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  1. ?? where’s the anger? Delighted with a win? I hate the mentality of some on this form who seem to enjoy belittling other fans. Your also commenting? My priorities are fine. get off your high horse and stop being so condescending.
  2. Hit bar unlucky again. Should have another here there defence is nowhere.
  3. Yeah these look a side already gone. Shame how bad they really look! Still you still have beat them. Think I’d take the likes of amoo off not keep them as fresh as possible and give mckirdy some game time
  4. Get in pope. More clinical than Robinson imo. Game over.
  5. So pope didn’t miss a chance first half? Which was commented on? What’s the issue? There isn’t one. Move on.
  6. Who gives a <ovf censored>? You bring this up all the time. Move <ovf censored> on. It’s vale vs Southend
  7. Jesus why can’t we put the bloody ball in the net! Strikers should be finishing those of 10/10 times.
  8. Probably the strongest we could go with current injuries. Should be winning this one. Happy to see pope starting over Robinson
  9. As per previous games. Without brown we would have lost. Average league 2 keepers don’t consistently make the saves that brown does and we are extremely lucky to have him
  10. He’s probably right. They had chances 1st half to be out of sight but luckily we have brown and were good enough to take advantage of this second half. Theyre the first team I’ve seen so far where it’s clear they will be right in the promotion mix come the end of the season - no question. I notice there manager says the league is there for someone to go and take and they haven’t got out of 2nd gear yet. Think that’s something that can be directed at us as well.
  11. Thought he was at fault for the goal tonight. I much prefer Monty there adds goals and attacking play to the side.
  12. Don’t not think Robinson is one of our better players at all. I’d actaully say he’s the weakest of our strikers.
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