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  1. <ovf censored> brilliant second half. Charsley was immense in the second. Should have won by further but great second half. Worrall proctor and charsley were quality second half, Martin as well. They were ok I thought as well
  2. We are getting in so many times could have had 3/4 now
  3. Wilson wow what a miss. He’s a great player but his right foot is awful
  4. Awful half that. Back to colchester away. Stone has looked poor with everything, in my opinion worrall out of position for the first goal. They’ve dominated, Wilson and proctor playing way too deep so we have nothing up front when Walker plays in Worrall. Don’t think charsley has even touched the ball. Some early time wasting from them. Change it 2nd half and attack nothing to lose
  5. Wilson and proctor playing too deep. Walker playing some great balls into Worrall but nobody in the box for him
  6. Looked out of position to me. In my opinion it had everything do with wozza.
  7. Poor start. Wozza way out of position again and poor keeping by stone
  8. Should win this all day long but I get more nervous against these kind Id sides than the likes of Mansfield and Exeter. Dreadful home record for these just hope we can extend that
  9. Amazing news. To be honest I didn’t think he would return, certainly not this season. Credit to Vale, it’s been handled perfectly. Delighted that he’s back as I’m sure every player / staff member will also be. This could be that boost we need to get over the line. Go on DC there will be some reception for your first home game back
  10. As above don’t see the loss here. He’s evidently a decent coach but the reason for our upturn in form is down to Crosby going back to the way we played at the start of the season and scrapping that horrible 343.
  11. 4th with a game in hand what a turn around, would have pissed the league with a fit side all season
  12. Great win. Far better side than them. No idea how they’ve finished with 11 men. Not sure who chose wozza as man of the match. Easily benning for me he was brilliant. i thought walker did really well as well. Im sure some clown (me) said season over after Colchester, what a job crosley is doing.
  13. I’d love us get another quick and get Wilson and proctor off can see an injury here against these thugs
  14. These are a disgusting side. Be better suited to rugby. Red card for me they only proctor. Dangerous tackle with a bad follow through. Can see why these are up there. Just bully sides and turn it into a scrap. We’re miles better than these, just need to avoid getting into their scummy games. Would like see our midfield get in the game a bit more, controlled it early on but it’s just been messy since. Benning, proctor and Wilson excellent for me
  15. Fantastic strike. Great start we’re miles better than these
  16. Could be a decent crowd today. Delighted to see proctor and Wilson starting
  17. Shane Warne and now Taylor. Love my cricket and love foo fighters. Massive shock only 50 again, RIP, got be as good a drummer as there was, great voice as well
  18. Been the same at vale park for a while. Amazing away from home, but at home the atmosphere is always a bit weak.
  19. We owe these after that last minute capitulation earlier in the season where I thought we were far better than them. 3-1 vale
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