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  1. Should win comfortably but knowing vale after two excellent wins they will mess it up against a weaker side. Still, our squad and manager are very strong so I think we will win 3-1. Fancy Wilson to score again as well.
  2. I was very worried and unsure after his first few games, even Stevenage I wasn’t convinced. Since then he’s looked much more assured, thought he was very solid yesterday. As above I think all the new players have been judged far too harshly especially considering where we are in the league and who we have played.
  3. Thought Cov had a very commanding game, great at claiming crosses especially the one that got the 2nd yellow, not an easy ball to claim
  4. Great win. Comfortable. Job done. Got a good run of games coming up where we can hopefully capitalise. Great to see Wilson score his first (great goal)
  5. I’d be annoyed if it were 0-0 but at 2-0 and game over I’m happy enough. We don’t need to work their keeper or play it around quickly, game management, just see it out and go again
  6. Who cares? It’s 2-0 the job is done. Don’t think we’ve been poor either….
  7. Yes he is. Give it bloody time, we are 2-0 up let him settle in.
  8. We’re currently 6th and have played 5 of the other 7 sides in the top 8.
  9. Could be massive that goal. Get his confidence going.
  10. He couldn’t have been less complimentary if he tried. None of those guys had as big as an affiliation to the club but managed not to slag it off at every given opportunity. Guess most people have an agenda then. What he said was embarrassing. It’s always everyone’s else’s fault, who’s fault was it that pope came back unfit and continued to post tripe on Twitter and get banned? There was a reason he wasn’t picked. He did a lot for vale there is no doubting that and helped us stay in this division, i agree. But they interview has gone some way in tarnishing that imo.
  11. If we are sticking with the 352 and with Worrall at wing back I would go: Cov Martin Smith Jones Worrall Gibbons Pett Garrity Conlon Proctor Rodney Benning is excellent at this level but hasn’t got going for us yet and gibbons looked excellent on the left saturday. Wouldn’t mind Wilson starting with proctor either, I think both he and Rodney have worked well along side proctor so far. I’m adamant that Martin will be key for us this season he’s played at a higher level and impressed + did well in this league with Exeter previously (nothing against Cass) This will be a close game I think. I’ll go 1-0 vale and us to go on a good run with the following games. I would like to see amoo back on the bench but not sure who for!! Suppose that shows just how good the squad is this season, wouldn’t be disappointed if anyone on the bench actually started.
  12. The standard of that division other than a couple of sides is lower than this. As others have mentioned some pretty awful vale players seem to built quite a good career in that division. The fact that Monty can’t get a game speaks volumes. Players at the age of brown / Joyce will look after their career at their age, of course. That Dosent change the fact one has dropped a league and other is now a coach. You don’t consider what pope said to be aggressive? Come off it. What he said was embarrassing. Players with much less legacy at the club left with their heads held high (brown, Monty and Joyce being three of them). The ‘legend’ Tom pope instead blames literally every other person for not getting a game, instead of looking closer to home. He has slagged literally everyone associated with the club off and I don’t think has still thanked the fans / club for his time at vale. It’s embarrassing and reeks of jealousy and spite. In my opinion any aggressive comments towards him since his comments are 100% justified. The players are clearly an upgrade on last season. There is no doubt what so ever that we have completely upgraded the squad. If anyone thinks otherwise then they really do have a screw lose. Virtually every player released has dropped down a level / Dosent get a look in at their club. I notice mills has already been dropped at walsall. Time will tell whether we’re good enough as a squad to be in the business end of the division, but we certainly have the players.
  13. Quite frankly I’m embarrassed at the comments of Tom pope since he left vale. Lacking any kind of class what so ever. Why would you compare new signings to players that we have kept?? Surely you compare them to their signings.....
  14. What did you make of yesterday? strange how you don’t post after a win.
  15. Notice the wonder of vale page is very quiet as well. No bring back popey posts this week. Do find it odd that we have some ‘fans’ that seem to genuinely want us / Clarke to struggle.
  16. You’re never going to dominate a game for 90 mins away from home unless your Man City.
  17. Get in there lads well done, great win at a place we never pick up points. thought we would win today, think we will get a lot of points on the road this season. Great win
  18. Bowers must have. I’ve not been covolans biggest fan but he’s had a good solid game today
  19. Someone we have lacked is a goal scoring midfielder. Looks like we have found one!!!
  20. Gibbo for benning. Not what I expected from him so far in his vale career!
  21. Think we need to make a change. Look a different side since the break
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