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  1. Can’t pick him when he’s injured or suspended for been racist on Twitter! I’d also argue he was no better than the others given his recent record.
  2. Honestly just re read the article and all’s I can think is what a full on <ovf censored>.
  3. Just read this. Embarrassing from a club “legend” not a surprise though given his previous antics on Twitter. Comes across as a right ****. I found it odd that players like Joyce, brown and Monty thanked the club and can manage to come out and thank the club, fans ect after just a couple of years and pope, supposedly a club legend didn’t say anything what so ever. It’s extremely bitter and really poor from him. Not read the rest of the thread yet but imagine the usual suspects have been leaping to his defence again. Embarrassing comments from a very bitter Man! Will give any testimonial a miss. This guy has had more support than any other player I can think of. If he was <ovf censored> for 20 games In a row he would still be backed by the masses and have ‘feed the pope and he will score’ and he can’t even say thank you. As above it really Dosent surprise me considering his other Twitter posts. I find his loyal posts extremely disrespectful. He could have been dealt with much harsher by the club for his comments and he’s also been injured for a fair period so no idea what he’s getting at there. The club stuck by him through injury and through his <ovf censored> comments, and even his poor performances for the last two years and he can’t even say thank you. lost a lot of respect. Just lacks any kind of class what so ever. Think we’ve found the potential issue in the changing room!!!!
  4. Lazy that. Very poor effort and why does it look so washed of colour? Keepers is smart though
  5. A number of managers have tried him. He’s been awful and you can’t say that DC hasn’t given him a good go, he started a fair amount of games towards the back end of last season. His goals are in the past and his record overall is pretty poor, especially Both spells for us! What manager? Everyone at vale has failed to get a tune out of him. Maybe the player themselves should have a bit of pride and put some effort in. I was extremely disappointed when we signed him as I remembered his previous spell, he was even worse this time around. Don’t see why even under contract we would want to give him yet another chance. Much rather us give a young lad a chance that actually has some interest in playing for us.
  6. Yeah it’s a tough one, he could just be coming into his prime and is a genuine goal scorer, or it’s just a complete one off as you say. Oh yeah he will be on a fair wage at Wrexham, they’re another side splashing the cash with their Hollywood owners.
  7. Well he’s just signed for a side in the league below? Wasn’t that far fetched was it. Definitely not signed for a championship club!!
  8. Probably makes sense, didn’t we sign him from a trial? Imagine that’s been doubled at least now and rightly so
  9. I just think they generally aren’t very good. Hence why we keep struggling and no league side would pick them up. Not sure why any side in this league would want players like whitehead
  10. Has popey said anything since leaving vale? Like Joyce and brown? Can’t remember reading anything, find it a bit odd if not. Just noticed he has posted about signing for congleton but nothing about the vale.
  11. That was his job injuries do happen in football, that’s no fault of the club. Generally as players age they do get injured. That isn’t the clubs fault and I don’t know why we everyone has to suddenly feel so bad. He’s had a great career at this level and will still probably be on a decent enough wage for congleton. Lots of other players have career ending injuries much younger. At the end of the day his time was up. He wasn’t as good and if your picking up injuries like that it’s time up at this level. Brilliant player for us but time was up
  12. Embarrassing to think some thought he could still do a job at this level and was worth the money he was on. This has well and truly shown he isn’t at this level and that ongoing injury is too much for this level. Wish him well, imagine if he can stay fit enough he will score a load for them. Great decision by DC though
  13. Didn’t fit in at Carlisle, didn’t fit in at vale and probably won’t at Swindon. Big thing is attitude and his isn’t great.
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