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  1. These are a disgusting side. Be better suited to rugby. Red card for me they only proctor. Dangerous tackle with a bad follow through. Can see why these are up there. Just bully sides and turn it into a scrap. We’re miles better than these, just need to avoid getting into their scummy games. Would like see our midfield get in the game a bit more, controlled it early on but it’s just been messy since. Benning, proctor and Wilson excellent for me
  2. Fantastic strike. Great start we’re miles better than these
  3. Could be a decent crowd today. Delighted to see proctor and Wilson starting
  4. Shane Warne and now Taylor. Love my cricket and love foo fighters. Massive shock only 50 again, RIP, got be as good a drummer as there was, great voice as well
  5. Been the same at vale park for a while. Amazing away from home, but at home the atmosphere is always a bit weak.
  6. We owe these after that last minute capitulation earlier in the season where I thought we were far better than them. 3-1 vale
  7. No. Some stats are worth it. Some aren’t. Simple as that regardless of who’s opinion it fits. No I got your point. Holy isn’t as bad as some make out and stone is better, which I agree with. Onto the game. I’d like to see Martin back against these if he’s ready to go. Hopefully Wilson and proctor are ok to start.
  8. That’s a completely different stat. It’s completely irrelevant that Holy has a better save %. He’s not had 1 difficult save to make. If we had played the same style against the same sides with the same chances / saves I’d listen to that stat more. No chance if Holy played against Mansfield would he have saved from smith at 2-1. Some stats are valid and some are pointless just like possession. It’s irrelevant. Stats are relevant when they matter. I wouldn’t say he’s a dreadful keeper, but he’s the worst of the 3 IMO, for his size he’s poor off crosses, poor shot stopper and poor distribution. Thankfully he’s on loan. Go back to stone as number 1 and cov at number 2 for me.
  9. Stats don’t tell the story here though. In general when Holy has played we have set up quite negatively and lacking any creativity. We’ve been much more defensive and in given up very few chances when he’s played. When called upon he either drops crosses or can’t get down to balls that are low. Not wholly his fault as you say as defence to blame as well but any decent keeper would be saving those efforts at Harrogate for example. Stone clearly the better keeper really happy he’s got another chance as he never should have been dropped in the first place. Look at the shots Holy has saved. I can’t think of one where I thought that was a great save, they were all routine. Stone made a world class save as recent as Mansfield off Smithy and a good one against Exeter as well. Really don’t get the stats for things like this as it Dosent measure the quality / difficulty of saves
  10. That Sam Stubbs was class for them. Won’t be at this level for long
  11. I thought Benning was our best player alongside Walker and Hall personally and thought Worrall struggled against an excellent LWB, charsley really struggled I agree, Amoo was fantastic shame he couldn’t get a touch on that cross at the end
  12. Unlucky not to get that at the end done me in for 800 quid as well. Good solid point that. Even I thought although we were probably the better side. Stone was really good, man of the match for me was Benning. Thought they’re defence was really good as well. Think we needed more from charsley and Pett. We miss proctor so much when he’s not on
  13. Thought we started really well first 15/20 slowed it down a bit though and they have come into the game a bit last 10. Worry about us down our right against they’re wing back who looks a decent player. Wilson and proctor linking up well but I’d like to see proctor much more central, out wide left too much. Benning and Walker been excellent. Think subs will be key in this one as these could tire. Dirty side as well. Lad up top leaving his feet in at every chance
  14. Wilson and Benning looking excellent so far
  15. Shocking appointment that. They’re down
  16. I know sjoke have coaches that leave from Knypersley cricket club for home games, not sure if they’re official coaches or not but it would be good if vale could do something similar from a certain location? Like Saturday, I would take a point tomorrow, they’re a good side but a side I think we will shape up well against. Only change for me would be Martin back into the 11, benning deserves to keep his place. Hopefully Wilson is fit to play some part
  17. You can have an opinion after some bad performances though. Your allowed to criticise and your allowed to praise. <ovf censored> fantastic today and against Mansfield. I would have taken a point but were right back in this now
  18. No to be fair we struggled for a while. Lots of draws and missed chances, with the injuries and performances as well - wasn’t based off one game. RE Charsley fair enough, I saw I think 3 sub appearances, he’s been excellent since starting. So frustrating if we could’ve beaten colchester. It’s got to be us Exeter and Bristol up there now
  19. I had written us off after colchester. We were dreadful, what a turn around - such a shame we didn’t get something from that game. Fantastic performance that was, much the better side, defence was immense and proctor / Wilson very good. Charsley was brilliant, first few games I really didn’t get the signing, but now he’s starting games he looks a great signing. Hall my Motm he’s far too good for league 2. Ducking delighted. Awsome performance and 3 points. Us and Bristol are the sides to watch out for.
  20. Agree with the above. Benning in for Hussey who looks like he needs a rest and Benning was fantastic last night. Be tempted to bring Walker into the side as well
  21. Just seen Harratt‘s interview what a character he is. So enthusiastic, shows the team spirit there is. I was very down after the Colchester game as I think others were as well, but this is going to go right down to the wire. Keep our key men fit and it’s going to be close. Take a point at the weekend
  22. Thought benning was very good as well when he came on added a lot of energy down the left
  23. I thought he was excellent tonight. Dosent help being left one on one at the back. Agreed did well to not get sent off
  24. I know some think I’m negative on here but I think I call it fair (yes premature saturday) That was a fantastic performance against a very good side. For me man of the match was Stone - he has completely changed us and is twice the keeper Holy is. I’m sure he got a touch when smith hit our bar. I thought Martin was excellent against a good strike force, Wilson and Proctor also excellent although they’re keeper should saved the Wilson shot. Harrott did very well when he came on as well. Brilliant performance and it looks like it’s going to go right down to the wire. MOTM was Stone for me followed by Martin
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