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  1. Not written Wilson off in any way shape or form. You don’t think we’ve been carrying him recently? He looks about 50% fit. Conlon ect have looked much fitter, with their injuries…. The issue is it took him a long time to get going at the start of the season and is again, potentially we could end up finishing the season with Wilson being 100% for about 20 games. This is why I think we need another proven forward, with Proctor being out for a while and Wilson not a full pelt for a large part, we’re then left with sticking two wingers up top in Rodney and Amoo (completely wasting them) Not basing anything on reputation at all. I’m very happy with the Harratt signing, he looks a very good player, I will judge them at the end of the season. It’s just my opinion that we may have been better signing an experienced striker and a younger striker. Not two extremely inexperienced ones. Probably am taking a short term view, but what other view is there in this case? Neither are actually Port Vale players so the case of developing them Dosent really fit here. A side chasing promotion should sign players for either the short term in January to push them to promotion (looking at players like Hughes and purse) or players ready to play in league 1. For me Hussey and Hall certainly fit into both. No chance of signing Harratt permanently either…. They may turn out to be great players, I imagine Harratt will be, and certainly better than the likes of Loft, but he more than likely won’t be at Port Vale when he’s at that level. At the minute i want us to start with one of the young lads, Harratt because of his goals and then Wilson. And straight away there’s an issue, Wilson isn’t fit, so then you look at two young lads starting together with little experience. I just think we’re missing another forward. I’d be delighted if we finish the window, with Harratt, edmonson and another forward signed. To reiterate. Delighted with the Harratt signing, I’ll give Edmonson time as well, I was just hoping in January we would have signed a striker of the Hussey ilk along with one of the younger lads.
  2. That’s a dreadful signings. He’s hopeless
  3. What am I on? That is exactly what I meant. Proctor is still injured, it’s still January, we should have signed a suitable replacement for him, you can’t just sit there and twiddle your thumbs and wait for your two forwards to come back from injury. Look at Wilson, he still looks way off, we should have brought someone in at the start of the window that has experience imo. And that Dosent just mean a journeyman, it means someone who’s played a decent amount of games at this level. Someone like loft… Where have I said I’ve written the two young signings off? I haven’t. The contrary, I thought it was an odd decision to leave our only player that’s scored in the last 3 games out on Saturday. I’m not convinced by Edmonson yet but Harratt looks very good. In my opinion it should have been one of the young lads sign and then someone with a bit more experience to replace Proctor. We don’t know when he will be back, if he will be at the same level and like last time could just pick up another injury, not to mention the amount of time to get back 100% fit. We can’t carry players like we are with Wilson at the moment. Again putting words in my mouth. I never said Wilson should be back 100% fit after 4 games. The issue with Wilson is that he Dosent stay fit; an unlucky injury this season, but he’s had issues his whole career. We 100% need a proven forward to cover Proctor and Wilson if we want to push for promotion. Also, let’s remember Wilson has 4 league goals to his name this season. I think we need someone else up top personally. I have no idea if we were or not. I’d guess not considering we signed two strikers immediately at the start of the window. Maybe we were, I’d like to think we were in for Loft or Hemmings but I think we got our targets in Harratt and Edmonson.
  4. So we should just wait until Proctor maybe comes back? Wilson has already been back 3/4 games and still looks way off it. If we’re serious about getting promotion then you have to sign players good enough not just wait until a certain player comes back. What about all of those games in between? We should have been in for Loft.
  5. Should have gone for him in the summer (tshimanga) was definitely worth the risk, surprised we didn’t to be honest, would have thought he fitted the process perfectly
  6. Have to win this. No other result is acceptable in this one. Sick of seeing 532 at home, change it and go on the front foot for once.
  7. Is he injured though? His injury didn’t look that bad when he went off against Bristol. I’m not sure we will miss striker who’s not scored this season or let’s be honest contributed at all. I mean it was un called for, but he was getting booed in home games before his injury. If we played him out wide then maybe he would be useful, but we don’t play wingers. Ideal situation for me is that Rodney goes and walsall pay a fee and we have someone lined up to replace him as our squad is threadbare. He’s had chances this season. He had time to prove himself with Wilson and Proctor out and didn’t.
  8. Signing for them tomorrow apparently. Was decent last season but has been atrocious this season. No quality what so ever but what’s been more frustrating is the complete lack of effort he’s been putting in. Another player out, and someone I think we were right to move on, He’s had more than a decent go of it and to be honest he looks worse than when we signed him. still think he’s a league 2 player and on his day scores some decent goals but he’s not a striker and hasn’t had any positive impact at all this season. Hopefully we have some signings this week.
  9. Both teams were there to be taken. They looked knackered second half. Sadly we never attempted to win the match.
  10. Negativity from me is because I though they were they for the taking. They looked knackered 2nd half and had no danger. Earlier in the season we would have buried them, yet today, we didn’t even try. We were happy to take the 0-0, DC and co telling players to come off slowly at 0-0 when we’re on top isn’t something I want to see. Stone holding onto the ball towards then end when we had a potential overload for a counter attack. It’s just too negative, we defended well, but when you play a side not on it you have to create something. I just don’t think it’s a great achievement to get a point at a side 13th in the league. Why is that such a superb result? I don’t think they’ll be up there come the end of the season, they draw too many games and looked bang average today. We’re better away from home than at home, so we need to be looking to take 3 points away from home. I think my other disappointment is that we seem to be fixed into this 532 no matter what. Today would have been perfect to swap to a back 4 second half. Why bring amoo and Wilson off for the two young lads? Go 4 at the back with Amoo on the wide right and have a go. A point ain’t bad, and the clean sheet is very good but I’m just frustrated that they were there to be beaten and we didn’t even try.
  11. Very surprised myself that we weren’t in for loft. Would have thought he would have been a great option
  12. Mentioned this on another thread. It took a long time after a full pre season to get fit, how long can we carry him for? Offered very little since coming back into the side, I thought he pressed well today, but again looked knackered and was no threat at all. I get he’s still coming back to fitness, but he’s got to be offering a lot more fit or not, than he is doing.
  13. Not too concerned with Gibbo being out, he’s excellent but we do have great replacements in that area. Hussey and Benning on the left and Wozza and Cass down the right. We’re missing what a fully fit Conlon does creatively though - need him back fully fit ASAP, don’t want us playing him when he’s 70% fit as we have been though
  14. Strange when only a few games ago we couldn’t be stopped going forward. Hopefully if we can get all of our best attackers back fit we can drastically improve that end of the pitch as well
  15. I’d say we’re doing that already with the signings of hussey and hall, we do need 2/3 more though
  16. Hussey had a very good game. I think some are just giving him a hard time because he came into the side in place of gibbons. He got into double figures with assists last season. Looks very good to me. Hall looks class. I thought Walker was excellent today
  17. Connor hall seems to be an amazing signing. Every game he’s been class so far
  18. He 100% is. There is no need to play that back 5 every single game. They were there to be beaten, go to a back 4 and bloody attack a bit.
  19. Sorry not having that that is a good result. Orient we’re awful today and there the taking. Shame we didn’t have any interest in scoring a goal what so ever. Hall and Walker were excellent, hussey and even Martin had a good game. But going forward we had nothing again. Before the game I’d have taken a point, but that game was there for the taking. Shame that the instructions seemed to be to run the game down (amoo sprinting off but told to walk) Further away from the sides in front. Crap at home so I’m not convinced a point away against a side in poor form is that good of a result? Nice to get a clean sheet and we defended well but we look completely toothless. Amoo isn’t a striker either so stop picking him there DC. Still want to see us drop this 352 / 532.
  20. It’s annoying me that we’re not going for this. These have been way off it and there the taking but we seem delighted with the point. Stone at the end. We’re open on the break, bloody attack but no we smother it and waste time.
  21. He’s put some good balls in the box. Just nobody there to put them in, he got into double figures last season in assists
  22. Feel like this is going to be a wasted opportunity for us. These are there for the taking and I just don’t see why we need 3 centre backs on.
  23. Don’t agree re the referee. Could have given something against Walker and didn’t. Smith has committed countless fouls with pulling harry smiths shirt with both hands but nothing given. Just a normal referee performance so far. Basically every tackle that was a foul by orient has been given
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