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  1. I think he will stay. Clarke mentions a balance of ages, I think legge will get another year with us and be used more sparingly and not thrown under the bus by askey making him play every minute of every match
  2. Just re watched the interview. I don’t understand any criticism of Clarke. It’s a brilliant honest interview that should get every vale fan excited for next season.
  3. He probably has much more important things to focus on than offending players we are releasing (due to their own performance). They haven’t been belittled. It was an awful performance and some of the squad have been a complete joke this season and they were rightly called out. If the players being released have anything about them they should use his comments to motivate themselves to come back better.
  4. Let's hope he can walk the walk like he talks the talk, we will know by Christmas I guess. I’d say he’s already proven in his short spell that he is more than capable of this role and that he’s a much better manager than our last few! (Not difficult)
  5. How has he been ‘nasty’? He’s just being honest. He has given every player he could a chance even the likes of whitehead have had a really fair go. It’s not his fault they’re not good enough / not interested. Get them all gone and start a fresh with this new recruitment model which sounds leaps ahead of anything the club has been doing for years. We don’t want those kind of players at the club anyway, we have had to many players who seem all pally with the managers. It’s a football team and at the end of a day a business where they are paid to do a good job not be best friends and want t
  6. Can’t wait to see us utilise the market properly unlike every other window. January was yet another shambles players like olagunju hopeless
  7. Not sure that makes any sense? Surely he’s given this lot one last chance and they’ve just proven they aren’t up to it
  8. There are positives today. These clowns have shown Clarke they are not up to it and will be released (if they weren’t anyway). Just think. This could be the last time we have to suffer some of these players at the vale.
  9. I’m really not being hysterical. It’s been appalling. It’s been for more than ‘not a great season’. Some of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Games like Stevenage away, I can’t think of many worse than that.
  10. We should thank the team for their efforts though. <ovf censored> brilliant.
  11. Think we could lose by a few here. Not that it matters. Don’t think we will see olanguju next season
  12. What valid reason is there for not trying? There isn’t one. The squad has been a complete embarrassment this season. That is a fact. The majority need ridding of and it looks like we have a manager / staff that agree with this. I really don’t get why the players should be thanked for what has been one of our worst seasons in the basement of English football where up until 10 games ago we were right in a relegation battle and didn’t look remotely interested.
  13. Disagree with the opening post. Thank this squad for what exactly? One of / if not the worst run I’ve seen as a vale fan and some truly gutless performances. Awful season other than the last 10 games. Honestly can’t wait to see the back of this squad.
  14. Wasn’t wrong this season though? If we perform well he won’t. I criticised Askey early on this season as it was absolutely dire and he was taking us down. If we lose the first 5 games of next season I expect there will be many more than Tyler questioning the manager and the whole structure. If we’re bottom 3/4 after 10 games I expect many more would want a change as clearly something would be wrong. Don’t think it will happen as we seem to have a manager that knows how to win football games no matter what and I’m thoroughly looking forward to who (if any players) are retained and who
  15. Always liked Monty. Think he offers us something different down the left especially if we set up with 3 centre backs. He is injury prone which is clearly the issue. Could it be similar with the pope issue? They’re good players but can we afford to keep them to sit on the bench / be injured for parts of the season. I’d like Monty to stay, as mentioned above he was one of the only ones to give a <ovf censored> earlier in the year and the stuff he does off the pitch is excellent. For me having him on the bench as an attacking option is a real threat in this division and I would li
  16. I’d guess Worrall has played a lot more minutes in those games than montano.
  17. Great win against a disgusting side, ground, pitch and referee. Hope they go down next season
  18. Think a few sides will be sniffing round Conlon in the summer
  19. Vile side. Let them do their antics their losing
  20. This ground / pitch isn’t league level. Same as Harrogate the other week <ovf censored> ole.
  21. Whitehead back on the bench can’t wait to see him in action
  22. It’s a disgusting proposal and as Neville said all of those involved should be punished heavily. Not surprised by the greed of the ‘big 6’.
  23. Moved on let’s hope we replace him and are better in the market than we have been for years. We’re extremely short in midfield
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