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  1. As above. Confirmed today that Pugh is self isolating after positive covid test. Guessing that means Sinclair will take over the next couple of games? Unlucky for Pugh given a decent enough start. Hope he recovers well
  2. Don’t disagree. There isn’t.
  3. Theo has offered literally nothing. At least we know Cullen can perform for us as he was ok last season
  4. Most relevant is what he’s done at vale. He’s awful and has proven to be awful twice for vale.
  5. Ah didn’t know that. 442 a definitely possibility then
  6. Wouldn’t be playing wing backs. It would be 352 with us pushing forwards against a poor side at home. Looks better than 442 to me where we will just get over run in the middle. Agree we need a Cb who can pass. If I went 442 that would be my team as well I just worry about us getting over run and the fact that mills is playing again. Ideally If all fit I wouldn’t mind 352 with gibbons and Monty playing. brown smith New Cb. Brisley. Gibbo. Conlon. Taylor. Worrall. Monty rodney. Guthrie.
  7. Lincoln? Vale? Motherwell? Southend? He’s trash. His record is about 1 in 6 over the last 5/6 years.
  8. 442 If we play two mobile centre midfielders. for me I’d go 352. Don’t rate mills at all and not a fan of Fitzpatrick not sure what he really offers. brown smith. Legge. Brisley. worrall. Joyce. Conlon. Taylor. Hurst rodney. Guthrie With Conlon and Taylor pushing on and Joyce sitting
  9. There’s loads of prem youth players that could be quality. Just need to be given a chance. Would love a CB like innis or howkins in
  10. I’d argue his recent record his pretty awful other than at Swindon and Colchester recently
  11. He’s extremely raw. But has some brilliant qualities especially at this level. As soon as he improves on his finishing he will leave for money as you say
  12. I thought amoo was great last season, a typical league 2 winger (but a good one). Not sure if it’s injuries or something else but he’s way off it this season
  13. Look it’s a good point but we didn’t play well. If that’s the level of performance that we now think is good we may as well pack it in. Great point but we need to play better than that in the next few games.
  14. For me Rodney because of the goal. Don’t think we would have got a point today if not for him. Taylor was ok nothing to write home about
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