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  1. I might be reading too much into it, but he certainly didn’t say no
  2. Going off DC’s interview I think we will bring a keeper in
  3. No probably not but I think they’d have a much better chance than if you just signed every player than agent suggests. I think we’re going ahi it recruitment the right way, surely extensively watching, researching and scouting players is a better gauge on their quality then whether they’re recommended by an agent? You can get some good players via agents but in our recent history we have been burned numerous times
  4. We’re going through the exact same where I work now. What it’s got to do with vale though I have no idea.
  5. That makes literally Zero sense what so ever. Please explain why a business would pay a bonus for poor performance? Surely what you have said is completely contradictory? Surely if there is something in their contracts that they get a bonus for top 7, they would want to be top 7 and work harder to get that? Not drop off because we gone below 7th. That makes literally no sense. Surely it’s their incentive to get back into the top 7 now? Not think <ovf censored> it I’m happy without the bonus - anyway they signed a contract so they’re clearly happy regardless The reason players in contract were released last season is because they simply weren’t good enough. I highly doubt all of the players under contract are worried about DC releasing them. I’m sure someone like Gibbo is quaking in his boots….. No flaws in the recruitment strategy. We have signed on the whole very good players who are much better than last season. We actually properly scout players now and not just take the word of some local agent. Stop clutching at straws to try and criticise everything. Even your arguments are backwards and make no sense.
  6. Fitness issues…. He individually won us quite a few points and got us to the 3rd round of the cup. I don’t their ironic if he was actually interested in bringing him in permanently
  7. Unwanted by a league 1 side but blatantly good enough. Literally of their fan base wanted him to stay and not even join us on loan. DC said his loan spell was outstanding. He’s the exact kind of player you need at this level, especially for games like last night. But if the wage demands are too high we’ve done the right thing. Shame, but obviously financially no player is worth more than the club can afford
  8. Didn’t he literally type ‘I’m willing to give Edmonson time at vale’?
  9. Experience is overrated at this level. To me it's about ability first and foremost. I've said this for years. We've had a lot of experienced crap for the past 5 years. In strikers alone, the best examples of despite experience you can be crap are Robinson, Paterson, Barnett and Guthrie. In contrast, by far our best or at least most impactful players have been younger players with the ability. I'm thinking of Jones, Alnwick, Streete, Taylor, Whitfield, Smith (when he first broke into the team), Gibbons and, this season, Garrity. I'm not saying the 2 young lads will work, but they clearly have the ability, so it's completely unfair and premature to declare 'they don't work' after 1 bloody game together Agree its 100% about ability, however who were those players playing alongside when they broke into the team? I’m not saying it needs to be an experienced (trash) journeyman like Robinson. Just Wilson with one or the other for the time being. I just think it would be beneficial to us and to the two young lads if one of them started alongside Wilson rather than someone else playing his first couple of games. Not sure on Edmonson; didn’t show too much ability last night, early days but he looks more like a hard worker rather than someone with quality (unlike Harratt) I didn’t say that don’t work either… said they didn’t work last night, which it clearly didn’t - Dosent mean it won’t in the future though, just personally think it’s beneficial for them to play with someone with a few more games under their belt at this stage
  10. It didn’t work though, and very rarely does starting two young lads, one of which has played 2 professional games. I’m not saying there both useless or anything like that, I just don’t think they should be starting games together yet, they need a striker that has much more experience along side them.
  11. Far too generous them marks IMO. I’d go: Stoke 5 - thought he looked really sloppy, especially his distribution. Gibbons 6 - decent first half tried but again really sloppy 2nd half. Hall 7 - thought he looked excellent until the injury. Smith 3- thought it was a pretty horrible performance in every way. If Hall is fit I’d drop Smith for Saturday. Hussey 6 - Played well, some dangerous crosses and he’s clearly a very good player. Was wide open a few times and we kept ignoring him!! Worrall 5 - Good first half, atrocious 2nd half, need to sign some players out wide to actually let him have a rest, as bad as he’s played. Pett 5 - barely in the game, especially 2nd half. Walker 5 - thought he was ok but that Sunday football hoof from him led to the corner. Garrity 8 - Gave it his all and deserved at least 2 goals, amazing solo run as well, clear MOTM for me. Harratt 5- did nothing, not much movement or anything really. Tried but that’s about it Edmonson 4 - I’ve seen a few say he did well. I thought it was a horrible debut, looked out of his depth to me, still early days though, but he reminded me of a Michael Brown signing. He did try just lacking quality. Subs Martin 3 - dreadful. Him and smith at the back together is the stuff of nightmares. Amoo 5 - really wound me up Amoo did. Did something decent and then passed it backwards, got in good positions and then instead of having a shot just went backwards. Wilson 3- He’s got to play better than the has so far after injury, fit or not, there has to be more than what he’s showing. Personally, I think it’s time to mix it up at the back, we’re not keeping clean sheets and Smith has been a constant figure in the team. I really think him and Martin hampered us 2nd half with their passing ability. Is Jones available for this one? If so I’d bring him and or Cass back in alongside Hall (if he’s fit) Wilson has been really poor since coming back but I would start him Saturday, he can’t keep playing this poorly and the two young lads just didn’t work. Stone Gibbons - Hall - Jones /Cass - Hussey Pett Walker Garrity Worrall Wilson Harratt
  12. I think last night showed how much we need a player of that ilk. It was the perfect game for him and we missed him. Of course he isn’t worth breaking the bank for, no single player is but he would have been a brilliant addition
  13. Garrity shows loads of passion and determination. Vassell had a good game for them
  14. Pett had been excellent all season until the last 5/6 games where he along with Conlon have been completely innefective
  15. Garrity by a country mile for me
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