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  1. For me I started going vale late 90s so missed a lot of the vales best players. Mark Goodlad Matt Carragher Michael Walsh George Pilkington Sam Collins Marc Bridge Wilkinson Micky Cummins Jennison Myrie Williams Marc Richards Stephen Mcphee Tony Naylor No idea what formation and there’s obviously better players but this is the best I can remember seeing. Walsh was class when he was fit to play. Nearly put sodje, mccombe and brooker in there as well
  2. No idea what has happened to them, thought they’d struggle at the start of the season as they lost key players, but seemed to start well. A big plus for , I can’t see Colchester picking up as many points as us based off today
  3. Agree, much improved. At least the players are playing for him. I thought out attacking play was much better, just have to stick the ball in the net when that big chance comes which we didn’t. Had a feeling we would lose after that miss. Pitch looked great until they started playing on it, not the best. Agree RE Cambridge, most sides do seem quite similar in this division, the overall standard has been very low this season. Hoolahan stood out though Can’t wait to see the turn around in players in the summer just hope we are in this league and not the league below.
  4. Mehmet Mills Geohagen Slater Jules Mbamba Whitehead Fraser Barnett Perry Robinson
  5. No reason why not. Became a bit of a joke player at United, however looks completely different at West Ham. Issue for him would be I just don’t see who I would make the squad over.
  6. Yeah dreadful. Played fine today but that miss lost us the game. He’s there to score, 0 in 18 think he’s playing in the wrong position. Luckily for us think we only signed him until the end of the season
  7. Why is it always pope haters? Nobody hates him infact the opposite. What is true is that he’s not getting any younger and isn’t what he used to be. (Not scored many when he played this season). Nobody hates him they’re just realistic. I do agree I’d love to him back now and would walk into this side.
  8. I think he would be lucky to get a club at that level. Full on cart horse.
  9. To the title. ‘Kurtis Guthrie signs’. I wish he hadn’t.... not good enough, sorry 0 in 7 ain’t up to it.
  10. I don’t think the majority of our squad will be playing league football next season and I don’t mean because we will be relegated. I think they are that standard at best. Some not even that
  11. It didn’t nearly get us promoted did it? We didn’t make the play offs. We probably would have done but Dosent mean we would have gone up. That was last season. He made the squad worse and key players are older. Agree with the rest of what you posted
  12. How did the amazing John askey start at the vale? Clarke is left with his god awful squad
  13. Unlucky. Played decent there but when you have clear chances you have to take them. Guthrie shouldn’t start the next match we need a striker that can score a goal. That was the difference here. Score then think we could have pushed on. Still encouraging signs and much improved from Tuesday.
  14. Was always going to happen when you miss easy chances.
  15. Bit different when Askey signed these players and Clarke is stuck with them
  16. We lost the first 4 games under him and are very close to being relegated because of him. Never heard a more dull manager
  17. Not a bad half that. Certainly a huge step up on Tuesday although not difficult. Created the best chance which any striker should bury really. Just hope we don’t rue that missed chance. Still big improvement.
  18. Look at what I posted literally the post before that... said it was much better than Tuesday.
  19. Would love us to try and put some passes together instead of lumping it forward
  20. I know we’ve missed a sitter but we do look much better than Tuesday
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