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  1. It’s a disgusting proposal and as Neville said all of those involved should be punished heavily. Not surprised by the greed of the ‘big 6’.
  2. Moved on let’s hope we replace him and are better in the market than we have been for years. We’re extremely short in midfield
  3. Brisley has been motm for the last few games imo. I would 100% give him another deal as 3rd choice centre half
  4. Don’t disagree. However posts saying manny hasn’t helped at Chesterfield on our match thread are just plain stupid, wrong and there to gain a reaction. I think everyone pretty much agrees on manny at vale. Excellent player at this level but can’t stay fit. I would have personally given offered him the extension given how much better I think we are with him in the side and that he’s now started what 8 games in a row for us and now chesterfield. However I completely understand the other side of the argument, especially as you say with the decreasing squad size
  5. If you don’t think manny would have improved us today then I don’t know what side you haven’t been watching. Look at the stats. We win games when him Conlon and Joyce play together. Regardless of whether you think the manny deal was a good one or not (I think the latter) it is clear that our midfield is much weaker without him. Midfield was pretty poor today as it clearly was going to be with the starting lineup.
  6. Decent point but a very very dull game in which both sides didn’t look interested. We look so much weaker without manny and I hope we have someone lined up to replace him! Can we try someone else up top in the next few games? Robinson offers nothing. Defended very well again
  7. Just glad Robinson is off to be honest. Not sure why we keep playing him
  8. I’d love us to try someone else up top other than Robinson
  9. Poor half. Thought we would struggle with that 11 and that midfield. Need to change it at half time or will lose.
  10. Isn’t the DOF in charge of recruitment? I’d imagine flitcroft had a say in it as well as Clarke.
  11. Odd not to see Taylor even on the bench if fit same with Guthrie after last week. Think we could struggle today that midfield looks light
  12. Joyce had that last season and chose to activate it. I'd be amazed if it applied again Hope he dosent have one. Needs releasing been beyond bad this season
  13. Interesting thought he might be one to miss out. Quite happy with that though, I think he can develop to a useful player for us. Looked ok when we were utterly atrocious earlier in the season.
  14. Embarrassing really. At least they didn’t get through. Wonder what klopps excuse will be tonight?
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