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  1. Don’t think people care as long as we actually win some games
  2. Yeah but football Dosent work like that does it?
  3. His win percentage average is a lot worse than JA. On what basis is he a good fit for us, out of genuine interest? A 1 million times better manager than askey who has managed at a far high level and got sides promoted out of this and league 1. No comparison between him and askey
  4. At least he’s managed at clubs like that. We’ve got a non league manager in his last league job hence why he won’t walk.
  5. Well they’ve beaten two of the worst sides in the league that we lost to. Can only see another defeat here. 2-0 Bolton. Regardless if they’re any good or not
  6. Yesterday’s fixture was the most home won fixture in football. We even managed <ovf censored> that up
  7. We will be in the bottom 2 by that time. Surely 6 defeats in a row is enough to change the manager. Especially given the level of performances
  8. With gibbo out I have no idea and neither does askey. Same for the forwards. One game they start, the next not in the squad and then they start again
  9. Attitude is why I believe. Robinson did well last season understand that but was awful for us in his first stint. Honestly don’t think one player has improved us or was worth signing
  10. Don’t agree. His record really isn’t that good. And last time he was at vale he was appauling. Poor signing
  11. How much longer can you keep saying this? Look at the table ffs. 19 points from 15 games is awful! Everyone has games in hand on us. We’re out the fa cup (which we weren’t last season) we had a brilliant 2nd half of last season. It’s highly unlikely we will go on such a run like that. It’s fine we will just carry on and keep losing games in this rubbish division. Love how we just accept this tripe year after year. Not just accept it but actually defend it!!! Wow. You honestly would have signed the likes of whitehead and Robinson?!?! How have they improved us? In fact how ha
  12. We’ve lost 6 games in a row!!! Nobody is being impatient losing 6 games is bloody awful. I know let’s wait until we’ve lost 10 in a row
  13. We’re supposed to be a decent LG 2 side. Kings lynn seem to lose by 5 every week
  14. How long can we keep building for ffs? We’ve been stuck in this league for what 4/5 seasons? Our spine is getting on a bit. Askey has signed woefully so it will be another clear out come the summer. So then what? Another year of rebuilding? Why are some fans happy for us to just rot year after year in this awful division?!?! Just because we haven’t finished there Dosent mean we should keep accepting it! Infact it’s the opposite. Hate this lack of ambition
  15. 6 losses in a row. 2 to second bottom. 1 to a pub side. Only 2 goals from open play in those 6 games. How the hell are fans being inpatient? We’ve been at this rubbish level for years and been told by the club that they won’t be finishing 8th this season. We’ve been told we apparently have a strong squad full of options up top.... we are weaker than last season and going backwards. If anything fans are showing patience. He needs to go
  16. Never said you weren’t. That’s why I asked as I genuinely wanted to know. Personally I don’t see how anyone can defend him. He picks the players, he’s signed the players (well the not very good ones). I still don’t think we’re a good side. Certainly not to the level some thought we were. We’re not a young side and many of our better players are probably in there last season at this level. For me his signings have been nothing short of woeful. Tactically I don’t mind the 433 and it worked last season however there is no plan b. He never replaced Taylor. You say he has no blame today
  17. Yes quite honestly as I've stated before. Why? I can’t think of one reason he deserves to stay. Genuinely interested as to why you think he should stay
  18. Yes they can. That’s clearly the whole point of them?
  19. You seriously asking for stats to prove a point? It was kings lynn a pub side who concede on average 3 a game. We missed our chances. Just because we created more means nothing
  20. He has to go today before it’s too late. People on here were saying a couple of games ago let’s see we are. Well we’re even lower. He has to go. Stevenage away and orient at home has to be a minimum of 4 points and we’ve come away with 0. Depressing being a vale fan never seems to get better. Askey out
  21. Not getting the run of the green? Im sick of reading quotes like that. We’ve been awful for weeks. We looked better going forward today but defensively we’re worse than you would see in a pub match. We equalised due to a wonder goal. Something posters on here have been saying was unlucky in recent weeks when Scunthorpe scores one. Were not good enough. The manager isn’t up to it. He’s signed rubbish players and our squad is nowhere near up to it. Every team below us has between 1 and 3 games in hand. Askey out ASAP before we get dragged into a bloody relegation battle
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