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  1. If we play 5 at the back on Saturday I think we can safely say whether DC is here 1 more game or 100,000 more games, he’ll always play this formation.
  2. Glad to be running Salford back again soon. Get that one corrected quickly.
  3. Surely the journos could ask if he’s injured? I’m sure the last time they enquired they asked “is Rodney in yours plans” to which he said something like all my players are in my plans. They are obviously scared to ask any pertinent questions for fear of being snapped at, which is neglecting their responsibilities but there you go.
  4. Don’t underestimate the impact of covid on players coming back. Worrall has high intensity and high fitness levels, the sort of thing covid likes to kibosh.
  5. A creative centre mid and an experienced striker needed. Big ask and probably a bridge too far in the timeframe left, but it would be nice. Wilson and Proctor alternating due to injury and fitness, partnering this new striker we need, the kids and Amooooo for pace and pressure off the bench. And someone to pass them the ball, that’s where the replacement for Pirlo comes in.
  6. I don’t mind footballers wearing make up as long as they’re good.
  7. this will not be the squad we take on the remainder of the season with. Some key pieces are still to come.
  8. It’s so frustrating because I seriously doubt that many of the other teams could win even a single game with the amount of injuries we’ve had. Our best team with no injuries and the depth we have in the squad available easily hits the top 3 with points to spare.
  9. Two midfielders, someone who can give us some width options and a decent experienced striker. That’s my shopping list But we could potentially make the playoffs with 2/3 of them. Less than that and we haven’t got enough goals.
  10. He's been very impressive. Looking forward to a Jones-Smith-Hall trio at the back. With Hussey and Worrall/Gibbo. If we can keep that defence on the pitch for the majority of the second half of the season, we will concede few enough to get promotion. The problem will be more likely the other end, and whether they’ll hold up their end,
  11. No need for worry. Hussey and Hall are bedding in and we’ll soon be playing the same back line game in game and out. Defending isn’t going to be a problem whatsoever even with Gibbo out. Martin was quite solid but it’s clear Hall is the leader and he’ll only get better. Jones will come back and get his form back. The only problem might be Worrall but hopefully he’s just resting. I think we are going to really tighten up and start keeping a lot of clean sheets, anchored by a newly knuckled-down and contrite Covalan. I know we have loads of strikers but realistically I think we need some experience. If Proctor isn’t going to be fully fit until we only have 10 games left then that will be the difference between promotion and not, and resolving the Conlon gap. I think it’ll be quiet and steady, but we’ll creep up the table again.
  12. Get through this one and put it right in the next two, that was my thinking.
  13. If injuries keep going he’ll be lacing up so you won’t have to hear him
  14. Let’s try not to give 100 year old Pratley time on the ball.
  15. Another who prefers the half season / half holiday approach.
  16. I wonder whether Worrall and Jones are being rested with the idea that we’ll play for a point and be stronger physically for next Saturday.
  17. I thought the idea of keeping injuries, returns, lineups etc. secret was to surprise the opposition, not terrify our own fans.
  18. Kyle Walker good shout. Not sure about Clint Hill though, stick with Hall.
  19. Depends whether you prefer fewer games but at a higher quality, or a steady stream of decent but not incredible performances.
  20. True and every year the league gets more and more competitive and tighter for the top positions. Teams with high budgets and big expectations are going to fall flat every year because the league just gets more competitive, especially with the craziness going on in the league below. I’m so glad we have moved forward with a new structure on and off the pitch with better professionalism because teams down at the bottom now will find it very hard to turn their infrastructure around, and we could have been with them. Bristol Rovers, Carlisle, Crawley etc. have set themselves up with a top 7 ambition, but I totally agree the top 3 is within the grasp of 8+ and the top 7 will have the top 2/3rds going for it. Goal difference could be key.
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