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  1. Pett is excellent at this level. No doubt about that imo.
  2. I don’t think Martin has been bad, he’s not been as good as expected but not particularly bad. He isn’t fit yet remember
  3. Big issue is Rodney at the moment as well. He looks completely disinterested, awful last night again when he came on. Has to be amoo for me over Rodney now.
  4. I still worry about that formation. Always feels to me that’s it’s quite easy to counter and to stop us playing. Which Mansfield did with ease last night. It Dosent suit us, Worrall still being wasted at RWB and Politic stuck on the bench. 433 or 4321 next time DC
  5. I think they’ll be right up there at the end of the season. I know we made them look good but they looked a strong outfit
  6. Phew. I’ll take a point from that thought it would be 1-1. Dreadful performance really, defended well and cov did brilliant on the penalty but that was a really poor showing. Lloyd Dosent look like the option up top when proctor is out. They should have won but we arguably should have got the win at the end through Conlon. Bad performance but that’s a good point for us. I’ll take that any day at mansfield.
  7. Need cov to pick that mysterious injury up for the last 10 mins
  8. Think I’d get Taylor on in the middle just to see if we can keep the ball a bit
  9. The point would be a bonus I think given how we’ve played so far.
  10. Take the draw now. Would have taken it before the game but especially after this display
  11. Not sure that means he’s ready or been useful today? Whole side has struggled but he didn’t really look up to it.
  12. Happy with them subs that’s pace and quality to scare any side at this level.
  13. Change it please DC I think we will concede if we keep this 11. Get some pace on and counter them.
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