scarr and they haven’t even got him now. See you on the pitch, minnows. oh and the manager is a joke signing, forgot that.
  3. Nathaniel KP didn’t want to go up to be whooped every week with Morecombe, Merrie from Wigan, who I suppose is a watered down version on Walker.
  4. 1

    Euro 2020

    They weren’t living la Vida Luka yesterday.
  5. 1

    Euro 2020

    It might be but hopefully we can give a good account of ourselves.
  6. PP, Walker Gar(r?)it(t?)y Whitehead, Burgess Huge amount of pressure on Tom and Walker to perform and stay injury free. Moving Burgess and Whitehead would surely free up a decent wage for one commanding centre mid to add in there.
  7. Tranmere taking no chances this year. Adding to a good squad with decent signings.
  8. We have 1 devastating winger. That’s not enough. Need 2 first team bombers with Amoo, Hurst and another on the bench. Need another decent striker too so we have 2 of 3 playing for places, all as good options then Robinson as a last-ditch slot in if needed. Obviously the hope is to offload him but I can’t see any of the TLed being picked up until psychedelics are legalised.
  9. We might have signed one 2 weeks ago like all the other signings lol.
  10. Some fast wingers and a pacy striker coming please.
  11. That happens to a lot of teams in this league when faced with a league 1 winger. One less for him to worry about, and there was only about 5 to begin with.
  12. It’ll be nice to have a team where if someone can’t play for whatever reason their position isn’t automatically <ovf censored> with a lottery machine square peg shoved in.
  13. Hey 10+ positive posts and circa 50 accurate posts is pretty good for a OVF 1800 extender.
  14. Can’t believe that. He’s not that good surely by all accounts. Like you say I would genuinely take Martin before him.
  15. Smith is a quality L2 centre half. Surrounded by clowns anyone would look bad. Put him in alongside Martin and watch him fly again. You don’t lose ability.
  16. Incredible highlight of him kicking the ball out of play lol.
  17. These signings are telling this tinpot league we’re not messing about anymore.
  18. What did Ronee Kruger want to know?
  19. Couldn't tell you, I meant the club as a whole. I doubt Darrell would have stood for an assistant being hired he didn't want.
  20. How could Dutton not coming here hurt Dazzler's pride when he hired Crosby, everyone wanted him to stay and the team involved convinced him? Meanwhile I very much doubt Dutton was ever considered as a replacement should AC decline, let alone in front of him.
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