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  1. Pretty simple for me RE Holy. He’s kept clean sheets, yes, but that is 100% down to our set up and defensive work. When he has been called into action he hasn’t been very good. It’s alright saying the goal against Harrogate wasn’t his fault, maybe no. But I’d be wanting my keeper to do better than that. Kicks the ball to their keeper more than our own players, really poor shot stopper and drops it half the time in the air. Not to mention he’s really dodgy with the ball at his feet. I can’t actually recall a proper save from him? For me, Stone should play. He did nothing wrong in his few games and made no clangers like Covalon. Not a fan of him either but Holy could have met a similar date with his dallying on the ball. Think out recruitment in nets needs a massive improvement. Back to the Michael brown days.
  2. Horrible news. To think only 12 hours ago he posted a message RE the death of Rod Marsh. Pretty gutted by this. Shane was one of the reasons I got into cricket. Easily without doubt the best bowler I’ve ever seen play live. Just amazing what he could do no matter the opposition, the pitch, the ball ect. Seemed a class bloke as well. R.I.P legend
  3. Love mac, my favourite program is it’s always sunny so to say I’m slightly jealous of Wrexham is a a bit of an understatement
  4. If Jones is fit he’s starts for me. stone Gibbons Smith Hall Jones Hussey Pett Walker Garrity Proctor Wilson
  5. Would love to see a back 4 as I have wanted all season. But I’ll settle for 352 not 343. If Jones is fit he needs to play at the back so we have someone to carry the ball out. Walker back into midfield and let Garrity get right up front. I’d start Amoo, didn’t think Cooper was too bad last night but I’d start Amoo over him (if Proctor is good to go he starts)
  6. Agreed it is. Just makes our last minute conceding of goals the more frustrating
  7. Other teams also have games in hand. Exeter and Mansfield both above us both have games in hand on us. We’re still in an ok position and should still make play offs hopefully but dropping points in games we should be winning is frustrating. Put it anyway you want but 6 draws in 9 isn’t promotion form. I’ll take where we are now but we do need to start winning games. Massive few games coming up soon, Sutton, Exeter and Mansfield. That will decide our season. If we can get 5/6/7 points from that 3 I think we have a good chance.
  8. Yeah he’s great. I completely agree. Think he’s brill for this level and would do a job in the league above. However he ain’t championship quality and his past record supports that. He’s class for us though and for me, him Conlon and gibbons are first names on the team sheet
  9. We’re doing ok as you say in the difficult circumstances. Just extremely frustrating not be being able to beat sides like Rochdale and Harrogate. We would be ready up there had we beaten them. We do still have two games in hand yes, but so Exeter and Mansfield have games in hand on us. As above we play these shortly and those games will define the season imo. It’s not the time to be resting Proctor though - would have been an asset last night for half an hour 2nd half. Game was won Saturday, no idea why we didn’t just sub him early then. We’re still in the mix for play offs but I do think all these draws / throwing points away at the end of games will stop us getting automatic
  10. Not sure he would. He’s a great player but not championship level - league 1 but not championship
  11. I thought we were the better side, certainly but didn’t create enough to win the game. Looked dangerous at times but nothing in that final 3rd imo
  12. What did we create to deserve 3? Very worthy of a point but not 3. First half was awful. I’d say they created more than us, good goal from Edmondson and a cracking effort from Wilson but I don’t think that’s worthy of 3 imo
  13. No chance we deserved 3 there. They had a few decent opportunities 2nd half up until around the 60th minute. We have to start winning games like this. We won’t make the play offs drawing to poor sides every week. Well worthy of the point I agree and I think we shaded it but I don’t think we deserved 3. Sides above us in Exeter and Mansfield have 2/3 games in hand and even a game in hand on us. I think when we play those; that will decide our season - but we really do need to put away sides like this.
  14. Wasn’t brilliant though was it? Hussey. Good player but not sure we needed him. I’ve really defended him but every time gibbo goes to left we look better. Hall. Excellent signing. Cooper. To me looks out of his depth and no better than Hurst. Harratt. Thought he looked useful but Dosent seem to be getting games. Edmondson. Thought he was poor tonight but 2 lovely headers and a good finish Saturday. Charsley. Not sure on the point of this signing, no better than burgess who we let go. Holy. <ovf censored>. Man City lad (can’t remember his name) no idea, not seen him but we had Amos already. So not sure on the point of this I still think and I always will we should have got a proven striker in, not signed Charsley or Holy and stuck with the 2 keepers we had and Burgess. Hussey is a very good player but if it was between getting him and a proven forward. I would chose the forward. It wasn’t a shocking window but I don’t think it was great by any means. I don’t think Holy is better than our keepers. Cooper isn’t as good as Politic. Charsley similar to Burgess. Strikers similar / not as good as Rodney. Hall far better than legge.
  15. I still thought we were laboured on the ball first half. There’s going direct and there’s just hoofing it away. Did that same at Tranmere just long ball after long ball to players who will not win headers against CBS. Wilson is a technically gifted player who technically and with the ball at this feet is too good for this level. We saw that right at the end, however he is completely useless when we’re just launching it up to him. I’ve not been impressed with Cooper so far. But I have no idea what he’s meant to do with the balls given today. The tactic kind of makes sense if proctor is playing but without him we have to play differently, or at least mix it up. They were wide open at times down our left, we just didn’t target there enough imo. What’s happened to DC is absolutely horrible, it’s the worst thing I could imagine happening and I have no idea if I would ever be able to get over it. He won’t be back this season and maybe not at all (I wouldn’t) and I’m so so sorry for his loss. This Dosent however stop Crosby and co realising that long balls to Wilson and Cooper will never work against any side. I suppose it shows just how vital DC is; like we didn’t know that anyway, but I do find it odd with all that coaching experience we set up in that way.
  16. 3 wins since we came back from the covid break. Form hasn't been there and doesnt look like its coming back. Never going to be when we set up negatively every game with a gameplan of hoofing it to players who can’t win headers and playing for set plays. Just get the <ovf censored> ball down. Stop wasting a player with 3 CBs and play some football. Just like we did earlier in the season. We saw Wilson’s quality at the end, give him the bloody ball on floor. So frustrating and boring to watch. I’m still struggling to see why Burgess was released. Need to change it but I’ve been saying this for ages and we seem to think the only way to play football is with 3 cbs.
  17. Sorry nowhere near good enough that. Unlucky from Wilson at the end fantastic effort. 2nd half was better, a bit of urgency but results like this do not equal promotion. 2 points from Rochdale and Harrogate is pretty dreadful. No idea why the tactic is always hoofball and why we have to play 3 centre backs all the time. If we had beaten these two we would be 4th. Just throwing it away. Im a bit disappointed we kept gibbo on at the end just to hobble about. Issue is our games in hand have now essentially gone. Exeter and Mansfield now have games in hand on us. We should be 4th now just wasting games. That first half was dreadful and whoever thinks that tactic is the way to go needs talking to. I know I’ll get stick here. But Scott brown is better than our 3 keepers. Holy is dreadful.
  18. Get in there. No idea why the other one didn’t count
  19. What the <ovf censored> are them subs. Back 5 still
  20. Change it round FFS this is atrocious. Couldn’t look further away from a promotion side
  21. If anything they look more like scoring. <ovf censored> rubbish this is.
  22. Surely one of our many coaches can see this isn’t / was never going to work
  23. Why not bring Charsley on and go to a back 4???? Nah we’ve looked so threatening with a back 3/5 I’m sure Martin will really improve our attacking play with his range of hoofing the ball. Must be playing for set plays. That’s all I can think of
  24. No attacking changes. Make sense that. If anything more negative. Why can’t we drop this 3 <ovf censored> centre backs.
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