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  1. Wow. What a brilliant win. Makes the last two games even more frustrating! Build on this now vale
  2. Basically the same. Only went up last season. <ovf censored> away day. Not been a ground with a worse atmosphere than there and I think we will be comfortably beaten. Granted they’ve been very poor so far but we aren’t exactly decent away from home.
  3. I’d maybe look at amoo that side and Worrall the other. Mentioned all pre season we needed another winger and it never happened. Montano for one isn’t particularly good and two is injured half the season. You could also go with a front 3 and play Bennett out wide as we did early on, possible Browne or archer. Just don’t really see what montano offers b
  4. I wouldn’t say 5 goals for a left winger is a good return personally.
  5. I’m surprised we keep playing montano. I’m not sure he’s ever showed anything to suggest he is good enough over a season. He has rare and I mean very rare decent moments. But he must have a shocking record in terms of assists. Not good enough for me.
  6. Something that our recent managers keep doing. Makes no sense.
  7. Well by your point not 16th. Basically the same as the last two seasons
  8. Crap that was again. Worst side in the league at home and we did nothing. Negative management scared to make subs on try and win the game. Awful to get one point from today and macc
  9. 1. It’s not a <ovf censored> penalty. End of. 2. Askey needs to make a sub. I say this every week. We leave it far too late every single week.
  10. Stuck his hands up? Come off it it’s right next to him. Just imagine the reaction if that was given against us.
  11. Far to close to give that. Never hand ball.
  12. Don’t agree. Bennett has looked a better player in our system than pope this season. Pope to come on around 60 mins is perfect but Bennett is rightly starting today.
  13. Dosent really make up for his tweet last week does it.
  14. Of course it would have made a difference. If that’s the case why bother having subs? I’m quite sure many sides underperform and then make subs and can change the game. We were dire. We should have changed it early and could have changed the game.
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